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The idea of being a slut, too, wasn’t bad after getting Nick’s new definition. Not that we were going to have it tattooed on my forehead or anything, but between us the idea of ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ became categories of activity. In Nick’s view, he sees me as having the courage to lead life according to the idea that sex is nice and pleasure is good and someone who has taken control of my sexuality. Most of that fits me and I like that way of considering the term. Control, though … I am not sure I have taken control of my sexuality as much as I have given control to him. Either way, it has yielded the same effect; it has freed me, brought both of us immense pleasure, and opened up new options and potential for discovery and experience. This was one … another new step … group sex with me as the focal point.

Late afternoon, they found us (me and my mates) further up the mountain under a cluster of scrub trees on a ridge overlooking the valley. For the desert southwest, it was a wonderful view and completely exposed to the world for miles around me. In reality, I was no more exposed to anyone there than I was at the house, but the range of the uninterrupted space made it feel exposed. Not to mention being mounted by the dogs.

It was the men this time who ventured up the slope for me. I am sure they heard us, but they may also have just seen us from below. I was certainly not quiet and not hiding.

I was tied to the last dog, once again having been mounted by all four and again orgasming with each one. As the men crisscrossed their way up the slope, I gave Nick, who was in the lead, a weak smile. Should I have been embarrassed to be caught naked and tied to a dog in front of God and the world? Maybe if I was a normal woman, but I no longer was and I knew it and accepted it. I really was a bitch now, how and when it got exhibited and demonstrated was now up to my own and Nick’s choices.

I made the purposeful decision to be as explicit and open with these men as I could be. I knew they had plans for me tonight and I wanted each of them to know I would accept anything. The men stood just down the slope from me as the knot was finally pulled from my overfilled pussy. I pushed myself back and sat with my back to the tree I had been underneath. My knees were bent and spread, Ben and Stan directly in front of me as Nick brought me another plastic bottle of water, the perspiration of the cold water forming on the warm outside. I took the bottle and opened it, winking at Nick as he glanced down between my legs, then at the other men and seeing them staring intently at my pussy. I smiled, a smile they were totally unaware of as they only saw my gaping pussy with dog cum leaking from it. A small puddle of cum was forming in the dirt underneath me until it was soaked up by the loose dirt.

When Ben finally raised his eyes to mine, I smiled at him and he looked properly embarrassed. I put my hand out to him and he helped me up. I put my free arm around his neck, kissed him as thanks, pressing my dirty and used body into his. I then put my other arm out to Stan and he stepped into it next to Ben. I kissed each of them and glanced behind me as Nick came up and touch my butt.

“Am I going to get the opportunity to properly thank you all tonight?”

Stan stammered out, “Thank us?!” He smiled and looked at Ben and Nick, “Whatever you want to call it, Samantha …”

They led the way back down the slope to the house. Nick stayed back to assist me down the dirt and rocky path. My feet were taking a beating, but the experience was already way beyond my wildest expectation and most of our stay was still to come. Nick pinched my butt and said, “You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

“Enjoying myself? Oh, Nick, honey … it is far beyond that.” I stopped and put my arms around him, kissing him deeply, putting my bare leg between his and pressing into him as we kissed, pleased when I felt him stirring in his shorts. “Thank you! Thank you for this! I don’t know if you could ever top this weekend.”

He stroked my cheek, staring into my eyes with the deepest tenderness a woman could hope for. “Be careful what you wish for.”

I smiled at him, taking his hand to continue down the path after the two other men who had stopped to wait for us, but not wanting to interrupt. “Hmmmmm … I can’t wait …” He squeezed my hand and gave me support as I delicately stepped onto and over rocks down the path.

I was led by Betty to the main bathroom. I had a half hour to myself before dinner would be ready but I was told to take as much time as I needed. I took care of bathroom needs, then took a shower to wash the dirt and grime off me and my hair. Then I soaked in the tub, the water as hot as I could stand it. My pussy was a little tender from taking eight cocks and knots this afternoon, but it wasn’t bad and was not going to slow me down, not after fully discovering more about myself in what I could do.

