A Liaison

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I am naked and waiting, fidgeting, hard as a rock, when there is a knock on the front door. Naked, except for the plug in my asshole, the ring around my cock and balls, and the collar and cuffs He has directed me to wear. Black leather wrist and ankle cuffs with shiny metal rings and rivets. Fastened tightly and held in place by small brass locks. The collar is 2 inches thick, and has a single large D-ring at my throat. The plug is jelly, it is 5 inches long, and is lodged deep inside my ass. My asshole is stretched into an “O” around it, being held open. And my cock is evidence of the stimulation. The plug was the first toy I had bought, too big at first. Now it is thick and long enough that I cannot forget it is inside me. Today is the first day that someone else will know that I am wearing it. The thought is wicked and terrifying. The first time someone will fuck me…

I have been playing with my asshole in secret all of my life. Fingers, pencils and hairbrush handles when I was a boy. Screwdriver handles and fingers as a teenager. A small vibrator a new girlfriend brought into bed one night. I never had an ‘opportunity’ that I recognized to act on those feelings, with another boy. I was always too busy playing sports or running around with girls. But recently, I have begun to fantasize about it. More and more, I have been thinking about what it would be like to suck another guy’s dick, or to even get fucked.

There’s a website I came across, a membership site for guys to meet and have sex. I bought a membership, and posted an ad. And for the next few months, I’ve been tweaking my profile, exploring my desires, figuring out what I was looking for. I was looking for a mature and masculine man, someone too old for games, but old enough to appreciate my youth. I wanted to be lusted after, but I also wanted to be respected and appreciated. I didn’t want to just meet some douchebag in a bar. I wanted a strong, masculine, decent man, with a nice thick cock.

When I hear that knock, my heart lurches. Partly in fear – or is it terror? – and partly in excited anticipation. This is it, the final chance to escape. This is the threshold of my new life, and the culmination of my old one.

I could look through the peephole to make sure it’s not someone else. Or I could cover myself, and then answer the door. Or peek around the door jamb. I could call through the door – ‘hey, sorry, but I’ve changed my mind!’ Or I could just hide, and wait for whoever it is to become discouraged, walk away.

But i don’t do any of those things. i move before i can change my mind.

My vision narrows and i see my hand on the lock, twisting it, then on the doorknob. i lower my head. My wrist turns and i pull the handle towards me, then i can feel the cool air on my thighs as the door opens. i can see the light on my bare feet. And the cuffs on my ankles. The little padlocks are shining in the daylight. Above my feet, I can see my erect penis. It is rock hard in anticipation, the blood trapped by the ring. It bounces with my heartbeat, and the hardness embarrasses me. I feel faint, only moments from ejaculation.

When i look up, He is looking at me. It seems very bright around Him. He is wearing a blue suit, with a button-down-collared shirt, and a red tie. As i look into his face, i can feel a breeze through the door, it chills my skin. My face feels flushed, my nipples feel taught. But i try to stand up proud of my commitment, my faith.

We do not speak. In the living room, i am on my knees in front of him. I am sitting on my haunches, my head bowed. After a few moments, i look up at Him. He gives me a nod, beckons me to Him. i try not to lose my self-control, and move to him too quickly. Instead, I shuffle forward, my hands cross the distance between us deliberately, and i begin by untying his shoes. They are expensive wingtips in black leather. They are shiny, and the laces are waxed. i untie them both, then lift his feet out of his shoes. i take off his socks, too, they are musty and warm but his feet are clean. i raise my head to his belt, at my eye level, and i unbuckle it. His suit pants have a slide clasp at the top, and then the zipper. i can feel his cock through the wool, against the heel of my hand, and as i pull his zipper down i slide my palm and fingers against it, softly. He is semi-erect, and deliciously thick. He chuckles because He knows what i am doing. He knows. i hold the cuffs and side of the legs and help him step out of the pants.

Now His white cotton boxers. His penis bobs as it is released. i try not to stare, to even look. but i can see it out of the corner of my eye. i can smell his scent.

His underwear gone, i move my hands onto the outsides of his thighs, and feel the hair and the skin. i lean my face forward, and press my cheek against his leg, i am smelling Him and feeling Him and adoring looking at his cock from so close. He is starting to thicken, to raise up. He is anticipating the pleasure i will soon be giving bahis firmaları Him.

