A Trip North Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Again I remind and warn you, the reader. This is a true story and I have changed names, it also contains sexually explicit scenes between three consenting males and my wife. If this is not “your thing” then kindly find another story by some of the other fine writer’s here at Literotica.com. That way you won’t have to waste my time in reading, or yours in writing, about how if you had known you wouldn’t have bothered reading it. You’ve been forewarned.


I gave Pat a few minutes to recover and couldn’t help but keep glancing in the mirror. Pat sat quietly, her finger barely rubbing her clit as my cum still leaked down onto the seat. The boys sat and gazed at her nakedness and played with their quickly rising cocks.

I couldn’t help but envy their youth and the ability to recharge so rapidly. “You might want to think about getting decent. There’s a motel up the road here a few miles.”

The guys began getting their pants back up and I had to chuckle as I watched them trying to get hard cocks into tight pants. “Ah you guys might want to stay in the van until I get us registered and have a room.” They both laughed and nodded.

Pat gathered her clothes and moved up in the front seat. “Do you have a clean hankie?” I dug in my back pocket and handed it to her. She giggled as she refolded it and used it as a pad while pulling her panties up to hold it in place. “You haven’t filled me like that in a long time!” She glanced out the window and motioned. “Pull in there!”

I looked to where she was pointing and saw a Walgreen’s. I pulled into the parking lot and finding a space stopped the van and turned off the ignition, looking at Pat questioningly.

“I need a couple things.” I still wasn’t understanding and the look on my face must have shown that. “Some things to clean myself up!” Finally it sunk in and I raised my eyebrows and nodded. Pat laughed, “Well DUH! Jeez, you’re slow sometimes!”

The boys were still laughing when Pat came out a few minutes later and put a small bag on the floor by her legs. “Thank you, I’m all set we can go now.”

I smiled as I pulled into the parking lot and winked at her. “Finish getting dressed, I’ll be right back,” then headed into the motel. It took only a few minutes and I hopped back in the van. “We’ve got a ground floor over their on the far end.” I pointed to one of the end wings of the motel. “There is a place that delivers so I ordered a couple pizzas and they can include beer, so I had the motel guy call and order for us.”

From the chorus of all right, cool and I’m starved I figured that I had made a good decision. I found a parking space and gathering all things found our room.

Pat put her travel case on the bed and opened it up. “I need to get cleaned up, so if you gotta ‘go’ then hurry up.” We each took our turn in the bathroom while she waited patiently. In the meantime Pat got her things together, along with the little bag she had got at the drug store, and stood waiting in just a robe and panties. She laughed as we all stared as she walked into the bathroom, “Nothing you haven’t seen.”

Nothing was said for a few moments then Tom spoke up. “Damn I never would have believed something like this could happen.” Jack nodded in agreement. “Have you and Pat really done all those things? I mean from what just happened that’s a stupid question…but… it’s just…you know…”

I chuckled and nodded. “Oh yes, all that and then some. It’s been ‘interesting’ for about the past ten years.” I went on for a few minutes about how it had all started as fantasy and then how we had brought those fantasies to reality.

“Then that’s what is happening when you guys take a weekend and go to a motel?” Jack asked.

As I nodded there was a knock on the door. “Pizza is here. And yes that is usually what is going on.” I took the pizzas and the case of beer I had ordered. I could hear Pat’s hair dryer going and banged on the bathroom door. “Pizza’s here!”

Pat finished up doing her hair and came out with the robe wrapped tightly around her. Conversation while we ate was much as I suspected it would be. The boys still couldn’t get over what had happened and they were curious about things that Pat and I had done over the years. Picking up my beer and a clean pair of boxers I headed into the shower.

As I came back out Jack hopped up, “I’m next!” As he walked by I couldn’t help but notice there was a definite outline in his jeans. Tom looked towards the bathroom door to make sure Jack was gone and as I sat down in by the little desk he looked at Pat and me.

“Do you think some weekend we could plan on going to a motel?” He paused and took a drink. “I’d like to bring Tina down with me.”

I glanced at Pat and then to Tom. “We could probably work that out.” I smiled. “What do you have in mind?”

That was a rather redundant question as I knew there was only one reason, but I had to ask! He and Tina had been dating for over three years and they had been to the house a number tuzla escort of times.

Pat and I had often remarked on her beauty and what a nice couple they made. Tina was a tall young lady, standing close to six feet, which was a good match to Tom’s height. Long blonde hair that reached down to the small of her back and a fantastic set of legs! Whether in shorts or a skirt you first noticed her beautiful legs and then a heart shaped ass that you just wanted to reach out touch!

