A Few Wild Months 01


Our friends Kim and Stuart had been good swinging friends with us for some years and we’d had some interesting swinging sexual combinations! Kim and Stuart were very much into the femdom scene and Kim loved to cuckold her husband, so as well as some fun together as a foursome we had also had fun in other scenarios. My husband Gary had spent an afternoon being dominated by Kim which he’d loved, and I’d had a lovely threesome with Kim and her husband with Stuart being very much a passive watcher while Kim and I made love.

We hadn’t seen them for a little while when Kim rang and said they had to go to Australia where Kim’s mother had died and sort out her affairs. They were away for around six months and as we knew that they had recently returned when I saw Kim’s name flash upon my mobile I was delighted.

“Hi Kim, I’ve missed you.” I started.

Kim then went on to tell me about the difficult time they’d had in Australia and how pleased they were to get home. Over the next hour we chatted easily, laughing and gossiping. Kim then said they hadn’t done any swinging for nearly a year while I told her about a weekend last month in Nottingham when we had some fun inviting a male friend to join us at our hotel for some fun.

“Wow, sounds fun. I’m jealous,” Kim giggled down the phone.

“I so enjoyed it I have been horny ever since!” I replied. “The only trouble is Gary went away again to Berlin again. He’s popping back home for a weeks leave the weekend after next as we are going to a wedding but then he’s away again for at least six weeks so our sexy fun will be is down to a few sexy texts and rude e-mails.”

“Stuart is away Friday night, how about we get together? It would be nice to catch up.” Then Kim pointedly added, “Just the two of us, it will be nice to play. I will drive over to you say around 8pm?”

My heart thumped as I answered. “That’s brilliant, I would love that. See you at 8pm.”

After Kim rang off I realised I was trembling with excitement and I knew how much I was looking forward to seeing my friend again. We chatted again on the phone Friday afternoon to confirm and Kim made me feel very aroused as she spoke sexily telling me she was going to stay the night and we could have some fun.

After we finished chatting I rang Gary to tell him what I was doing and I could tell from his voice he was almost as excited as me. I know how much Gary loves sharing me with other people and always encourages me to turn our fantasies into reality and he clearly loved the thought of me being with a woman again.

His last comment confirmed how he felt, “Go for it Jayne. I will be wanking myself silly tonight thinking about you. I love having a hotwife!”

It was a pleasant and warm July evening and after a long shower I dressed in a white top and blue denim mini skirt and waited for Kim to arrive.

At 8pm exactly I heard a car pull into the drive and looked to see Kim walking towards the door carrying a small overnight bag. As I opened the door Kim smiled widely. Kim was wearing a gorgeous blue summer dress and I looked her up and down admiring her curvy tanned figure. In her high-heels she was nearly 6 feet tall and towered over me. She smiled as she saw me admiring her body.

“The sun has given you a nice tan,” I said jealously. Despite Kim being a redhead like me her skin did tan while I always just stay very pale.

“It’s good to see you again Jayne. I can’t resist you.” She murmured sexily.

Without another word she placed her bag on the floor and pulled me into her arms kissing me passionately. I responded immediately to her dominant approach and moaned softly as her hand went under my skirt and she began rubbing my pussy. We kissed and fondled like a couple of teenagers for ages until Kim eventually released her hold on me.

“I suppose we could have sex in the hall although I would prefer a chat and a glass of wine first,” she said laughing.

“I have a bottle of wine in the fridge, make yourself comfortable.” I said turning towards the kitchen. I opened the wine and got two glasses and went into the lounge where Kim was sitting on the settee.

We chatted and Kim first told me about the problems they’d had sorting out her late Mum’s affairs. She did quickly move on and soon the conversation became easier as we finished the bottle of wine.

“I’ll get another bottle.” I said.

Quickly I returned with a second chilled bottle, topped up our glasses and then curled up against Kim and told her about our Nottingham threesome and some other fun we’d had at the club. We also giggled as we talked about the fun we’d had together at various times.

“It seems as though you have had some horny fun lately, you are such a little slut sometimes.” Kim said. She stroked the side of my face seductively licking her lips and then ran her hand around my neck scratching lightly with her fingernails. I shivered at her touch. “You trust me don’t you?”

“I do Kim, you know that. Why do you ask?”

