A Long Weekend

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Saturday morning I was awake early, really excited about my wife’s plans for the day. I showered first, while my wife pulled out some alternative outfits to choose the most suitable outfit for flashing her knickers and tits.

“This is the shortest skirt I’ve got, and it’s fairly tight, so it’s actually quite difficult to avoid flashing my panties. What do you think?”

“It’s perfect. Since it’s a neutral beige in colour, I think some contrasting panties would be ideal. How about these purple ones?”

“But they’re thongs, I never wear thongs with skirts, you know that, it shows all my bulges.”

“But you can’t wear granny knickers when you are out flashing. No guy wants to see an up-skirt of big knickers, and they’re all going to be looking up your skirt, so the only bulge will in their trousers.”

“Ha, ha, good point. Ok, the purple ones it is. Now, am I allowed a bra?”

“Only if it’s a push up.”

“I don’t own a push up, my tits don’t need it.”

“Well I guess they don’t need a bra then.”

“Fine, the guys can watch them bouncing.”


We set off for the mall, parked the car, then started walking towards one of my wife’s favourite shoe shops. As we walked through the mall every guy ogled my wife’s bouncing tits. They’re a good size and self supporting, so they already look great, and moving about as she walked made it obvious that there was no bra underneath the V neck sweater.

“You realise that my nipples are starting to get erect from rubbing on the sweater?”

“Yes, I noticed. You look great. Every guy walking past has also noticed.”

“I saw them looking. One nearly crashed into the bottom of the escalator, he was staring so intently. We’ll go into this shoe shop, as they have a couple of male assistants. No point in flashing my knickers and boobs at girls.”

“The guys are busy at the moment.”

“I’ll just browse and select the shoes I want to try on. When one of them comes free, grab him.”


A few minutes later I got hold of a boy. He can only have been about 20, but I was sure he would appreciate my wife’s charms.

She gave him the shoes that she wanted to try on in her size, leaning forward to pick them up off the floor, giving him a clear view down her top at the swinging boobs. A few minutes later he was back, and sitting on a stool in front of her. She started trying on the first shoe, but then insisted that he help her to put them on. Once he was doing the job, she leaned back a little, allowing her legs to open slightly. He just stared between her legs, no longer doing anything with the shoe.

“I don’t mind you looking up my skirt, but I do need you to put the shoe on my foot.”

“Oh sorry, I’m so sorry!” he spluttered as he looked into her eyes, trying not to look up her skirt or at her proudly erect nipples.

“You can’t put shoes on my feet without looking at them, I told you I don’t mind you getting a view of my panties, just put the bloody shoe on!”

“Ok, sorry.”

“What do you think?”

“You’re beautiful.”

“I meant about the shoe.”

“Oh, yes, sorry. I don’t think they suit you.”

“Neither do I. Swap for that one.”

She went through six shoes, giving him an amazing private show, before deciding which pair she wanted. Obviously the most expensive, but then that’s how my wife is. She sent the boy to get the left matching shoe, so she could check that they both fit. Trying both on together gave him another show, after which she walked up and down a bit, wiggling her tits. Finally she bent forward in front of him to take them off. He must have had a wonderful view of her tits, even from where I was standing I could see her nipples. Several other guys could as well.

We left the shoe shop and headed for a fashion store where my wife tried on a series of thin summer dresses. Several guys were waiting for their fat, frumpy wives to try on clothes that made them look even fatter, and they all enjoyed the show. She tried on a few dresses, which were more like T shirts, then whilst wearing them she’d pick out others that were up high, so when she reached up for them we could all see her purple thong. We were there ages, and she bought a few things, including a flared summer skirt, which she said was ideal for a windy summer’s day.

“It’s windy today.” I pointed out.

“So it is, I’ll just pop to the loo in M & S and put it on.”

She came out of the loo in the new skirt looking good enough to eat. The skirt was quite short, thin enough to see through, with a light flowery pattern which matched her knickers and jumper. We chose some nice sandwiches for lunch, and then set off out of the mall to go to the small park, to sit on the grass and eat our lunch.

As soon as we were outside the wind blew her skirt straight up. Since she was carrying a bag in each hand, she couldn’t push it back down. She turned and handed the bags to me, by which time her skirt was completely up around her chin, giving everyone a clear view of her tiny, lacy purple thong. She güvenilir bahis finally got some control of the skirt, but she was pretty ineffective and continued to give good views all the way to the park.

