A Brotherly Surprise

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Author’s note: This story is complete fiction and all characters are over the age of 18.

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I breathed a sigh of relief as I pull into the driveway of my house. After a long day at work I am looking forward to a relaxing afternoon. The house is all mine for the weekend and I plan to take full advantage of it. After parking my car in the garage I stroll into the well air conditioned house and notice that the kitchen is still a mess from breakfast this morning. Annoyed, I call for the housekeeper and she appears in the kitchen doorway in a flash. “Hello Ms. Kaycee. Welcome home!” she chirps. I sigh as I place my things on the table and head towards the fridge.

“Sally, please don’t call me Ms. Kaycee. I’m only 19 and really hate being so formal! I know you’re new but save the formality for my parents. Just call me Kaycee or Kay like everyone else.” I say this trying not to sound annoyed since this is the fifth time this week I have had to tell her this.

She apologizes and promises to remember that from now on. She glances around the kitchen and says that it is the next stop on her list. “I’m sorry the kitchen is still a mess but I just had to tackle your parent’s bathroom first. I don’t know what happen but your mother must have gotten very sick this morning as there was quite a mess up there.” I wasn’t surprised as she didn’t look well when I left in the morning but since my parents left for their trip anyway I figure it must have passed. I nodded and told her it wasn’t a big deal. I still don’t understand why she insists on talking to me as if I own the house but I let it go as I know it is how she was trained.

After exchanging boring small talk about my day I head for my room to get out of my clothes. After chasing, feeding, soothing and disciplining a group of four to five year olds all day I headed straight for my shower. Before doing anything I turned on the massage heads along the back wall and enjoyed the body length pulsating water massage. The water melted my back muscles and left me feeling completely relaxed. I washed my hair, face and body and then stepped out of the shower. I dried off and wrapped myself in a towel reluctantly covering up my assets since I wasn’t completely alone yet. After putting my hair up I went downstairs to see if Sally was still around. When I walked into the kitchen I was surprised to see it clean with no trace of the mess that was there not long before. I was amazed at how fast she cleaned until I realized that I had been in the shower for an hour! I called for Sally twice and was relieved when I didn’t get a response. In a split second the towel was off and I was now in my favorite state, naked. There is nothing more freeing then walking around completely bare.

My Mom hates that I enjoy being naked since she believes that girls should keep themselves covered at all times. For her age, she is very traditional. Besides, it’s not like I walk around in public naked, just in the privacy in my own home and our backyard. I think the backyard is where it really bothers her the most even though our property is completely secluded making it impossible for me to be seen, not that it would bother me much. Since my brother doesn’t live at home anymore and my Dad is always away on business I see nothing wrong with walking around naked. It is comfortable and makes you feel great about yourself. If anything, I think my Mom should try it since she has a great body that shouldn’t be hidden. Oh well, it’s her loss and she’s not here complain anyway.

I have always been very confident and like to show off what I was given. Trust me, if you had my body you would too. I hope that doesn’t make me sound conceited but I am proud of how I look. I take care of myself and workout four days a week to keep my body looking its best. Because of my hard work I have a toned body with a tight firm ass. Pair that with my 34C breast and you have all the reasons I enjoy showing off. I don’t know if that makes me conceited or cocky but if it does then I accept it. I’m a very friendly and outgoing person though who loves to be the center of attention. That probably has a huge role in why I’m sharing this story with you. To most people what is about to happen would be considered their ‘dirty little secret’. To me it is something that ended up being so absolutely amazing and that it can’t be hidden and kept quiet. Lets get back to the story though.

Now that the towel was gone and my perky breasts were free, I grabbed some grapes from the fruit bowl and thought of what I wanted to do for the afternoon. I was walking across the living room lost in thought when my brother, Jake walked in the front door. Where I was in the living room was a straight shot from the door with nothing blocking the view. When he saw me his jaw dropped at the same time the bag in his hand fell to the floor. As much as I enjoy being naked I had never been so around my brother, it was just a line that I never crossed to avoid any awkwardness for anyone involved. Sort of like the kind that was between us in that moment. The amount bahis firmaları of time from when he opened the door until I reacted was probably fifteen seconds but felt like eternity. For some reason I just froze in shock unsure of what to do, we both did. When I snapped back to reality I grabbed a nearby blanket from the couch and quickly wrapped it around my body the same way you would wrap a towel around yourself. All I could think to say was, “Uh. Hi Jake. What are you doing here?”