She hadn’t left a robe or clothes for me so I assumed I was to remain naked. That had been Nick’s intention by not bringing any clothes for me and leaving my only T-shirt in the car. I exited the bathroom and followed the voices to the kitchen. The air conditioner was humming and the overhead fan spinning as I stood at the doorway with everyone sitting around the table. The six of them were crowded around the table with an empty spot for me. This was more awkward than when Nick and I ate dinner with me in a negligee. These were people I barely knew and we were now inside and acting civilized for dinner, yet I was the only one naked. And, it was apparent as all of them looked at my body as I entered and took my seat. Nick sat directly across from me and gave me another of his playful smiles.

Nick caught everybody’s attention by telling me that I wasn’t quite ready to sit down. I stood up at the table, not sure what he meant. By the looks on other people’s faces, they weren’t sure, either. The food was on the table and the glasses full of ice water. I looked at him and everyone else did the same. He raised his hips and reached into his left pocket and came out with the vibrating egg, which he placed on his plate. He rotated slightly and reached into his right pocket and came out with the remote. He hit the top button a couple times and the egg started vibrating on his plate. He then handed the remote to Sarah who was sitting to his right. He handed the egg to Betty who held it, feeling it vibrate and then looked at me.

Nick said, “Yes, just pass it down the table to Sam. She knows what to do with it, don’t you, dear.” It wasn’t a question; it was stating a fact.

Sarah handed it to Ben who handed it to Abby. Each one holding it long enough to know the feeling before Abby handed it across the table to Stan who gave it to Betty before it came back to him.

Nick was smiling, “This was a toy she got and played with yesterday. Dear, how much did you play with it?”

I returned his look and glanced at the others, “All day.” The women gasped almost in unison.

Abby asked what the others were probably wondering, “All day? You had this in you all day?”

“Well … mostly … Nick said I could take it out pendik escort only when Harley mounted me. So, three times I took it out.” Even the men gasped or whistled.

Nick saw that Stan was still holding the vibrating egg. “Stan, would you mind doing the honors?” He looked up at me a little shyly. I stepped a little closer to him and spread my legs. It might have been shyly, but he pushed it right into my pussy. Nick then surprised us all. “The table seems too crowded, especially this side with the three of you. Abby, you moved over to Sam’s place. Sam, take your place setting back to the counter, then crawl under the table. We’ll finger feed you from our plates. And …” he looked around the table, “anyone who would like their cock or pussy sucked during the meal can push their shorts off.” Almost in unison, they raised themselves up just enough to unfasten and remove their shorts.

I removed my setting and crawled under the table before Abby took that place. I started with Abby as she moved her chair to the table, pushing her knees apart and lapping at her pussy, which caused her to slide down the seat to give me better access. That became the way everyone else knew where I was.

I heard Nick then instruct, “The remote should continue randomly around the table and the settings changed frequently. She said it was the changes that made the movement most effective as opposed to a single setting.”

That was how dinner went. Underneath the table I moved from pussy to cock to pussy and around the table. A hand would appear with a bit of food and I would take it from them with my mouth like Harley might if we did that. Along the way, the vibrations in my pussy increased and decreased, moved from steady to pulsing. I was instructed by Nick that nobody was to cum and it was up to me to pay close attention to the pussy or cock in my mouth. He didn’t elaborate on what would be the ramification of someone cumming, but I also knew that everyone had more expected for after dinner.

After dinner, at least their dinner, I was to do the dishes. The women sc****d off the dishes and bowls and brought them to me to wash. But, it didn’t even pause with them and I had a feeling Nick was very much involved in that. Once the dishes were piled at the sink for me to wash, they came up to me one at a time. First it was Ben and I was unsure what to expect. He was naked now as I felt him press up against me. His hands came in front and cupped my breasts while I felt his erect cock pressing into my butt. One hand moved from my breast and I felt his cock being aimed into the crack of my legs so I spread my legs wide. His cock head slid along my slit and found my hole, slipping inside while his other fingers took my nipple and gently twisted and pulled it. He stroked his cock in and out smoothly, obstructed by the egg still inside me, as I tried to concentrate on the dishes. The combination of cock penetration with the vibrating egg also taking up space was very intense. And, I assumed for him.

