A Lesson From His Boss

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Kate and Shawn had what they considered to be a perfect relationship. He was 30 and she was 26. They were good-looking, healthy and well-educated. Shawn had travelled the world building a successful and lucrative career, while Kate’s natural beauty and elegant dress sense made her the perfect executive’s partner. They had already decided they would get engaged in the near future and, after they wed, start a family.

Recently however, Kate had noticed that Shawn wasn’t himself. She’d seen him stressed before but this was different. He was eating less, wasn’t sleeping well and was going into the office ever earlier and staying ever later. Previously when she asked him about work he’d relate stories of the latest contract win or office gossip. Now when she tried to engage him when he came home, he simply mumbled that it was fine and immediately changed the subject. She decided that she had to get him to open up. She cooked him his favorite meal and when he was done laid it all out in the open.

“Baby something’s obviously wrong. You need to tell me what’s bothering you so I can help!”

“I’m sorry hon, I just don’t want to worry you. There’s nothing we can do about it so I just have to push through.”

“What is it Shawn? What has you so stressed out all the time?”

“It’s my new boss, Mr. Williams. He hates me, Kate. He’s always putting me down and making me do menial tasks. He criticizes everything I do and laughs at me. It’s just really hard to take.”

“Well why don’t you call him out on it baby? None of your other bosses ever had a problem with you so just tell him to cut it out, it’s not acceptable.”

“I can’t honey. This guy has my career in his hands, I can’t risk pissing him off even more. He already says I’m incompetent.”

“Isn’t your end-of-financial year gala coming up soon? I can get to know his wife and you can get to know him socially and then he’ll see you’re a decent person and give you more leeway.”

“Yeah, it’s next Friday but he’s divorced. He’s slept with half the girls in the office and not just the single ones. One time he made me clean up the boardroom after he had sex with one of the secretaries on the table during lunch! It’s so demeaning and unprofessional.”

“That’s gross! Look, we can get to know him together and fix the problem. You shouldn’t dread going to work hon. I know we need the money but I’m sure together we can make it better.”

Shawn kissed his beautiful girlfriend and silently thanked God he had such a supportive partner.

The gala dinner was a black-tie affair and Shawn rented a tux. He wanted to treat Kate as a thank you for her support and so bought her a new little black dress. The hem was to the thigh and it plunged on both the back and the front. With her trim Asian figure and small, pert breasts, she pulled it off with an elegant sexiness few could match. The company always went all out with the end of financial year gala. They held it at only the best hotels and invited a celebrity speaker to give a motivational speech. This year’s guest was tennis player Rafael Nadal, one of Kate’s favorite sportsmen. They were both excited at the opportunity to meet him.

As they arrived at the ballroom of the 5 star hotel that was hosting the event they checked the seating chart to see where they would eat. Shawn sighed when he found their names.

“What is it baby?”

“We’re on the interns’ table, at the back of the room.”

“Why don’t you say something Shawn, you’re a Vice President! You shouldn’t sit down the back!”

“It’s no big deal, no point in causing an argument.”

The enjoyed the elaborate dinner and listened to the tennis star recount his insights on competiveness and the similarity between sport and business. When he was done people began to mingle and Kate asked Shawn to point out his boss.

The man he indicated was standing at the center of a circle of men and women listening to him speak. He was the tallest of the group at 6’5, and broad of shoulder and chest. Kate guessed he was in his late 40s or early 50s but spent a lot of time in the gym. With a full head of dark hair (greying a little at the sides) and an engaging smile he had an air of fatherly, powerful handsomeness about him. He was holding a cigar as he spoke and when he laughed, everyone listening to him laughed too.

“Come on Shawn, go and introduce me so we can start chatting to him!”

As they approached Williams did a double-take when saw Kate. He made direct eye-contact with her and smiled. Kate felt her mouth getting dry under his gaze. He moved towards the couple and the circle of hangers-on parted immediately. He strolled confidently towards her, took her hand firmly, raised it, and kissed it gently.

“Which one of my employees was lucky enough to bring you as a date tonight my dear?”

Shawn cleared his throat to speak, trying to sound less nervous than he actually was.

“Mr. Williams, this is…”

Before he could finish, Shawn’s boss turned to him angrily, still holding his girlfriend’s hand.

“O’NEILL! How güvenilir bahis many times to have to tell you – you address me as SIR! Don’t forget your place young man. And can’t you see I’m busy?”

