A Problem With The Neighbours


It was late evening, about nine o’clock, when there was a knock on the door. Being sat naked as usual in the evenings, I slipped my robe on, wondering who was calling. Most of my friends and family phoned first before coming round. It was my sexy next-door neighbour, Alison. Once inside, she hugged me, hands cupping the cheeks of my bottom.”Mmm, I was hoping I would find you like this,” she confessed, “I am afraid I have a problem that needs your help, darling.””Well sit down and tell me about it,” I told her, “would you like a glass of wine while you tell me?””Oh, yes please,” she accepted, “It is George, we had a silly argument, and I yelled something about him being a lousy lover, and how you gave me better climaxes than he had ever managed.””Oh dear!” I exclaimed, managing to restrain the impulse to laugh, “so he knows you are bi and that I am also, not to mention the fact that we are lovers?”She nodded forlornly. “I am so sorry, darling,” she sobbed, “it just slipped out before I could stop it.””So no problem,” I assured her, “no harm done, who is he going to tell?””It is not that, that actually turned him on” she admitted, “now he wants a threesome with you and me, so he can watch as we please each other.””Still not seeing the problem, sexy lady,” I told her, “is it that you do not want to play with me while he watches? Or that you do not want him to fuck you while I watch?””He is more likely to want to fuck you,” she warned, “he has had me for too long, now he is after something sexier.””Alison, my marvellous Mistress,” I said, kissing her, “no way am I sexier than you, just that I am a novelty, a change for him. Anyway, if you would rather not let him fuck me, we can deal with that. Does he know what we do when we play? Or about the sub/domme games?”She looked at me, puzzled. “No, I told him nothing. How are you going to manage to prevent him fucking you?” she queried.”I had the same problem with Dave during my marriage,” I admitted, “with myself and a very dominant female friend and lover. This is how my girlfriend at that time dealt with it. Now listen.”I told her what we would do, pausing occasionally while she laughed. When I had finished explaining, she looked at me, smiling that wickedly sexy smile of hers.”I wish I had time to get you out of that robe, and into bed,” she purred, “I could just do with making love to you right now.”I undid the robe, letting her see my nakedness, and moved to her so that she could slip her hands under the robe and enjoy feeling my bare skin.”Alison, sexy tease, you can have me anytime” I murmured, rubbing against her, “besides, you are persuading me to do what he wants, and it took you some time to talk me round, yes?”She smiled, understanding dawning on her. “Oh, yes,” she agreed, pulling me towards the stairs, “quite some time. You were really very stubborn, it took me ages to convince you.”We had arranged it for the following evening, the Saturday, so we could all have a lie in on the Sunday morning. I was to arrive at seven and have an evening meal with them, then we would go to the bedroom for the main event.I rang their bell at dead on seven, dressed for the evening in just a short blue dress. A low cut loose scoop neck, completely backless right down to the base of my spine and fastened by a single bow behind my neck. I wore no underwear except sheer hold-up stockings.Alison was wearing a short black dress, and it was clear she had nothing under it except black stockings and, from what I felt when I hugged her, a suspender belt.”Who told you that you were permitted clothing?” I demanded, assuming the role we had discussed, “take it off and bring me your nipple clamps.””Yes, Marie,” Alison murmured, “at once, Miss.”George looked at me, then at his meek subservient wife. I glared at him.”Yes?” I snapped, “you wanted to say something?””No, nothing at all, Marie,” he stammered, “I just did not know she was so obedient.””She has learned to do as she is told,” I informed him, “and she knows what happens if she does not obey.”It was clear that he dearly wanted to know what would happen if she did not obey, but was too shaken and wary to ask. Alison returned carrying her nipple clamps, two ornately worked spring clips joined by a thin steel chain which was also a leash.”You still have your dress on,” I pointed out, “do you need reminding before you get around to removing it.?”She unzipped it, letting the dress fall to the floor and leaving her in just stockings and suspender belt. I clipped the nipple clamps onto her gorgeous tits, smiling as she squirmed when the clips bit into her sensitive nipples.”Better,” I told her, kissing her as a reward, “much better.””Don’t they hurt her?” George asked, “they look painful.””They are,” I informed him, “and yes, they hurt. Watch.”I pulled the chain gently, and Ali whimpered, moving forward to lessen the pull on her boobs. George’s eyes widened as he saw for himself the effect