A Late Awakening

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It’s late in the evening and I awake from sleep. You are not here next to me-out of town on business. My hands and mind miss you next to me. I lay back and close my eyes, trying to re construct your body in my mind- the soft curves of your breasts and belly, the taste of your skin- and my hands begin to wander my own body, my cock stiffening as the images flicker through my mind.

I can’t wait for you to return…a fantasy flickers through my mind of you and me, of an opulent room and a wall with a large mirror where we can see each other.

I have teased you unmercifully all night- first at dinner, caressing your thigh under the table, kissing your neck in that place that gives you the shivers. You wondered about why I insisted you wear a skirt and thigh highs tonight- that is until you felt my hand draw it up the skirt across the stockings and slip between your thighs. You know I love the skin there- so soft as my hand gently strokes it.

You look into my eyes with an expression of surprise/frustration/anger, but my hand is insistent as I just look at you and smile. I can feel your legs part a bit as you give in. I love this part when your breathing comes in little “whuffs” through your nose, your foot stamping in frustration as my fingers caress you, making you wet. Very, very wet.

You’ve never seen me like this- maybe little horns were poking out of my head as the waiter brought us our food, but I do know there was definitely a horn growing in my pants as I did this to you.

Dinner was a variety of finger foods- garlic shrimp, artichokes steamed with a butter sauce dip, babaganous with pita…all designed so that I could feed it to you, watch your lips take it from my hand and lick the excess from my finger tips, sucking my finger deep into your mouth. This is your not so subtle revenge at me for teasing you. And it’s working!

For dessert, it’s triple chocolate cake with fresh raspberries sprinkled on top- the cake for you, the raspberries for me. I watch you intently as you devour the cake. Licking the stray smudges of chocolate from your lips just drives me crazy,

I pay the check and whisper in your ear “Go to the bathroom and take off your panties, I’ll wait for you here.” You look at me in surprise because I have never asked you to do this before, you’re a little shocked and protest, but I insist. Slightly grudging, you disappear around the corner and through the door. I just smile to myself and wait…

As we walk to the car, I slide my hand down your back to your ass and can feel that you’ve obeyed me…I LOVE the idea that so little is between the world and you, wondering if you like the cool breezes between your thighs on this hot night- maybe feeling a bit naughty? I open the car door for you and as you sit, I kiss you deeply, raise your skirt and letting my hand rest on your pussy which has now been exposed to the cool night air…yep, still wet, as I hear you moan and our lips intertwine.

We break the kiss and you toss your panties into my face. “You are SO bad”, you say to me smiling. I just grin back and close the car door, bringing the panties to my nose and inhaling your aroma, then stuffing them into my pocket as I slip into the drivers seat.

As we drive, your hand caresses my crotch, opening the zipper and freeing my cock. Now I’M the one who is frustrated and feeling naughty, which is not a bad feeling güvenilir bahis overall, but I need to get you alone- and fast.

The pre-cum is oozing out of the tip of my cock as your fingers massage the fat head. You take some to your lips and taste me…I just moan looking at you- and then you hike your dress up and begin fingering yourself as we drive- teasing both you AND me. I place my hand on your inner thigh as we drive along…my fingers touching you as you touch yourself. Your stocking legs framing the V of your pussy is SUCH an erotic sight!

The evening air, the cool jazz on the stereo, the winding country road- it’s a heavenly evening. I pull off to the shoulder putting the car in park. You look at me puzzled as I reach into the back seat, Pulling a black silk scarf from the back seat, I offer it to you. A bit suspicious of my intent, you hesitate, but I make those big puppy dog eyes and you relent, letting me tie it securely across your eyes.

You lean back and I tweak your nipple; “That’s my girl!” and I kiss you deeply, my hand sliding up your thigh to your sweet sex, feeling how moist you are. You purr like a kitten as my finger caresses your slit and flicks over your clit. I sop, sit back and start driving again.

I can feel your impatience and frustration. It always seems longer to get somewhere when you don’t know where you are going. “It won’t be long now” I say…

You can here the tires of the car rolling over gravel now ,,,. I can tell you’re listening intently to the sound, taking in the smells of the fresh cut country grass. The car comes to a halt. All you can hear is the music, the idling car and then silence, except for the crickets chirping in the night as I shut off the car.

“Where are we?” you say.

“A little place I found for us out on the country. Now just wait, I’ll come around and let you out”, I say.

As I pull you from the passenger seat, I kiss your neck softly and cup your breast in my hand.

You can feel me beginning to unbutton your blouse and tug it from your shoulders…

“Are there people around?”

“No, just us, trust me..” I say. I unclasp your bra and free your breasts, my tongue flicking out to tease the nipple. I hear you suck in your breath in surprise.

I caress your belly as I unzip your skirt and let it fall…My hand wanders to your ass and I lean over to lick the crease where your thigh meets your torso and I feel your body shiver.

Your hand reaches for my head and you run your fingers through my hair as I feast on you….kissing, licking sucking…

I slowly withdraw from you…leaving with little caresses and soon you are standing there alone. A bit confused….

I gaze at your beautiful body in the moonlight- perfection!

The silk scarf around your eyes, your moist pouting lips, the aroused nipples, the wonderful curve of your belly, your sweet ass and the slightly naughty look of you just in your shoes and thigh-highs…I am SO hard now!

“Where are you?”, you whisper…

“Right here, sexy!…Now, I want you to slip your fingers between your legs and give me some of your honey…”

You part your thighs and your hand descends to your nether lips…I know your not just pleasing me, but also pleasing yourself…playing with your clit as you cover your fingers with your essence…

I step forward and grab your türkçe bahis wrist and bring your fingers to my mouth…greedily sucking them and then softly kissing them…I think it is time now,,,

Pulling you gently by the arm, I lead you through the yard to the big barn and open the door. My one hand leads you in as I step aside and let you pass…my hand rests on your ass as I urge you forward…

Your shoes clip-clop over the oak floors, your ass pert in your fuck me shoes….Mmm you look good enough to eat- and I think I will!