Jake was still standing there with his mouth gaping open completely at a loss for words. He tried to recover himself and responded with, “I uh, wanted to come home to surprise Mom for her birthday. I didn’t know, um, that you were going to be, well home.” Surprised that he didn’t already know I broke the news that Mom and Dad had left earlier for a weekend trip for Mom’s birthday and they wouldn’t be back until Monday afternoon. He look disappointed and then smiled with a mischievous grin that I know so well.

“What?” was all I asked. He continued to smile as he finally closed the door and moved more into the house, placing his bag at the bottom of the stairs. He still hadn’t answered me. “Jake, what are you grinning about?” He shook his head and said it was nothing. Knowing him much better then that I knew he was lying and there was either something very sneaky or very dirty going through his mind at that moment. Since I was still naked beneath the blanket I decided not to push it and told him I was going to go change into something and went upstairs to my room.

I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. My head was spinning with thoughts that my own brother had seen me naked and definitely had seen everything there was to see and the fact that if my Mom ever found out I would never hear the end of it. The last thought made me laugh out loud. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her and I doubt Jake would either so I wasn’t too worried about it. It was over and done with so there was no use being embarrassed or stressed about it. Even though he was there I still planned to enjoy my weekend and decided I felt like a swim. I went to my closet to grab a suit. I planned to grab one of my more modest ones since I had exposed myself enough to my brother. After searching through the closet for a good five minutes the only suit that was clean was a skimpy g-string that I had purchased while on a trip with a boyfriend. At first I decided to forget going for a swim but then became annoyed with myself that I was letting this incident make me shy and uncomfortable. Never being the one to be self conscious I changed into the red g-string bikini. I put a suit cover up on and grabbed a beach towel before heading down stairs. As I reached the bottom I heard Jake call out from his old room, “Hey Kaycee, are doing anything this weekend? I think I’m going to stay here even though Mom and Dad aren’t home.”

Wondering why he would want to stay I shouted back, “I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend but you can stay if you want. Right now I’m going out to the pool for a swim.”

I started to walk away when he appeared at the top of the stairway. “That sounds good. Mind if I join?” he asked. I shrugged and said sure and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and walked out the sliding glass door leading to our backyard.

The yard is very beautiful. It is well landscaped by grounds men every week and full of lush flowers and bushes. The pool is in the shape of a kidney bean and is more then long enough to use for laps. There is also a group sized hot tub nearby that is surrounded by lounge pads built into the ground. It is built so you could easily roll off the pad and into the hot tub without much effort. The design of the pool was to make it look as if it were a pond with natural stone surrounding it. It truly is beautiful and took a lot of time and work to be fully installed. Off to the right side is a lounge area with stuffed comfortable outdoor sofas with tons of throw pillows and a built in fireplace. It is the perfect place to relax outside while curled up around a cozy fire. It is the definition of bringing the indoors outdoors. Off to the left side of the pool is what we call our outdoor kitchen. It is a fully loaded barbecue that is also built in with a large grill top, a full size oven, a full size range along with a refrigerator, freezer and wine cooler. It was designed to blend in with the natural stone look and really looks like a great focal point. To the side of that is an outdoor dining area. Many of our summer family dinners are at this table. And of course a pool side staple is padded lounge chairs that are perfect for relaxing in the sun. There is also plenty of grass space that the dogs utilize for running around all surrounded by a privacy wall. Even though it is what I’m used too, I am not too jaded to know that this is special and needs to be appreciated.