Maltepe Escort the clamps had on his wife.”She looks so much better like this,” I stated, “and they make the nipples so tender and sensitive. Once they are removed, the slightest touch on the nipples will send her wild.”A speculative look crossed his face as he thought of what he had been missing out on for the last few years.”Here,” I stated, handing him the chain, “take her in, while I use the bathroom.”He looked shocked but led his wife to the living room nervously. When I joined them, he poured wine for the three of us, Alison looking at me for permission before drinking from her glass. I sat on the sofa, legs crossed showing stocking tops, and Ali came to sit next to me, cuddled up close, and letting my arms go around her waist.”You never mentioned nipple clamps,” she hissed quietly, “what other torments have you got planned for me?”” Wait and see, sexy sub,” I whispered, “by the time I have finished, George will give anything to get inside your sexy slit.”Alison served the food, again looking to me for permission to sit and eat. She was sat opposite me, and my foot stroked her stocking-clad leg during the meal. George seemed entranced by the site of his normally dominant wife sat almost naked, wearing her nipple clamps on her bare tits.He was in for some shocks later in the evening. After the meal, enjoyed with a couple of bottles of wine, I whispered to Alison and sent her away with a resounding smack on her bare butt. When she came back a few minutes later, I was sat on the sofa, with George sitting in an armchair opposite me.Ali held her arms out, displaying the items I had demanded, and giving me a very wary look. I knew she would get her revenge on me next time we played, but who cared? I intended making the most of her in her sub-persona. I nodded as I took them from her, then indicated my knees.”Over,” I ordered, “arms behind.”She hesitated, so I took hold of the chain, using the nipple clamps to pull her into position. She bent over my knees, hands behind her back. I locked handcuffs on her wrists.”You hesitated,” I pointed out to her, “what is the first rule of the sub?””To obey immediately without question,” she replied, “sorry, Mistress.””That is all right darling,” I assured her, “we sometimes make mistakes, and when we do, we are punished for them, is that not so?””Yes, Mistress,” she agreed, “that is so.”She glanced at me, a wicked ‘you just wait’ smile on her soft lips. I pushed gently at the back of her neck, moving her head down, so her gorgeous bare ass was high in the air. I picked up the broad leather paddle that she had brought down for me and swiped it through the air, letting George hear the air whistling through the small holes cut in the leather.It sounded most impressive. The sound it made as I smacked Alison’s butt was far louder than the impact deserved, almost bringing George out of his seat as it landed. I held the paddle out to him.”You do it,” I commanded, “just be sure you do not damage her.”I knew from personal experience that it stung, but being so broad, it spread the impact over a wide area, sounding far more painful than it actually was. George was clearly unaware of this and took the paddle nervously.His first smack was far too gentle, too timid.”Smack her properly,” I ordered, “or would you like me to demonstrate on you how it should be done?”A second swipe made Ali arch her back, and already her butt was turning pink. Another smack and she wriggled on my knee. George was totally transfixed by the sight of his sexy wife letting him spank her. Another WHACK! across both cheeks forcing a loud squeal of outrage from Ali, and another.I could see the bulge in George’s trousers. He was clearly turned on by the game. A final smack on her rosy pink butt and I sat her upright, holding my hand out for the paddle, which George handed over before going back to his seat. I kissed Ali, noticing she had managed some tears.”All okay?” I whispered to her, “you look stunning.””Mmm, that stung,” she murmured, “does it always make you feel this horny?”I nodded, smiling at her. My hand stroked along her slit, and I held the hand up to George, showing him the wetness on my fingers, before offering them to Ali, watching as she sucked them clean for me.”George looks like he is going to come any second,” I told Ali as I nuzzled her neck, “go over to him and sit on his knee.”She walked slowly over to him, her boobs hanging down inches from his face as she bent forward, dangling the chain on his crotch.He took hold of the chain in one hand, his other hand sliding between her legs to feel her wetness, then offering his wet fingers to her and watching in stunned amazement as she sucked them clean, the way she had done for me.She moved around so he could see close up her pink bottom, still showing signs of her spanking.”Sit her on your knee, George,” I Maltepe Escort Bayan ordered, “play with her if you like. Just do not let her come. And you are not to come either. She comes