A Satiny Halloween Pt. 03

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This is part 3 of this series. Thank you for your feedback and I’d welcome any thoughts and suggestions. People have been very helpful. This is a little different from some of my earlier stories. It’s a little more of a fetish kind of thing. Some people have liked it a lot and some others don’t like it or think it isn’t realistic. I will write some of my other kinds soon. I try very hard to see if I can figure out and be at least kind of accurate about some of what women think. I don’t do perfectly but I appreciate it when you write me and help me understand better. I try to use that in my stories. But as always this is a work of fantasy and not meant to be about perfect reality even if sometimes I use things or feelings that are real. I hope you enjoy part three.


Both Linda and Chris were thinking a lot while they were sleeping. Their thoughts were different but they were both thinking about what a wonderful night they had and thinking about tomorrow. Chris’s mind was almost overwhelmed. He never loved Halloween but it was becoming a favorite. He had started the day thinking about a long drive and a girlfriend who he was sure was getting tired of him or at least had never really warmed up to him. He thought the party would be boring but the house at the lake might be nice. Then the night took off. His girlfriend’s mother was always interesting to him but he didn’t expect her to dress all of them up the same, pay so much attention to him, be so supportive when her daughter basically dumped him for some stupid guy at the party.

He thought about the party. It wasn’t boring because he was dressed the same as the two women right down to his panties. Satin was stimulating and then having Linda pay so much attention and a panty blowjob and then the way she rubbed him and almost smothered him with her own masturbation on his face was incredible. And now he was still wearing panties, not the messy ones but another pair, and a camisole and in bed with her. It was just to sleep and she was right it made sense but every time she wiggled he felt her panties and her ass rubbing him. And she was a very restless sleeper.

He could picture her panties tight across her butt like when she bent to turn off the light. It all made him hard and just being hard was even more stimulating. He felt his hardness in his panties and it reminded him of the satin he was wearing and that cradled his manhood. It also made him realize that he was hard against Linda’s ass. She must be asleep because she didn’t notice. He tried once in a while to create a little space without moving away. He felt moving away would be rude since she had positioned them to start. But she was turning and twisting and moving restlessly in her sleep that her panties and his slid against each other over and over again. He stopped trying to create space because it just didn’t work. And that was okay because he liked the feeling anyway.

So he tried to sleep in the middle of an erotic fantasy come true. Even though he thought Linda was asleep she wasn’t. She was tired and would fall asleep soon but the night had been good for her too. She had plans but it was surprising when they worked out so perfectly.

She had always hated most of her daughter’s boyfriends and the kind of guy her daughter seemed to like. She was surprised by Chris but figured out that her daughter didn’t really like him much. When she figured out the two of them hadn’t done much or even gotten very close, she wasn’t surprised. Her daughter didn’t like him and Linda herself liked him a lot. That seemed to be the way things went between them most of the time.

Talking about Halloween made her think about spending more time around Chris even if her daughter annoyed her. Her daughter Janet’s comments gave her ideas and she nursed them and encouraged them until she had control of the weekend. Chris seemed perfect for one of her fantasies. She could tell he was distracted by lingerie and was a little quiet and obedient so she thought it would be fun for both of them.

And to do all of this at her uncle’s place was just right. The fact that Janet was a bitch made everything easier and more out in the open. Chris didn’t have trouble with anything and she was even able to give Janet a pretend name for the night after the annoying whore that Janet’s father left her for. She called her Marie and Janet acted like Marie. It made it fun to keep calling her Marie.

And Chris was the perfect panty playmate. Linda managed to stay wet all night from the moment she dressed him up. Even after a numbing orgasm she got from grinding on Chris’s face, she was still wet and feeling like a pot being kept warm.

She knew she couldn’t predict what would happen so she had a bunch of alternatives she packed for. But already she had him in a second outfit and managed to get him in her own bed. She liked wiggling against him. Restless sleep was a good cover and she knew every grind helped keep him hard. She kept telling herself, “that’s the younger man you dressed in sexy satin panties and then stole from your daughter. That’s his penis in panties you feel pressed canlı bahis şirketleri nice and warm against your satin covered ass.”

So the two of them lay there thinking and wiggling and dreaming until morning.