Then he was gone. His cock pulling out and away from me. The next body was Stan and the same action except he was more direct and pushed his cock directly into me, then using both hands, he fondled a breast and rubbed my clit. Washing dishes was getting harder and harder. I had to stop frequently as my body reacted with increasing arousal.

I was about half way done with the dishes when the first woman came up behind me, also naked as I felt her breasts press into my back. The switching occurred as if timed to my body so I never crested over the edge to climax. This time it was fingers inside me. I felt the fingers moving the vibrating toy around inside me and then pressing it against me in front. When it hit the right spot, I cried out and held onto the edge of the sink as I came, the vibrations held directly against my g-spot. I had collapsed to my elbows onto the edge of the sink, my legs spread a little wider for her access. She pulled away as my legs and pussy continued to quake and contract, my juices leaking down the inside of my legs.

It continued until the dishes were done and at that point they all had played with me. As I rinsed the last bowl, the last one came behind me thrust himself into my pussy. There was no question who this was, even before I felt the hardness of his body, this one didn’t handle me with any timidity or uncertainty. Nick pressed into me and forced the egg to slip and move out of the way or jam up into the top of my pussy or into my cervix, which happened several times. Without looking, my eyes were tightly shout, I knew we had an audience of the others and Nick was intent to cum inside me and to make me cum, again. And both happened and in the process told me how much room existed inside my pussy as he rammed into me, moving the egg one way and another. I felt the egg jump to an intense pulsing vibration and both of us exploded. Nick grabbed me by the waist and shoulders and held me tightly as he emptied into my pussy and my pussy in turn clamped around the cock and toy inside.

He led me to a mattress that had been placed on the floor and laid me down. The delicate, little chain with the heart attached to the end had been jammed up into my pussy by the fucking and fingering I had received. I was moved to ‘face’ (really, my pussy was facing) the people jammed together on the couch.

Nick flipped the remote to those on the couch, “Okay, Dear …” he was kneeling at my head, his softened cock directly over my face as he leaned over me, “… since you let the chain get pushed into your hungry pussy, you can get it back out … and get me hard, again.” He gave me a smile as he placed his cock against my mouth, which I opened and sucked inside without using my hands. They were busy between my legs. Then, the egg leapt into action, again.

I managed to get the egg out by hooking a finger on the little heart jewel. I also managed to suck Nick hard at the same time. And, I managed to do both without cumming this time. When I looked to the couch with a sense of accomplishment, I found the men with raging, hard cocks being stroked by three women. Forget that they were 20 years older than even me, that is a hot sight. Nick, with his own hard cock, moved to my side when he saw that I wasn’t changing my position. I was splayed out in front of these people and it appeared to be having a positive effect on them, so why not continue? I turned my head to take Nick’s cock back into my mouth and my fingers became busy in my pussy and on my clit and nipples. I continued with increasing arousal and effect as I truly masturbated in front of someone other than Nick for the first time. Nick pulled his cock out of my mouth every now and then, not wanting to cum again too soon as I put on my show and lost myself in my self-pleasuring. I only opened my mouth instinctively when I felt his cock at my lips.

I cried out around his cock, muffled and softened, but just as urgent as another orgasm crashed over me. God, I thought we had played ‘make Samantha cum’ before, but nothing like this! When I look up at the couch, Sarah was sucking on Stan’s cock, but mostly watching me. The other women were stroking Ben’s cock, chest, and stomach. The room was quiet except kurtköy escort for my heavy breathing, but they didn’t take their eyes off my still clenching and relaxing pussy.

