A Helping Mother Ch. 04

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I somehow managed to drag my legs upstairs where I collapsed on my bed. It took me about half an hour to regain my strength. I went to the bathroom and washed off the sperm off my belly and chest.

I was surprised to realize that instead of exhausted and drained after this monumental orgasm, I actually felt alert and full of energy. I felt like I could run across the town and back with no effort at all, like I could chop down an entire forest. I was thinking of what to do about that, when my gaze fell to our backyard outside the bathroom window.

Mom had been begging me for months to dig her a flower bed around the big oak tree in the backyard. The tools were there but until now I never felt up to the task. Now however was the perfect time.

I hastily put some clothes on and went downstairs. Mother was nowhere to be found; perhaps she went out for groceries. I went outside and grabbed the shovel. I dug and shuffled earth like a madman for at least one hour. Although it was mid October it was sunny and warm and soon I was drenched in my sweat. I took my t-shirt off and kept working.

Our backyard was small, so small that we couldn’t possible fit a pool there (which was my mom’s dream), but it was surrounded by a high picket fence intertwined with ivy that made it impenetratable to any bypasser’s eyes. Our house was the last on the street so the backyard was completely isolated. Last year mom had bought some comfortable reclining chairs and she would often sunbathe in the summer there.

I was nearly ready with the flower bed when I realized that I’ve had an erection (again!) for quite a while now. It seems that the physical exercise was not enough to funnel my pent up energy effectively. Finally the job was done, so I put the shovel down and laid down on one of the reclining chairs. The warm sun felt illegal bahis good on my body and this pleasant feeling just made me hornier. I slipped my hand inside my shorts and firmly grasped my cock. I fondled it a little bit but then decided to throw caution in the wind and go for the full monty. I took off my shorts together with my underwear and threw them on the other chair nearby. I was now naked with my penis at full mast under the clear blue sky. I started with long strokes going all the way from the bottom of my cock to the very tip of the bulbous head. It felt great.

It seemed that I was lost in a trance replaying the events of the last few days in my mind, so I didn’t hear the sound of the door opening behind me. What I heard was the voice of my mother standing beside me.

“My, my, you are an insatiable little monster, aren’t you?” she said, looking at me with her arms crossed.

Instinctively I panicked and for a fraction of a second I tried in vain to cover my private parts. However I immediately realized that it was just mom, so I didn’t need to hide my erect penis.

“Don’t let me bother you honey, I will just push the chair over here to catch the sun better”, she said and brought the other chair opposite of mine, facing me.

She lied down and put her legs up.

Only then I noticed that she was wearing a silk robe. I resumed my jacking off at once, gazing at her legs and her perfectly pedicured little toes that crowned her feet. Her eyes were closed but I was pretty sure that she was peeking to see her son masturbating blatantly in front of her.

Slowly, she untied her belt and let the robe slide from her body. Mom was naked underneath. I gasped and I was so shocked that I stopped beating off. I could see her heavy, only slightly sagging tits with the pink areolas and the delicious illegal bahis siteleri pointed and aroused nipples. Their form, their mass and their shape were perfect in my eyes. Without I thinking I grabbed my cock and starting jerking it with fervor.

My gaze kept going lower to her smooth belly and her small, sexy belly button until it stopped at the most forbidding of all places. My mother’s pussy. She had shaved it in a landing strip pattern which made it look incredibly sexy and desirable. I looked at her mound with the brown little curly hair and I felt I was in heaven. I couldn’t help wondering what lay deep between her legs.

As if she read my mind, she slowly started to open her legs to my hungry eyes. I could see her puffed lips parting revealing her pink labia in all its glory. The inside of her thigh was glistening which meant that she was very aroused herself as well. I now started masturbating frantically. Her beautiful pussy was spread before my eyes and I could also see her clit, just underneath the hair strip. My hand was now a piston on my penis going up and down so fast, that I thought I would rip it off. My mother saw that and decided to act.

“Hey there tiger, ease up! You’re going to hurt yourself.” She raised her naked upper body from the chair a little bit and rested on her elbows, making her tits spill to the sides. I stopped at once and looked at her.

“Faster is not always better,” she said. “Sometimes you have to take it slow. I know it’s hard when you on the verge, but if you are patient you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Come over here and let me show you.” She waved with her hand for me to sit on the end of her chair right in front of her feet.

I raised myself, went over and straddled her chair. My penis was pointing directly at her between her pretty feet. Mom put her canlı bahis siteleri feet down on the grass and scooched a little lower making her ripe tits jiggle. When she put them up on the chair again they fell right on my lap. She started caressing my abdomen with her feet and massaging me with her toes. She started getting lower and lower until she firmly grasped my cock between them. I took a deep breath and moaned.

Using her left foot to steady my cock, she used the right one to stroke it lengthwise. When she reached the top, she used her fingers to circle around the head intensifying my pleasure. I cried like I was in pain from the immense arousal and my hands started to tremble. I wanted to grab my cock and start pounding but I knew I had to be patient because there was more to come.

Her left foot now went lower and started ever so gently to fondle my semen filled balls. I was in heaven. I looked at her, not at her body that lay naked before me but directly at her eyes. I could see from the way she was looking at my throbbing penis that she was enjoying this just as much as I was.

She kept caressing and half-stroking me for a while until I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Mum… please….I can’t…” I whispered short of breath. Thankfully she decided to give me relief.

She put both her feet on my cock, each to each side and started beating me off. The wonderful sensation of my penis rubbing between her soft soles together with the sight of her pretty red painted toenails next to my swollen cockhead were too much.

I cried out loud for one last time and started cumming in gushes for the second time this day. I closed my eyes and fell back on the chair, with my body shaking and trembling, all the while mom was milking my cock with her sexy feet.

My orgasm slowly subsided and the relief was so enormous that I really felt like crying. I tried to catch my breath and stand up. The chair cushion was a mess from the cum that had stained it all over.

Once again I started towards the bathroom to clean myself up.

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