Teaching the Princess

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This story was written for the following prompt: “A tutor can’t wait to start their new job at the palace – until they find out that their duties are to teach the princess how to give blowjobs.”

Contains: a magical sensation-transmitting strap-on.

I picked at the edge of my simple blue dress, standing awkwardly in the hallway. I felt very, very out of place here, even in the best piece of clothing I owned. Opulent finery surrounded me on all sides, silk and gold and gems in abundance. The huge armored man who’d been assigned to escort me through the palace stood in silence next to me, casting occasional glares my way as more of a reflex action than out of intentional menace. Aware that he could make a fist around my neck without straining his fingers, I tried not to make any sudden movements, just fidgeting and chewing my lip, adjusting and readjusting my hair as time ticked by.

Finally, a maid came out of the door across from us and bobbed a curtsy, announcing, “Lady Arabella is ready to see you now.” I glanced nervously at my escort, who gave a single nod and followed me into what turned out to be an elegant bedroom, filled with the soft scent of perfume. A large four-poster bed with a canopy of gauzy cloth occupied the center, and occupying the bed was the princess. I’d only ever seen her from a distance before, and I was shocked at what she was like up close. More than anything, she was… cute, far from the regal beauty that was presented to the public. Her long brown hair was let down and damp, her pale cheeks still holding a bit of a flush from a warm bath. She was without makeup, too, showing that she had a scattering of light freckles below her eyes. Only in a white shift and laying back on the covers with her arms above her head, I could see the curves of her body underneath the fabric, petite but no less attractive for it.

She sat up, staring at me with curious green eyes, and I stared back, frozen and tongue-tied. A strong hand on my back forced me to bow as my escort shot me a furious look, giving a deep bow of his own. Straightening up, he rumbled, “My lady, this is your new tutor, Joanna Morgan.”

“My lady-” I began stiffly, but she held up a hand.

“Lydia, Rufus, leave us.”

Both man and maid made exclamations of dismay, but she waved her hand sharply, cutting off any argument. Grumbling, my escort and the servant stepped outside, casting glances back at us before the door closed. For a moment, we were silent; then she broke into a smile and hopped off the bed, coming up to look at me face-to-face. Well, face-to-neck; she was a good head shorter than me. She seemed to study me for a minute, not saying a word, and I blushed under her intense gaze, unsure how to react or what to say. I didn’t know exactly what I’d been expecting, but this wasn’t it.

“I like your dress,” she said finally, smiling up at me with her eyes bright.

“T-Thank you, my lady,” I managed, my face hot, and she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t call me ‘my lady’, please. Call me Bella.”

They had given me very specific instructions on how she was to be addressed, but they had also told me to follow any and all of her commands that didn’t compromise her studies. I floundered for a moment, indecisive, then mumbled, “Very well, my- Bella.”

She giggled, taking a few steps back from me and turning around. She was almost bouncing on her feet, hyper with energy. “I’m glad you aren’t all stuck up. You’re just like I hoped.”

“I-I’m glad.” I looked around the lavish bedroom, wondering why I was here. Surely it wasn’t the best place she had to study? “Um, Bella? Would you like to begin your lesson now?”

She turned back to me, her expression changing in a way I wasn’t sure how to interpret. “Sure.”

“Very well…” I said, glancing around again and rather more theatrically. “Er, where are the materials? I was told everything I needed would be provided to me…”

“Oh, it’s here.” She picked up a wooden case from its resting place atop a dresser, handing it over to me as my brows came together. The container wasn’t big enough to hold any sort of papers or writing supplies, and I undid the latch, frowning as I wondered what could possibly be inside.

“My- My lady,” I choked after a moment, staring at the thing. “I- I think there’s been some mistake-“

“Really? Pray tell, what is the problem?” She stepped closer, trying to peer into the box that I lifted desperately into the air.

“This- This is not for you to see, my- Bella,” I stammered, heat rising to my face in a horrified wave. How could this have happened?

“Are you sure? I thought it was supposed to be the focus of our lessons.”

Her voice was innocent, but she was grinning at me. I stared at her, confusion mixed with the stirrings of cold realization.