It’s right that i am naked to worship Him. In my nakedness, i am vulnerable, and exposed to Him. In my nakedness i am offering myself to Him without condition. In my nakedness i am innocent.

My collar and cuffs are for Him. They symbolize His control over me, my supplication to His convenience and satisfaction. In black grasping leather and hard unflinching metal, they wordlessly state their superiority over my flesh, just as i am accepting another man’s superiority over my soul. It is easier for Him to hold me with them, to place me as He wishes. To limit what I might experience, to solely His wishing. I am submitting through them and in them.

My plug is my salvation. It holds my most intimate place open for his pleasure. It stimulates and frustrates my desires. My body tenses to hold it, my anus grips it as His surrogate cock. My inner muscles are twitching in the sensations, resisting the intruder and grasping at it, both at the same time. But it is also releasing me, making our coupling easier and quicker, by easing my nervous and inexperienced muscles.

It is beautiful. The look, the smell. He does not shave or trim his pubic hair, He is all natural. That’s what first attracted me to Him. The picture in his profile of His cock, this cock here in front of my eyes. Under his shaggy hair, His penis is less than half erect, but it is already plump and lengthened. It hangs heavily over his balls, maybe 7 inches from root down to the tip. The head is another inch thicker than the shaft, and shaped like a mushroom, like a giant gumdrop.

I slowly nuzzle my nose into the point where His balls meet His thighs, and inhale His scent. It is alive and clean, with a hint of His musk. Like a well-mixed drink, the flavors are in balance and the experience awakens my palate and my passions. The hair tickles my nose and my cheeks.

I curl my tongue out of my mouth and along His balls, swiping and nipping and smelling Him. My nose rubs against His penis as my tongue stimulates the essence of his manhood. His virile balls move as i suck and lick their pouch. I taste and smell his sweet salt, and he tilts his hips as I lick behind them, smelling and tasting him.

His cock is hardening now, and as it rises off of his balls, i run my tongue along the root, from side to side. His penis flops on my cheeks as i swipe my tongue against the base. i suckle the scent from him, pulling the flesh between my lips and tongue. His cock is against my forehead and face, and as i suckle i rub against it, feeling his thickness and weight.

Up the shaft of his cock, the skin moves under my lips as I tongue him. His cock has ridges under the skin, bumps which i imagine drumming against my cheeks and asshole while He uses me. These ridges, too, i worship with my mouth. Up the shaft to the base of the helmet, where the skin meets, and there is so much sensitivity. I suck greedily on this spot, and as He flexes his cock, it bounces upwards and slips from my lips, and my mouth makes a slurping sound. But i follow the cock, and finally I engulf the head into my eager mouth.

It is soothing to have his cock in my mouth. My mouth is completely filled with his taste and his meat, it feels heavy and pulses on my tongue. The mushroom fills my mouth, I can feel it on my cheeks. I grab the big dick by the base, and slide the spongy helmet as far into the back of my throat as i can. The taste is perfect – warm and sweet and salty, and it fills my mouth just as his size does. And he leaks small amounts of precum, which I can feel slippery against my tongue. Three times in a row, i squeeze the shaft from the base to the tip, and lick the droplets from the eye of his mushroom. He is salty and sweet, and I love the way the cum clots in my mouth, refuses to be washed away by my saliva.

Slowly, back and forth, up and down, i nurse on his beautiful cock. My hands grasp and twist his base as my tongue and lips lavish his shaft and that amazing mushroom. As i swirl my tongue and head up the shaft, my lips catch on the edge of His helmet and i suck hard while squeezing the shaft, firmly, squeezing more precum into my mouth. He is enjoying my work, low deep groans and hip flexing. His hand is on the back of my head, guiding my ministrations. I am pleasing him!

Newly motivated, up and down i continue worshiping his manhood. I take him as deep into my throat as i can, then all the way up to the corona, then plunging down deep into my throat again. All while slurping and sucking. The saliva is starting to run down my wrists and out of the sides of my mouth, as I drool my enthusiasm onto his thick knob. I suckle the underside of his dick, pull down on his balls, and slide my hands up and down the shaft, sometimes twisting, sometimes just firmly squeezing. I pull his hips into my mouth, and run my arms between his legs to squeeze his ass, tickle his asshole. I try to place hickies on his kaçak iddaa cock, i lick it and tongue it and suck it deeply into my throat, eyes watering and my body resisting the impulse to gag as i screw my throat onto Him. Then, ravenously, i slurp all of my saliva off of this wonderful thick cock, and rub it on my face. And again, i plunge my mouth down over it, engulfing it.