Shawn froze to the spot while Williams turned back to Kate.

“Now my pretty, you were about to tell me who the luckiest man in the room is?”

Kate couldn’t help but smile at his compliments and the way he looked at her. His physical presence and charisma made her feel like she was the only girl in the room when he gave her his attention.

“I’m Shawn’s girlfriend, Kate. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Williams.”

“Ah Kate, I’ve complimented your photograph on Shawn’s desk many times. Please, call me Jim. We’re all friends at this company.”

Shawn reddened as he remembered the lewd comments Williams had made at Kate’s photo, how he said she looked like she wasn’t getting fucked properly and that she’d be much happier if she had a real man satisfying her.

“Where are you sat beautiful? I didn’t see you at dinner.”

Kate explained they were at the table at the back of the room. Jim leaned into her and whispered with a grin.

“I fear whoever placed you so far from my table may have just lost their chance of a bonus this year.”

She giggled. Jim pecked her cheek before saying he would find her again before finally releasing her hand.

“We’re about to give out the annual awards, I’ll come and find you afterwards.”

When he left Kate turned to Shawn.

“I think that went really well baby! He was so nice to me!”

“Yeah, he was…but I still made him angry.”

“Don’t worry Shawn, he said he’ll talk to us again later and then we can make sure you get to show him how nice you are.”

She kissed her boyfriend quickly on the lips and then led him back to their seats as the awards (distributed by the tennis star) got underway. The bulk of the awards were a standard corporate affair – best salesman, employee of the year (both won by Williams), best new employee and the like. Then there were semi-jokey personality awards. Williams picked up two; ‘most likely to be the last man standing in the pub’ and the ‘female choice award’. Nadal looked at the card that described the final award and laughed into his microphone.

“The last award is very special. Least likely to get a coffee order right!”

Shawn cringed visibly.

“And the winner is….Shawn O’Neill!”

The room erupted in laughter as Shawn made his way to the front of the room. Where the other awards had been accompanied by Oscars style trophies, Nadal produced an apron and laughed as he handed it to him. Shawn tried to act like he was joining in the laughter as he took it.

Williams shouted over to him.

“Put it on O’Neill! It will suit you!”

Reluctantly, he put the apron over his tux to howls of laughter from his colleagues and returned sheepishly to his table.

“What was that all about baby?” asked Kate when he returned.

“Oh, one of my new responsibilities is to get everyone’s mid-morning coffee. Mr. Williams says I always mix up who ordered what.”

“Haha, it’s good they see the funny side though!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

As Shawn lifted the apron over his head Williams reappeared.

“Kate, you divine creature! Tell me, are you a Nadal fan or a Federer girl?”

“Hi Jim! I’ve always been Nadal – I can’t stand Federer!”

“Fantastic. I’ve given my neighbor the boot so there’s a free seat with your name on it at the top table. How would you like to join us? I’d love to introduce you to Rafa.”

“I’d love to!”

She turned to her boyfriend.

“Come on baby, let’s pack up our things and move up.”

Jim placed a hand on her cheek and her stomach fluttered.

“I’m loath to disappoint a face as angelic as yours but no can do. There’s only one free seat.”

He maintained eye contact as he spoke.

“O’Neill! Be a good lad and stay hear with Kate’s things while I introduce her.”

He placed her arm in his as he escorted her to the top table.

Kate had tremendous fun for the rest of the evening. She was nervous meeting Rafa but Jim made sure the conversation flowed by talking about his own sporting experiences as a competitive boxer, and telling funny stories about the practical jokes the guys in work play on each other. Shawn was the victim of more than one and Kate found herself crying with laughter. When it was time to go she spoke to Jim:

“I’ve had a wonderful time tonight Jim but it’s such a shame there wasn’t room for Shawn. You’ve probably seen he’s having a bad time in work at the moment and he was hoping he could get to know you a bit better. Maybe you could come over for dinner sometime so you boys can chat? I’d love to give a bachelor gent such as yourself a home cooked meal.”

“It would be my pleasure Kate! I’ve seen that Shawn is struggling. The business world is tough – there’s no room for wallflowers or crybabies and men have to be men. Maybe I can give Shawn a few pointers in türkçe bahis that regard.”

“Thank you so much Jim, I’d really appreciate it and I know Shawn would do. I think if he could be a bit stronger like you he’d be fine.”

