A Granted Wish

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Margie sighed as she listened to the front door of the house close behind her husband Howard. Rising from the edge of the bed where she sat, she walked nude to the bathroom. Totally unaware of the eyes that followed here every movement. She felt her breasts sway gently with her movement, the cool air only making her nipples ache more.

As the 42 year old mother and wife stood in her bathroom setting the temperature of the shower water, she worried about where things had gone and where they would finally end up.

She wasn’t unhappy, Margie mused. No, not unhappy, just…bored. I mean, be real, she thought, stepping into the warm water. Twenty-one years of ‘in the dark on your back’. There had to be more. She had read, watched some movies, and been thrilled at the positions and things she had seen

She had tried spicing things up with Howard. His reaction, while not a surprise, had been more than disappointing. The sexy lingerie she had bought, he had scoffed at. The attempts she made to have sex in different places than there bedroom, he had simply ignored. Even when she had sat almost nude on his lap in the living room, he had simply looked around her at the television.

Then, this morning, before his Saturday golf game, she had even gone so far as to handcuff herself to the headboard of the bed and begged Howard to ravish her.

Her husband’s only response was to tell her she needed to set a doctor’s appointment to get her ‘raging hormones’ under control. He couldn’t understand why she wanted something like that.

“You don’t like how we make love Margie?” he husband had almost yelled at her. “It’s worked for over twenty years.”

Margie recalled her words with a tremor in her body. “I don’t want to make love” she had fiercely told her stunned husband. “I want to FUCK.”

As her hands slowly flowed over her skin, Margie tingled at the thought of being just simply taken. Her fingers tweaking her hard nipples in the waters spray. The thought of being pounded like a dog in heat from behind sending shivers through her

“Oh god yessss” Margie softly moaned as she pinched the hard buds.

As the image of herself on her hands and knees being rammed by a big thick cock swam through her mind. She never saw the shadow that drifted by the bathroom door.

A tall form swept around her bedroom, preparing. The small metal object she had carelessly left laying by her pillow was moved, one end snapped to the head board. A large fluffy towel stretched out to cover the bedsheet. The curtains were softly drawn and two small candles lit to give the room only the faintest glow.

Now and then the form would stop at the cracked bathroom door to make sure she was still in the shower. Hungry eyes raking over her form through the steam covered shower door.

It watched as the mature woman slowly slid two fingers between her spread thighs..sinking them deep into the steaming hole between her legs.

As Margie trembled under her own touch, visions swam before her closed eyes. Only, this time, she didn’t fight the issue. She knew, why she had been after Howard to do something different. To try to ‘divert’ her attention.

As her belly flexed and her juices joined the warm water trickling down her body, Margie saw the visions again.

Bent over a chair in the dining room, a huge cock driving into her from behind. One her hands and knees, that same huge cock, plowing into her.

As the knot grew deep in her belly, the visions cleared. Only, it wasn’t Howard taking her body. No…”Tom” she moaned with wanton desire.

Tom, their twenty-one year old son. At six foot three and a strapping high güvenilir bahis school football player. Tom looked much like his father had twenty years ago when Margie had first watched him crawl between her spread thighs. Except one thing.

That massive…thick cock. The one burned into her mind almost two months ago when she had looked through his partially opened door late at night. The huge piece of meat she had stared open mouthed, watching him stroke.

While not small at seven inches, Howard could not even hold a candle to that massive piece of man meat. And as she had stood silent in the hall watching her son, she had wondered what it would be like to have THAT shoved up her hungry twat.

She had tried everything to expunge that memory from her mind. In utter failure. She had hoped by getting her husband to spice things up, it would remove the images. Now, as her fingers plowed in and out of her dripping cunt, she let the images come.

“Oh god…Tom” she moaned. Feeling the waves begin deep in her belly. “Make me cum baby” she groaned. “Make mommy cum.”

Outside the bedroom door, the form began to slowly undress, watching Margie’s self-pleasure with rapt attention. The shadow half hidden in the dim light.

Stepping back from the door, the sound of light banging as it moved the door then deliberately shifted items on the night stand. Then, drifting out the front door of the bedroom.

Startled by the noise, Margie whipped he fingers out of her clutching pussy. Stepping out of the shower she grabbed a towel and stepped through into the bedroom.