After turning on our outdoor stereo system to my favorite playlist I tossed my towel and cover up on one of the lounge chairs and dove into the pool. Feeling the cool water move along my body was a kaçak iddaa very calming sensation and instantly made my nipples hard. I sighed as I turned onto my back allowing my body to float along the surface of the water. This has always relaxed me and is the closest thing I get to meditation. I was so lost in my trance I never even heard Jake come outside. I was soon made aware of his presence when I felt ice cold water splash across my body. I screamed as I flopped in the water trying to find my footing. As soon as I stood I began to yell but only managed to get out, “What the fuck..” trailing off as I saw Jake standing at the edge of the pool.

I’ve always known Jake is a very handsome guy. He has brown hair with dark brown eyes and stands at 6’3. Girls love him and he never has a problem getting a date. He is also pretty confident and very comfortable in his own skin. However, since the last time I had seen him without a shirt a year ago he had made some big changes. He clearly had been visiting the gym as he now had a toned stomach (I would call it a four pack) and chest. He now had pronounced pecks along with muscular arms all topped off with a tan. I don’t know where my skinny older brother had gone but he was now a chiseled 22 year old hunk. I caught myself eyeing his muscles and working my way down to his crotch. I had to snap myself out of it and divert my attention else where. He started to laugh while he said, “Sorry Kay, I couldn’t resist. You were just there completely oblivious to me walking up and asking to have water dumped on you. I’m sorry though sis.” I gave him a look and told him I would get him back. He just smiled and did a canon ball into the pool.

We both floated around for a few minutes without saying anything. I was thinking of how I would get him back when he came up from under me lifting me up into the air and tossing me back into the water. After coming to the surface I looked around but didn’t see him. Then I was hit with a tidal wave from behind as he did another cannon ball into the pool. I couldn’t help but laugh as he was doing all the same stuff he used to do when we were younger and I fell for it all, again. We had always teased each other and played pranks while growing up. It drove our parents crazy but it was how we built our relationship and how we related to one another. It was the main thing we had in common, the urge to mess with people and play jokes on each other. It worked for us. As I could see he was acting like his old self. We wrestled some in the water with him frequently tossing me up in the air. I was impressed with how easy it was for him to toss me up, pretty high, time and time again. It was something he always like to do but I had never gone this high. He had definitely gotten stronger.

We finally settled down after a while and just floated around again. He out of the blue said, “You were definitely getting a lot more air this time then any other time we’ve messed around like that.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, it was fun though. You seem a lot stronger then before.” I felt like an idiot for saying that. He quickly responded with, “Oh yeah! I’m like a lean mean fighting machine!” as he stood in the water doing over exaggerated bodybuilder poses. He always liked to mess around. I laughed at how silly he was being but at the same time admiring how good he actually did look. Even doing those ridiculous poses just made him look even better. My mind started to wander into thoughts of him in bed and I almost choked when I realized what I was doing. Jake noticed something was up and stopped with his joke and asked, “Are you ok?” He walked closer to me and I could see he was concerned.

Freaking out over what I had just been thinking I struggled to come up with an excuse. He had moved within inches of me as I stammered out, “Oh I’m fine. I just laughed so hard I couldn’t catch my breath.” Wow, what a lame lie but it was all I had. He gave me a look like he didn’t believe what I said but let it go.

He went back to joking around and said, “Well, no choking allowed. Don’t make me have to do mouth to mouth on you.” I laughed hoping I could forget about where my mind just went.

Craving something cold to drink I swam over to the steps and walked out of the pool towards my lounge chair. I leaned over to pick up the water bottle I had brought out with me when I heard him say wow. I looked over my shoulder and Jake was staring right at my ass. I whipped around and exclaimed, “What?!” He seemed surprised that I heard what he said and didn’t answer at first.

When he finally did respond, he said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to..well it’s just..I was surprised by your g-string.” I couldn’t help but laugh at how nervous he suddenly sounded.

I retorted with, “After what you saw when you came in, I don’t see how the g-string can be any more shocking.”

He burst out laughing at that and nodded as he said, “Yeah, I guess that’s true. I definitely wasn’t expecting that when I opened the door. It was a good surprise though!” He ended that with a smirk and a wink which made me instantly blush. I sat on the edge kaçak bahis of the pool with my feet in the water as I drank from my bottle.

