A Warm White Christmas

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—- This story is a fictional fantasy based on the relationship between my loving boyfriend and myself. Names are changed. For anyone still holding out hope of closure on my other series, I will probably never write chapter 8. I just lost motivation and inspiration because I knew how I wanted it to end (no more hypnotic control and enjoying a summer vacation on a sailboat by the beach) but couldn’t get myself to write the part in between to get the story there. Hope people enjoy this little story though, even if it’s a few days after Christmas! —-


Marco fumbled with his keys before grabbing the correct one and sliding it home into the lock. The metal caught once before finally turning all the way. With his other gloved hand, Marco wrenched the door handle down while holding the key in place.

Warm air rushed to greet him. Marco wasted no time in hurrying inside onto the rug and slamming the door behind him. The house was toasty, but the real pleasure was the sudden lack of ten mph winds freezing his face. He sighed in contentment and kicked off his snowy boots and was as careful as ever to make sure they weren’t dripping on the wood.

Now that his nose was at least partially thawed out, he detected the scent of some sort of meat wafting into the foyer from the kitchen. Chicken perhaps? Marco hopped into his furry slippers and set off towards the kitchen, excited to see his boyfriend.

Marco reached the doorway to the kitchen and leaned against the polished wood as he looked inside. Toby was staring at a pot on the stove and wearing an expression of unrelenting boredom. Toby was wearing nothing other than a skimpy pink apron that fell maybe five inches above his knees. Other than the small strings holding it on his body across his lower back and neck, Toby’s entire backside from his ankle to his head was exposed.

Toby was wearing nothing else except the furry pink collar that Marco had latched onto his neck in the morning after ordering him into the apron. Marco had forbidden Toby from wearing anything else until he got back. It seemed as though Toby had obeyed. What a good boy.

Marco pushed away from the doorway and walked towards the stove. Toby glanced over and offered a cute smile and a little wink. Once in grabbing range, Marco rubbed the bare skin of Toby’s arms and leaned in to kiss Toby’s neck.

Toby shivered and tilted his neck like he always did to silently beg for more attention there. He gently pulled against Marco’s hands.

“Ohh you’re cold!” he whined.

Marco let go of his arms and reached his hands underneath the apron instead and fondled Toby’s tight abs and then tweaked his little nipples while continuing to plant kisses along his neck. Toby gasped and wiggled in pleasure and the front of his apron seemed to tent instantly.

“I see you’re still wearing the apron like I told you to. It’s definitely a nice sight to come home to. Too much white outside.”

“Of course, you know I’m always good,” said Toby.

“Oh yeah? I seem to remember your behavior differently usually.”

He reached down and stroked Toby’s dick a few times. Toby’s knees shook and he emitted a soft moan. Marco turned Toby around and pressed him against the counter and continued stroking as he kissed his boyfriend hard on the lips. He forced his tongue bahis firmaları into Toby’s warm mouth and his lover accepted it with a submissive grace. He loved the feeling of Toby moaning against his lips while he tried to kiss Marco back.

After a few minutes he had mercy and pulled his face away. Toby was breathing heavily and looked flushed. He ceased his teasing of Toby’s cock and gave it a flick with his finger.

“Were you a good boy with this big distraction today too? You didn’t jerk off or cum, did you? I know usually the second I look away you’re already jerking off to some dirty fantasy.”

“I didn’t. It was hard to resist though since it kept rubbing against the apron,” he said.

“Wow, such a good boy. You must be finally learning some discipline,” said Marco. He stroked Toby’s head, earning a little content smile. He grabbed one of Toby’s wrists and rubbed his hand against the crotch of his jeans.

“Oooo,” said Toby. “What’s this?”

“Your fault. I’ve been thinking about my little slut all collared and sexy alone at home while I was out today. Now you can take care of it though.”

“Me? I’m just so busy cooking though and you know I’m straight,” said Toby with a cocky expression as he looked at Marco’s crotch.

