A Mother’s Lust

Big Tits

Sally was a young mother, married and pregnant at nineteen. At age 38 her tits were still rounded and firm, the valley between them narrow. They were full and tilted at the nipples, arching upwards when she stood. Her waist was quite small, easily spanned by the hands of her husband. Her curvy hips flowed into lovely long thighs and slender calves and her ass was nice and tight, well rounded with silky smooth cheeks and a deep crack that drew plenty of admiring glances at the beach. Her puffy nether lips filled out the bottoms of the tiny bikinis she wore and, because she liked the way it felt, she kept her cuntmound free of pubic hair.

Sally had been thinking about seducing her teenage son, Johnny, for some time. Ever since going by his room one day and heard his moans as he masturbated. She knew she didn’t want all that delicious come to go to waste. Sally had grown up in an incestuous household, a little secret her husband had never found out, and knew that family sex was often the best.

The opportunity arose around Johnny’s 18th birthday. Her husband, Dan, had to be away on business all week and she knew Johnny was disappointed. If her plan worked he wouldn’t be disappointed for long.

Sunday night she told Johnny that he was going to have to wake her up every morning since her alarm wasn’t working. She told him he had to make sure she was up even if it meant coming in her bedroom and shaking her shoulder.

Monday morning the seduction started. She had planned a slow process that she hoped would reach its climax, in more ways than one, on Thursday which was Johnny’s birthday. Sally slept naked Sunday night as always. When Johnny had to come in Monday to wake her up the satin sheets made her nudity obvious. Johnny paused for a few moments looking at his mother sleeping under the thin covers. Her 38 year old body still looked firm and her large breasts, easily visible under the satin, looked as perky as a woman years younger. Sally’s blonde hair was spread across her pillow, framing her lovely angelic face. Johnny soon realised he was growing erect as he stared and guiltily he averted his eyes as he shook his mother’s shoulder to wake her. Sally, who wasn’t really sleeping, popped her eyes open and smiled up at him. She sneaked a quick glance at his crotch and was happy to see the slight bulge showing his arousal.

“Thanks honey”, she murmured. ” I might have slept all day.”

“No p-p-problem Mom.”, stammered Johnny, still feeling guilty. He quickly left the room.

“This is going to be easy.” said Sally to herself.

The next morning Sally made sure the sheets were wrapped tightly around her in a tangle when Johnny came in. Her youthful body was closely enveloped by the sleek satin, clearly showing every curve. She might as well have been lying completely naked. Johnny paused even longer before he woke her, drinking in her beauty. This time he was fully erect by the time he left the room and Sally heard him hurrying into the bathroom. She stole out of bed and slowly made her way to the bathroom door. Putting her ear up to the door, she listened closely to what Johnny was doing inside. Sally was rewarded minutes later by Johnny’s groans as he masturbated himself to orgasm. She felt powerful in knowing that it was her body that had brought her own son to jerk off. She still lamented the waste of the come but knew it wouldn’t be much longer till it would be her, not the toilet bowl, that would be the receptacle for his creamy spurts. She wasn’t sure if she could hold out till Thursday.

Wednesday morning the sheets were in the same tangle but Sally intentionally left one breast exposed. Johnny didn’t know what to do, she could hear him gulping as he stared at the rosy nipple which stuck out a good half inch from her pillowy breast flesh. The young lad’s cock was so hard it hurt as he tried to pull the covers up over her tit before he shook her shoulder. Sally was having none of that. As he tried she moved slightly so that the other breast popped into view. She was now lying on her back and pretty well naked from her narrow waist upwards.

Johnny fled back to the door and tried knocking loudly, hoping to wake her without being right beside the bed. He thought she would appreciate the chance to cover up. Since Sally wasn’t really asleep this didn’t work. She had stressed how important it was that she be woken up so the obedient youth knew he had to wake her. His face was crimson as he shook her shoulder and grew even redder when she stretched and his hand rubbed against her breast for a moment. He pulled away like a scalded cat. She still didn’t seem to be awake though so he shook her again, watching as her breasts slowly rolled as he shook her. It was an amazing sight for the young lad and he almost came right then and there.

Sally stretched again and pretended to come awake. “Oh, Johnny you wouldn’t believe the dream I was having.” she said huskily. “Why Johnny what’s wrong? You’re red as a beet.”

“Um, um.”

“What Johnny? What kırıkkale seks hikayeleri is it?” Sally pretended not to notice her nakedness.

