A New Domination Ch. 03


This story continues the series from Chapters 1 & 2. It contains graphic references to BDSM, incest and other taboo sexual activities, so if any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters in this story are over the age of 18, and nothing in this story is meant to represent any person alive or dead. It is all the process of the author’s fevered mind.

Once again I would like to thank Hatsuda for his support and editing excellence.


I awoke one morning with what must be the most superb, the most lascivious sensation any guy can ever experience. My mother was working her tongue around my cock, bathing it with her moist lips and stroking my morning woody close to explosion. She knew from experience the signs of my impending climax, and used her well developed oral skills to keep me on the edge for what seemed ages. I howled in desperation while she laughed, a low sensuous sound, knowing that, for a short time, she was in control. And guessing that I would punish her in ways that would give her intense pleasure. She sucked a good part of my cock into her hot, mobile mouth, running her tongue around the crown and sucking me until eventually I erupted into her, seeming to empty everything I had into her willing, exciting mouth. She swallowed every drop, and then licked my shrinking cock clean.

“Oh Sir, that was really delicious; you taste divine, although I know I’m in trouble for not asking your permission. How will you punish me?”

I laughed. “I should punish you by not punishing you,” at which her face fell. “But perhaps ten strokes with my hand on your bouncy bottom might send the right message. And maybe five strikes on each nipple with the suede flogger to reinforce that message. Well, slut?”

“Oh god, yes Sir. Show me how naughty I am. Teach me to be a good girl for you. Please?”

Sally, my mother, my sub, my slut had developed a real fascination for just sufficient pain to heat her bottom and her tits, which translated itself into her pussy, making her so horny that I might have had to restrain her—not that I ever wanted to.

“Very well, slut, gown off and over my lap, NOW.”

She jumped to obey, a wide smile on her face, and her smooth, pink white bottom angled to meet my spanks. First a couple of gentle caresses to get her skin crawling, and I heard her soft whimpers of desire. Then five hard smacks on each globe which created squeals of delight.

“Now, assume the position on the floor in front of me.”

She hurried to comply, kneeling upright with her legs spread wide, but her heated bottom resting on her heels. Her hands rested on her thighs with her eyes focused on a spot on the carpet in front of her. Picking up the flogger, I instructed her to look into my eyes during this punishment, and she looked through half closed lids with a sultry expression on her face. My mother was going to enjoy this as much as I did.

Each stroke of the flogger fell across her hard nipples, and she gasped with pleasure each time.

She looked up at me with desire flooding her eyes.

“Oh god, Sir, you have made me so hot and horny. I need you so much.”

This was how I most enjoyed her, caught between her need to submit to me and her need for release. “Please.” Barely a whisper, but it conveyed her overwhelming need better than any shouts or screams.

There would have been no point in me refusing; my brain was now totally located in my cock and it was giving me irresistible messages about taking my mother, and taking her hard.

“Yes, slut, on the bed: you will ride me hard for my pleasure. You will not cum until I give you permission, understood?”

A deep, sensual moan was all the answer I needed, and in seconds, I was on my back with my mother straddling me, her weeping pussy positioned just above my rigid member.

“Slowly, now, mother, just ease me into your pleasure pit,” with which she moved downwards almost painfully slowly as my cock slipped itself into her and she mewled in approaching ecstasy. Equally slowly, she rose until only the head of my cock was lodged in her pussy, but then excitement got the better of her and she plunged down with a screech of need.

“Bad girl,” I said as she rose again, and I slapped her bottom hard on both cheeks. “Slowly, I said, and I meant it. I will decide whether we speed things up, not you.”

“I am so sorry, Sir,” she gasped and repeated the slow rise and fall as my cock progressively filled and emptied her clutching pussy.

Then I made the decision, and grabbed her hips, pulling her down hard. “Now fuck yourself hard on my cock, mother, but don’t cum until I tell you.”

She gasped, and began a feverish rise and fall, enveloping me in her hot, wet, needy centre, calling out my name and telling me how much she needed me and how good this all was. The perfume of her arousal grew, an intoxicating aphrodisiac that I neither could nor wanted to resist. I reached up, pinching and twisting her nipples, which caused her gasps and squeals to grow and her demands kırşehir seks hikayeleri to become more frenzied. Her cunt muscles told me that she was getting close to release, and I slapped her again to warn her that her orgasm was under my control.