“I have brought bursa escort some toys with me and I want to dominate you.”

“That sounds good to me, but not too brutal ok?”

We went quiet as we gently caressed, until she pulled back from me, took my glass and knelt on the floor.

“Jayne, give yourself to me. Lay down now.”

I knew to just do as I was told and lay back on the settee while she leaned over me and kissed me passionately. I opened my legs a little as I felt her hand slowly stroke up my leg and I heard the buttons pop open on my skirt as her hand worked its way to my pussy. I knew I was already wet as she began to rub me again and soon squelching noises came from between my legs as her hand worked away at my pussy. We continued to kiss deeply until Kim pulled her mouth away from me. She looked at me with lust filled eyes and then refilled our wine glasses.

“You are very submissive Jayne. You like me being in control don’t you? “

I shivered as I answered, “Yes I do.”

“Get your knickers off and then you can have your wine.”

I slid my thong down my thighs and pulled my skirt off and then Kim passed me my wine. We just looked at each other lustfully as we drank and then Kim took my glass from me and placed it on the floor next to hers.

“You look fantastic like that,” Kim said as she leaned down and kissed my neck. She quickly worked her mouth down my body, opened my legs putting one of my feet on the floor and then buried her face in my pussy. I moaned out loud as her tongue made contact with my pussy and then worked towards my clitoris. She sucked it into her mouth and then used her fingers to massage my pussy before I felt her slowly pushing first one then two of her slim fingers deep into my cunt, slowly working them around. As she sucked on my clit I began to squirm, I had felt horny all day thinking about this evening and I was ready to cum. Suddenly her fingers started to piston in and out quicker and I was nearly there.

“You’re very wet. Do you like what I am doing? Is this what you want?” She purred, her fingers quickly probing in and out.

I could only nod in response as I was about to cum, my breathing was heavy and my pussy was soaking now, I closed my eyes and gripped her fingers with my pussy muscles.

“Oh god Kim, that feels so good. You are going to make me cum!”

She began rubbing my clit with her thumb and I let her know with a sharp intake of breath that she had just the right spot.

“This is what you want, cum for me and then I’m going to fuck you with my strap on.”

As she spoke she leaned over and took my nipple between her lips and sucked hard. The thought of her fucking me turned me on so much and with the action of her fingers inside me, and her mouth on my nipple pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cumming, oh god!” I yelled loudly.

My mind reeled, my pussy muscles contracted around her fingers and I writhed on the settee as I came. I shuddered and clutched Kim’s neck the spasms in my pussy slowing down. She still had her head on my chest sucking my nipples gently and I run my fingers through her hair.

“That was gorgeous Kim, I needed that thank you.”

Still resting her head on my chest she turned and looked at me, “I got the right spot then? I have only just started with you little one.”

I continued to caress her shoulder length red hair, “Are you serious about the strap-on?”

I took a deep breath and sat up and reached for my wine glass as I waited for her to answer.

“I have bought a strap on especially for tonight. Tell me that you want me to dominate and fuck you?”

“I do, I really do Kim.”

She stood up and held out her hand. “Come with me to bed now!”

There was nothing else I wanted more and held Kim’s hand as I got up from the settee. I picked up or glasses and the remaining wine as she got her overnight bag and we went upstairs into the bedroom.

“Oh wow this is a lovely room Jayne,” Kim said admiring the master bedroom. It is indeed a lovely room, very tastefully decorated.

“Gary is very good at decorating and DIY and he is proud of this room.”

Kim kicked off her shoes and said, “Nice big bed too, we are going to have some fun in there tonight. Undress me Jayne.”

Obediently I unzipped her dress as she turned her back to me. She stood motionless as I undid her bra and eased her knickers down over her thighs to the floor. She turned and I looked at her magnificent huge tits as she went and lay on the bed. I removed my remaining clothes so we were both naked as I clambered beside her.

“Very nice, come here Jayne.”

She grabbed hold of me and pulled me on top of her kissing me forcefully and grasped my bottom firmly. She kept her hand firmly on my bum pressing our bodies together and forced her pussy against my thigh and continuing to kiss me as she humped her pussy against my leg. She started to moan and I felt her getting very much hotter.

