A Fair Cop


My husband was chasing a crook over some waste ground when his foot got caught in a large pothole, as he fell the large cracking noise told him that he had broken his leg. It has now been four weeks that he’s been laid up at home and for someone who is very active the frustration was beginning to tell. His character had totally changed from his normal jolly and cheerful self to one of grumpy and morose, he was bored big time.

I had to find away to cheer him up, sex was out of the question, as he couldn’t get his leg over, quite literally. So I came up with an idea to incentive his recovery so that he would have something to look forward too. Over the years he had pestered me to let him handcuff me to the bed and have his wicked way with me. I refused to even discuss the idea; it scared me being totally at the mercy of another human being even if he was my husband.

When I told him of my idea a big smile spread over his face and during the time that we waited for his leg to mend he once again became cheerful, innuendoes became common place in those final weeks.

Once the plaster cast had been removed we waited a week to allow him to regain some of his strength in his leg, even though Peter wanted to get right down to it the same day the cast was removed.

We waited until Saturday night to do the deed, as we knew our eighteen-year-old son always stayed over at a friend’s house at the weekends.

I quickly took a shower and walked into the bedroom just wearing my robe. Peter was standing in the middle of the room swinging his handcuffs around his finger while a mischievous grin lit up his whole face.

He beckoned me towards him, taking me in his arms he planted a big kiss on my lips, as we continued to embrace he unbuttoned my robe pushing it off my shoulders to land in a pile on the carpet. Taking my left hand he clipped one of the cuffs on me and then immediately began pushing me gently backwards onto the bed, raising my hands to the wrought iron headboard he threaded the handcuffs through the centre and clasped the other cuff onto my free hand. He stood back to admire the view, me totally naked and at his mercy cuffed to the bed.

I still felt a little nervous being restrained this way but we had agreed that my legs would remain free so that when we made love my legs would be able to wrap around his to draw him deeper into me.

My nervousness began to vanish as he began kissing my neck, his kisses where moving downwards towards my breasts, by the time he took my first nipple into his mouth they were erect with anticipation. He sucked each nipple in turn gently taking them between his teeth and tenderly biting them, already erzincan seks hikayeleri I could feel the heat building up between my legs.

The journey continued as he circled his tongue around my belly button moving ever nearer to my wetness. As soon as his tongue touched my slit I shivered with delight, goosebumps breaking out all over my body. My clitoris was being teased and tormented by his wonderful tongue when suddenly he stopped, I looked at him, his eyes were focused on the doorway as I turned to look I was shocked to see our son Nigel standing watching.

“Get out!” I screamed, angrier at being caught like this than anything else.

He didn’t move, it was like he was in a trance.

“Nigel please leave us and shut the door as you go,” said Peter trying to remain cool.

He still didn’t move.

“Nigel, go,” said Peter once again.

“I’m s s s sorry,” said Nigel, “I’ve just have never seen a naked woman before.”

“It’s not a woman it’s your mother for Christ’s sake, just go,” said Peter this time a lot firmer.

“M m may I just feel her tit, please I just want to know what it feels like,” said Nigel bravely.

“I’m not going to tell you again, go,” replied Peter.

Nigel turned to leave, then hesitated.

“Just let me feel it, just once otherwise I might just mention this by accident and I’m sure your mates at the station would have a good laugh at the use you found for the handcuffs.”

I could stand this no longer, I wanted him to leave and thought what harm could it do especially if it gets him to go.

“Okay, one touch and do it quick,” I said noticing Peter give me a dirty look.

Nigel stepped towards the bed, bending over and taking my whole breast in his hand and kneading it like it was a pile of dough. His fingers touched my still erect nipples squeezing them in fascination.

“Can I touch your pussy mum,” he asked.

I agreed simply to get this over with.

His fingers curled through my pubic hair before running along my wet slit, causing me to gasp.

“That’s enough, now will you please go, you’ve had your fun,” I said in the hope he would leave.

“Mum,” he said, “can I fuck you.”

My son saying such a thing shocked me, I was waiting for Peter to go absolutely mad at hearing this, but he never had time before Nigel once again interjected.

“Mum, if you don’t let me fuck you I’m going to tell everyone that you and dad let me play with your tits and pussy, I don’t think that would go down to well with the police, dad could get thrown out even.”

This was one hell of a predicament, I was appalled that our son would even put us into this situation, let alone want to fuck his own mother.

A long silence ensued; there was no way I was going to let my own son have sex with me.