That night I moved from bed to bed to bed. I was given a single goal for the evening with each couple: enhance their sexual play. The two couples swapped spouses for the night and Nick was happy to again share the night with Abby. Nick had a genuine ability to focus on a woman and make her feel particularly special at the moment … even if she was twice his age. I was starting in the bed shared by Ben and Betty, then moving to Stan and Sarah, and finally with my own man and Abby.

This was no longer about my orgasms, but to enhance theirs. The way Nick put it to the others, I was there not to make love to, but to stimulate and further arouse their own lovemaking. I may not have another cock inside me for the rest of the night. While I would be stimulated by stimulating them in their sexual play, I may well move from bed to bed without ever finding my own release. This was an interesting and devious twist Nick came up with for my experience after a day that seemed to be filled with one fucking and orgasm after another.

Ben wasn’t sure how to incorporate another person if he was focused on Betty. We were standing in their bedroom for the night, all three of us naked. After the day and evening, there was no longer embarrassment or hesitancy among any of us. I asked if they were willing to go with my lead and they both readily agreed. I climbed onto the bed and lay on my back with my feet at the headboard. I told Betty to climb over me on her hands and knees with her pussy over my mouth. I licked and sucked on her for minutes while Ben stood and watch. I pushed Betty’s hips up slightly and told him to bring me his cock. He put it under Betty’s pussy and into my mouth as I tilted my head back to take him. He stroked into my mouth and the edge of my throat, occasionally scr****g against my teeth, which I felt bad about but the angle wasn’t ideal. I moved my face to the side so he came out and he knew instantly what he needed to do next. I watched from inches away as his cock slid across my forehead and into Betty’s pussy. She gasped and pushed back against him, taking him deeper than his initial penetration. I smiled as my tongue reached up. They might be older, but these people were no strangers to sex.

My mouth went to their union. My tongue and lips worked over the cock and pussy separately and together. I shifted slightly to take her clit between my lips and sucked softly, hard, nipping it with my teeth. I rotated my head back and sought out his balls as they crashed into my face on his thrusts. I used my hands on her breasts and nipples, stroking his ass and pulling him into her harder and more firmly. When they came directly over my face, I licked around the union of the cock in pussy. When he pulled out, I was ready to suck out any cum I could manage. I encouraged her to sit up as I continued to lick and suck. I then did something that even surprised me a little, I squirmed around and kissed Betty, pushing some of the cum into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide when she first realized what I was doing, then mashed her mouth over mine as we shared tongues.

I pushed them back onto the bed, smiling at them as they wondered what I was now up to. I returned the smile, “Before I leave to join Stan and Sarah, I want to get you ready for round two …”

With that I crawled over Ben’s legs and starting licking, sucking, and nibbling on his cock. Once I had some firmness started, one hand moved over to Betty and I played with her pussy and clit. When I left them, Betty was sitting on top of Ben. I smiled, you go cowgirl!

I knocked on the room with Stan and Sarah. I felt a little silly doing that given the reason I was there, but the door was closed. Sarah’s voice told me to come in and I found them in a 69 with Sarah on top. She sat up and put her arms out to me and I hugged her as she continued to sit on Stan’s mouth.

“Am I interrupting something?” as I chuckled.

Sarah got off Stan and sat next to him, his hand going around her and feeling her breast. “Dear, you’re the hottest thing any of us have seen or experienced in decades. We were keeping ourselves warmed up while we waited for you.”

I asked them what they wanted to do and they already had that worked out. Stan was going to fuck me on my back and Sarah would sit on my mouth. I protested that Nick wanted me to only enhance their experience. Sarah protested right back.

“Samantha, this is our experience and this is the experience we want. Don’t worry, one way or another, he’s going to fuck me tonight. But … it has been a long time since I have had a good cum on a woman’s mouth and I figure you’d be the one.”

If that’s what they wanted, why should I turn down another cock? I got onto my back and Sarah climbed over my face and I felt the bed shift as Stan climbed onto the bed between my legs. I lifted my knees and splayed them out to the sides and I know my pussy was gaping open at him. It had been one of those days ….

