Adventures With Rose Ch. 02


The next day I walked over to Rose’s dorm room. She shared her place with a friend named Maria, who had her own boyfriend. She was always in and out balancing school, work, and spending time with him. I knocked on the door and Maria answered. She had on a pair of hot black spandex pants that had black mesh stripes on her legs. She invited me in and walked into the kitchen to finish making dinner for herself.

“Rose is in the bathroom; she’ll be out in a minute” she mentioned.

I was taking off my shoes and noticed Maria bending over to grab a pan from under the stove. The combination of the sun coming in from the window and her tight pants, I could see she was wearing a black thong. The view was fantastic and lucky for me, she spent a good 15-20 seconds trying to get the right pan out. All I could do was stand there and enjoy the view. Soon after, Rose came out and we hung out for a while watching TV in the living room. A show or two went by and Maria left for work, so, Rose and I had the place to ourselves. Rose asked if I wanted to go hang out in her room. I never object to going to her room so off we went. I walked in and noticed her underwear was poured out on the bed.

“Woah what’s going on here?” I asked.

She replied, “oh yeah, I’m just going through my underwear drawer just getting rid of old pairs and the ones I don’t have interest in anymore.”

She mentioned to me “hey do you want to go shopping with me? I’d like your opinion on new ones!”

I replied “sure” while not letting on too much of the excitement I had inside.

Rose was finding out little by little my interest in underwear and had been recently tapping into the fun she could create with it. She looked over at me and smiled while taking a finger and circled around my cock over my pants.

She said, “I’ve been thinking about trying different styles and I want to get sexier ones too.”

I nodded and tried to play it cool. I scanned over her bed and noticed she probably had 5 or 6 thongs, the rest were briefs or bikini style underwear. Most were just basic solid colors from brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom that she probably had from her mom buying her underwear or something. I could see why she wanted to change it up a bit. She saw me staring and could tell I was getting excited seeing the lovely spread.

“What’s your favorite pair? This lace thong? Should I get more like this?” She teased and dangled them in the air. “Or how about this white cotton thong you got to enjoy seeing at school yesterday?”

“I love the waistband on those” I replied.

She looked at them and said “oh, Victoria’s secret. You wanna go there and get some more?” She flung them at me and said “let’s go.”

We hopped in the car and drove over to the mall and headed straight for Victoria’s Secret. I casually looked around as she started digging in drawers. They had so much sexy lingerie laid out.

She looked up at me and pulled out a double string bikini “what do you think of these?”

“Yeah those look great” I replied with a smile and interest.

“Ohh I’ve never tried these,” she exclaimed as she held up a pair of lace cheekies.

“I think your ass will look amazing in those” I replied while I tried not to let my mouth hang open. I couldn’t wait to see her try them out.

After browsing the tables, a bit longer, this hot employee in black dress pants and a white collared shirt came up to me. I couldn’t help but notice her black bra outline that showed through her shirt. Rose was on the other side of the store getting her breasts measured for new bras.

The girl started with “What brings you in today?”

I shyly spoke up “Oh just here with my girlfriend looking to update her underwear drawer.”

“Oooo” she remarked back with a wink. “Do you have any questions?”

Curiosity and boldness came over me “What do you recommend? Is there a certain style you wear?”

She antalya seks hikayeleri seemed a little caught off guard at first but then confidently responded with “well I keep all different styles depending on what I’m in the mood for and what I’m wearing over them. For example, today I’m wearing a black G-string, so I don’t show underwear lines.”

At that moment she turned to her side, took her pant waist band and showed me a little glance of her tiny G-string. I couldn’t believe she did that.

I attempted to dig further “so do you prefer G-strings over thongs then?”

“I do. I don’t even notice it because it’s so small.” She replied.

“When did you start wearing thongs and G-strings?” I inquired.

“Well my friend started wearing them in middle school and showed me her first few pairs. I’ll never forget thinking how cute they were. She had this one pair that had cherries on them. Then, another that featured Betty Boop. Finally, she had a pink thong with white polka dots. I had to give them a try, so she took me shopping that day.” She explained.

“What did you end up getting your first time?” I asked with curiosity.

“I ended up getting a silk blue thong, a white G-string, and a red cotton thong.” She told me.

I smiled and couldn’t help picturing each type of panty on her. I quickly changed the subject as I noticed Rose wrapping up with the other salesgirl.

“So what would you recommend I get for my girl?” I asked.

She smiled and took me right over to the riskiest panties they had. She held up a crotchless thong with a triple string waste band “would these work for you?”

I snatched them and remarked “hell yeah!” with excitement. She had a big smile knowing I would approve. She also showed me some garter belts that looked incredibly hot. I brought them over to Rose and showed her what I added to the collection and she nodded and approved with a dirty grin. She showed me a new hot pink lace push-up bra she got along with a pair of silk panties.

She whispered in my ear “I want you to rub your cock on my ass when I wear these.”

She nearly knocked the wind out of me “You bet.” I replied.

She bought two or three of each style she didn’t already own including: boy-shorts, cheekies, and more string bikinis. This was in addition to a few more thongs and G-strings to add to her collection. She got all sorts of attractive colors and materials like red lace and black mesh plus she made sure to get every color of the rainbow of my favorite VS signature panties. One thing I didn’t expect was when we checked out at the register the girl that I was talking to said “Because of your large purchase we’re throwing in a black G-string.” Rose was distracted digging around in her purse and pulled out a coupon she had. As she was doing this the girl employee pulled her waistband out to the side again and revealed to me that she didn’t have her G-string on anymore. She put her finger up to her mouth and gave a quiet “shhh”. I couldn’t believe she just gave my girlfriend her G-string without her knowing. We both winked at each other and Rose and I left soon after.