We ate our lunch, sitting on the grass, with every guy who walked up the path getting a treat. When we’d finished we just chatted for a while, both of us agreeing that we loved what she’d been doing and must do it often. At that point one of the guys walking up the path turned off the path and onto the grass walking straight towards us. He was young, probably early twenties, and I imagine women would think him good looking. He approached my wife, looking into her eyes rather than up her skirt, then dropped to sit on the grass right in front of her feet.

“I just wanted to thank you for giving us all such a wonderful show.”

“That’s ok, I hope you enjoyed it?”

“Oh I did, very much.”

I realised that he’d been quite cunning as my wife had no choice but to keep her knees up, as the only way she could stretch them out would require her to open them either side of him. This meant he was guaranteed a good view and easy access. He started to make use of the access by putting his hand on her knee, then stroking down her raised thigh towards her thong. Not all the way, but enough to push the skirt right down to her panties, showing her legs completely. His hand started to stroke nearer and nearer to her pussy.

“You have beautiful legs.”

“Thank you. Are you enjoying stroking them?”

“Very much. Are you enjoying me stroking them?”

“Of course.”

They were gazing lustfully into each others eyes, and I had an embarrassingly hard erection, confined in my trousers and pants.

His hand reached the gusset of her thong. I could tell by the sharp intake of breath.

“That’s very naughty…but also nice.”

“I suspect you’ve been naughty all morning, you must be horny as hell.”

“I am, oh that’s nice, mmmmnnn, that’s the spot.”

“I know…just relax and I’ll make you cum.”

“You’re confident.”

“Well, you’re already soaking wet.”

“Oh, that’s so good, right on my clit, don’t stop.”

“I won’t, just relax and let it wash over you.”

“I am, oh, I’m going to cum, I can feel it starting, oh I’m cumming, don’t stop, I can cum again, don’t stop, oohhhh God that’s so good.”

“Glad you enjoyed it.”

“Oh I definitely did. Now I must do something for you. Scoot a bit closer and undo your shorts.”

He got close to my wife, so no-one could see between them except us, then she fished his cock out and started to stroke it. It seemed quite long, but fairly thin. Anyway, he was clearly enjoying the hand job, as he leaned in to kiss my wife while she wanked him. Then my wife broke off the kiss, leaned forward into a kneeling position, and took his cock into her mouth. She was massaging his balls with one hand, and slurping on his cock with her mouth.

I couldn’t believe it, she never gave me blow jobs. As he got close to cumming he put his hand on the top of her head, but it wasn’t necessary, she clearly wasn’t about to pull off.

A few moments more and he was starting to cum. He looked over at me and winked. It was so humiliating. My wife kept sucking and massaging his cock, getting every drop of cum out of him. Eventually she was finished, and lifted up her head with her mouth tightly closed. She looked over at me and gestured with her index finger. I crawled over to her and she put her hand behind my head, then rocked forward so I was half lying back, supported by her hand, and then she leaned in and kissed me passionately. As she did his cum slithered off her tongue and into my mouth. She used her tongue to swirl it around my mouth and push it towards my throat. Pulling away from the kiss, she held my nose and said.

“Swallow all of it.”

I had no choice, and when it was all gone she handed me some fizzy orange drink to wash it down.

“Good boy. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of this quickly.”

“He’s a natural, ” the boy commented.

“I know, he just hasn’t quite accepted it yet. Give me your phone number and we can get together somewhere more private.”

He told her the number, which she entered onto her i phone.

“What’s your name?”

“Sam. Shall I have your number?”

“No Sam, I’ll ring you when I’m ready. It may be two or three weeks.”

“Am I going to get to fuck you?”

“Oh yes, definitely, but you must be patient.”

“Ok, I’ll get off then.”

They kissed again, passionately, and for a long time. I felt like a spare prick at a wedding. So that was my timescale two or three weeks, and I would be a total cuckold. I was pretty close already.

“Come on hubby, time to go home and warm up your backside.”

“Oh, ok my love.”

“Don’t over think it my darling. I’ll always love you and you’ll always be my husband. But I need more sex, from more men, and you get so turned on by the idea. I assume you’re hard now?”

“Yes my love.”

