A First Night Ch. 2

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I wake up from our nap first and quietly get out of bed. Things need to be prepared. You sleep soundly, tired out but happy. Physically, you are ready for more, but it’s enough now just to nap. I stay quiet and get things prepared for you.

Soon, you are awakened by the touch of soft lips on your bare breasts. You are on your back without covers and you find that trying to move your arms and legs is difficult. They are tied with soft ropes to the four corners of the bed. The lips licking your breasts belong to a beautiful, raven-haired woman, who is also naked. She is stunning. She has perfect, small breasts with dark red nipples, a slender waist and a lovely round ass. Her legs are smooth and long.

You jump, startled by this. She looks up with dark, round, innocent eyes and her long hair brushes against your chest. She smiles. Beautiful white teeth shine against red lips without lipstick. Her skin is pale and very fair. Her nipples are nearly the color of her lips. You see a small, neatly trimmed patch of dark black hair over her otherwise bald pussy. The hair on her head shines, dark as midnight, and is long, down to the middle of her back. It is soft and you want to touch it, mainly to feel its softness. As you reach up, you illegal bahis realize that you do not have the freedom to do so. A small frustration.

She realizes what you are trying to do and obliges by leaning her head down and brushing against your body. She moves out to your hand and lets you run your fingers through her hair.

I am there, sitting on the bed, watching. I smile as you try to move. You are too startled to do much other than reach back and forth. You realize that the knots will not give you much freedom of movement, but you also know that I will not hurt you. You are somewhat excited by this and wonder at the same time why I have done such a thing. I know why. The dark-haired girl and I are about to do wonderful things to you and you have no way of stopping us.

You are frustrated. You want to run to the bathroom and hide and yet you are curious. Perhaps staying and not screaming for help is the best thing for now. At least it will be easier and I am there speaking to you, assuring you that we will not hurt you or do anything remotely painful.

At first, the girl gets you. I sit and watch, mesmerized. She is wonderfully skilled and paints little circles on your body with her tongue. She kisses and nibbles illegal bahis siteleri your neck. You arch your back, still trying to move away. She smiles again and her hair brushes your face. She then moves down, her soft tongue constantly touching you, lightly, gently. The feeling is strange. Her face is soft, not whiskered. Her touch is so gentle as to be almost like a breeze. Her hands rub your sides gently and you tingle with the sensation. Your breath quickens a bit. If you close your eyes, you can imagine that this is a feeling of incredible softness. It lifts you and moves you without effort.

She continues to move down your body. She finds sensitive spots along your sides, under your arms, along your hips and legs. They are spots that a man could never find. I watch and learn. She is helping both of us in this way. Neither of us will be the same lover again. We will both know more about a woman’s sex than we have a right to know.

She moves the length of your body, down to your ankles and feet. She kisses the soles of your feet. It tickles, but sends little chills up and down the length of your body. You begin to relax as you feel yourself being turned on. She moves down the outside of your ankles, her hands on your canlı bahis siteleri knees and then on your calves. Down to the base of your feet, licking and kissing, then sucking on your toes. She moves slowly back up the insides of your legs, her soft hair brushing your skin. Her hands move up to your thighs and gently push them apart. At first, you struggle, trying to close your legs. She is relentless, but so soft. Finally, you give in and allow her to move her face to your damp, soft pussy. You look down and then back at me. I smile and lean over to kiss you. First your forehead and then your lips. They are warm. Your tongue meets mine. We push at each other as your breathing quickens.

The dark haired girl is now at your pussy. She is nearly prone and moves your thighs as wide apart as the ropes will allow. She licks you. Her tongue finds your opening and pushes in. She finds your clit and strokes it gently with her tongue. You cannot control yourself. You break away from our kiss and your head arches back. You are near orgasm. It breaks over you in waves. Your legs tighten, squeezing her head between them. She continues licking, tasting you, touching you. She feels your stomach with her hands and then moves them back down to the top of your pubic bone. She pushes down on it and pushes her tongue deep inside.

I kiss you again. Then I lean down and kiss her, tasting her mouth and your own taste is mixed with it. I kiss you again. You taste all three of us. We are ready for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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