“Um, your b-b-breasts Mom.”

Sally looked down and feigned surprise. “Oh, sorry Johnny. I guess I got all tangled up while dreaming. I have the most erotic dreams when your father is away.”

“Mom!” gasped Johnny.

“Sorry again Johnny, I’m still half asleep.”

Johnny hurried from the room and Sally heard the bathroom door close in a hurry. She didn’t have to sneak this time, she was sure she knew what was going on in there. “As a matter of fact,” she thought to herself, “he’s not the only one who needs a little relief.”

Noticing that Johnny had left her door ajar she decided to wait and see if he came back for a quick peek. She threw the sheets to the floor and stretched her long naked body, arching her back like a cat. Starting with her creamy soft breasts she began slowly arousing herself. Sally squeezed her titflesh firmly with each hand until the nipples stuck out even further than usual. “At least 3/4 of an inch.” she thought proudly.

Slowly she moved her right hand down over her belly, keeping the other one working her swollen mammaries. She patted her flat tummy then sneaked her hand further down over her shaved mound until she could cup her wet cunt. She slid her feet apart, giving a clear view up between her legs, then eased a finger into her sopping pussy and started slowly moving it in and out. Her left hand left her breasts and found her clitoris. Soon she had three fingers from her right hand punishing her gaping slit at the same time as her left hand caressed her love button. She forgot all about Johnny for a while as she stuck her fingers as far up her frothy cunt as they would go. Her hips, moving with a mind of their own, were soon thrashing around on the bed as her orgasm got closer. She started moaning loudly and her left hand became a blur as it stimulated her elongated clit.

Johnny had finished in the bathroom more quickly than his mother thought. His guilt wouldn’t let him jerk off. “It’s my own Mom,” he thought, “how can I come while thinking about my Mom?”.

He was heading back to his room, determined to get control of himself when he passed Sally’s room. He realised he hadn’t pulled the door all the way closed and glanced in as he went by. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. His mother was splayed out on her bed, completely naked. More than that she had both hands vigorously working away at her gaping cunt. Johnny couldn’t help himself. He pulled his cock out of his boxer shorts and started slowly stroking it up and down. As his mother got more vocal his hand moved faster and faster.

“OOH, AAH.” she called out “OOH It’s going to come, my cunt is going to come so fucking hard!” Sneaking a quick look at the doorway she saw that her hand wasn’t the only one that was a blur. Johnny’s hand was moving so fast on his cock it was like it was everywhere at once. Seeing the size or his erect organ and knowing he was jerking off looking at her sent her over the edge. From her ankles to her eyebrows she started to quake as a mighty orgasm rocked her body. Her hair was flailing as her head flew from side to side. Both hands moving in unison now the desires of her wanton cunt took over all reason and brought her to the crashing climax she so needed.

She wasn’t the only one in the throes of ecstasy. Seconds after his sexy mother exploded in orgasm, Johnny did too. He had to pull his t-shirt down over his cock to catch all the jism spurting out of the end. His knees buckled and he almost collapsed onto the floor.

By the time Sally calmed down the doorway was empty. “I think we’re all set for tomorrow.” she mused. A short aftershock took her body as she thought about it.

When Sally got out of bed later that day Johnny was gone. She waited up quite late for him to come home and started to worry when he wasn’t in at 1:00 a.m. “Did I push too fast?” she wondered, “Maybe he’s afraid to come home.”

She decided there was nothing she could do about it now and went off to bed. If he came home she’d proceed with part four of her plan. If not, she’d find him, apologise and sadly forget the whole thing.

Johnny was confused. He stayed out till after 2:00 and sneaked up to his room so his mom wouldn’t wake up. His guilt was palpable and he didn’t know what he was going to do. The next morning he slept right through his alarm so it was a half hour after the time he was supposed to wake Sally that he woke up himself. Forgetting for a minute the events of the day before he threw his housecoat on and raced down the hallway. He saw no point in knocking so burst into his mother’s room and stopped dead in his tracks. She wasn’t there. At least he couldn’t see her. Sally had believed her son wasn’t going to wake her so was in her ensuite bathroom. She came out behind him and saw him looking confusedly around the room. “He did come in!” she thought and felt instantly better. She was afraid she’d ruined their relationship for good. When she woke up and found he hadn’t come in she had decided to forget her seduction plans.