The view caught her totally by surprise. The bed ready, the candles, ‘oh my god even the hand cuffs’ she thought. She saw the small strip of cloth laying on the bed, a blindfold, she wondered.

In her sex clouded mind, Margie thought Howard had finally given in and returned to their bedroom. The reality her husband would never have changed his mind, or even considered giving up his Saturday golf game, never entered her hazed mind. The hunger spreading from her loins consumed everything.

Before she could change her mind. Or Howard his, Margie slipped her still half wet body onto her back on the bed. Feeling the soft towel rubbing her skin. As she slipped the cuffs over her wrists, raising her hands above her head, she trembled at the thought of what was about to happen.

Margie lay waiting, but only moments. Then, feeling the presence of someone in the room, she focused on her hearing. The sound of soft breathing filling her ears. Then, a weight settling onto the bed beside her splayed out body.

Without warning, she felt soft fingers begin to explore her shaking body. Drifting along her smooth legs, higher. Sending tingles through her thighs as they slid upward. When they slipped past her now clenched sex, to lightly caress her belly, Margie’s mind almost snapped in desire.

“Oooohhh…goddddddd” Margie moaned. Her body arching up towards the exploring hands.

As the fingers teased around her rigid nipples, not touching them, her hunger gave way. “please…oh god please” she babbled.

Then, the strong hands were slowly spreading her thighs. Exposing her soaked womanhood. ‘Already?’ Margie thought. God, tease me more she almost screamed.

Then, she did scream. As a hot mouth closed over her aching sex. “Aaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhh” the mother cried out, as her whole body arched off the bed.

Her mind tried to reason in the sexual haze. Howard didn’t like eating pussy. If he didn’t..then who. Then, her mind exploded as a hot tongue slid deep into her.

“Fuucckkkkkkkkkkkk” Margie screamed as her whole body convulsed. türkçe bahis “cumming..oh god…cummminngggggggggg” As a roaring filled her ears.

The orgasm she had started in the bathroom ripped through her with an intensity she had never known. Her entire body shaking and thrashing on the bed.

As the roar settled to a soft ring, Margie convulsed through the strongest orgasm she could remember. As she finally drifted down, her body still trembling, she lowered her ass back onto the towel under her. Feeling the soaked cloth against her skin.

Realizing she must have literally gushed her juices with the power of her orgasm, Margie tried desperately to collect her thoughts. Her body still shuddering from the aftershocks.

Margie felt the large frame sliding up her helpless body. A wet face kissing her neck as it settled on top of her. The slickness of her own juices coating her thighs.

Her entire body ached…craved. Even demanded what was about to happen. Still she tried to form words. “Please…who..talk” were the only words that came from her mouth.

“Oh godddd” Margie moaned, as the felt the swollen head press against her engorged pussy opening. Then, fingers began to slowly lift the blindfold from her eyes.

In the dim light, Margie’s eyes fluttered open. She was laying here,,,nude…dripping pussy cream; staring into the lust filled eyes of her son…Tom.

“Mom” the young man moaned above her. She could hear the desire in his voice. The sheer hunger and need. But…this was her SON for God’s sake. She opened her mouth to tell him how very wrong this was…the words never came out.

“Tooommmmmmmmmmmm” was all Margie could cry, as she felt his entire weight drive down on to her. That thick, prodigious cock. The one she had seen him stroking that night, slide deeper and deeper into her.

“Biiigggggggggggggg” Margie screamed as she felt her walls stretched beyond belief. Stars exploding in her brain as she felt herself filled like no other man had.

As his thickness bottomed out, she heard him “Mommmmyyyyyy”

Margie’s eyes rolled back as she felt his swollen cockhead press firmly against the spongey opening to her cervix. Her sons arms wrapped around her and held her as her body thrashed under him. With the sound of an oncoming freight train roaring her in ears, Margie exploded.

Tom looked down in wonder as he felt his mother splash his belly with the force of her orgasm. Squirting her juices around his cock to cover him in them. Her clenched fists pounding at his sides as she convulsed through her second orgasm in only moments.

Tom raised up onto his arms and stared down at his mother as her orgasm consumed her. His hips, beginning to move. Pumping his thick cock in and out of her.