You can feel the warmth of the fire blazing in the fireplace- it’s flames reflecting your lust and desire…

“How much longer?”, you ask.

“Your there, stop and kneel down.”…

You sink to your knees, but instead of hard floor, they find a soft carpet… I push your upper torso forward and you feel like falling. Your arms move out to brace your fall and instead of floor, you find a softly covered bolster.

Still blindfolded, you ask “When are you going to fuck me?”…

I don’t reply, but you can hear me slipping out of my shirt, slacks and boxers.

I gaze at your beauty…your ass and pussy pushed back, your breasts, with their pert nipples telling me how aroused you are…

I move next to you and caress your ass and you respond by gyrating under my hand. I move lower and drag my fingernails softly up your inner thighs, not touching your pussy…Is this not delectable in it’s tension….raking slowly up each side, then a finger slipping between your sweet pussy lips…You shudder and then moan….

“I want you, I need your cock now!”, you say…

Biting your lower lip, you give in to my ministrations…My lips descend to your ass cheek and I begin to lick and suck it as my fingers work your clit…My tongue slides slowly to the cleft of your ass and then lightly flicks at your asshole ,,,. Your legs tremble, you gasp…

I’m loving this way to much, but my cock is almost painfully engorged…I stop my caressing and stand, moving to your face, my cock bobbing in front of your nose.

You can smell me, hear where I’m standing and lean over to lick the tip of my cock, tasting the pre-cum… I love the way you suck me, your lips parted as you swallow me whole, your hand reaching to grab the base…All I can do is issue a DEEP growl as you take me in…My knees buckling and my hips wanting to thrust…

This feels so good, but now I want you to see me- see yourself…I rip the silk blindfold from your eyes and stare down at you. With deep pools of lust, your eyes look up at me as you take my cock all the way to the base…OH GOD! That feels good!

You ease back up and smile, all the while your tongue slides along the underside of my cock…I run my fingers through your hair and pull away- a slight rope of pre-cum trails from my cock to your lips…I lean down and kiss you…DEEPLY tasting each other ON each other…Mmmmm…

“Look over your shoulder”, I whisper

Your head turns back and you can see the whole wall behind us is paneled in mirrors. You can see your naked body and mine next to each other…your ass on display and my cock jutting from my torso…your breast so full of desire, your nipples hard…I reach in and caress it the give it a little tweak…You look so sexy in just the thigh highs and pumps..

I look into your eyes through the mirror.

“I güvenilir bahis siteleri want you to see us make love…then I want you to see us fuck” I say

“We have been making love, stud, now FUCK ME!”

You prop yourself back up on your hands and thrust your ass in the air…

“Com on, fuck me!…Give me your cock! NOW!!!

I move behind you and position myself between your spread legs…your sweet pussy, moist with your lust…I rub my cock back and forth over the slit, letting me be lubricated with your honey.

I grab the base of my almost purple cock and slide it in S-L-O-W-L-Y…Hearing you issue one long moan as I bury myself to the hilt.

I reach around to caress your breasts as I move my hips in response to your slow gyrations…Then I cup your belly and pull your body firmly to mine..

“God you feel good!…Warm liquid velvet!”

All you can do is moan again and I grab your hips and start pumping you….

I love watching you in the mirror as I fuck you from behind…I know how much you and I both love this position, but I can never see your expression, your body,,,

Throwing your hair back and turning your head to my eyes in our reflections, we and see one another fucking…your breasts bouncing…my cock sliding in and out of you…Your ass rippling as my belly meets it, my ass cheeks clenching to push myself ever deeper…

Our breathing becomes more and more rapid staccato grunts, moans and yips alter between us as my cock and your pussy become one…we’re animals now, giving in to the lust, our faces contorted, the tingling within us…SO close!

I reach down and lube my finger with our juices and on your next push back slide it in to your ass…You gurgle/grunt/moan and your hand slams down on the cushion time and time again.

“You like that? You like my cock in your pussy and my finger in your ass?”

“Uuuhgh!….*whispering*..Yes, yes…don’t stop…F-f-fuck me, fuck my pussy…my ass is yours.” I thrust harder and deeper, my balls slapping your thighs, your juices dripping over us…down your legs…I feel the boiling tingle in my balls in cock..

“God I love my cock in you! I love fucking you!”

You look into my eyes with an almost demanding pout, as if you want to take control…

“And I love your cock fucking me…Cum for me…stick that finger deeper, I want to be your nasty girl, want to rock your world…Fuck me, come on, FUCK ME!

You’re banging back as hard as I thrust…Our bodies covered in a sheen of sweat…the aroma of sex all around us…To much, TOO MUCH…Cum with MEEEEEE!

Our bodies explode in orgasmic convulsions…You milking my cock and finger…my cock throbbing and spewing my cum deep in to you…


We both collapse….some time passes.,. who knows if it is a minute, ten seconds, an hour.. I kiss your neck and you roll over on me…gently caressing my cock in your hand.

Our mutual fluid drip from you onto my belly…you lean down and lick it up then kiss me…we share its wonderful tastes with our tongues…

You whisper, “rest a little…remember, I said this ass is yours, and we have ALL night…”

I lay back and watch as you walk to the bathroom, ,your ass so sweet as it bounces away. I close my eyes and know I’m in heaven…

Now I come out of the fantasy…my sheets in disarray, my arm and palm tense, my body tingling and my cock has spurted it’s load- which now lays in strands on my belly…I bring a little to my lips and taste myself…All that is missing is you…I can’t wait till you return…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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