In the morning, the bright country sun woke them up. Linda rolled over and hugged him. She thought about trying to start something but changed her mind. Chris didn’t get up but he lay there thinking while Linda showered and got dressed.

She came over and said, “I threw a pair of khakis and your own shirt in the bathroom for you. I had bought a pair that would fit you in case we went somewhere that didn’t let you wear jeans. That’ll work for today. While you get ready, I’ll run and get coffee and some breakfast things. Let me know if the whore calls you trying to get us to pick her up.”

He got up and took a shower and shaved and got ready for the day. He looked around to get dressed and found the khakis and nothing else. So he went to the room he was supposed to sleep in and found his backpack but no shorts, no underwear. He was sure he packed them so he spent some time looking around but nothing. In the end he decided he might as well wear the panties. They were fresh when he went to bed and he’d have pants on so no one knew what his underwear looked like. It was just panties and everything else normal and everything.

He went down the stars and was looking around when Linda came back from the store. She had coffee and pastries. He didn’t drink coffee but he guessed he had to. It was more adult anyway. He sat down and started to dig in. Linda said, “it’s a great shop I went to. I think everyone in the area must go there. Oh, and I ran into Diana. I’m surprised she wasn’t more hung over but I invited her for lunch. So she’ll come by in a couple hours.”

Chris was a little surprised and nervous. “Maybe I should leave for an hour or something while you eat. She only met me in costume and it might be weird.”

Linda laughed, “Oh don’t be silly. It will be fine and she might not even remember. By the way, have you heard from the whore yet?”

Chris kind of liked it that Linda called her “the whore.” He stopped thinking of her as Janet, his former girlfriend, and now as the bitch Marie. Maybe Linda felt the same way. “No, nothing from her.”

Linda once had felt bad that her own daughter annoyed her. Part of it was because she was so much like Linda’s ex-husband who was always a jerk. As she got older, she realized that Janet was more and more like her father every day and treated everyone terribly. She was a huge jerk to Chris and he was such a nice guy. It made her happy to call her Marie and call her a whore and she was just waiting for her to call and have to beg for a ride.

They ate and then late in the morning Linda finally called Marie’s cell phone. “Hi Marie. This is Linda. We were wondering when we might hear from you. I don’t know what you’re doing or what you expect. What? That’s all right with us but how will you get all the way home today without a car? A group is going? I bet the asshole vampire is part of the group. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would offend you. Oh, you’ll have him take you to your friend Cindy’s apartment? Good plan. He can fuck you there instead of our living room. I’m sorry. I know it’s not like that. I’ll bring your clothes when we come back. What are you wearing today? Oh you borrowed something. Whatever. Bitch. No, what I said was have a nice trip.”

Linda hung up and smiled. “Did you hear that, honey? I’m glad she’s gone.”

She meant it. She had been trying to think of how to have more fun with Chris after Marie came back. Having Marie gone made everything better and easier.

An hour later, Diana came in with supplies for lunch. She and Linda were talking on the way in. “I’m so glad to be back at your uncle’s place. I really enjoyed it here and, Oh, hello, who’s this?”

Linda just said, “Chris, help Diana with her packages and put everything on the table.”

As he walked away, Diana stared like she was trying to remember something. But they all went in and sat down and she and Linda were talking away. Suddenly, as she was opening a bottle of wine she brought for lunch, she turned and looked at Chris. “Chris! Like Chrissy. That’s it. You were a princess last night. Holy shit, you’re good. I thought you were a woman. Damn, that’s awesome. And the third wheel went away Linda mentioned,” she turned and looked at Linda and smiled.

Linda talked quickly. “Chris is a good friend and a good partner for agreeing to wear that costume. We’re just having a relaxing weekend together and deciding what to do. It was my idea to treat the night like a play and see how long we could pretend. It went well.”

Diana was pouring wine and laughing. “Like a play, I guess that’s right. Or a trick on your friends. I was pretty drunk but I don’t think anyone even suspected. I think that’s the right way to play it. Look authentic and make sure you don’t see hints of anything. You have to go all in. Well, Chrissy, I mean Chris, good thing I didn’t know last night or I would have spoiled it.”

They canlı kaçak iddaa sat at the table and started to eat the sandwiches while Diana poured wine. Linda asked her, “Diana, you might have been drunk but I think I saw you sneak off with someone didn’t you?”