After a brief pause I responded, “There’s that smirk again. Why do you keep doing that? If I didn’t know better I would say you were flirting.” If I could, I would have kicked myself in that moment.

The smirk grew and he said, “Well, maybe I am.” He splashed water at me and I kicked some back at him. Something was changing but I don’t think I even came close to understanding exactly what it was at the time. He kept going though as he moved closer to me. He said, “What if I am flirting? What are you going to do about it?” Not knowing what to say I just smiled. He continued to move closer until he was right in front of me and his chest was just short of touching my legs. Not sure what to do I just sat there and didn’t do anything. This suddenly didn’t feel like a dip in the pool with my brother but a teasing flirty time with a guy friend. He reached up and took the bottle of water from my hand and took a quick drink. After placing it on the ground beside me he smiled and said, “So, when do I get a repeat of the show from earlier?” Surprised I let out a mix between a gasp and a laugh and pushed him back on his chest. He barely even budged and it only made him smile even more.

Somewhat confused but surprisingly intrigued I asked, “Are you joking or seriously asking?” I found myself actually nervous awaiting his answer.

With a mischievous grin he answered with, “I might be serious. If I am, are you offering?” As he said this I felt his hands on my legs just above my ankles and slowing moving their way up.

At the feel of his touch and what he just said I felt my breath catch in my throat. His hands were now just below my knees and still moving. I used a flirty tone and simply answered, “Maybe.” At this his hands slid further up my legs until they reached my hips. With a quick movement he lifted me off the side of the pool and brought me down gently into the water in front of him. With the little space between where he was standing and the pool wall I was tightly pressed against him. With his hands still on my hips and our bodies pressed together he leaned in and gently kissed my lips. Our lips barely touched as if he was just testing the waters and my reaction. At the first touch I didn’t kiss back as I was in shock that it was happening to begin with. With the next kiss my lips responded and our mouths began to tease each other. Soon our kiss became more passionate as our tongues now danced with each other drawing us deeper and deeper into our kiss. After what felt like a day long kiss we finally broke apart and the first thing I said was, “Jake, what are we doing?”

He took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know. I can’t help it. You’re beautiful. You’re so sexy. I’d be crazy not to want you.” His hands still hadn’t left my sides. I felt like there was a battle going on inside me. One side was screaming how wrong this was, yelling that he was my brother and this was perverted. The other side was screaming just as loud that I wanted him and he wanted me which is all that matters. I think Jake could see this in my face and instantly took on the protective brother persona and said, “Kaycee, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

He let go of my hips and turned away. “Wait!” I didn’t want him to leave or for any of this to stop. He turned back around and just looked into my eyes. Since I had pretty much just admitted to myself that this is what I wanted I just went for it. “Don’t be sorry. It’s ok. I wanted you to kiss me.”

I smiled as I saw his sexy smile return. “You did? It’s really ok with you? I mean, I just don’t want to hurt you.” The fact that he was being so caring only made me want him more. He must have been nervous because before I even answered he asked again, “Are you really ok with it?”

I laughed and nodded while I said, “Jake, relax! I’m fine.” With that I reached up and kissed him. He didn’t take much convincing and soon had me wrapped in his arms locked in an amazing kiss. The feel of his arms tight around me had me tingling. He felt so strong holding me as if he would never let go. One of his hands slowly slid down my back and stopped right on my ass. He squeezed as he pulled me even closer to him. I could feel an erection growing against me and instantly felt turned on. I had never felt so safe and so wanted with any other guy. As he held me pressed against him with my ass in his hands I felt like if he pressed any harder, I would melt right into him.

I was beginning to wonder when his erection would stop growing. It seemed like it was going on forever. I could feel it pressed against my stomach with our height difference. Our kissing had become hungrier and one of his hands had snaked its way up to my breasts. Sliding underneath the cloth triangle he cupped my breast while squeezing and massaging. I lightly moaned into his mouth as he pinched my nipple between his fingers. I broke the kiss and moaned some more as he pulled and rolled the nipple while the other hand pulled at the strings around my back. With two quick pulls my top was off and floating away. He looked down while cupping and lifting both breasts and then said, “You have such gorgeous tits.”

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