She was one of those people whose personality brightened up a room, and combined with her blue eyes and smile you were immediately attracted to her. She always wore a loose blouse or t-shirt, and Pat had said she guessed that Tina was probably only a small B cup.

Tom grinned, “We’ve had fantasies too. One of them which is my favorite, and Tina is curious, is seeing her get it on with another girl…and I was thinking…”

Pat’s eyes danced. “I’m sure that we could all get together, but you have to make sure she is interested in really doing that. You two make a great couple and you don’t want to mess that up.” She smiled.

Tom nodded emphatically. “For sure! I understand that.” He glanced at the bathroom door as we heard the shower turn off. “Is it ok if I tell her about what’s happened this weekend? I’ll be real careful though.”‘

The bathroom door opened as Jack came out. Pat understood that Tom didn’t want to discuss this in front of Jack and she just winked and nodded her head. “Go get your shower.”

Tom quickly got undressed and disappeared into the bathroom. Jack had just put on a pair of briefs and grabbing another beer sat down and smiled nervously. “I didn’t think I’d need too many clothes. You know?”

Pat glanced at me and smiling moved towards him. “I think you have too many on.” In the short space between the beds she let her robe fall to the floor and stood naked in front of him. “Way too many.” Hooking her fingers in the waistband she began pulling them down. Jack lifted slightly and Pat took them completely off and left them on the floor.

Kneeling between his thighs she took his semi-erect cock in her hand and slowly stroked the length. I felt my cock begin to harden and pulled it from the opening in my boxers. Jack looked down and watched Pat’s hands caress his cock and cup his ball’s.

“It’s so long and so slim Jack. Did I do good getting you off this afternoon?” She spoke directly to his cock and made a quick circle of the head with her tongue.

“Yes…YES…oh damn!” He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. Pat continued to slowly pump and lick around the head and down the shaft. He looked over at me and stared at my own fist moving slowly up and down my prick.

Pat looked up at Jack, then looking over her shoulder, followed his gaze. She turned back towards him and spoke softly. “Do you like watching that?”

“I…I…I’ve nev…never…”

“You’ve never jacked off…”

“Yes, I’ve done that. I mean…” His eyes remained fixed on my cock and fist.

“Oh, I see. You’ve never seen another guy jack off.” She took the head of Jack’s cock in her mouth. He groaned as she momentarily took and then released him. “Do you like watching it?”

“I think so…yes…” There was no mistaking the veins standing out along the shaft of his throbbing cock. Whether that was from what Pat was doing or what I was doing I wasn’t sure. The one thing I did know was that his eyes never left my moving fist.

“Honey, come here.” Her hand continued stroking his cock as she began caressing Jack’s lower belly with the other.

I stood and pushed my boxers down then stepped over next to them. Precum glistened over the head of my cock and Pat, turning slightly, took my cock into her mouth. Jack stared as, only inches from his face, the head and a portion of my shaft appeared and disappeared in her mouth.

Pat released me and looked at Jack. “The way your cock is throbbing in my hand I think you really liked that didn’t you?” She smiled.

“Y-y-y-yes-s-s-s…” He continued watching me.

Slowly Pat rose up until she was face to face with him then placed her lips on his. He didn’t pull away as I saw her tongue slip between his lips. Pulling away she smiled at him. “Do you like the taste?”

Jack nodded, “It’s..it’s different…”

“You know what I like to see…what really turns me on…” Pat gently picked up Jack’s hand and moved it towards my hard cock. I dropped my hand to my side as she put his hand on me and held it there.

I could feel the hesitancy in his touch, but he didn’t pull away. Slowly his fingers closed around me and Pat let her own hand fall away. She spoke softly to him. “Go ahead…stroke it…just like you do when you jack off.”

Ever so slowly his fist began pulling back and forth on me. The precum was flowing and began to glisten on his fingers. Noticing movement I glanced over to see Tom standing naked in the bathroom doorway. His cock was fully erect and he too was slowly tuzla rus escort stroking it. When he saw me looking at him he smiled and mouthed the word “damn!”

Pat took her finger and followed the outline of Jack’s lips then gently caressed his cheek. “Suck it for me Jack. I want to see you take his hard cock in your mouth.” I moved a little closer. “Look at how swollen the head is and all that precum going to waste.” Pat’s tongue snaked out and she licked around the head of my cock.