Diana was relaxed and spoke freely. “Oh yeah. It was a boring party I thought and I needed something. So I took that young man. I think it’s George’s nephew or something. Anyway, I had needs and he had the equipment. But that’s it. I took him to my car and didn’t even drive anywhere. I think I was on him in five minutes and he was done in another three. He was embarrassed but I think he’s not used to drinking and didn’t realize he was getting lucky. But not a great night for me. How about you guys? Did you stay late?”

Linda said, “No, after Marie made it clear she wanted the vampire, we stayed a little longer but came back here, had some wine, stared at the lake, we relaxed a lot. I’m sorry your young lover was a dud. You should have stayed at the party.”

They kept drinking and talking and eating lunch. Chris didn’t have a lot of wine with lunch. He wasn’t used to drinking at lunchtime. But the other two had enough.

Diana looked at Chris at one point. “Chris, I think I remember you wore a wig and maybe even a little makeup. Do you have experience in theater?”

Chris said, “Oh, no ma’am I don’t at least not real experience. Everything was Linda’s idea. She was really the mastermind of the whole thing.”

Dian thought it was cute that he called her ma’am. She wondered how open her friend would be about what they did. The idea was pretty sexy to her.

Linda added, “well not a mastermind but someone had to take charge and think about the details and come up with a good costume idea. I wanted something that wasn’t boring and maybe that would be a challenge. Chris doesn’t know anyone up here or at the party so it seemed like a good fun idea.”

Diana looked at her friend. “Details really make a difference. Did you buy the high heels special and what about the other pieces of the wardrobe? I’m curious how much detail is important to you.”

Chris was a little embarrassed but Linda wanted to share. “I went to this little store I know and found the right person. She helped with the details. The shoes were special and so was the lingerie. I wanted the three of us to all match or at least be the same but in different colors. The shop was very good at having matching sets but that were designed for a man’s anatomy. I knew it would be a good idea to have Chris in panties but I wanted those panties to have a space.”

Diana looked at Chris and smiled. It embarrassed him but she wasn’t making fun of him. She liked it. “Linda, what a great idea and how fun that Chris went along with it and wasn’t like some men who won’t take chances. Panties and heels help remind the person or the actor about the role they’re playing.”

Linda nodded. “Oh yes, and not just panties. Stockings and a garter belt and a bra too, stuffed to make the costume seem real. I think the panties help a lot though. The panties were satin panties because I think a man’s penis likes satin panties. And the penis has its own spot because I knew he might be hard. After all, he could feel his penis in his satin panties when he walked and just thinking that he was standing there in his panties made his penis hard in those panties. We stood there the whole party like we were two princesses talking but the whole time one princess had a penis and it was throbbing inside her panties. Chrissy could feel the stockings and the garters tight against her legs and the dress and then under it all a pair of satin panties tight against the penis pushing against them.”

Linda knew what she was doing and she kept looking at Chris who was almost shivering each time she said panties or penis. Chris felt the same way. He was gripping the table tight and knew he was hard. It was more exciting because the woman who used to be his girlfriend’s mom was talking about him and his penis and panties and doing it right in front of another woman.

Diana smiled. She didn’t know how all out Linda had gone but she loved it. She listened but looked at Chris the whole time Linda talked. She knew it affected him. Linda’s little speech was a little strange but she was pretty sure it was designed to tease Chris and she was right.

Diana leaned in a little. “Chris, honey, how old are you?”

Chris looked at her. “I don’t think it matters. Age is just a number. Once I reached 18 I didn’t see any reason to keep counting. You know.”

Diana nodded. That was what she wanted to check. “Chris I wish I had been here last night to help you guys get ready. I would love to have seen you in your pretty panties. A nice cock pulsing in panties.”

Linda interrupted. “Chris, I was thinking. You put the khakis on I put out for you? And when I went to the store this morning, I threw out the other tired clothes you brought. I really hope you didn’t decide to go commando in the nice pants I got you. No? I didn’t think so. That makes me happy because I know canlı kaçak bahis what that means.”

She turned to Diana, “You’ll understand this, Diana. His socks and his man pants were so boring and old that I simply had to throw them away. I had bought him another nice pair of panties that we put on him for bed last night so after his shower they were all he had.”

