A Parent Crosses The Line

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My name is Megan and I am happily married to Ben for over 25 years. We have two great kids, Kari and Scott. Kari is in her freshman year at college and Scott is an 18-year-old just finishing up his senior year in high school. Ben and I suspected that Kari was more interested in girls than boys during her time in junior high. Scott is heterosexual. He had more girlfriends and loves being the jock in high school.

We first thought Kari like girls when Scott’s girlfriends were hanging around the house. Kari would ask me if I though Scott’s girlfriends were cute. Being her mother I never really thought my daughter might be a lesbian. Ben and I had found Scott stash of porn when he was started puberty; most of it was porn Ben had before we married. We were not too worried, just a teenage boy going through hormones.

While cleaning Kari’s room one day, I found a “girlie magazine” in her panties and bra drawer. It was not a recent issue and I had seen it in Scott’s room. Ben and I dismissed it as curiosity on Kari’s part; she must want to see what the “models” look like. A few weeks later, a lesbian PPV movie was on our cable bill. We knew that Scott was not home on that night and neither Ben nor I had bought it.

When we asked Kari, she said that she and her friends bought it during a sleep over but really did not watch it. All of this took place during her senior year in high school. Kari and I had the “birds and bees talk” but I was beginning wonder about her “preferences.” Kari had developed into a beautiful young woman as she entered college. She was 5′ 3″, weighted 105, sky blue eyes with natural blonde shoulder length hair. She started wearing glasses during high school because contacts hurt her eyes. I was actually jealous of her stunning looks.

When Kari started college, she shared an apartment with Tami. Kari and Tami were like long lost sisters. The two girls connected almost instantly. Kari majored in business and carried a heavy class load. She and Tami partied on the weekends but it was strictly work during the week, or so we thought. The two girls started swapping clothes, shirts, blouses, jeans, panties, bras, you name it.

Being her mother, I had stopped buying Kari’s clothes when she started college. While doing her laundry, on the seldom occasion when she came home, I noticed some very pretty panties and bra sets. Kari freely admitted that she and Tami swapped their clothes. Kari winked and smiled when she said this.

During spring break Kari decided to come home for the week, she was trying to save money. Ben and I were glad to have our family together for the week. We decided as a family to go to dinner on Wednesday night. The boys went down the hardware store so we agreed to meet Ben and Arron at the restaurant. I had finished getting dressed when I checked on Kari. I knocked on her bedroom door and walked in. Kari came out of her bathroom wearing only a bra. She was holding her panties. “I’ll be ready in a minute, mom.” For the first time, since she was in junior high I saw my daughter “naked.” I was shocked her pubic hair was gone.

I made small talk while my daughter dressed. My goal was to turn the subject toward my daughter’s sexual preference, not an easy thing to do. As we drove to dinner, I asked Kari how her and Tami were getting along. Great was the answer. I asked about school, social life, adjusting to adult life, all the mom questions. Kari’s voice got very quiet when she started talking about her social life and being independent. I asked her if she felt comfortable about talking it.

She explained how her feelings toward Tami changed during the year. The clothes swapping idea was what started it all. During a Saturday night movie party, Kari had cuddled very close to Tami. Tami had not moved, but cuddled back. As Kari went on to explain the two girls started light petting. They kept their clothes on, just kissing and fondling each other breasts through their tops.

I tried to picture my little girl getting intimate with another girl. As her mother, my dream has always been to see her walk down the isle with a handsome man. We arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed a very pleasant family meal. I debated on how to tell my husband that our little girl was a lesbian. Even though, there was no real “evidence” to support such a statement.

A few days before spring break ended I suggested Kari that she invite Tami or another girlfriend to visit during summer vacation. Kari thought the idea was great but wondered where her guest would stay. The house did not have a guest bedroom, although Ben and I had always wanted to add one. I told her that her father and I would come up with a solution. I watched my daughter’s reaction as she thought about a “girl sleep over.” She seemed very happy.

Spring semester ended and there were a few days before Kari could come home. I had delayed speaking to her father about the guest idea. Finally, one Sunday evening I told Ben that I güvenilir bahis offered to let Kari have a guest for a few days during the summer break. Ben did not see any problems except where would she sleep; we had a three-bedroom house. We discussed the issue when Ben suggested we let her use the study.