He kissed her cheek again as they bade goodnight and fixed a dinner date for the following week.

The interns had left long ago and Shawn had sat alone at the back table with their belongings watching his boss laugh with his girlfriend, taking any opportunity to touch her hair, face and back. She was beaming when she got back.

“Baby I had so much fun and was hanging out with Rafael Nadal! Can you believe it?”

He smiled at her excitement.

“And baby the best part is I think we can fix your work problem. Jim is coming over for dinner next week and he’s going to help you turn things around. Isn’t that great?”

Shawn was relieved that it looked like help was at hand. Once again his charming girlfriend had shown how supportive and caring she was.

The evening of the dinner Kate had prepared a delicious Chinese meal and wore her prettiest sun dress. Shawn was nervous again but Kate was looking forward to a fun evening chatting with Jim. When they heard the doorbell ring they went to the door together to greet him.

Shawn opened the door and extended his hand.

“Thank you for coming sir, it’s good to…”

Williams brushed past Shawn without taking his hand and walked to Kate, taking her by the waist as he bent low to kiss her cheek.

“Kate you’re a vision! And if the smell emanating from the kitchen is anything to go by my stomach is soon going to be as satisfied as my eyes are.”

She laughed and slapped his chest, surprised at how hard his muscles felt.

“O’Neill – why don’t you get us some drinks while we wait for dinner.”

Williams dominated the conversation as they ate, alternating between serious commentary on the affairs of the day and witty anecdotes. The young couple barely got a word in but had a fun evening listening to his stories.

When they were finished Shawn was more at ease and suggested they move into the sitting room. He finally worked up the courage to bring up the problem that had been plaguing him for months.

“Sir, I think Kate mentioned my difficulties to you. I’m so grateful to you for coming over. I just want to do better for you and the company and any help you can give me would be great.”

Kate nodded her agreement.

“We’re both grateful Jim. I wish I had a boss like you who took care of his employees.”

Williams sighed, and lit a cigar without asking permission.

“Frankly O’Neill, you need to man up.”

Shawn frowned.

“What do you mean Sir?”

He turned to Kate.

“I’m sorry for being coarse in your presence angel, but it’s important young O’Neill understands this point.”

“Oh it’s fine Jim. Be as direct as you need to be.”

“O’Neill, a manager’s job is to lead those underneath him. You understand that don’t you? It’s like I always say, the only people I need in my team are BSDs.”

Shawn reddened again. Kate interrupted.

“What’s a BSD?”

Jim turned to her.

“A BSD is an acronym we use to describe how leaders behave. It’s rather vulgar I’m afraid. It stands for ‘big swinging dick’. It means that real leaders carry themselves like they know they’re powerful, that they’re big and that they’re in charge. I’m sorry to say Shawn doesn’t do that and it shows. That weakness is what’s causing his problems at the moment. It’s nobody’s fault but his own.”

“That makes a lot of sense, don’t you think honey? You see how when Jim talks to your colleagues he’s so…manly?”

Shawn nodded and opened his mouth to speak but Williams interrupted.

“The thing is O’Neill, we all know you’re smart. You can run the numbers and show us how Excel works. But when we look at you we don’t really believe you’re in any position to tell us what to do. You come across as a geek, a data monkey if you will. To coin a phrase – and I’m sorry Kate – you seem like an SSD…a small shriveled dick.”

Kate giggled nervously while Shawn tried to hide his embarrassment.

“Thanks for the advice sir, I’ll try to be more assertive” he stammered.

“Anytime. Now – on to more fun topics. Let me tell your sexy girlfriend about the time I took the top performers to Vegas for a weekend. It’s a little blue but I think you’ll enjoy the story. O’Neill, get me an ashtray for my cigar.”

“Oh…I’m sorry sir but neither of us smoke. Here, just flick it into my hand and I’ll drop it in the bin for you.”

“Good man.”

Williams deposited the ash in Shawn’s hand, who then made to move to the kitchen with the intention of retrieving a saucer to make do as an ashtray. Williams grabbed him by the wrist before he could.

“Don’t move boy! I almost got ash on your girlfriend’s beautiful rug! Keep your hand there until I’m done.”

