A Gentlemen’s Agreement Ch. 02

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When the storm gathered, and the rains drummed their greetings upon the roof of the gym, and it was announced that we wouldn’t be playing tag football, running through pelting rain and streaks of lightning, but playing dodgeball in the safety of the gym instead. Preferring dodgeball, one of my favorite games, I was elated. A smile of sinister satisfaction touched the corners of my mouth before I caught myself and smoothed my face back into a nonchalant look, in case any one of the hopeful boys looking to bash into one another on the field should notice.

Only someone did notice. Grady was standing in the middle of the basketball court with a small group of guys, clearly attempting to plot a strategy to hog tie Mother Nature and gain control of the weather in an effort to putting an end to this madness. Only half listening to the rantings of his fellow men in arms, he tried to use them as a shield so he could watch me without my noticing. The ruse failed. I pretended not to notice in case my acknowledgement of him might encourage him to approach me. As unnerving as it was to have someone stare at you, it was better than having to take on a full-fledged conversation with them, especially when that someone was a guy you recently found yourself physically attracted to.

Ever since I openly admitted to Grady that I was gay, and he accepted it in a matter of fact way, we began hanging out a lot more. The better I got to know him, the more interested I became in him. Before I knew it, I was fantasizing about him when I beat off at night. I was still crazy hot for Tyler, but increasingly found Grady a suitable substitute. Our conversations at lunch were often interrupted by girls trying to catch his attention, all but throwing themselves at him. His attention to them confirmed time and again that he was straight, and I had no better chance of getting together with him than Tyler. Lately, not wanting to get hurt, I tried to put some distance between us.

The coach named Cooper and Grady as team captains who began the dreaded process of choosing their teams. Hearing Cooper call my name was heartbreaking. As much as I wanted some distance between us, I also didn’t want to face him in dodgeball. I tarried until coach insisted I take the lead out. Apparently, Grady had to wait until I was standing with Cooper until he could make his choice. I glanced at him as I approached, expecting to find him scowling at me, but found disappointment instead.

When the teams were formed, we lined up on our respective sides of the gym, informed of the rules and where out of bounds lay, then Coach emptied the big net bag of balls in the middle before scurrying out of the line güvenilir bahis of fire. The balls were snatched up with caution, then torpedoed at any player too slow to retrieve one before his opponent could take aim. I found my place near the middle of the excursion, not too far back that I should accidentally cross the out of bounds line, and not so close as to make me easy prey. I stood there, motionless, watching as Grady and his team picked off the weak and taunted the more combative of my team. Focusing my attention on the body language, allowing me to deduce who had taken notice of me and who was still distracted by the dwindling numbers on my side, the noise around me began to blend and soften, the movement came to a slow crawl, as if the room had begun to move in slow motion, even as I was aware of the speed of the balls in flight and the heart pounding agility of the opposing team.

One of the guys zeroed in on me, but was easily evaded. His frustration was noticeable as he lunged for another ball, I ducked beneath a ball coming from another. Soon, I’d have to become the aggressor, but their numbers were too great, and my side of the court still had a few good players. I bided my time, evading their attacks until I only had three pawns in play. A ball came my way, it was a good, direct hit, so I caught it. One out, five more to go. I watched the players, stalking them with my eyes, then lunged forward, releasing the ball at one, distracted in his retrieval of an errant ball. Another came my way, which I ducked. I knew I couldn’t catch every ball that came my way. I wasn’t very good at catching them. I was better at avoiding them. My only chance of catching a ball was determined by the other player’s ability to throw straight at me.

With another catch, another player. I dropped that ball, catching it under my foot. I noticed another player lining me up and turned just as he released his throw, catching it in the chest, but embraced it in a catch. He left the floor disgusted with himself. With two opponents left, and Cooper, the last of us, taken out with a strike to the leg, I realized I was up against Grady and another fellow more powerfully built. These balls would be tough to catch and I knew it. Grady stood still, watching me, smiling to himself. The other guy rushed the line and threw the ball with such force I wondered if he had a personal grudge against me. Coach’s whistle started and we looked at him in wonder. “Out of bounds!” he yelled, motioning with his thumb for Grady’s only companion to leave the floor.

It was down to Grady and I. I noticed, if no one else did, that the balls began to roll to his side of the court, as the corners türkçe bahis of hiss mouth rose slightly into a sinister smile of satisfaction. There was something about that smile, though, that made me fearful, causing the core of my body to tremble. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, exactly, that shook me up until he ran his tongue up along the top lip. It was the look of a predator. He was hungry, and I was the only thing on the menu.