I was able to bring Sarah to a crashing orgasm and my mouth and face were wet with her juices. Stan came into me grunting and straining. I even had a small orgasm. However many orgasms I had today, might be getting close to my limit perhaps. I then helped Sarah get Stan hard before leaving them for my last couple of the night.

I walked right into the room being used by Nick and Abby. After all, it was Nick and Abby and the three of us had been together before. As I entered, I found Nick sprawled partially across Abby whose arms and legs were splayed wide, her head back, mouth open, and eyes closed. Without looking up, she said, “Thank god you’re here! I think he is going to kill me …”

“What?” I looked a Nick as he turned to me with a big smile on his face.

She moaned out, “I can see the headline now, ‘Older woman dies at a remote location after being fucked to death.’”

I climbed onto the bed and lay alongside her. I reached over her to Nick and stroked his arm up to his face and mouthed, ‘I love you’. He pulled me to lean on Abby and we kissed passionately.

She groaned, “Now they are squishing me!”

“Abby … what?”

She laughed. “This man! That’s what. He’s made me cum twice, already. He came during my second orgasm, but now look, look …” She pointed at his cock, which was again getting hard. I laughed and gave her a hug. But, despite all that drama, she did want do it more. Nick came up with something different. He wanted me on my back, Abby lying on top of me with our pussies over each other. He told us to make-out while he fucked into each of us, alternating back and forth. Since he had just cum, this might be interesting.

I pulled Abby’s head to mine and we locked lips. We kissed like she may never have with a woman before … me, too, for that matter. When Nick entered Abby first, I felt her gasp into my mouth. Then after setting up a rhythm, he pulled out and she gasped the loss of him. Then it was my turn. Back and forth. He proved to have incredible stamina and I decided then and there that sometime soon, I was going to make him cum twice in succession and then engage kaynarca escort in a truly marathon fucking with him.

I fell asleep with them. Abby was between us, but I was holding Nick’s hand across her body. The thought I had as I drifted, was that I truly enjoy Abby and could easily spend much more time with her in our life. I will mention it to Nick.

I awoke to the first light of morning. The house was quiet. Abby was rolled partially over Nick, his arm around her. I gently got out of the bed and pulled the top sheet over them. I peeked out the door and tip-toed to the bathroom, then out the door. I slipped into the shed and quietly called for Harley. I heard a dog shift and move. I hoped it was mine. It was and the others seemed quiet. I hugged him at the door and pulled him out, closing the door behind us. I knelt on the ground and hugged him to me. It felt good to with just him. I looked around and chose the far back corner of the house away from the bedrooms. He followed like he knew my intention. Maybe that’s how familiar we really have become.

* * * *

Nick stirred as he started coming awake. He hugged the arm and shoulder on him, stroking down the back to the ass under the sheet. His eyes came open knowing something wasn’t right. Then, as he turned his head, it all came back to him, but he remembered that Sam had been in bed with them, but she wasn’t now. He could hear noises coming from the kitchen. He managed to extricate himself from under Abby, gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled as she scrunched up her shoulder and smiled in her sleep. He moved to the bathroom, then ventured back into the bedroom for some shorts, then to the kitchen.

There at the stove was Betty stirring something while only wearing an apron. She turned at the sound of his entry, frowned and pointed the spatula at him, “Off with shorts young man.” She walked over to him, “This might be the last time I see a body like that in quite a while.” And she gave him a kiss on the lips. “This has been a wonder time, Nick. We all owe you and Sam a lot.”

“We’ve enjoyed it as much, I assure you. Especially Sam.” He looked in the other room without moving. “Speaking of which, I thought she might be here. She wasn’t in the bed.”

Betty giggled, pulled him to the back door and opened it slightly to lean out and look to the side. There, behind some lawn furniture, was Harley humping vigorously into Sam. He shook his head.

Betty handed him two mugs of coffee. “That is an amazing woman you have there, Nick, my boy. Hold onto her.” She gave him another kiss. “She might need this when he is through with her.”