Diana looked at Chris. “So, tell me because I think I know. Right now, sitting here enjoying our after lunch wine, you are pretty? Underneath the pants is a hidden delight of satin and inside them is your cock?”

Chris nodded and tuned red. He was very embarrassed but he knew he was also excited and didn’t mind if Diana knew as long as she didn’t make fun of him and understood.

Linda smiled and said, “Don’t be embarrassed my darling. It makes us both happy. Diana is thinking about a nice penis throbbing in satin and lace because we thought about it and how nice it was to have a penis in panties nearby and out at a party with us. Diana likes panties and she likes penises. We both like to think about your penis in your panties.”

Diana looked at Linda. “Linda, I want to see. I just want a peek. I like the way it sounds but shouldn’t I get to see too? I’ll do whatever I have to do to earn the treat but I want to see.”

Chris was afraid and excited. It was weird that Diana was asking Linda not asking him. That was strange but it sort of made sense to him. If Linda wanted him to he would. He felt like he had decided for the whole weekend to let Linda plan everything and decide everything. When he heard she threw his clothes away, it didn’t bother him. It almost seemed sensible. After all, she knew best what he should wear and if she liked it that was the point. It would have seemed very strange to have two mature women talking about looking at him and talking about lingerie but right now, here at the lake, after everything that had happened, it seemed okay. But he wasn’t so different from the old person that he wasn’t still nervous.

Linda looked like she was thinking. “Okay, everyone grab your wine and come sit in here by the fireplace and get comfortable. I need to think about this.” As they walked into the next room and everyone sat down, Linda sat by Diana and talked. “Diana, I’m not sure what to do. I know Chris wants to be polite and helpful, don’t you Chris honey? Yes that’s what I thought. But we didn’t really dress him up to show off for special people. It was more casual than that. Really, I was just thinking it would be nice for him to spend the afternoon with me having his penis snug inside some panties before we decide what to do tonight. I know why you want to see. His penis is very nice inside his panties and it’s probably even hard right now, isn’t it Chris? I thought so. We’ve been talking a lot about panties and penises and your penis and your panties. I think hearing two women talk about your penis might be a little exciting. And there’s no shame from the panties because those two women like panties and like thinking your panties are holding your penis.”

Diana moved closer and was talking softly now. “That’s right Linda. I want to see. I don’t want to make fun of Chris’s pretty penis. I want to admire. I admire the two of you for having fun and being so adventurous. Please let me see?” She was smiling and running her finger on the other woman’s ear in a teasing and pleading way.

Diana looked at Chris and wanted him to feel right too. “Chris, I think you won’t mind if Linda shows me the pretty penis she captured and covered in satin. I’m jealous of her but I know how much fun you two are having. I know you won’t mind but if you do please just stop me and tell me not to keep going. Otherwise maybe you should stand up and walk over here on this side of the coffee table and stand next to Linda. I think she’d like that too. Come please.”

Chris was feeling his head spin like he was drunk but he hadn’t even had a whole glass of wine. He listened to Diana’s seductive voice, looked at Linda and stood up. Both women watched as he walked slowly around the table and stopped in front of them. Right in front of Linda but they were both close.

Diana breathed deeply. She liked the slowness of this. “That’s good, Chris. You are very good aren’t you? I’m so happy I’m getting to know you better. Now don’t move. Linda is going to stand up and she’s just going to lower your pants. She bought you the pants. Nice new pants for her pet or her partner. Now she’s going to lower them and show me how she’s decorated her friend. Come on, Linda. Be a good girl and show me.”

The atmosphere was hypnotic in the room. Chris was frozen in place. Linda breathed deeply and leaned forward. She looked into Chris’s eyes with a big smile. She wanted to do this. Diana was pushing her but it was something she wanted. When they were young together it was the same way. Diana pushed but Linda wanted it too, whatever it was. Right now, she was remembering last night and how much she had wanted to take this guy away from her daughter. How much she enjoyed dressing him and undressing him. She looked right into his eyes as she undid his belt, pulled it apart and unbuttoned the waistband of the pants she had picked for him. Then she slowly pulled the zipper down. It wasn’t loud but all three of them could hear it slowly unzipping. Then she paused.

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