The problem was she was stark naked and it wouldn’t take long until her son turned and saw her standing there. What should she do? The decision was soon taken away as Johnny slowly turned and saw his mother standing there in all her sumptuous glory. The happenings of the previous day came back quickly when he saw his big-titted mother standing before him and he froze. Not all of him froze though. His 9 inch cock started to rise and in no time was sticking out through the front of his housecoat. That was all the incentive Sally needed. She quickly crossed the room, her tits jiggling like bowls of jelly, and hugged her son closely. Johnny could feel the heat from her heaving breasts through his gown and he gasped as he felt her hand close around his erection.

“Mom?” he questioned.

Sally was afraid to say anything yet. She was scared that it could all still go wrong. Involuntarily her hand started to move up and down on his cock while she stared into his eyes. After a few seconds his questioning look turned into one of love and lust. She knew everything was going to be OK now.

“Happy Birthday Johnny.” she managed to say. “I hope you like your present, even though I didn’t have time to wrap it.”

“Oh, Mom. I think this is the best present ever.”

Sally was really relieved now and started moving her hand faster on his hot cock. “Doesn’t it feel better when someone else does this for you? I’ve heard you doing this for yourself Johnny. I’ve heard your moans when you came. I’ve been so upset when I thought about all that sweet come going to waste.”

“Oh Mom, you’re so right. Nothing could feel better.”

“Oh I think you might change your mind about that before this day is over,” Sally whispered, “but first I want to make you come this way.”

Sally led Johnny by his cock over to the king sized bed. She tore off his dressing gown and pushed him flat on his back. Johnny lay there, unsure what to do. His mother straddled his legs and took hold of his mighty cock once again. Her other hand stole towards her needy cunt and she started slowly stimulating both of their organs.

Johnny didn’t know where to look. His mother’s heaving breasts looked delicious but he’d never seen a shaved cunt up close before. Every detail lay exposed before him; the plump outer lips, the flowering, dew coated inner lips and the stiff clitoris all were available for his excited gaze. He decided to keep his eyes on the fascinating sight between his mother’s long slender legs but that didn’t mean he couldn’t caress her pillowy tits with his hands.

“Oh Johnny, oh that’s good Johnny.” his mother cried. “Squeeze those tits hard. Tweak those nipples son, it feels so good.” Sally started stroking faster. “Come for mother, spurt your load Johnny, spurt it.”

Johnny thought he had died and gone to heaven. His whole body convulsed as he neared orgasm. “Milk it Mom, milk that stiff cock.”

Sally sobbed as she heard her son expressing his lust. She knew he was close. She also knew she couldn’t let it go to waste. Her head bobbed down and she looked right into his eyes, took the end of his fuck organ between her lips and started to suck as hard as she could.

Johnny couldn’t believe it. His own Mom was sucking him for all she was worth. The sight of her lips ovalled around his cock and her cheeks caving in as she slurped sent him reeling. He screamed, grabbed her hair, thrust himself deep into her throat and let go of the biggest load of his young life. Sally swallowed quickly, surprised at how deep she was able to take him. The sudden push had caught her by surprise but her throat adjusted and she felt the mighty gushes pulsing down, giving her a bellyful of creamy come.

Johnny felt like he was coming forever. Time and again he deposited spurts of jism into his mother’s vacuuming mouth. “Oh fuck!” he exclaimed, “Suck it all down for me Mom. My cock’s coming into your sweet warm mouth. Suck me!”

Sally did suck, and swallow, but she couldn’t keep it all down. Creamy white come leaked down the sides of her face as she stared deep into her spurting son’s eyes. Soon his jerking thrusts stopped and he collapsed, letting go of her long blonde hair. She mouthed his cock, keeping it hard. “It has more work to do yet.” she murmured to herself. “The day is just beginning.”

“How was that Johnny?” Sally asked.

“Oh Mom! Un. Fucking. Believable.”

Sally giggled and licked her lips. “That was quite a load you had ready for your Mom young man. And I thought you were avoiding me.”

“Never again Mom. I thought you’d be ashamed of the way I felt about you, about your sexy body.”

Sally gave his cock a quick squeeze to let him know how wrong he was. “How about repaying your horny Mom. I didn’t come yet.”

“You mean it Mom?” Johnny started easing his cock towards her gaping hole.

“Not so fast young man.” admonished Sally. “My love tunnel may be ravenous for your hard fuck-meat but first you need a little training in pleasing a woman.”