He laughed and backed his way out the door, moved a chair around with his foot and sat down to watch them finish. They were already tied and the knot being tested when he sat down. He sipped from his coffee as he watched his wonderful woman soak up the love of her dog-lover, a quiet moment just the two of them.

* * * *

Through my orgasm, I thought I heard something like scr****g metal, but pushed it out of my mind as I enjoyed the ending of another good mating from Harley. He has evolved. I didn’t doubt it anymore, not after the other dogs yesterday. I wouldn’t call it tenderness in our mating, but there is a familiarity, a knowing and acceptance between us that I feel now with him and it was the reason I wanted to be with him first thing, to experience that with him.

The knot was almost out and I turned my head as we pulled at each other. I saw feet, bare feet, then bare legs and a bare Nick. He held up a second mug of coffee that showed rising steam. I weakly smiled at him and blew him a kiss; one he blew back.

I crawled over to him, my pussy leaking fresh cum from Harley. He just lay down and started licking his cock. I moved to Nick. He held his arms out for me to sit in his lap, which I did. He handed me the still hot mug of coffee and placed his now free arm around me, holding me tightly to him. I snuggled into him, managing to do it without spilling hot coffee on either of us.

He stroked my arm, cheek and hair. “Betty just told me I should hold onto you.” I looked at him and he smiled, giving me a kiss. “Like anyone needs to tell me that.”

We were interrupted by Sarah who called out to us, “Okay, you two, you can do all of that you want when you get home. Come in for some breakfast. We want to discuss something with Samantha.”

I reluctantly got off his lap, but slipped my hand onto his soft penis. “Just so you know, I have plans for this big guy.” I kissed his cheek and walked into the house.

Breakfast was a massive, old fashioned country affair with eggs, potatoes, pancakes, and sausage. And, lots more coffee. And, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Abby finally stopped the conversation and asked me what was with the smiles. “You guys, this has been an amazing time for me. You can’t know how much I appreciate your hospitality and generosity.”

They all laughed. They were building up to saying the same thing to Nick and me. I looked around the table. All of us naked and comfortable. Most of them were heavier and saggy, but it meant nothing to us. We were not only comfortable, we were appreciative. Which led up to what they were truly building up to. With the remaining time today, would I lead each of the women into mating with the dogs. Three dogs and three women. These people were on the road, again. Back into sharing sex with each other and moving deeper into sex with dogs.

It was a wonderful time for me. Now helping them through mating. Where Abby had offered me advice theoretically, I gave them the practical application and confidence. Along the way, the women were so well into the activity that the guys moved in front of the women while tied and offered them their cocks. And, they were rewarded with climaxes.

As Nick and I prepared to leave, Abby disappeared into the house and came jogging out. The others yelled for us to wait. Abby’s sagging breast bounced and flopped as she jogged to the group, out of breath, she just handed a shirt to Sarah. She stepped up to me, holding it up so Nick and I could read it. “Bitches Have More Fun”.

* * * *

The weekend with Abby’s old group was an amazing experience. But, not only for me. Nick also went on about what we had learned. The experience broke down any questions we might have had about what we were doing or our commitment to it. There was no question that I enjoyed dogs, men, and women. We talked about some of the comments that came out of my mouth during those days, and I assured him they were all sincere and how I continued to feel that way. I would take whatever steps he put in front of me.

But, life is a whole lot more than fun weekends filled with wild and outrageous sexual encounters. Life was just as much about the mundane: the clean house, the hot meal at night, the socializing with neighbors and friends, and work, especially for Nick.

So, it was back to normal living. It was something we laughed about, though. Normal. Yeah, right. Our normal would seem pretty outrageous to most people. But, we did return to it. But, I was also intent on making sure that our normal would never become mundane and ho-hum for Nick … or me.

And … there was no doubt in my mind that Nick wasn’t already considering some new adventure and challenge to present to me … our life was never going to be ‘normal’ …


* * Samantha’s story continues in SLUT SAMANTHA to follow shortly * * As always, thanks for reading.

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