“You can put the avrupa yakası escort bayan box down,” she said, dropping all pretense. “I know what’s in it.”


“Penis. A good replica of one, rather.”

I slowly lowered the case, my mind reeling. “But… why…?”

“I’m sorry that you came here under false pretenses, but did you really believe that a teacher for commoners would be chosen to tutor me?”

“Well… I was supposed to be a temporary replacement…” I mumbled, rethinking everything that had brought me here.

“That was just so that anyone looking into it wouldn’t think twice about you being here,” she said bluntly, then smiled. “They’d probably think a lot more about it if they knew your past…”

I froze, staring at her. The words you know? came to my lips, but I stopped myself. She obviously knew.

“I was impressed, actually,” she continued, watching my reactions. “You did what you had to to survive, and you managed to work your way out, start a new life. But… hopefully you haven’t lost those skills.”

I swallowed heavily, my chest painfully tight. “What… what do you want me to do?”

“I need you to teach me how to give a blowjob,” she said.

I blinked.

“I’m not going to get into all the political problems of the kingdom, but right now, I’m effectively unmarriageable. Too strong-willed and unladylike, apparently.” She snorted. “So I need to make myself more appealing somehow, and being really good at sex seemed like the least boring way to do that.”

I just stood there for a few moments, trying to comprehend everything that was happening. “Um… why me?”

“It wouldn’t exactly go unnoticed if we started bringing prostitutes into the palace, and there’s no guarantee they would keep it private. You have all the knowledge, but nobody will suspect you, and… well, we know your secret. If you ever tell someone about what happens in this bedroom, everyone will know who you used to be. Also, my father’s men will hunt you down and… well, just don’t tell anyone about what we’re doing. Okay?” She smiled brightly at me.

“May I… sit down…?” I said faintly, and she gently took my arm, guiding me to collapse with my head in my hands on an incredibly soft lounge. She sat next to me, looking amused.

“I know this is a lot to take in,” she began.

“No shit,” I muttered, then clamped a hand over my mouth, horrified. She giggled, clapping her hands together.

“Oh, it’s so refreshing to hear cursing! Please, don’t stop yourself on my account. We’re going to be doing much worse.”

That idea was hard to accept, but I didn’t see any choice for myself here. It wasn’t like I could refuse a royal request, even without the blackmail of my past. I… was going to have to teach the princess how to fuck like a whore.

Good lord.

There was, hidden in the overwhelming disbelief, a sliver of shivery excitement. Bella was adorable, and more down to earth than any noble I’d met. This could go wrong in any number of ways, but the actual teaching wouldn’t be that bad…

“So, what do you say?” she prompted, dragging me out of my thoughts.

I let out an incredulous little giggle, looking up at her. “What can I say, besides… would you like to begin your lesson?”

“Yes.” She laughed, looking delighted. “Yes! Where do we start?”

I held up my hands, unable to hold back a smile. “I appreciate the enthusiasm, but we should take things a little slowly. How much, uh, experience have you had, in general?”

For the first time since I’d met her, she hesitated. “Um… some. Here and there.”

“Alright…” I had a feeling that wasn’t the truth, but I didn’t want to call her a liar. Despite how casual she was acting, she still had infinitely more power than me, and nobles could turn nasty in an instant if slighted. “How much experience do you have specifically with-” I almost choked on the word “-blowjobs?”

“I, um…” She wavered, then admitted “None,” immediately defending it with “It’s not a very princess-y thing. It’s not like I could practice it.”

Oookay. So… sexually inexperienced and quite touchy about it. Good to know. Whether or not she was a virgin didn’t matter, at least in the case of this lesson.

I was mildly appalled that my mind was already thinking of a followup to this, but I supposed it was only natural for a teacher to plan ahead… no matter the context. Dragging myself out of my thoughts, I picked up the wooden case once more, taking out the artificial phallus and finding that a series of straps dangled from the base. It was, unsurprisingly, the highest quality item of its type that I had ever seen: decently-sized but not overwhelming, anatomically accurate – including testicles – and nicely flexible. bahçeşehir escort bayan Long-buried memories were coming back to me as I hefted the thing in my hands, but realizing the princess was staring at me still made blood rush to my cheeks.