He proceeded tell yet another tale of his exploits that had Kate rapt and soon they were both laughing. güvenilir bahis siteleri All the while Shawn held his hand in place to receive his boss’ cigar ash. When he was done, Shawn went to dispose of it and wash up, leaving Kate and Williams alone.

Jim checked his watch.

“My word, look at the time. Kate, I’m afraid I’ve had too much wine to drive home and I’ll never get a taxi. I think I’d better spend the night.”

“Of course Jim, you’re welcome in our home anytime. Let me make up the sofa bed.”

When she was done she leaned in to kiss Jim goodnight and felt his hand brush against her breast. It must have been an accident, she thought. He’s probably not well coordinated after the wine. It was probably the wine that was making her feel so frisky as well.

As she went into the bedroom she thought about asking Shawn to play with her clit before they slept. The idea of doing that with Jim right in the next room was quite exciting. Kate pulled a black see-through negligee on for bed. The only other item she was wearing was a pair of black, lace boy-cut underwear. Shawn loved the way that particular pair accentuated her tight, round ass and she was hoping it would get him in the mood so he’d want to rub her clit. Her boyfriend had already stripped naked with the intention of taking a shower.

“Thanks so much for getting Mr. Williams to help me Kate, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem baby, he’s a great guy. He’s such a good role model for you! He really is the kind of man you should aspire to be.”

As she finished her sentence the door to their bedroom was flung open. Mr. Williams strode in confidently.

“Kate, my beautiful, my advice to make Shawn more of a man wasn’t complete I’m afraid. The truth is that to be more masculine in work he has to be more of a man at home. It’s important that I show him how that’s done, and I’m quite confident that it will make you happier as his girlfriend too.”

Kate was too stunned at the sudden intrusion to react while Shawn instinctively covered his soft penis with his hands.

Jim took Kate’s hips in his large hands and pulled her to him. He kissed her, this time roughly on the lips, bowing his head to force his tongue into her mouth.

Kate was shocked, this invasion totally unexpected. She was too surprised to resist and by convention rested her hands on her boyfriend’s boss’ big shoulders.

Shawn saw what was happening and had finally had it. It was bad enough that Mr. Williams put him down constantly in work, had told his girlfriend how weak he was, and humiliated him in front of his colleagues. But kissing his Kate right in front of him was too much. He figured this was a test, to see if he could show that he could be a real man. There’s no way Mr. Williams could think this was ok. He stood as tall as he could and approached the embraced pair, placing a hand on his boss’ shoulder, which was about level with his eyes. He made his voice as deep as he could.

“Leave my girlfriend alone sir! I think you need to leave now.”

Williams broke his kiss from the breathless Kate and cupped her face in his hand. He smiled at her before turning to Shawn. He growled:

“Do NOT interrupt me again, boy. I’ve warned you before and won’t anymore.”

He slapped Shawn with the back of his hand, his powerful arm smacking him backwards onto the floor, drawing blood from his mouth. There was no contest between the 6’5 former boxer and the small office worker.

“I’m going to show you how to treat your woman. You need to shut up, watch, and learn.”

He flipped Kate around, still standing, holding her back to his chest. As they both stood he shoved a hand down her panties.

“Something you need to learn O’Neill, is that women get turned on by how you act. Let’s see how young Kate has reacted to being around a real man for a change.”

He roughly pushed first two fingers, and then three into her pussy, making her cry out at the violation but still she didn’t resist. He put his thick fingers into her while pushing his palm back against her clit and without foreplay finger-fucked her forcefully. Kate’s knees weakened as the bigger man touched her. She was already wet and his attention to her cunt excited her even more. Just as she was getting used to his thick fingers inside her he withdrew his digits, and brought them to her mouth.

“You see Kate, you were already wet before I came in here. That’s what happens when a girl is around a Big Swinging Dick. They can’t help it. Taste how wet you are.”

She took his fingers in her mouth, amazed that he was right and her pussy was wetter than she could ever remember.

“Now, Shawn here needs to see how different things are when he acts like a man.”

He turned Kate back to face him and pushed her onto her knees. From his position seated on the floor Shawn (still covering his soft penis) knew what his boss was going to try next but was equally confident this would be the end of their ordeal. In the entire time they’d been together Kate had never got on her knees to give him oral sex. She considered it demeaning, and on the rare occasions she used her mouth on his 5 ½ inch (when fully erect) penis it had been only for a few seconds and mainly involved brief kisses and licks while they lay down.

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