Before the waves had even passed her belly, Margie felt Tom’s cock begin to drive in and out of her. Each stroke, stronger, harder. Pounding her ass down onto the bed.

“Oh god…oh fuck…oh shit” Margie babbled with every stroke. All shred of reason had fled her body. All she knew was the massive pole filling her wet hole.

As the sound of wet skin slapping wet skin filled the room, Margies nostrils flared at the smell of raw sex in the air. Something she had never smelled with Howard.

“Fuck me…you motherfucker” Margie screamed up at her son.

As Tom pounded down into his mother, he marveled at how well things had actually developed. Here he was..balls deep in the hottest cunt he had ever known, and instead of fighting him off, like he thought she might, instead she was arching her hips up to meet every blow.

“Mine” the young man growled down at güvenilir bahis siteleri his sweat soaked mother. “Now…you are MINE.”

The thought that her son was claiming her as his own rolled through her mind as she felt his hips working faster. The idea she belonged now to him, clinging to her frayed mind.

“Your tits…mine” her son growled in her face

“Your cunt…MINE” he added

“ALL of you…belongs to ME” as Margie felt him slam his steel pole deep into her body.

“Yours…yours” Margie cried back to her pummeling son. “All yours. Just don’t stop FUCKING meeeeeeeeeee.”

She almost screamed in disappointment when she felt that huge hunk of meat pulled out of her. Then, her wrists snapped free, and powerful arms literally lifted her like a rag doll and rolled her to her hands and knees.

The fact he could take her body so effortlessly sent a surge through her. She knew, now, she would never be able to deny him again.

Tom slid up behind his mother..aiming his cock at her still gaping cunt. With one stroke a rammed back home into his mother.

“Oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Margie screamed as her head snapped back. Mounted…stuffed on her sons huge cock. She felt her body explode for a third time.

“Tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Margie screamed as her body convulsed. Spraying her juices all over her trembling thighs. Soaking the towel he had placed on the bed.

Tom, consumed with total lust, slammed into his mother over and over. Watching her ass shake with every blow of his hips. His thick cock plowing into her feeling her vise grip on his dick as she squirmed through her orgasm.

Feeling the tightness in his balls, and the boiling cum deep in his balls…Tom tried to pull back. Not sure where he should cum. Knowing he couldn’t hold out much longer.

Margie felt him throb along her walls. Ever stroke scraping along her clit. Then, the telltale swelling deep in her belly. Oh God yes, she thought, he’s going to cum.

When she felt him start to pull out, her hand shot back, nails digging into his hip, trying to pull him deep again.

“Don’t you fucking dare” she gasped..

“Mom” she heard Tom moan behind her. “Going to cummmm.”

“Do it” Margie growled back at him. “Fucking cum in me you mother fucker.”

Tom, knowing now he had his mother’s blessing, drove his huge cock as deep as it would go into her. Feeling himself push against her cervix…against her very womb.

“Mommmmyyyyyyyyy” her son roared behind her. Then, Margie felt her sons cock jerk, deep inside her belly. As the first molten spray of his seed bathed her walls and her womb.

“FUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK” Margie screamed as her eyes rolled back again. Slamming her ass back into him her body erupted into a fourth orgasm. Tearing through her body.

Four, her hazed mind thought. My God, he’s made me cum FOUR times. As she felt the thick globs of their mixed seed ooze out of her pussy and drop to the towel under her.

As Tom let his mother’s sweat soaked body ease forward, he could feel her tight pussy sliding down his length. Until, with an obscene pop, her body came free of his to collapse onto her face on the cum soaked towel under her.

Margie lay gasping on her own bed. For the first time in her 42 years, she felt totally FUCKED. And by of all people, her son. Laying in the wetness of their shared pleasure, she felt the bed shift as her son rose to stand beside her.

In the dim light of the candles, she heard his voice. “Next Saturday…don’t even fucking ask him.” With those final words, Tom walked through the door of the bedroom.

Margie lay wondering if the whole thing had been some kind of horrific dream. But, the feeling of that hot cum dripping from her used pussy, told her otherwise.

As her heart slowly tried to come down from the pounding rate, she wondered. Would she even make Saturday.

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