“So?” she asked, her lips quirking.

“Um, it’s very good. Suitable for our purposes.” I wiped a hand over my face, trying to compose myself. “Alright, uh… there’s two main positions, kneeling or lying down. Which one would you like to try?”

She shrugged. “You’re the teacher.”

That I was. I had to take the lead at some point, even if it was mildly terrifying to do so to someone who could have me imprisoned for life. I took a deep breath, muttering, “Laying down is easier, especially for longer periods. Let’s start with that.”

She nodded, standing up, and after a moment I did the same, following her over to the bed with my heart in my throat. She flopped down with the casualness of someone who did this every day while I sat rather more timidly at the edge of the bed, holding the strap-on in my hands as I considered who should wear it. I decided that I should see what she was capable of first and secured the harness around my hips, leaving the crotch strap hanging against the front of my dress. It wouldn’t be very secure, but it didn’t need to be for someone’s first blowjob.

Bella had scooted closer to me as I fiddled with the buckles, and now she reached out a hand, tracing two fingers along the shaft. I gasped and jerked backwards, falling over the bed as she giggled.

“Didn’t expect that?” she teased.

“I- I could feel it,” I breathed, my own hand slipping downwards as the shock faded. My fingers confirmed what the first touch told me, sending shivers up my spine as they dragged over the now hot, throbbing, and very sensitive flesh. I had experienced strap-ons that simulated sensation before, but it was just in the form of a very simple enchantment that sent out bolts of pleasure in response to heat and pressure. This was on an entirely different level; if I couldn’t look down and see the straps, I would say that it was attached to me.

“Impressive, isn’t it? It was a very expensive commission- anonymous, of course.” She leaned over me, her eyes meeting mine. “Does it… feel good? I haven’t tried it.”

I wasn’t sure how to react when she flipped from bragging about her magic strap-on to asking oh-so-sweetly if I liked it, adorable naiveté in every part of her expression. I settled for nodding, clearing my throat.

“Yes, it, uh, will be very useful.” I shifted position so that my head rested against a pillow, making myself comfortable. Without prompting, she moved with me, putting herself at my feet.

It had been far, far too long since I had a cute girl looking at me from between my legs. The fact that it was the princess was starting to hold less importance in my mind as tingly heat flooded my body, setting my nerves alight with arousal. She leaned in close, giving me the sensation of warm breath against the fake skin.

“Okay, so, um…” She stared at the strap-on from a few inches away, some nervousness slipping through her confident exterior. “Wow it looks bigger up close. Where do I… how do I start?”

I took a couple deep breaths, wresting control from my unabashedly horny body. “Start slow. This is your first time, so don’t worry about doing well. Just… get used to it.” When she still hesitated, I offered, “Try using your hand to start with.”

She reached out, wrapping her fingers around the slightly twitching length, and her eyes widened. “It’s so warm!”

“Yes, they tend to be.” That pretty much confirmed my suspicions. If she hadn’t even touched a cock before, she was almost certainly a total virgin. “Try stroking it.”

I held back a gasp as her soft hand started to work up and down my shaft, filling me with an unfamiliar sense of pleasure. She was adorably concentrated on the task, biting her lip and watching the strap-on intently, but I put a hand on her wrist after a minute or so, catching her attention.

“That’s good, but it should only be the beginning unless you’re giving a handjob. We should move on.”

“O-Okay,” she said, releasing her grip on me and sitting back. “So then, how…?”

“You can start in different ways, but I recommend just licking it. From bottom to top, get it all wet.”

“Alright,” she said quietly, staring at my cock. After a moment, she leaned in again, tentatively sticking out her tongue until she could run it part of the way along the length. She pulled back, making a face as she muttered, “It… tastes.”

“Bad?” I asked, surprised that the material had any flavor at all.

“No, just… I’m not sure. I suppose I haven’t tasted much skin.” bakırköy escort bayan She closed the distance again, giving the strap-on a few licks that made me gasp. It really was a different kind of sensation, albeit one that I was starting to greatly enjoy. She continued to lap at my shaft, giving it a methodical yet increasingly hungry working over. When it was mostly covered in her saliva, she sat back, a bit of a flush to her cheeks.