Sally climbed up her son’s body until her cunt was right in front of his face. “Have you ever sucked a pussy Johnny? Have you ever felt one gush its sweet juice all over your mouth?” Secretly she hoped the answer was no. She wanted all the best experiences her son had sexually to be with her.

“Never Mom. But I’d sure like to try.”

“Then try Johnny. Stick out that tongue and shove it into my slot as far as it’ll go. Use it like a little cock. Fuck your mother’s cunt with that tongue.”

Tentatively Johnny brought his tongue out. He grabbed his mother’s silky buttocks and brought her gash closer to his mouth. Raising his head slightly he buried his face into the very opening that had given him life, thrusting his tongue in and out like a cat licking the cream from the bottom of a bowl.

Sally shrieked. “You’re a natural honey. Suck that cunt. Lick all around in there. Ooh it feels so good Johnny, so fucking good.” Sally let him slurp and lick for a few more minutes, covering his face with her frothy cream. “Now Johnny, that little hard knob at the top of my cunt needs some attention. Can you find it with your tongue?”

Johnny nodded, too excited to take his face away from between her legs.

“OK son. Take that little bud in your mouth and suck on it like I sucked your cock a few minutes ago. Ooh, yes. Just like that! Suck it and flick your tongue across it at the same time.”

Johnny’s hands were getting all slippery from his mother’s juices and he was having a hard time holding on to her quivering ass. As he sought a better purchase his middle finger found its way to her brown rosebud. Sally gave a jerk like she had just received an electric shock. “Oh Johnny, what was that? It felt so good!” Excited that he had found a way to please his mother he pushed his finger inside her hot, buttery anus. Sally started bouncing so hard he could hardly keep his mouth in place. “Oh Johnny! Stick that finger in deep and fuck my ass with it. Ooh, I’ve never had a finger in my ass before but I know I’ll want it again now you’ve shown me how good it can feel.”

Johnny glowed with pride. He was more determined than ever to give his Mom the best cuntlapping she’d had in her life. He sucked her love button into his mouth and started moving his finger in and out of her back entrance. He then put three fingers of his other hand together and inserted them into her slick cuntal channel. Using his hands like pistons he worked his sexy mother into a frenzy. First his right hand pushed deep into her cunt, then withdrew as his left hand forced his finger into her asshole. Back and forth his hands sawed while his mouth kept its delicious contact on her engorged clit.

“Ahhhh!” Sally screamed. “Oh my God Johnny! My cunt, my fucking cunt. It’s going to come. My fucking cunt is … is … it’s coming … it’s fucking commmmming.” If Johnny’s hands hadn’t been buried deep in his mother’s holes he could never have kept his mouth on her dripping slit. Sally started bouncing her luscious ass almost a foot off the bed as she shook in orgasm.

“I wonder what it would be like having my cock in her when she comes like that?” thought Johnny. He became eager to find out. Surely after all this his Mom wasn’t going to deny him his deepest desire.

After what seemed like an hour Sally’s convulsing cunt finally started to relax as her orgasm subsided. Her eyelids fluttered as she strove to maintain consciousness. “What a glorious come.” she muttered, making Johnny smile yet again.

“Oh Johnny. I bet your cock’s as hard as a rock.”

“Sure is Mom,” said Johnny proudly “just look at it.”

“Oh my Johnny, it’s huge. It seems to have grown another inch longer. Is that because of me?” she questioned.

Johnny’s throat was suddenly dry and he could only nod. His eyes were glued to the sight of his mother’s cunt as it seemed to pulse with a life of it’s own. It seemed to be beckoning his cock. Slowly he moved his body up between his mother’s legs. As his cock got closer to her cunt, Sally decided to tease him a bit.

“Johnny you’re not planning anything else are you? After all, we sucked each other off. Isn’t that enough? You weren’t planning to fuck your own mother were you?”

The look in Johnny’s eyes was too much for Sally. She knew she’d never have denied him but he looked so sad. He obviously believed the fun was over. Johnny didn’t talk but he did keep slowly moving his cock closer to the heaven it sought. Suddenly he was so close that another millimetre would bring the leaking head of his erect cock in contact with Sally’s outer cuntlips. Johnny stopped. He could never bring himself to force his mother to accept his cock inside the tunnel that had birthed him.

Seeing his uncertainty, Sally suddenly felt guilty. “It’s OK Johnny.” she whispered, “I want this as much as you do. I want you to use my cunthole for it’s main purpose. I want to feel your hardness pushing inside me.”

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