His moans are louder know, and He speaks His encouragements: “that’s a good boy, suck that cock, ooooh, yeah, pull on my balls with your other hand. Your mouth is so wet! You really wanted this big dick, didn’t you? I can tell how much you like it! Mmmmm, I love it in your throat like that, suck on Daddy’s dick. Oh, that’s good.” He pulls my head down onto his crotch, and pushes his hips forward, spearing his thick organ deep into my throat. And groans deeply. i too moan, because of His force, and my need. More tears, and i swallow hard so as to not gag on Him.

As i am working on worshiping him, his phallus, his hand takes over from mine and he pulls his cock out of my throat. I feel suddenly empty, with saliva and tears all over my face. I swipe my nose with the back of my hand and sniff, then look up at Him. He grabs me firmly by the collar, pulls me to my feet with two strong fingers through the ring at my throat. I am forced to stand on tiptoe to meet his eyes, and my erect penis hits his thick hard cock between our groins. My hands automatically go to his furry belly, and his arm snakes around my thin waist, pulling me against his chest. Firmly, again, he pulls my collar to him, and kisses me hard on my sloppy mouth. His manhood is thick like a rolled up newspaper under my balls, rubbing through my legs to my asshole, and mine is caught sideways between our hips. His thick and muscular tongue invades my mouth and wrestles into my throat. His hand moves to the back of my head, crushing my mouth to his. I have never been kissed so deeply or forcefully in my life, and the sensation makes my eyes roll into the back of my head, and my back arch.

In an instant, he pulls me away from him, and once again I am left feeling empty. But before I have a chance to think, he is spinning me around and walking me to the couch. He pushes me forward over the back of the couch, and kicks my legs apart, his thick hand holding the middle of my back pinned to the cushions, pressing me down. I am crushingly aware of my vulnerability, my exposure to His will. His fingers search out my most private place, grasping the base of the plug, and He pulls it out of me in a single quick motion. He throws it onto the couch, and it bounces next to my face. “Suck it,” is all that he says.

As I pick up the plug I feel his face between my cheeks, and immediately his tongue forces its way up my ass. Not outside or around it; I can feel his thick muscle inside me, sucking and opening me. His stubbly cheeks are pressing around my asshole, his breath through his nose on my tailbone. And his tongue feels to be incredibly deep inside me. I can only utter a single surprised groan before I put the soiled plug into my mouth. It smells and tastes of both musk and vanilla – during my preparation, I was instructed to give myself three enemas, the final rinse to include vanilla oil. The taste and smell are surprisingly good. I slide the entire toy into my mouth and wrap my lips at the base of the plug, once again swallowing to prevent gagging. And I know what he is tasting inside me.

He is making my head spin. His tongue is exploring me in ways I had not previously imagined. His hands are pulling my balls from their root, pulling me onto his face. I am loving it. Without even realizing it, i am pushing my hips back into him, pleading for deeper penetration, more stimulus. I suck hard on the dildo, and whimper at the feelings radiating from my ass. I wish the plug were his cock.

After too little time, I feel him pull back without ceremony. His left hand holds my body to the couch, while his right slaps my ass. Three loud CRACKS! sound out in rapid succession, the sounds make me jump. Pain shoots up through my cheeks, and I try to stand up, but he holds me in place as I squirm. He spits on my asshole, then in an instant, I feel two thick fingers delve into me, twisting and intruding, stretching my asshole and burrowing into my ass. His outside fingers roughly rub behind my balls, his thumb along my crack towards my back.

He is stripping away my resistance, the heel of his hand starts slapping my ass cheeks as His fingers pump into my hole. They are unyielding, forceful, wiggling and stretching inside me, and i begin to feel a buzzing deep inside me, a painless dull ache, a contraction. It’s a warmth, like the beginnings of an orgasm, but very different from any sensation I know. My back is arching, my hips are beginning to rock against his fingers, looking for more penetration, more stimulation.