This lustful activity was having a marked effect on me as well. I could feel my orgasm gathering strength in my lower abdomen and moving towards my balls. I gasped out my demands—”make me cum, bitch,” “give me everything you’ve got,” “cum on my cock, slut,” “show me you belong to me, whore,” and more.

She moaned and tried hard to delay the approaching storm which I knew, from experience would break in a hot, screaming fury. The effort to resist her climax showed in her face, screwed up in concentration and submission, until I told her, “I’m near breaking point, mother, and when my load hits you, you may cum yourself; just a few seconds more,”

Her effort grew more concentrated and demanding, before, with a shout of triumph, I conquered her, flooding her with a glorious load of sperm. It took no more for my mother to react. With a fierce scream of release she thrashed and writhed on top of me before her body went rigid, staying that way for a few seconds. Then she collapsed, her tits mashing into my chest as she gasped for breath.

After a short time, she rolled off me, then moved close, covering my face with kisses and murmuring words of love and delight. I held her in my arms, revelling in the warmth and seductive silkiness of her body, her skin glowing and her hands soft and warm, stroking my body. Reluctantly, I prepared for another day of study; mum made a little moue of disappointment, but she knew how important my studies were, and she shared my enthusiasm for moving ahead.

I was in the university library talking to Phil Weston, a contemporary. We were both enrolled in the same program; although he was a couple of years ahead of me. I had discovered that Phil had had an affair with the wife of one of the lecturers, and if that had come out, he wouldn’t’ve lasted five minutes in the uni. He was complaining to me about his situation and talking about quitting his degree.

“Why, Phil; what’s causing this?”

“My mother is getting more arrogant and more demanding. She’s pushed herself really hard since dad left, and now she’s pushing me hard as well. I wish there was some way of getting through to her, but she won’t listen.”

“You may have to take a strong line, Phil; she won’t just buckle under because you’re upset.”

“Easier said than done, man,” he concluded and we went our separate ways.

At home that evening, I said to mum, “Does the name ‘Weston’ ring any bells with you? I seem to remember you making some reference years ago, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Unexpectedly, she blushed and cleared her throat. “Mmm—the woman who introduced me to Blake Sheldon was Ellen Weston; she had been a member of the cult for some time. Why do you ask, honey?”

My mind went into overdrive. “Oh no particular reason, mum, but I have a close friend at uni, Phil Weston, and I wondered whether there was any connection.”

“Probably, honey; she had mentioned a son of about your age.”

“Mum, would you be okay if I invited Phil round for coffee and a snack one afternoon. I’d like to introduce him to you—and all your skills and abilities!”

“Are you sure that’s safe, Sir; we could get into terrible trouble and …”

“Don’t worry about that, mum. I want to show him how satisfying it is to have my mother as my sub, and maybe encourage him to do the same with his mother.”

She gasped. “Oh god, do you think that’s possible? Ellen Weston is a much tougher proposition than I could ever be.”

“The bigger they come, the harder they fall, mum. Don’t worry, everything will be alright?”

“Okay, Sir.”

The next day, Phil and I were drinking coffee and I introduced the subject of incest. His curiosity was immediately obvious and I outlined my relationship with my mother. His eyes stood out on stalks and his voice shuddered as he said, “Man, that’s just unbelievable. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Well, if you are prepared to eat those words, come round to my place on Saturday around 4.00 pm and I’ll show you.”

He looked at me in astonishment, but nodded his agreement.

On Saturday precisely at 4.00 pm, the doorbell rang and mum invited Phil in. I had specified how she would dress; a floral sun dress with a flared skirt, no bra or panties but stockings with a garter belt and four inch heeled sandals. All this complemented by enough but not too much makeup but with scarlet enamelled nails. She looked delicious with her brown hair flowing freely around her shoulders and a light fresh perfume, the whole of which made a profound impact on my cock.

“Please come in, Phil,” she greeted him with a dazzling smile and showed him into the lounge.

“I see you’ve met mum,” I commented and he nodded, somewhat taken aback by her enticing looks. “Some coffee and snacks, I think Sally,”

“Yes Sir,” she replied and left the room.

“Did she really call you Sir, Simon—or was she just being sarcastic?”

“Oh no, this is just the start.”