“Oh of course. This chicken would just be ruined if you didn’t continue to stare at it like you were when I got home,” said Marco.

“I love how understanding you always are,” said Toby. He turned away and began to stare intensely at the stove.

Marco quickly found the fuzzy cuffs where he had left them earlier and returned to quickly slap them onto Toby’s wrists behind his back.

“I’m being kidnapped!” he whined.


Marco turned Toby back around and kissed Toby’s pouting face and then pushed his shoulders hard until his boyfriend slid down to his knees on the floor. Marco knelt to grab the end of Toby’s leash and straightened back up. He passed the leash in between his legs and pulled it until Toby’s face was forced roughly against the bulge in his jeans. Marco humped Toby’s face gently for the next few moments.

“Kiss it gay boy.”

Toby rolled his eyes and planted a kiss on the denim.

“A big sloppy kiss,” said Marco.

Toby gave his bulge an exaggerated kiss.

“Good boy.”

Marco stepped over the leash and held it while pulling off his belt.

“You’re really wearing a belt with jeans again? What will my friends think of me dating a nerd.”

“What will my friends think of me dating a whore” asked Marco. He threw the belt away and tugged off his jeans, socks, and briefs. He tugged Toby’s leash until his boyfriend’s face was forced against his dick, which throbbed from the sudden contact. Marco grabbed his dick and slapped Toby’s helpless face with it and rubbed it all around and then slid it back and forth over Toby’s lips.

“Open up, I brought your favorite meal,” he taunted. Toby opened up obediently and Marco slid himself in. Toby grunted as Marco forced more and more of his length inside.

“Mmm that feels nice,” sighed Marco. “What do you think?”

Toby offered a muffled groan around the dick stuffing his lips. Marco pushed his hips until Toby’s head was resting against a cabinet and then began fucking Toby’s mouth. He leaned over the stove and looked into kaçak iddaa the pot.

“Looks tasty. Smells tasty too,” he said with a casual air. Marco pulled away from the cabinet and maneuvered the two of them a few feet over so he could sit in a chair. He wrapped the leash around his fist and began to use it to make Toby blow him while massaging Toby’s dick with a foot.

“Look up into my eyes while you suck my dick my precious little cocksucker,” he said. Toby looked up and moaned. “You like it when I call you my cocksucker? A grunt in response. “Maybe I should loan you out to my friends and watch while you swallow their dicks. Or maybe chain your face up against a gloryhole. Make you a proper little faggot for me,” he teased.

For the next few minutes, he couldn’t think of anything dirty to say and just enjoyed the sensations in his cock until he was ready to cum. When he was about to cum, he gently pushed Toby’s mouth off of his dick and then slid his wet cock around Toby’s face. He held Toby close with the leash and jerked off. Less than a minute later, he felt the familiar surge of an orgasm rushing through his body. Marco gasped and began to moan softly as he ejaculated. He pulled Toby closer and managed to get most of his cum all over his boyfriend’s face.

It was an arousing sight. Most of it had landed on Toby’s forehead, nose, and lips. The cum slowly oozed down his face. Marco let go of the leash and went to free Toby’s hands. Toby reached up for his face but Marco gave his butt a smack.

“Leave it. Maybe I’ll give you permission to clean your face when it’s dry later tonight.

“Okay, okay. You always take forever to cum,” said Toby.

“I’m sorry.” Marco glanced at the kitchen timer. “We still have a while before the food is ready if your timer is right. Want to be my puppy for a bit?”

“Mm okay.”

“We better get that apron off of you. I’ve never seen a puppy wear an apron, have you?”

“I might have.”

Marco smacked Toby’s butt hard.


“You don’t sound like my puppy either. How am I supposed to believe you’re my puppy?”

“Sorry,” Toby replied sarcastically while Marco untied the apron and flung it away.

“Such a bad boy,” said Marco. He pulled Toby’s leash until his boyfriend was in his lap and then began spanking him slowly and with increasing force each time. Soon, Toby’s ass was a pale red and his grunts of pain had become cute whimpers. Marco massaged the plump butt.