“It’s my turn bursa escort bayan to cum now,” Kim said suddenly rolling me over onto my back. She sat up continuing to hump her pussy against my thigh.

“I’m nearly there,” she said frantically rubbing her clit. Then the bed creaked as she moved over me rubbing her pussy over my body as she made her way higher until she was straddling my face. She spread her legs wider and lowered her pussy over my mouth, sitting on my face and I began sucking her clit and licking as hard as I could. She was soaking wet and I wanted to make her cum on my face. In just a few moments Kim started to moan and her body tensed, her pussy juice ran over my face.

“I’m cumming, don’t stop, suck my clit,” Kim yelled grinding on my face.

She stayed over my face until her strong thighs began to relax and then she got off my face and lay beside me breathing heavily. She grabbed a tissue and wiped my face dry and then reached over to pour another drink.

“I think we both feel better now.” Kim said as we lay together on the bed. For what felt like ages we lay together chatting and then gently kissing and fondling each other.

“I’m feeling very warm so I’m going to quickly shower ok?” Kim said eventually.

“Good idea, I will have one too.”

We stood in the en-suite waiting for the hot water to come through and kissed. I slid open the door and we moved under the water still kissing and grinding our bodies against each other. It had been sometime since we’d had fun together and Kim was one of only a very few women I had been with but I felt so at ease and trusting in her. I was always excited by the way she took the lead and after we soaped each other I found myself pushed against the wall with my hands pinned back over my head as she devoured my lips and thrust a strong thigh between my legs. Soon I was moaning as I ground my pussy against her thigh.

“Not yet, don’t cum Jayne.” She said as kissed the side of my head and held me tight giving me the chance to calm down. “In the bedroom gorgeous.”

We dried ourselves with large soft white towels and then I followed Kim into the bedroom.

Feeling much fresher after a cool shower we snuggled under the sheets and went straight back into kissing and fondling each other. Kim’s fingers went straight back to work between my legs and she soon had me in her firm grasp under her. She thrust her leg between my thighs and against my pussy and I felt small and totally submissive to her as her tongue pressed deep into my mouth and she pinned me to the bed humping me with her thigh.

She broke off the kiss and whispered, “Now tell me, have you ever been fucked with a strap-on?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Well, I’m going to put that right. I have got some toys in my bag.”

She slid from the bed and went over to her bag, fumbled about inside and then stood up and turned to face me with the strap-on in one hand and a bottle of lubricant in the other. I had never even seen a strap on before and my heart thumped as she stepped into the harness and pulled it tight around her waist. The huge dildo was sticking out in front of her and my heart thumped knowing that it was destined for me.

“This should be fun,” she said walking back to the bed, the black dildo bobbing around obscenely. I sat up as she knelt on the bed next to me and watched fascinated as she squeezed the lubricant out of the bottle and stroked her hand up and down the cock spreading the lubricant over its length making it shine.

“That looks really big and thick.”

“It is pretty big so I will get you very wet first. I got a black one because I know your taste in cocks.”

I reached over to grip it and my fingers barely stretched around it and my pale hand looked tiny against its length.

“Open your legs and stay on your back Jayne, I want to see your face when I fuck you silly.”

Nervously I lay back and spread my legs as Kim knelt over me and spread some more lubricant over the dildo right over my face. As it glistened I noticed the thick heavy veins on its surface and realised I was about to take a cock bigger than anything I’d taken before.

“I think I need some of that too,” I said nodding at the lubricant.

Kim smiled and passed me the lube, I dipped my fingers in and then rubbed my fingers inside my pussy slurping noisily.

Kim climbed between my thighs and nudged the dildo against my pussy.

“You have had plenty of big cocks, you can take it.”

I tensed as she pushed but Kim had been generous with the lubricant and it slipped in easier than I had thought it would but I felt fully stretched.

“Relax so I can fuck you,” Kim whispered pinning me down.

I breathed out slowly and Kim eased deeper inside me, inch by inch I felt the dildo go deeper as she gently rocked between my legs. Then I felt her hips meet mine, the dildo felt huge I had never had anything in me so deeply or fill me so much.

She bursa sınırsız escort paused for a moment with the dildo in me as far as it could go and we kissed tenderly. As our tongues played the kiss became far more passionate as we pressed our naked bodies together. Then Kim broke our kiss and eased back so the dildo was most of the way out of me.