The study has an old sofa that we replaced with a new sleeper sofa. Kari let us know that Tami would be arriving sometime in July. Her family was taking a trip to Europe and Tami did not want to miss Europe. Kari started her part time summer job so she could afford to cover most of expenses for next semester. Mid way through July Tami did call and told Kari she would be there on Sunday night. Kari was excited. I knew that there was the ulterior motive behind the visit. Tami showed up right on time on Sunday evening. She had Kari acted just like sisters.

Dinner Sunday evening was all about Tami’s trip to Europe. After dinner was over the girls excused them and headed to the study. Ben and I cleaned up the dishes. Ben headed off to bed early. He had an early morning appointment on Monday. I settled down to finish off a book. The house was silent. I heard the occasional giggle and laughter come from the study.

Around midnight, I peaked my head into the study to say goodnight. There was soft glow coming from a corner lamp. I was shocked at what I saw. Both girls we sitting on sleeper sofa. They had their tops and bras off. Tami was gently sucking on Kari’s left tit. Kari was softly caressing Tami’s right breast. Both girls still had their shorts on. My daughter had a look of relaxation and ease on her face.

I thought about what I should do. Interrupt them, stop them, join them (the scene did excite me). I very quietly stepped into the room and closed the door. Kari had tilted her head back, probably from feeling so good. I gently walked across the carpet and stood behind the couch. Kari’s eyes are closed. Dare I risk what I was about to do; I leaned down and softly kissed my daughters lips. I put my hand behind her head while I kissed her.

Kari opened her eyes and I felt a smile form on her lips. Kari kissed back and tried to put her tongue in my mouth. My daughter’ lips felt soft and smooth. As we broke the kiss Tami winked at me. I put a finger to my lips as I walked around and sat on the sleep sofa. The two girls watched. I started unbuttoning my blouse. Kari stopped me. My college age daughter finished the job. Kari softly opened my blouse and moved it off my shoulders.

I knew that the action was wrong but the emotions were too strong. Kari moved behind me to undo my bra. Tami cupped my face kissed me. With my bra gone Kari reached round and started caressing my tits. Tami reached down rubbed my sex through my slacks and panties. I was having lesbian (incest) sex with my daughter and her friend.

I felt my pussy getting wet as Tami continued to caress me through my slacks. My god my tits felt good from my daughter’s caress. I gently pulled Kari around me and lovingly kissed my daughter. She kissed me like a lover, not a daughter. Tami stood up and removed her short and panties. She handed her panties to me. The crotch was wet. I wiped the panties across my daughter’s lips. Kari actually sucked the wet fabric into her mouth. I suddenly felt a very strong urge to taste pussy, must have been the aroma from Tami’s panties. I slowly pulled my daughter’s shorts and panties down to the floor. Kari brightly smiled. Kari spread her legs, an open invitation for mom. I place two fingers in her drenched pussy. Tami and my daughter started kissing, passionately, just as Kari had kissed me.

I pulled my fingers out of my daughter’s pussy and savored her sweet, sweet nectar. I stood and started to take my slack off. Kari again stopped me. She wanted to undress her mom. Kari unhooked the slacks and slowly lowered the zipper. The slack fell off my slim waist. I opened my legs so Kari could rub my panties into my pussy. Here was my daughter actively caressing her own mother.

Tami placed her index finger under my chin and “pulled” me toward her face. We kissed. Never in my dreams would I have ever thought of having sex with my daughter. Let alone with another woman. Kari lay on the couch, leg spread wide. She motioned for me to go between her legs. I gently ran my hand the entire length of her shave crotch. It felt so soft, sexy, wet and warm.

It reminded me of when she was a little girl without any hair. Now she is grown woman and I, her mother, is about to eat her own daughter’s pussy. Kari’s aroma was intoxicating. I gently extended my tongue and slide it into my daughter’s pussy. I moved my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to her ready and waiting clit. My daughter moaned as my tongue gently flicked her clit.

Her hips thrust up to meet my tongue. Kari’s motion was the same of if there was a cock in her pussy. Her juices were overflowing right into her mom’s mouth. She tasted wonderful. türkçe bahis I lapped her juice as fast as she could get it out. Kari was playing with her tits and moaning in response to my clit lapping. I was so into my daughter’s pussy that my mind didn’t really feel Tami playing with my pussy and ass.