“Well then…”

We türkçe bahis packed up and left the park, with my wife’s skirt flying happily in the breeze, letting everyone see her soaked panties.

When we got home my wife immediately ordered me to strip. Once I was naked she produced a pair of handcuffs from the sideboard drawer, plus a ping pong bat, one of my leather belts, the heaviest one, and a leather paddle with pink raised hearts, which she’d obviously bought. I’ve seen paddles like that on one of my wife’s favourite sites, they also sell cock cages, so I expect that’s where mine will come from.

She cuffed my wrists behind my back, then sat on the cream leather sofa and patted her knee, to instruct me to lie across her left knee. She trapped my legs by putting her right leg over the backs of both mine, then she grabbed the cuffs and pushed my arms up towards my neck.

“Right, I’m going to work my way through these implements, starting with the bat, then the paddler, then the belt. You’ll need to buy a cane, as I’m going to be disciplining you every week from now on. I’m going to do fifteen minutes with each implement, with a short break between each.”

“That’s forty five minutes of punishments!”

“This isn’t punishment darling, this is discipline, and yes, I can work out what three times fifteen is. Now shut up, or I’ll make it twenty minutes.”

“Oh God!”

“Don’t blaspheme!”


The first hit of the bat hurt much more than I had imagined, the second followed quickly, and then blow after blow hit my exposed arse.

“As I go on whacking your arse, you’re going to be in a lot of pain. You’re going to start begging and crying, which is fine, so long as you understand that it won’t affect what I’m doing. There is no remission of this sentence. You should also know that I am absolutely loving hurting you like this. I was so happy when you decided this was a fetish you wanted to try, but you must understand that the trial is over, this is going to be a regular part of our life. Do you understand?”

“Yes my love, but it already hurts so much.”

“I’m sure it does, and it’s going to get much worse. You should know that it’s already making me horny.”

As she talked the clock ticked slowly on, and she kept hitting me, again, and again, and again.

“It will in future be possible for you to influence the length of time of your discipline by behaving exceptionally well, particularly with regard to my sex life. If, for instance, you give me lots of orgasms with your tongue, then encourage and help me to have lots of sex with lots of hunky guys, and make it clear how happy it makes you that I’m having such great sex, then I may reduce the time to ten minutes with each. If, on the other hand you whine about how horny you are, or how long it’s been since your last orgasm, or fail to be enthusiastic about my frenetic love life, then I will certainly increase the time, and perhaps add another implement. Have you understood all that?”

“Yes my love. Please, you are hurting me so much, please stop.”


I started to cry. Not a little tear in the corner of my eyes, but racking, uncontrolled sobs. Blubbering, sniffling, begging.

“Wow, this is so much fun!”

Then suddenly she stopped.

“That seemed like so much less than fifteen minutes,” she lamented.

“Not to me,” I blubbed back.

“Have a five minute break, then we’ll start on the paddle.”

I stood up, but neither of us seemed to know what to do during the break. I was trying to stop crying, and eventually I regained control of myself. My wife started stroking my cock gently. Despite my pain I was hard in seconds.

“This is turning out to be an amazing day. It’s the first day of our new lives, and I’m loving every second of it. Earlier I was annoyed that I couldn’t go home with Sam and have sex with him all afternoon, but doing this to you is making up for it.”

“Oh, good, I guess.”

She started fondling my balls, then she started to squeeze them, then she was really squeezing hard.

“Please my love, you’re hurting me.”

“I know, I’ve just realised that there should be a punishment for these balls. Perhaps spanking with my hand, or hitting with a wooden spoon. What do you think?”

“I don’t know my love, that all sounds painful to me.”

“That is the general idea. We can experiment tomorrow, and see which is best.”

“Oh, ok my love, if you say so.”

“That’s the right attitude. Now, it’s time for the paddle.”

The leather paddle hurt more than the bat, and, of course I was already injured which doubled the pain, so I started crying almost straight away, and blubbed all the way through the fifteen minutes. The pain just went on and on building. We had another break after the fifteen minutes, and we had some tea, which I had to drink standing up, as I couldn’t possibly sit down.

For the final session, my wife had me lie forward over the kitchen table. She used the belt on an area from just above the backs of my knees, güvenilir bahis siteleri to the middle of my arse. Every blow hurt so much, with the ones to my bum the most painful. This was definitely the most painful implement of the three, but the blows came more slowly, which seemed more manageable. I still cried all the way through.