Tom had walked over and now stood at the edge of the bed watching us. His hand and cock now wet with his own precum. “Do it for her Jack. Do it.”

Pat’s hand went to the back of his neck; she had barely touched him as he began to lean forward. “Yes! Oh yes! Suck his cock for me!”

It was then that I first noticed that Pat had her hand between her own thighs and her fingers were working her clit to a frenzy. “Ahhhh damn-n-n-n!!” Jack’s mouth closed over the crown of my cock and his lips slid down my length until they met his fist.

“Holy fuck!!” Tom gasped! From where he was standing he could see my cock disappearing into Jack’s mouth and below that Pat’s fingers bringing herself off.

She was rapidly approaching her first orgasm. “That’s it honey…suck his cock! Take your hand and cup his balls!” Jack followed her directions and I felt his fingers gently cradle my balls. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum! YES suck his cock! Make him cum in your mouth! OH FUCK! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING-G-G!!!” Pat’s breasts bounced on her chest and her fingers were a blur as she climaxed. “AHHHHhhhhhhh….yesssss…”

I was doing everything in my power NOT to cum! But there was no holding it back! Jack gently rolled my balls in his fingers and he was sucking as much of my cock as he could get in his mouth. “CUM! CAN’T HOLD… OHGAWDFUCKINGDAMN-N-N-N!!” As I exploded Jack squeezed my balls and I felt him swallow my first load.

“Oh yes! That’s it baby! He tastes so GOOD!” He was having trouble taking my entire load and it leaked out around the corners of his mouth. Pat put her face next to his and began licking up what ran out of the corners of his lips.

“Ahhhhhh…ohhhh-h-h-h…” I was empty! Completely! My cock softened quickly and I pulled out and sat back down on the other bed trying to catch my breath.

Pat quickly covered Jack’s mouth with hers taking as much of my cum as she could before he swallowed what remained. As they kissed her fingers were still busy and she moaned as she brought herself off to another orgasm.

Breaking the kiss she looked over at Tom’s hard cock that was staring her in the face. “Lay down. I want to fuck that cock!” She pushed Tom back onto the bed behind Jack. She followed him as he fell back and straddled his hips. “I don’t know if I can take all that cock but fuck me!”

Tom reached down and held his cock up as Pat first took the head and then the shaft slowly began to disappear. “Oh fuck! You’re tight! Oh DAMN!” Tom watched as he slowly disappeared into her. “Your cunt is so hot and wet!”

“Oh damn it’s fucking big! Easy..easy..” Pat lowered herself slowly until she finally had his full length in her. She sat motionless then as she became accustomed to him she began to slowly slide up and down. “Umm… yes…” Tom cupped her breasts that hung down against his chest. “Ohhh yes!”

Like me Jack had watched the scene unfolding, only he was much closer. His cock, fully erect, dripped of precum as he moved behind them. Placing his knees on the edge of the bed he leaned forward and beginning at the base of Tom’s cock licked upwards, along the exposed shaft and then around Pat’s stretched cunt lips. He didn’t stop but continued upwards until his tongue circled her tight puckered back hole.

“OH FUCK!” Tom blurted out as he first felt Jack’s tongue on his cock. The outburst startled Pat and she looked down at Tom questioningly…but only for a moment.

“OH!” She understood as Jack’s tongue lapped at her outer swollen lips. “Ohhhh…” His tongue circled her puckered hole. “NO! Not there!” He had pushed his tongue inside her. “Ohhhh please…no-o-o-o…” She said ‘no’ but yet didn’t push him away.

I knew that she was really enjoying what Jack was doing as I had done it often, but in all the years she had never gotten into anal. We had tried from time to time but she said it always hurt. I was going to say something but decided to just sit quietly and watch and see what would happen.

Tom knew what Jack was doing and was wise enough to reach down between Pat’s thighs and begin to caress her clit. Pat seemed to forget what Jack was doing. “Yes Tommy…yes oh yes rub my clit!…ohhhHHHH”

Jack rubbed his fingers around his cock until they were coated with his precum and slowly inserted one of them into Pat that caused her to gasp. His tongue continued to circle and travel down over her outer cunt lips and down Tom’s throbbing cock, then back up to where he was slowly pressing his index finger into her.

“No-o-o-o tuzla sarışın escort ohhhhhh please-e-e-e…ahhhH-H-H-H…” She was pleading for Jack to stop yet at the same time she pushed back against his finger. When he began to pull his finger out she tried to follow it. “Don’t stop-p p-p-please-e-e-e…”

Jack looked over to me and smiled. I smiled back and winked. Putting two well coated fingers together he pressed back into Pat, not stopping until he was buried to the second knuckle, then began fucking her.