“So… now I should put it in my mouth?” she murmured, her hands clutching tightly at her thighs.

“Yes,” I said, finding my voice somewhat husky. “You’re doing very well so far. Just take it slow, and be careful with your teeth.” She visibly brightened under my praise and shifted down to bring her lips to the tip of the shaft, her tongue darting out to collect the bead of pre that had formed there.

“Salty…” she mumbled under her breath, then leaned forward a little more, allowing the head to push into her warm, wet mouth. I let out a quiet moan, my fingers grabbing at the bedsheets. She didn’t know what she was doing, but it didn’t matter. The sight of her cute lips wrapped around my cock was an unbelievable turn-on, and I was so strangely, wonderfully sensitive.

At least, it didn’t matter until something hard and sharp scraped my tip and made me wince, my hands automatically moving towards her head before I stopped myself and simply groaned, “Teeth.”

She pulled back a little, looking downcast. “Sorry…”

“It’s alright,” I murmured. “Just be careful. Try only pleasuring the tip for now, use your lips and tongue and stroke the base with your hand.”

“Okay.” After a minute of struggling with the unfamiliar movements and finding that she needed to use a hand to support herself, she managed to get into a slow rhythm, licking and kissing the sensitive head as her other hand worked the shaft. I couldn’t help but let out low moans as her inexperienced touch built a hot, aching pressure inside me, focused in my cock. It was so unlike what I was used to that I almost didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late; on the verge of exploding, I gently pushed her head away, meeting her confused eyes as she looked up at me.

“I- I think I’m about to come,” I managed, panting a little. “This thing does everything else. So- where do you want it? On your face? In your mouth? Or just- wherever?”

“Um…” She hesitated, then mumbled, “In my mouth… I mean, because it’s less messy…”

“Alright.” I was pretty sure the real answer was because the idea turned her on, but I wasn’t going to complain. Guys tended to like it, and it was much more clean, even if the taste left a lot to be desired. She returned her lips to my cock and I had to stop myself from weaving my hands in her hair, wanting to push her down. I could only guess at how good it would feel to be buried in her throat, but the sudden fantasy of getting a much rougher blowjob from the princess was enough to send me over the edge. I felt my shaft twitch and spurt, breathtaking pulses of pleasure shooting through my body as I experienced a new kind of orgasm. She made a muffled squeak and jerked back a bit as I began to fill her mouth, but she didn’t pull away entirely, after a moment continuing her gentle stroking to milk the most from my climax.

My limbs felt weak as I finally came down from my peak, my heart racing. I glanced down at her and found the princess sitting back on her knees, her cheeks bulging slightly. Though the expression on her face was mostly uncertainty, the flush in her cheeks and the way her nipples poked against the cloth of her shift spoke to her own enjoyment of this. She met my eyes, a question obvious in her stare.

“You… You can either go spit it out or swallow it,” I said, still breathing hard. “Men like it more when you swallow it.”

She nodded slightly, seeming to concentrate. After a moment, her throat moved and her expression went sour. I noticed a leftover drop under her lip and reached out to hold her chin, wiping the sticky liquid away with a finger as I said, “I know it doesn’t taste good, but it’s the idea of the thing.”

“It tastes okay, it’s just… the texture,” she muttered, swallowing again. “Bleh.”

“Does it?” I examined the smear on my fingertip, then gave it a lick, finding it not unpleasant. It still tasted like cum, but a much more moderate flavor than it could have been. “Hmm, yeah. You’ll get used to the texture, at least. Anyway.” I put my hand on her knee, giving her a smile. “You did good for your first time.”

It felt like I was watching the clouds part to reveal a glorious ray of sunshine as she beamed at me. She responded extraordinarily well to praise, but it was time for her to see a demonstration. I fumbled at the harness, releasing the buckles and handing the spit-slick shaft over to the princess, who held it dangling by a strap as she shot me a questioning look.

“I want you to put it on. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

She froze for a moment, then nodded rapidly, already trying to wrap the harness around herself. “A-Alright…”

This has obvious room to be continued, but I don’t know if that will happen. All comments and criticisms are appreciated.

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