My mother returned and, as per instructions I’d given her earlier, she was especially attentive to Phil, who lapped it up. She referred to him as “Sir” and was quite tactile, resting a hand on his shoulder and touching his arm as if by accident. I could see Phil getting quite excited and it was time to take it up a notch.

As mum re-entered the lounge, she tripped and some biscuits fell to the floor. Mother gasped and looked at me. “I’m so sorry, Sir what can I do to …”

“I think a small punishment is due, don’t you, slut? I think Phil would be quite interested to see how you take a spanking.”

By this time Phil had turned red and his breathing was short and shallow. It was almost as if he was close to creaming his jeans.

Mother moved to me and leaned over my lap. I flipped up her skirt, showing the garter and her creamy bottom, perfectly positioned for spanking. I gave her ten hard slaps, five on each cheek and she squealed in her favourite mixture of pain and pleasure.

The punishment over, she stood in front of me saying, “Thank you, Sir; I deserved that for my clumsiness.”

I moved her round between Phil and myself then slid my hand up under the skirt and stroked along her hot bottom as she whimpered with excitement.

I looked at Phil. “Why don’t you do the same, feel how hot her bottom gets. I’m sure mum won’t mind.”

“Oh no, Phil, Sir, I’d be honoured if you would fondle my bottom; it would feel so good.”

Not unexpectedly, he accepted the invitation, and mother mewled some more, shivering as he ran his hand around her globes, and then gave a quiet scream as he touched the saturated lips of her pussy.

“God, Simon, she’s so hot and so wet. Is there anything she wouldn’t do for you?”

“Nothing, Phil, she will do anything I say—in fact, let’s try that out. I can’t help noticing that you’re getting a little, shall we say, enthusiastic; mother, give our guest one of your special blowjobs.”

She dropped to her knees in front of Phil, unbuckling his belt, and with a little help from the man himself, pulled down his jeans and his boxers.

“Ooh nice,” she crowed, taking Phil’s rigid and drooling cock in her hand, then delicately licking the drop of pre-cum from the tip. She worked her tongue around and along the shaft and juggled his balls in her soft, warm hand.

Phil was in seventh heaven, gasping, “This is so good, I won’t be able to last long.”

“Don’t worry, Sir, I can help you with that,” and wrapped her fingers round the base of his cock, squeezing to reduce his growing climax. My mother played my best friend, bringing him close to orgasm, then shutting him down in one of the finest displays of cock-sucking I’d ever seen. Phil started to become delirious, begging her to let him cum, begging for release, but she continued to play with him until I winked at her, when she took his whole engorged tool into her mouth and sucked him hard to climax.

Phil yelled with delight, pumping his load into my mother’s mouth; she swallowed it all, and finished by gently licking and sucking his shrinking cock until it was completely clean.

“Oh god, oh fuck,” Phil was almost beside himself. “I’ve never had a blowjob like that before. Thank you so much, Sally, thank you Simon. So this is what I’m missing?”

“Probably, Phil. Listen, I want to show you something. Mother, fetch the DVD.”

She soon returned and set the DVD going, showing her “marriage” to the phallus in the cult. Phil gasped in astonishment. “I don’t believe it,” he whispered. “That’s incredible.”

“Phil, your mother introduced Sally to the cult and to Blake Sheldon. So the odds are that she has a set of photos and a DVD like this hidden away somewhere. Find it, and you’ll have all the leverage you need to make your mother your sub.”

He stared at me, struggling to come to terms with what he’d just seen—and with the potential for him to dominate his own mother, making her his sex slave.

“Jesus, Simon, I’m completely blown away by all this. I had no idea, and I will certainly be combing every square inch of our place to find the evidence.”

He said his farewells, and mother gave him a long wet kiss, and squeezed his cock, laughing gently at his enthusiastic response.

I looked at my mother after Phil left and she gave me a conspiratorial smile. “Did I do good, Sir?” she whispered coming into my arms.

“You were magnificent, mother, and you made a firm impression on Phil. Did you enjoy your little workout with him?”

“Yes, he’s okay, but not a patch on you, Sir.”

“Just the right answer mother. And right now, I’m feeling hot and horny, and you will pleasure me straight away.” In anticipation of this torrid encounter, I shucked off my clothes in double quick time.

Her answer was immediate. She stripped off her dress, then fell onto her arms and legs on our deep soft carpet. “Please Sir, please take me hard, doggy style. I so want to make you explode after you fill me with your magic cock.”