As I whimper through what he is doing to me, I realize that he is no longer inside me. The pressure of the kaçak bahis hand on my back increases, and then I feel his cock at my asshole. In a thrust, that mushroom head crosses my threshold and takes my virginity. He sinks deep into me, there is a pain, but it quickly subsides. I am overwhelmed by his thickness, and the buzz that I had noticed before turns up into a dull roar. He is bonding with my being, mating me. His cock stretches me, his mushroom probing my depths and shifting me inside my abdomen and inside my head. He draws out, then pushes in further, then out and in further still. In a few strokes, He is fully seated inside me. Together, He and i groan as we grind our hips together.

THIS is what i wanted, what i have been missing, what i needed. I feel taken, deliciously violated and owned. By Him. I groan deeply as the sensations in my ass and in my brain come together, and a warmth of eroticism spreads throughout my entire body. I raise up against him, my back to his chest. He wraps his arms across my chest, and i reach over my shoulders to his head, and turn my face to him. As his wonderful tongue slips into my mouth, he begins long strong strokes in my asshole.

It is like a bright light behind my eyeballs, his arms crushing my chest and his thick cock probing my ass. Slowly, consistently, inexorably, he picks up his force and the strength of his thrusts, until he is hammering at my ass. The slaps of his hips against my ass cheeks, the squelch of his cock as it plunders my asshole, the smell of vanilla and deodorant and sweat, fill my senses. I begin to think that we are making too much noise, and then i realize that it is my own voice I am hearing. I am groaning and squealing as the glow inside my bowels turns into a starburst, i am unbelievably ready to come, but not with my cock. My bowels are crying with joy, loving his onslaught. I am being pulled into another space, another consciousness, and it is a world of rapture, of submission and self-prostration.

He clasps my body to his, forcing his tongue into my mouth, and then, suddenly, supernova. A feeling i have never felt before spreads through my depths, my asshole goes slack and seems to seep wetness, and suddenly I am coming. My body shakes involuntarily, i lose control of my muscles, and i experience something like a seizure. My mind bounces through oblivion, skipping off of pools of light and pleasure, unable to control my body. A completely different kind of orgasm than anything i have ever felt radiates from my insides to the tips of my hands and feet, the top of my scalp, and the tip of my penis. Every hair on my body stands up, and the spasm goes on for what seems like hours. It is a roller coaster, a painless explosion, i am weightless and incredibly heavy, all at the same time.

As the cobwebs and squealing fade, i find myself hungrily sucking at his lips. As i come back to earth and regain my breath and consciousness, i look down through my panting eyes to see that i have spurted onto the couch without ever having touched my cock, my cum milky and cloudy, drippy on the leather, and dripping off of my cockhead. His arms unwind, His sweaty chest separates from my back, and He withdraws his cock from my ass. Again i feel incredibly empty.

“Clean that mess up,” he says.

Quickly, i bend over and begin licking up my own emissions, something i rarely do. Usually, once I spend myself, i lose my horniness and just wipe up and pack myself away. But today, for Him, i do it enthusiastically and quickly, hoping to get his cock back into me, to feel that wonderful full feeling again. With my fingers and tongue i scrape up everything off of the leather, and from my penis head, then greedily suck my fingers clean.

Before i can be done, i feel his hands on my hips. Again, he spins me around, and again his thick tongue invades my mouth. His steel cock pokes me in his stomach, and i grasp at it with my hand as his oral muscle thrusts into my mouth. We separate after a moment, and i see remnants of my cum on his mouth. I lean forward, take his face in my hands, and lick it from his lips. He looks at me, eyes ablaze, then pushes me back until my ass bumps into the couch.

“Lay back over the arm of the couch,” he tells me.

I scurry around the side of the couch and sit on the arm. He follows me, then squats down in front of me. I spread my legs.

He grabs my ankles, and lifts them as he stands. My ankles rush up into the air, spilling me backwards onto the cushions of the couch. He lifts my ass to the edge of the arm, and in a single motion, his cock spears back into me. Deeply, in a single thrust, i am no longer empty. The slapping noise begins again.

Almost immediately the glowing in my stomach starts again, racing up the mountainside in brightness and intensity. In seconds, i am moaning and thrashing around, again completely engulfed in instinct and pleasure – all higher thoughts and functions crumble in the face of his sexual prowess. He is masterful, bringing us both to the edge of climax repeatedly, then backing away. Repeatedly, he spins my hips one way then another, exploring my asshole and bowels, and uncovering my prostate with clinical expertise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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