Eventually it was over, and we went to the bedroom. My wife instructed me to use my tongue between her legs, to give her a starter orgasm. After that she allowed me to fuck her, but I only lasted a couple of minutes.

“Well, that was certainly proof that I need to take lovers. You were pathetic, I hardly knew you were inside me before you squirted!”

“Sorry my love.”

“Well, it does show how much our day turned you on, don’t you think?”

“Yes my love.”

“Well, you’d better go back to licking me. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

I gave her two strong orgasms and cleaned all of my cum from her pussy before she stopped me. We went downstairs to relax and watch TV.

“You obviously can’t sit, so you can get on your knees and continue licking me while I watch my girly programmes. Start with my arse, as it’s a bit itchy since I went to the toilet.”

“Yes my love”

The Sunday morning after our day of flashing we went to church. My wife is quite religious, and I’ve no idea how she squares giving a young student a blow job in the park right in front of me with being a Christian. Perhaps it was an act of charity.

After church we went to Tesco to buy food for a barbeque, as it was yet another hot, sunny day. When we got home, I opened a beer for me, and poured some Pinot Grigio over ice for my wife. She went on to the patio to sit in the sun and read her magazines, while I prepared the lunch, marinated the meat, set potatoes to bake, and so on. By one o’clock I was cooking on our gas barbeque, and my wife was stripped naked and sunbathing in our private garden. She looked so gorgeous and sexy, and I wanted her so much.

Over lunch my wife drank more wine, and I had another beer and a glass of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, which was excellent. We relaxed for a little while, then my wife stood up and held out her hand to me. She was still naked, so I assumed we were going to bed. My idea seemed to be confirmed when she led me to the bedroom.

“Ok baby, strip.”

“With pleasure.”

“We’ll see.”

Once naked I was pushed onto the bed, and my wrists and ankles were secured to the four bed posts by cable ties, which were a bit tight and hurt.

My wife climbed onto the bed next to me, reached between my legs with her left hand and grabbed my balls by the base, pulling them up clear of my body.

“Now we can try a few different methods to hurt your balls to see which gives you the most pain, for the minimum work for me. Ok sweetie?”

“Not really, my balls are really sensitive, and you are already hurting them.”

“It’s just because they are sensitive that they will be my main target for keeping you in line in the future. I’ll start with just squeezing them. Try to concentrate on what I’m doing, so you can give an unbiased assessment of the pain level for each method.”

“I don’t think I’ll have trouble concentrating my love.”

“Good, I’ll start squeezing now. Please tell me when the pain becomes unbearable.”


She started to slowly increase the pressure on my balls from her right hand. It went from uncomfortable, to painful, to very painful, to agony.

“That’s it, please stop, I can’t stand any more”

She stopped increasing the strength of the squeeze, but didn’t back off at all.

“I’m just trying to remember how hard this squeeze feels.”


“Ok, so now we have a benchmark for starting.”


“There’s no point in squeezing less hard than this, as you can stand it. This amount of squeeze would be ok for discussing whether you want to take me shopping for some clothes or jewellery, or if you would prefer me to squeeze harder. It’s not sufficient for a punishment though.”

“Please don’t squeeze any harder, it’s agony now!”

“Agony is good, perfect in fact. Now I’m going to start squeezing harder, which is obviously going to hurt you a lot, so you can scream, and cry and beg as much as you want. No one can hear, and I won’t take any notice, but please feel free to vocalise your pain. I’m not sure all that wine was a good idea. I am really getting turned on by hurting you, and I don’t feel at all worried about permanently injuring you. There are plenty of men with big hard cocks who would love to fuck me, Don’t you agree?”

“Yes my love, I agree, but please don’t ruin my balls.”

She started to squeeze harder, and harder, and I screamed, and screamed and begged and blubbed. Eventually she stopped increasing my pain, but I was in so much pain, I couldn’t think straight, or do anything other than scream.

“Ok, I think that’s about the right level for a punishment, what do you think?”

“No harder, p p please no harder!”

“Good. Now, I think this is a good time for some ground rules. Concentrate hard, this is important. Firstly I need you to tell me whose balls I’m squeezing?”

“Yours my love, they’re all yours. Oh God this is hurting so much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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