She gasped with glee when I slapped her bottom hard a few times to warm her up. Then positioning myself behind her, I slid my rigid member firmly into her already wet and waiting pussy.

“Ooh yes, Sir, it’s you I want; have no mercy on me; fuck me hard.”

This was a plea that I couldn’t refuse and I increased my speed, groaning with delight as I hammered into her love channel. I changed again, concentrating on short hard thrusts that caused her to scream with pleasure, and with a rising climax. Her cunt muscles gripped at me, seemingly unwilling to let me go, and her cries became disoriented prayers for more to take her over the edge.

I knew that moment was coming soon, and so was mine. Her sweet, hot body, writhing and squirming under me was generating an inevitable detonation and I could feel my time getting closer. I reached round under her and pinched both nipples, twisting and pulling them, and this was enough to send her into orbit. My mother screamed with joy as her orgasm pulsed through her whole body, generating electrical discharges that caused her to shake and spasm. In turn her swelling, clutching love tunnel reacted with my swelling cock to cause me to discharge a goodly volume of hot sperm into her silky depths.

We lay panting on the floor before Sally moved down and licked my shrivelling cock clean, humming with pleasure as she did so.

“Come here, slut, and kiss me,” I ordered, and her sweet wet kiss tasted of our fluids, an intoxicating mix that I always enjoyed. She made small sexually charged sounds into my mouth as she stroked my body with her warm soft hands.

“Simon, you are the only man that I can love unconditionally, who I can trust totally and who can do anything you want with me. I want nothing more than to give you pleasure and to prove to you that your fantasies can become reality.”

“And you do that so well, mother. I feel the same way about you. Your need to be dominated and used and even humiliated reaches right into me, and I want to be your Dom to give you the pleasure you deserve.”

Her kiss was everything a lover’s kiss should be, and then she bit my ear lobe and ran away giggling.

About a week later, Phil caught up with me in the university library. “I’ve found them, Simon, I’ve found the pictures and the DVD; I made copies of everything and returned the originals to their hiding place, now to get to mother and force her to do my bidding.”

Phil sounded almost ecstatic about his discovery, and his plans for his mother. ‘Great’ I thought, then, “Be careful, Phil—your mother is a tough and very successful woman. This won’t be a walkover.”

In his excitement, he merely acknowledged what I had said and continued with his plans to dominate his mother. A small alarm bell went off in my head, but I said no more and left it at that.

I heard nothing from Phil in the short term, which didn’t concern me unduly. What did concern me, however, was the sudden and quite abrupt change in my mother’s behaviour. At first there were only small indicators of coolness, but the situation blew up one evening when she said, “Simon, you need to return to your own bedroom. It isn’t proper for a mother and son to be sleeping together.”

I could hardly believe my ears. What on earth had got into her? “Sally, look …”

I got no further as she interrupted, “Please don’t use my given name, Simon, to you, I should be ‘mum’ and nothing more familiar.”

“I’ll call you Mrs Benson if you like,” I replied with deep sarcasm.

“That’s not necessary; ‘mum’ will do. And you should be aware that our physical relationship is at an end. I will not prostitute myself to you any longer. It is not right; it’s both illegal and immoral, and I want no more of it.”

“Mum, what’s got into you? What’s made you change like this?”

“I’ve had my eyes opened to the infamy of what we have been doing. I’ve been in touch with Ellen Weston and she has been very clear that this is just not acceptable.”

“I see. Did she say anything about Phil?”

“She told me that he had tried to initiate a sexual relationship with her, but she told him not to be stupid and that it was completely inappropriate. Apparently he had told her about you and me, and she has encouraged me to break with you for my own good.”

“Okay, mum, I’ll go back to my own room, and be a good boy in future.”

“Thank you, Simon, you won’t regret this.”

‘Maybe not, mum,’ I thought, ‘but you sure will.’

I attempted to contact Phil over the next week but he seemed to have gone to ground. He couldn’t stay away forever, though, and I eventually caught up with him in the campus coffee shop.

“Okay, Phil. What happened?”

“Oh god, Simon, I tried to coerce my mother into doing what I demanded but she called my bluff and I backed down. I didn’t seem to be able to stand up to her, now she’s twice as arrogant and full of herself as she was before. I can’t see any way out of this mess.”

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