Tami was fingering my pussy and playing with my clit. She was good a masturbating women. She drew my juice up to my ass and circled my rosebud. The pressure felt different than Ben, more caring and loving. Then Tami started rubbing her tongue up and down my ass. Tami then gently starting working one finger into my ass. The pressure felt fantastic.

Kari was second away from her first mother supplied orgasm. The moans and thrusting peaked. She slowly lay quietly on the couch. I move up her body gently kissed each tit and kissed my daughter on her lips. I love mom was all she said. Tami sat down and played with herself until she her orgasm hit. I got up and walked back to the Ben’s and mine bedroom.

Ben was in a light sleep. He was wearing his boxer shorts. I started stroking his cock. It responded to its full 9 inches. I lay there lightly stoking, not too much just enough to keep him hard. Ben woke up and was surprised that I was naked. Ben started playing with my tits my pussy getting wet again. I had just had sex with my daughter and her friend.

I waited a few minutes, debating on whether to tell Ben or not. Ben gave me a concerned look. Ben’s cock felt nice and warm in my hand. What had happened to me, I love getting a good hard cock on a regular basis but after this evening with her daughter the thought of getting some pussy was just as good. Ben was making her tits feel fantastic. My pussy would need attention soon. Ben and I made love and fell asleep.

The house was quiet in the morning. My dreams were filled with visions of my daughter and Tami. I knew Ben and I had to talk. How to let my husband know that I had crossed the line. Incest had never been a part of this family. We had raised our kids that incest was wrong. Now the parent had broken the rules.

Ben woke up and kissed me. He didn’t sense that anything was wrong and went to take a shower. As Ben showered I went into the bathroom and peed. That was a part of my sex life that Kari didn’t know about. From time to time I would pee in Ben’s mouth while he ate my pussy. The first time this happened was totally by accident. But Ben enjoyed his golden shower so we tried it a few more times.

I felt the warm stream of urine leave my bladder and though about Kari. These thoughts seemed out of control. A grown woman should not want to have sex let alone enjoy sex with her college-aged daughter. Ben’s hard on was gone but his cock still impressed me. I decided to tell Ben. Ben started getting dressed, I told him to wait for me in the bedroom until my shower was done.

I stepped out of the bathroom, totally nude but showered. Ben was sitting on the bed reading a book. Ben stopped reading and just smiled at me. Ben could tell there was something on my mind, after 25 spouses just know. Ben asked if the girls were all right. I said yes. What is wrong asked Ben?

I smiled at Ben and told him that Kari, Tami and I have had sex last night. It was not planned but just happened. Ben just sat and listened. He didn’t appear to be mad or upset just listening. Ben reached for my hand and gently held it, this made me feel better. I started to go into details and Ben stopped me. Ben started asking me questions. Did I enjoy the sex? Did incestuous sex turn me on? Was I becoming a lesbian? Ben kept asking me questions. I stopped him.

I started to get dressed and Ben stopped me. He wanted me to wear a certain clothes. I asked Ben why and he said he had his reason. Ben chose a slightly less than knee length skirt and casual blouse. For the bra and panties he picked at a matching white silk set. He finished the outfit with a pair of thigh high nylons and 3-inch high heels. With the exception of makeup and hair be combed, I looked ready to go to work.

We walked to the kitchen; Tami and Kari were already eating. Kari just smiled at me and gave a knowing wink to Tami. Kari and Tami had no idea that Ben knew of last night’s activity. Ben asked our daughter if the sleep over had been a good idea. Kari and Tami both said it was a great time. Kari and Tami were still both wearing their nightshirts. Ben innocently looked at his daughter and could make out her tits. Ben made the same observation with Tami.

Ben hadn’t seen his daughter naked since she was a very little girl. Long before she reached and went through puberty. Ben could tell that his little girl had become a very attractive young woman. Tami was the same. Ben had never though about having sex with his daughter until I had crossed the line last night. I suspected that Kari was still a virgin but had never asked her.

Tami asked I was going to work since I was dressed. I told her no. Kari güvenilir bahis siteleri asked why I had dressed up. Ben told her that he had chosen my outfit this morning. Ben asked Tami and our daughter if I looked good. Both girls wanted a full view. I walked over to the patio door and stood. I slightly bent one knee. From past experience I knew that Ben liked this look.