Grady threw the ball he had been spinning in his hands, but missed as I pulled my body to the side, pulling my mind, once distracted with Coach’s whistle call, back into fighting form. He moved about the court like a machine, snatching the balls from the floor, furling them at me in rapid succession. I ducked, swayed, and contorted my way beyond their reach, desperate to capture one of them before they returned to him after slamming into the wall behind me. He turned his back to me, looking at the wall behind him, a ball clutched under his arm.

I stopped dead. The sight of his perfectly sculpted ass, as he walked away from me in that cocky strut of his, captured my full attention. He turned to me, the expression on his face questioning. I stepped toward him, stopping just short of the line. He looked at the others on the sidelines. The gym had gone silent, confused by my actions, all eyes on Grady in silent expectation.

Grady walked toward me, a smile broadening his mouth. He seemed delighted and a little embarrassed.

Gently, he tossed the ball at me. I caught it, watching his smile dissolve as the Coach blew his whistle again, signaling the end of the game.

Yeah, I heard you,” I told him, smiling as I turned to walk away.

Another blast from coach’s whistle, signalling the end of class, and we filed into the locker room to change back into our street clothes. “Don’t forget to shower!” Coach called after us, as he returned the balls to their bag.

Grady was sitting on the bench across from me, as he usually does. When the crowd had finally thinned, and Tyler was long gone, I removed my tee-shirt. He mimicked me as he took off his, revealing his chiseled chest. He was hairless, save a thin treasure trail that disappeared tauntingly into the top of his shorts. I removed my shorts, and he mirrored me, the over stuffed crotch of his tighty whities straining to contain his impressive endowment. I gave him a quizzical look, and he returned it. Sticking a thumb in the band of my underwear and tugged them down a little in the front. Grady tugged at his, revealing his thick patch of dark brown pubes. I released mine and allowed the band to snap back into place, and he did the same.

“What güvenilir bahis siteleri are you doing?” I finally asked, a nervous laugh escaping my lips. Grady moved in close, getting right up in my face. I could feel the heat of his body softly touching my torso.

“You are going to be my friend,” he growled quietly in my ear, “whether you like it or not.” The words seethed through his clenched teeth, giving them an air of menace. “Now drop your drawers and head to the showers” He finished shedding his skivvies, exposing his thick meat and walnut sized balls, and headed for the showers.

The crowd had dissipated, but I hesitated anyway, uncertain of what might have changed between us. Hurrying out of my underwear, I made my way toward the showers, nervously hoping to find out.

Grady was already standing under the spray of his shower head, watching for my arrival. I walked carefully over the slick, wet tiles to the shower head across from him and turned on the water. Grady never took his eyes off me. I got wet, and hit the soap dispenser. I planned to make this as quick a shower as possible, then paused. With a handful of soap suspended in front of me, I watched Grady walk from his shower head to the one next to me. He got it running and pulled some soap into his own hand.

I started lathering up, and he imitated me, running his hands all over his buff body, around his cock and balls. I noticed his cock was lengthening, then looked up into his eyes. Stepping up to me, he grabbed me by the shoulders and backed me against the cold, tiled wall. Lacing my hair between his fingers, he pulled me in for a long, deep kiss. The blood rushed from my head and directly into my cock. I was instantly hard. He pulled me into his soapy body and I felt his hardening cock slip across and then up my thigh.

He released me and stood back to inspect his throbbing dick, revealing his massive erection in the process. He hadn’t lengthened much, but he did grow thicker.

“That’s better,” he whispered, drawing me into him again, gently stroking my lips with his before moving away to rinse off. I was so stunned, I just stood there watching him, my cock pointing north like a compass. I regained my composure after he left, his own cock, still hard and proudly bouncing in front of him.

After rinsing myself off, working at losing my erection, I left the shower and redressed. Grady was gone.

Retrieving my sack lunch from my locker, I decided to eat in the bleachers, where I puzzled over Grady’s change in behavior, and the newly discovered need I had to feel his hard body next to mine again.

He sat next to me on the bus ride home, but didn’t say anything about what happened in the showers. I wanted to ask him about it, but thought better of it. The bus was just too crowded a place for such a conversation. It would have to wait until I could find a way to spend some time alone with him.

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