“Are you ready to be good and play now?”

“Arf!” Toby yipped half-heartedly.

“Good enough. Stand,” he ordered, standing up himself and tugging Toby’s leash until he rose to all fours. “Follow.” They moved to the bedroom and Marco found a purple dildo on the bedside table. He led Toby back into the living room, sat on the couch, and tossed the dildo across the floor.

“Fetch your bone Toby,” he said with a smirk. Toby set off after the dildo and picked it up sideways in his mouth and brought it back to Marco. He took the dildo and scratched Toby’s head until he began to make adorable panting noises with his tongue out. “Such a good boy.” He tossed the dildo again and they played like that for a little while until Toby was tired of crawling.

“Okay Toby, hold your bone in your mouth,” he said. Marco shoved the dildo into Toby’s kaçak bahis mouth until the base was sticking out. “Hot. Okay, now sit.” Toby moved to his stomach. “Roll over onto your back.”

Toby rolled onto his back and Marco sank to the floor and rubbed Toby’s smooth, tight stomach and teased Toby’s dick, making his boyfriend moan and wiggle from the welcome sensations. After a couple minutes of rubbing and petting, he began ordering Toby around again for a while until Toby was worn out and sweating a little.

“You look like you’re in heat. Maybe I should fuck that sexy little ass of yours.”

Toby offered an art of encouragement around the dildo.

“Good. Now, get in your presenting position.”

Toby lowered his head to the floor and pushed his ass up and wagged it gently.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

Marco went to the bed room to grab the lube, a towel, and some tissues. He returned to the living room where Toby was swaying his ass enticingly. Marco slid the towel underneath Toby’s knees and knelt on it himself and drizzled the cool lube over his cock, making sure he was nice and slick.

Once that was taken care of, he let some drizzle from the bottle over Toby’s hole. Once the lube was out of the way, Marco alligned himself and rubbed his dick against Toby’s hole for a few moments to let him relax, and then applied pressure until the tip of his cock slipped in. Toby grunted.

“Mmm that’s it,” said Marco quietly. He remained motionless for a couple minutes and then pushed in halfway, and let Toby relax more until he pushed himself fully in. “Good girl, Toby,” he said once finished leaning over Toby’s back and was kissing his neck. Toby whined and humped against Marco’s cock.

“Such a needy bitch you are,” giggled Marco. He straightened back up, grabbed Toby’s hips and began to fuck him gently.

Marco paused and lubed up his right hand and reached underneath Toby and started fucking him again while jerking Toby off. Toby instantly began whining louder and was meeting Marco’s thrusts. Time was lost as the two of them similarly lost themselves in the heat of passion.

After a while, Toby pushed Marco’s hand off of his dick.

“Mmm going to try to cum from just my cock?” asked Marco. “Going to cum from getting fucked like a dumb little slut?” Toby offered a muffled moan from around the dildo and nodded. Toby gradually grew more erratic until he gasped and began a very unmanly whimper. His muscles were squeezing down around Marcus’ dick and he was fucking himself intensely. Marco glanced to the side and saw a growing white mess on the towel.

“Gooood boy. Cum like a bitch,” he teased. Marco began smacking Toby’s ass and began cumming himself a few thrusts laters. “Mmmm take it, I’m filling you up babe,” he hissed. After his orgasm was spent, Marco paused for a few seconds and then gently pulled himself free of Toby’s hole. Toby stretched his legs and turned around.

“Lick up your mess puppy,” said Marco. Toby rolled his eyes but spit the dildo out and began lapping at the cum on the towel.

Marco cleaned everything up and then removed Toby’s collar. They stumbled to the bathroom together and enjoyed a steamy shower. Once the two were dry, they went downstairs and sat together until the food was ready. Toby had apparently eaten too much and was complaining about being fat as he pulled Marco to the bedroom and nestled against Marco’s stomach as the little spoon. He pulled Marco’s arm around him and before long the two of them were perfectly comfortable.

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