The girls both looked at each other and smiled. It seems that our daughter and her friend liked what they saw. Ben wanted to know if our daughter was a lesbian, bisexual, straight or what? I did look great, would have looked better if my hair and makeup were done. The girls didn’t seem to mind. Ben simply asked if they girls want to do anything. Kari asked what he meant. Ben indicated that Kari knew what he was asking. Kari and Tami whispered each other.

Kari asked her dad and me if her dad was serious. Ben was very serious and told the girls to act if the mood moved them. Kari asked if mom if she had told dad anything. I asked her if that mattered. Kari and Tami guessed not. Tami whispered to Kari again. Was she to be included in this “family” activity? Ben and I left that up to Tami. Tami started to walk toward to the living room when I told her to stop. If Tami wanted some cock she would have to stay.

Tami asked if she could feel my dad’s crotch. I said that would be fine. Tami walked over to Kari’s dad and cupped Ben’s crotch. I knew this would get Ben going. Ben’s cock grew as Tami felt Ben’s manhood grow. I stood there not believing what was about to happen. Ben and I were going to have incestuous sex with our daughter and her girlfriend. Tami motioned for Kari to come over to her dad. Ben was at his full 9 niches and still had his clothes on. Kari had seen some cocks from guys in college but was never seen her dad’s. Kari was not a virgin, she had sex her prom night.

Her dad asked her to free his cock. I still stood near the patio door and watched as our daughter and her friend released Ben’s cock. Ben didn’t help. The two girls were fully into getting at Ben’s cock. Ben’s slacks hit the floor and his cock was pressing against his shorts. A few dark spots were visible on his shorts, Ben’s pre-cum. The girls were rubbing Ben’s cock through his shorts. Ben freed his manhood.

I saw a smile come across the girl’s faces. Ben’s cock was at full attention with pre-cum oozing from his pee hole. Kari held her dad and gently licked the pre-cum. Ben moaned. As parents we had now both crossed the line. It was too late to turn back now. I watched as our daughter and her friend attempted oral sex on her father. Tami was gently fondling Ben’s balls. It was evident that Ben was trying to stand still for the pleasure he was receiving but it was difficult.

Kari was trying to swallow her father’s entire cock. I knew it could be done but it took practice. Ben took his shirt off. Tami stood up and pulled her nightshirt off. Her young tits were erect as she and Ben kissed. Ben had not kissed another woman except me since our wedding night. I felt somewhat jealous but knew our family had changed. Ben reached down and fingered Tami’s young pussy.

I was enjoying the show being put on by our daughter and friend. Kari had her rhythm down and was sucking her dad off. Ben’s hips were rocking in motion to his daughter’s action. Ben broke off his kiss and moved down to Tami’s tits. The young women responded to the attention by rocking her hips. I suppose that having two women at one time is a fantasy of all men but Ben probably never thought it would be his own daughter.

I walked over to the action and knelt down to my daughter. Her nightshirt was pulled over her knees. She continued to work Ben to cumming as I pulled her nightshirt above her knees and waist. There is a small wet spot were her pussy leaked juice. I could tell that was close to cumming as I started fingering my daughter’s pussy. Kari was soaked. I wanted to taste more of this young juice. I lay down on the floor with my face under m daughter’s pussy.

I needed to pull Kari down about an inch for her wet pussy to be in my face. Once my tongue hit her clit she flooded my face. Ben started cumming and Kari tried her best swallow everything her father unloaded. Ben always had a large of cum so it was quite the job for Kari to swallow it all. I stood up as Kari stood up. Ben finished with Tami. They all said that someone was over dressed. I extended an invitation to our daughter and friend to undress me. Kari ran her hands up my skirt only to find I wasn’t wearing pantyhose. She gave me a warm smile. I felt my daughter’s hands grasp my panties and pull them down. The crotch was wet. Kari handed my panties to Tami. Tami deeply inhaled my scent and sucked the panties into her mouth.

Kari and Tami slowly unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my body. My breasts were nicely cupped in my bra. I was down to my thigh high nylons and high heels. I knew that Ben liked the view, his cock was still hard. I moved instructed our daughter and Tami to finger each other and get their finger’s good and wet. The girls did as instructed. I let the girls finger each other for a few seconds and then brought their fingers’ to my mouth.

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