only when I allow it.””She does not usually like being on my knee,” he protested, “what if she…””George,” I interrupted him, “she does what I say. If I say to sit her on your knee, she will sit on your knee.””Anything?” he queried.I rolled my eyes in annoyance and exasperation.”Alison, unzip George’s trousers and give him a blowjob,” I ordered, “but not all the way.”Alison knelt between his legs, her mouth feeling for his zip fastener, then gripping it in her teeth to open his fly. Nudging his boxers open with just her face was more difficult but as his cock was already erect, it sprang free as soon as she started.She lowered her head to him, taking his cock deep into her mouth and pumping up and down on it while George sat rigid, gripping the arms of the chair.”Enough, Ali!” I called, “that will do nicely for now.”George moaned softly as the exquisite torment ended, then reluctantly put his erection away.”Now, as I told you already, George, play with her,” I commanded, “but no climaxes.”Ali sat on his knee, and his hand went between her legs tentatively, as though he was afraid she would yell at him. When no rebuke was forthcoming, he grew bolder and started stroking her properly, looking pleased when she started moaning for him, then began pushing herself forward onto his hand.”Enough, stop now, George,” I told him, “she is getting too near to coming.”He looked disappointed as he moved his hand away, and Alison moaned in frustration. I knew how much she hated having to stop before she could climax.”Take her upstairs,” I told him, “use the chain to guide her, and put her on the bed face up. Otherwise, our randy slut will rub herself to climax against the bedcovers.”Alison glared at me, forgetting I knew her too well. I followed them up, loving how Ali’s bare butt twitched with each step. Once upstairs, I told George to let Ali use the bathroom first, and then take her to the bedroom. I rummaged in the closet to find the spreader bar, passing it to George for him to attach to Alison’s ankles.Her legs were pulled wide apart, showing every detail of her sexy body. I laid out a few items on the bed where I could grab them easily, then sat George in a chair, giving him a clear view of the bed. Before he could do anything to stop me, I had fastened both his arms to the arms of the chair with Velcro straps. He tried to struggle, but I put a hand over his mouth.”My agreement with Alison,” I informed him, “was that you could watch the two of us playing. That is what you will do. Also, look at her. How would you like to come home and find her like that, helpless and all ready for a good fucking by you? You could even bring a friend home with you to join in the fun if you wanted. She is not going to be able to stop you, is she? Just make sure she is happy with the idea first though.”George smiled at that idea, clearly loving the thought of a wife who would play sexy games with him. Or that he could play sexy games with.I slipped my dress off, letting him enjoy the sight of me almost naked. “When was the last time you made her scream when she came?” I asked him, “or even made her come during the foreplay before you even started making love to her?”He shook his head.”Oh, George,” I sighed, “you are missing out on so much. Why do you think Ali enjoys me making love to her? It is because I make sure she comes enough to make her happy.”I unzipped him, pulling his cock free and leaving it dangling, then returned to the bed. I took the nipple clamps from my sexy slave, touching each nipple gently, and watching Alison squirm as she found out how tender and sensitive the clamps made her. This was my chance to show Alison how turned on she usually made me when we were in our normal Mistress/sub roles in the game.Starting with her face, I kissed slowly, working my way inch by inch down her body, paying special attention to her sensitive boobs, watching as she squirmed frantically as she tried in vain to stop me teasing the nipples. Then down over her belly, and all around that sweet wet pussy, kisses over every part of her lower body except where she most wanted the kisses.Her nipples were stood out like bullets, and she was moaning softly as I deliberately ignored her hungry pussy. When I finally bent my head between her legs, my hair brushing against her skin, she moaned softly as my lips touched her pussy lips, pushing up at my mouth, her pleasure turning to frustration as I pulled away.She was bouncing her butt on the mattress in annoyance or in silent pleading. Now she knew how I felt when she did that to me. Eight times in a row on one occasion, I was almost climbing the walls before she finally let me come. I took pity on her.This time when I bent to her, Escort Maltepe my hands gripped her hips, and I buried my tongue in her sweet wetness, probing deeply, then licking the length of her slit, flicking her clit at the end of each stroke. I could feel her trembling as she moaned with contentment.My hand