“Do you want me to shove this big cock back into you?” She asked sweetly.

I just smiled and then flinched as she pushed down onto me so that it was buried deep inside me again. Her hands grasped my hips and she started to fuck me, it was so difficult for me to take at first as it felt so huge, but as we got into a rhythm Kim was able to fuck me properly. She was now ramming the entire length of the long thick veiny dildo inside me, my pussy was squelching loudly and I felt the duvet damp under me. Suddenly I shuddered violently and moaned as another orgasm pulsed through my whole body.

Kim smiled down at me and stroked my face tenderly.

“Was that fun?” She asked gently.

“It was gorgeous but please pull it out now.” I answered honestly.

Kim withdrew the strap-on from me as I lay immobile recovering my breath after such a big orgasm. She looked at me for a moment, her eyes heavy with lust and then knelt between my legs and buried her face in my pussy again. I knew I was sopping wet already from the fucking she had given me but she gently sucked at my pussy easing her tongue inside lapping my juices as slowly I recovered my breath and my senses. Then I felt her hands caress my thighs and her tongue following down my legs until she slowly stood up and picked up our wine glasses, handing me my glass.

“Oh Jayne, I have missed you,” she said.

“We have both missed you and Stuart. Let tonight be the start of lots of fun together.”

We kissed again, slipping our tongues into each other’s mouths gently and lovingly.

“We can all have a wild time but I want to really enjoy you tonight,” she said when we finally came up for air. I smiled at her as we snuggled into each other’s arms and soon fell asleep feeling satisfied and happy.

We both slept well and it was nearly nine when I woke up hearing Kim in the shower. After a while she came back into the bedroom and we hugged in the doorway.

“My turn, don’t go anywhere will you.” I teased her as I headed for the shower.

I stepped into the shower and as I relaxed under the hot water thought about last night. My mind whirled with visions of Kim using me. My hand slid down between my legs and I teased my clitoris getting turned on again. I decided not to cum and got out and was drying myself when I heard movement in the bedroom and Kim moaning. Quickly I threw a towel around me and went back into the bedroom to see Kim on her back fingering herself frantically on the bed.

“You dirty cow, you could have waited.” I said giggling.

“Just getting in the mood, I need to cum again.

I stood and watched fascinated for a few moments then noticed the strap-on was on the bedside table and I knew what I was going to do next. Standing right next to the bed I slipped the harness on and tightened it up, the massive black cock hung heavily out in front of me. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and smiled at the unfamiliar sight of a huge cock attached to my body. I poured the lubricant onto my hand and stroked up and down slowly teasing Kim as she had teased me the night before.

“What are you up to then Jayne?” She said smiling knowing full well what was coming.

“Well, I thought I’d fuck you now. You can see how huge this thing feels.”

I noticed her sharp intake of breath and she began squeezing her thighs together on her hand.

“I think you’ll need this too,” I said passing the lubricant to her.

My hand barely stretch around the dildo and I was amazed that I had taken it deep inside me the night before, it was significantly bigger than any cock I’d had. She lifted her bum up and slid a pillow under it and opened her legs wide as she massaged the lubricant into her pussy.

“My turn to have fun with you I think. Do you want me to fuck you Kim?”

I watched her face the look in her eyes was one of pure lust. “Yes please.”

Holding the black cock steady I knelt between her wide spread legs and got ready to fuck her. It felt so awkward and unnatural as I nudged the strap-on up against her pussy and attempted to enter her. We both giggled at my ineptness until Kim put her hand down and grabbed the cock easing it just inside her.

“Oh, that’s it.” She said as she closed her eyes and then moaned in a mixture of pain and ecstasy when she actually felt how thick the strap-on really was. I looked down and saw only the end was inside her so shoved my hips forward penetrating her deeper.

“Oh yes, fuck me with it please!” Her hand left the cock and she put her arms around me pulling me down.

I pushed it into her until she had taken take the entire length inside of her. I held it deep inside for a moment then slowly pulled back and began to pound it back in over and over. Slowly and awkwardly at first but I soon found a steady rhythm and her pussy was squelching noisily as I moved in and out of her pussy. Kim began to whimper, her eyes closed in pleasure as I fucked her harder and faster.

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