“Alright you can fuck your mother,” said Peter obviously finding his job was more important than my feelings.

“No way,” I said realising that I wasn’t in a position to stop him doing whatever he wanted.

Peter moved away as Nigel came to the end of the bed unzipping his trousers as he got into position to stick his prick into his my gaping wet hole.

Peter watched in shock and fascination as Nigel’s cock found the opening to my hole, There was no hesitation as he forced his complete length into me.

He was totally implanted inside me; there was no motion, as he appeared to be savouring his accomplishment before fucking me. His pumping began, I thought he would only last seconds as apparently he had not had a woman before.

Whatever happened there was no way I was going to allow myself an orgasm, not from my own son. My good intentions evaporated, after ten minutes he was still going strong his cock pounding my cunt, I could feel the heat rising and my orgasm getting closer as he continued to fuck me with gusto. The explosion within my body was uncontrollable as orgasm after orgasm erupted within me, I could not stop myself from wrapping my legs around Nigel as he also reached orgasm spurting his incestuous seed into me before collapsing on my used body.

At that precise moment the doorbell rang.

“Oh shit,” said Nigel, “I forgot my friends were coming round, I’ll just get rid of them and we can have some more fun. Now don’t go away will you.”

Nigel grabbed his father’s gown and dashed downstairs.

“Quickly undo these handcuffs before he comes back, enough is enough,” I said quietly to Peter.

Peter fumbled around in his trouser pockets seeking desperately to find the key, but it was too late we could hear Nigel coming back up stairs.

As Nigel entered the room my heart sank as his three friends followed him in. I tried to cross my legs to at least protect some modesty.

“There, I told you I was busy fucking my mother,” Nigel said to his friends with a hint of smugness.

Peter remained motionless, his flaccid cock an indication of his suffering and embarrassment as the scene before him unfolded.

“Any of you guys want to give her a ride?” asked Nigel as if it was the most natural thing to ask.

“No fucking way, just get your arse out of here, all of you,” I responded, “Nigel just piss off with your mates,” I continued.

“Mum, dad, this is John and Wayne and Mike and because you were so impolite they’re all going to fuck you mum whether you like it or not, right guys? Go on Mike get yourself between her legs, show her what you’re made of.”

Mike was hesitant at first but as he saw no resistance from Peter he decided to take the plunge. He removed his trousers and positioned himself between my legs; I was about to be fucked again against my will while the rest looked on.

I didn’t see the size of Mike’s cock but it was sure bigger than any I had ever experienced before. As it sunk deeper into me it started to become painful, I groaned, Mike took this to be a sign of enjoyment, which encouraged him to pump me for all he was worth. Considering the inexperience of youth just like Nigel he lasted a long time before delivering his payload into my now sore cunt. The pain that Mike caused me helped me to control my self and avoid a further orgasm.

Next up was Wayne, he wasted no time slipping his cock into me, it was a lot more comfortable than the last one and I was unable to avoid a further orgasm as he lunged in and out, within ten minutes he also shot his load into me. By now I could feel all their juices oozing out of my cunt and running down the crack of my arse.

“Okay John your turn, go for it,” said Nigel.

“No thanks,” replied John with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Oh yea I forgot your gay. How about fucking my dad if you want?”

“No, not really, but I am curious what it would be like to fuck a woman up the arse. Would you mind?” said John.

“NO!” I screamed, “that is disgusting, it’s not natural,” I continued.

“It may not be natural to you but it sure as hell is to John,” chuckled Nigel.

“Dad grab that leg, Mike take that one and lift them up so John can see his target.”

They lifted my legs so that they were stretched wide above me, my arsehole exposed and vulnerable. John slipped his fingers into my cunt scooping out their nasty deposits and rubbing it into my arsehole. His fingers were rough as he massaged the sperm into and around my virgin hole. The first I knew that he was starting to slip his cock into me was from the pain, as my hole was forced open by his pressure. He drove deeper into me the pain becoming unbearable, his rhythm became steady and the pain eased. I knew he had come inside my arse when the warm liquid squirted into me.

“Well mum we had an amazing time thank you for letting us fuck you. But before we go just one thing dad, get your tongue between mums legs and lick her clean.”

Peter did as he was told, his tongue even now bringing me to another orgasm.

“One other thing folks, whenever I want to use your cunt or let my friends fuck you, just be willing and able, or else I blow your career dad,” stated Nigel.

Luckily it never happened again but one day we will get even.

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