stroked her belly, then rubbed her love-button firmly as I teased and probed with lips and tongue. She was so ready for it and was climaxing in moments, her moans turning to screams of pleasure as she arched upwards, body trembling as she came.I looked at George, his cock now stood up rigid as he involuntarily showed his enjoyment of the show. I lay next to Ali as she recovered from the climax, stroking her gently and kissing mouth and neck.”George is feeling very horny,” I pointed out, “go and give him a blowjob, but not all the way. I want him struggling and frustrated.”I helped her off the bed, and onto her knees, letting her struggle to make her way to where her husband was sat helpless. She lowered her head to his erection, pumping up and down on his shaft, while I watched him carefully. As soon as I saw the first sign of him being near coming, I called to Ali.”Enough now,” I told her, “back to the bed.”George glared at me, clearly frustrated.”How do you feel George?” I asked, “annoyed? desperate? So how do you think a woman feels when the man finishes and she has not had time to come?”While he was thinking about that, I took one of Alison’s vibes from her bedside drawer. Her eyes opened wide as she saw it, and I smiled at her, pushing her further up the bed and lying between her wide-spread legs.The vibe slid in easily, and Ali could only lie helpless as I vibe-fucked her, slowing down every time I saw her nearing a climax until she was squirming, then plunging it in hard and seeing love-juices seeping from her slit as she came for me.Again, I stroked and kissed her as she got her breath back.”Time for George again, sweet sexy slut,” I murmured, “this time straddle him and start riding him, but only briefly.”She nodded obediently, walking awkwardly in the spreader bar, and turning as she reached him. His cock was stiff, and she had no trouble lowering herself onto it, squirming with pleasure, and starting to ride her more than willing husband.”That will do, Ali,” I called after a few minutes, “Alison, enough, I said!”She stopped reluctantly, glaring at me as she slowly stood. She really did hate having to stop when she was so near coming. George was not looking happy either, his cock still erect and twitching.”You wait until next time I have you,” Alison hissed to me as I moved her back to the bed. “I will make you beg to be allowed to come.”I smiled at her, bending to remove the spreader bar, then raising one of her legs. I straddled it, pushing our pussies together, then rubbed back and forth, slowing each time she looked close to coming, until I was getting desperate myself, then rocking harder and faster so we both came together.I fell on top of her, kissing her face and almost crying out at how good it felt to enjoy her beautiful body, She lay panting, chest rising so sexily as she got her breath back. Once she had recovered, I found her wireless remote vibe, sliding it into her soaking slit. I took the control over to George.”This is a control box for the vibe in your sexy wife’s sensitive slit,” I explained, “you turn it on with this button, and click here to turn it up. See if you can enjoy making her come for you.”George took hold of it eagerly, flicking the buttons and watching as Ali started squirming and wriggling helplessly. I knew from personal experience how impossible it was to resist coming with that buzzing away inside you, so it was no surprise to see Alison bucking and moaning as it took her higher and higher.She came, screaming her pleasure and with George smiling hugely. He turned it down slowly, watching as she relaxed, then turning it back to full, forcing another climax from his helpless wife.She lay twitching, sweat-covered, legs splayed wide and with love-juices seeping from her onto the quilt as I slid the vibe from her. I undid the straps on George’s arms and nodded at the bed.”Help yourself, George,” I told him, “she is more than ready for you.”He needed no second bidding and did not even take time to remove any clothing. Just let his pants fall, pushed his boxers down and lunged into Alison’s well-lubricated slit. She was pushing up to meet him, as he rough-fucked her, his hands gripping her hips to pull her onto him even harder, and Ali was moaning, bucking hard for him as she came.George was too aroused to care, and pulled her legs up onto his shoulder so he could plunge even deeper into her. Alison came and came until her husband exploded in her, thick creamy cum seeping from her as he withdrew.I slipped my dress back on and kissed Alison softly.”See you tomorrow, darling,” I murmured, “you made a wonderful sub.”She smiled, then suddenly became aware of something.”Marie, haven’t you forgotten something?” she called, “the handcuffs?””Oh, those?” I said airily, going to the bedroom door, “I gave George the key. I am sure he will release you when he has finished.   Well, almost sure. Have fun, sexy sub.”

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