“OHHHH…AHHHH…FUCK-K-K-K!!!” All at the same time Pat was trying to push back against Jack’s fingers and down on Tom’s cock and forward against his finger that teased her clit.

I sat on the other bed holding my semi rigid cock, knowing that I had nothing left at the moment but it felt good in my hand. I had not been able to watch such a scene as this, nor had I ever seen Pat in this state of wanton sex.

“Oh gawd I’m going to cum again..Tommy don’t stop! Please don’t…ohhhhh fuck-k-k-k here I cum.” Pat’s body shook as she climaxed.

It was right at that moment that Jack, who with his free hand had been jacking off, raised up. The head of his cock shone with his precum juices. As Pat screamed with her orgasm he pulled both his fingers and pressed the slim head of his cock against her hole and arched his hips towards her.


I stared in amazement as half of Jack’s cock disappeared into Pat. That is where he stopped and suddenly began to groan. “Oh fuck! So fucking tight! Fucking tight!” Holding an asscheek in one hand he leaned forward and grasped her free breast and began rolling the hard nipple between his fingers. “Damn Tom! I can’t feel your cock throbbing!!” He began making short quick strokes into her violated hole.

“Oh shit Jack!!! Fuck! I can feel you…FUCK I’m going to cum!! Ohhhhfuckkkk…” Grabbing Pat’s other asscheek his hips began to pound into her.

It began as a groan deep in Jack’s throat then grew into a scream. “uuuhhhhggggrrrrry-y-y-yes-s-s-S-S-S-S!!” He slammed into her as far as he could go and sat motionless. I watched his balls rumble in the sac and the exposed part of his cock spasm. “FUCK-K-ME-E-E!” He was unloading his hot cum deep in Pat’s ass!

“NOW-W-W-W-W-W!!!! IT’S FUCKING NOW!!” Tom’s screams added to Jack’s. His hips bounced off the bed and his thighs slapped against Pat.

Everything became a blur to me, as another orgasm ripped through Pat and her screams mixed with the two boys. I was glad that there had only been a few cars in the parking lot because if anyone heard them they would have thought someone was getting murdered!!!

Pat pushed down and back against the cocks unloading in her. Jack fucked her until he was empty and Tom’s hips finally slowed. The smell of sex permeated the room and the only sound was of three people trying to regain control of their breathing.

Slowly Jack slipped off onto the bed, his now soft cock glistened with his cum. Pat took Tom’s face in her hands and smiling kissed him gently. “Thank you,” and slid off him and lay between the two boys. She pulled Jack towards her and gave him a kiss also. “Thank you too…I was hoping you would do that from the very beginning when I saw your cock this afternoon. It did hurt but gawd it was fantastic! I hope we can do it again.”

“You’re kidding!?” I gasped!

Pat looked at me and giggled. “No, from the first time this afternoon and I saw how slim his cock was,” She reached over and fondled Jack’s flaccid prick. “I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like.”

It was about right then that I realized the beer had made its way through and hopped up off the bed. “I’ll be right back!” and headed for the bathroom.

As I finished up I looked in the little trash basket and then understood exactly what she had purchased. There in the basket were two small containers, one was a douche and the other was the remains of where she had given herself an enema. I also understood that Jack must have noticed it also. I shook my head not believing that she had planned it, or hoped that it would happen.

The three of them were talking quietly as I walked back in and sat back down in my old spot. Pat was holding both their flaccid cocks as they each played with a nipple. She smiled at both of them, “I really need to get cleaned up.” Then looked over at me and smiled.

She wiggled off the bed and stepping towards me pushed my shoulder until I lay flat on the bed. Without stopping she crawled up on the bed alongside of me and swung her leg over my head, facing my feet. Looking under her she smiled, “It’s all for you lover.” She gasped as I reached out with my tongue and licked along the bottom of her slit. “Oh yes baby, do me…” The last thing I saw was her finger run down her slit as she settled her cum filled holes over my mouth.

Pressing my tongue up inside her cunt I felt the flow of Tom’s cum fill my mouth. I lifted her slightly so I could swallow, then pushing her slightly forward rimmed her puckered back hole before forcing my tongue in. Again I was provided a flow of Jack’s cum. For many years I had enjoyed taking her ‘leftovers’ whether from me or from another man, as well as Pat enjoyed having me do it.

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