As we left, Rose surprised me by mentioning “you know I think we should go shopping for you to try a few new styles.”

I paused for a moment just a little stunned and then replied “yeah sure why not!”

I was dying with curiosity to see what she had in mind. We headed to a high-end department store that had a few more choices than the basic Walmart store would have. I typically just wore boxer briefs and boxers, so I had quite the experimenting I needed to do.

We started looking around and we found a brand called 2xist that had a style called sport brief. It was basically a string bikini but had a wider waistband. Rose thought it looked sexy, so we grabbed a pair. We also found underwear from Calvin Klein’s steel collection. It had a wide waistband that looked hot, I ended up grabbing a pair of boxer briefs and hip briefs. The material was microfiber, they were super soft and comfortable. We kept looking until Rose came across a men’s thong! I was shocked. Typically, stores don’t have those.

She commented “oh my gosh! These would be so hot on you. You gotta try them out!”

I remarked “well I suppose since you wear them, I guess I could give them a try.”

I was giddy inside. I always wanted to try one just to see what it would feel like. They had them in black and white, I decided to go for the black pair. Finally, in the clearance section Rose found a jock strap. Her mouth was wide open in disbelief. “We are SO getting these. I can’t wait to see your bare ass in them.”

I blushed a little and took a closer look. They had a teal one and lime green one. Rose thought the lime green one looked cool. So, we threw it in the cart. We decided that we had purchased enough for one day and drove back to her apartment.

As soon as we arrived, we went straight to her bedroom. Rose immediately pushed me down on her bed where all of her panties were still laying.

“Would you like me to model some of these for you?”

“Heck yes” I replied as she was already stripping off her shirt and pants.

She went into the bathroom with her shiny pink Victoria’s Secret bag. As she got changed, I took off my button-down shirt and took a moment to peek at more of her underwear that was laid out. She came out soon after in a bright red lace cheeky style panty. She headed toward me and turned around to show off her ass. I was loving how these teased a view of her butt cheeks. She backed up and started grinding against me. My cock was already as hard as could be.

She noticed right away commenting “it looks like someone wants a little attention.”

She turned back around, undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and discovered a wet spot already on my boxer briefs. She started rubbing my cock with her hands through my underwear. I could see the cum spot get bigger as she rubbed me over and over. All I could do was look back and forth from her ass to her hand rubbing my cock. She teased me by bringing her mouth close to my bulging cock.

She looked up and said, “I think you should try on your new thong.” She picked up the shopping bag and dug it out. She threw me the thong and mentioned that she would be right back. I took off my clothes, ripped off the tag and slowly put the thong on. The soft fabric in the back fit nicely right between my ass cheeks and I was surprised by the support that the front pouch offered. I walked over to Rose’s mirror and checked it out. I felt quite sexy in it, then I heard a whistle from behind me.

I turned around to see Rose in a hot pink silk string bikini. She gave me a little show by bracing herself against the wall with one hand and rubbing her ass with her other hand. She worked her hand further back and started teasing the back of her pussy. I loved watching her face as she showed pleasure and enjoyment from rubbing herself. She eventually came over and started kissing me. She grabbed my ass with one hand while the other was gripping my hair behind my head. I mirrored her hands and did the same thing to her. We made out intensely. I could tell she liked how it felt to grab my bare ass. I was loving how her ass felt in that soft silky fabric. Her hand slowly followed my waistband little by little around to my throbbing cock. She grabbed my cock and felt the pouch of the thong around my package. She played for a little bit and then pulled my dripping wet cock out, turned around and leaned over the bed. She surprised me and reached inside her panties to pull up the black G-string that belonged to the girl at the store. The view was so hot and nearly sent me over the edge knowing that someone else’s pussy was in the same G-string not too long ago.

Rose said to me “grind that cock right against my ass.”

I started grinding back and forth over and over. Feeling my cock slipping back and forth against that slippery silky ass was heavenly. She reached around and grabbed the side elastic of her silk panties and wrapped it over my cock. My cock was surrounded by silk. I could feel cum building to the tip of my cock. I pulled the back of my thong up as high as it would go. It pressed against my ass hole. As I did, it shot a pulse of electricity and pleasure throughout my body.

Rose saw how excited I was and started to encourage me “I want your cum to explode all over these panties. I want to see you cover my panty ass with it. Your cock against my ass feels so good.”

I pulled her black G-string as high as it would go and heard her moan with pleasure. That sent me over the edge, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I sent a stream of cum from her silky panties all the way to the top of her G-string, it was practically halfway up her back. My cock was pulsing cum out over and over. I made a nice pool of cum on her silk panties. She took them off and started licking slowly. I loved watching her moan as she enjoyed my cum. Once she swallowed the last drop, I pushed her back on the bed and started kissing her neck.

I made my way to her ear and whispered, “your turn.”

I looked over and saw she brought her Victoria’s Secret bag next to the bed. I quickly reached over and dug in the bag until I found the crotchless thong. She put them on, and I marveled how it looked to see her pussy lips between two strings. I started by kissing her inner thigh. I passed over her pussy and slowly kissed my way up to her breasts and firmly licked her nipples twice. I continued moving upwards to her neck. I had my cock back in my thong and decided to lower my body until I rested my package right on her pussy lips. I started to grind her slowly as she started to breathe a little heavier. I sucked on her flesh giving her a hickey near the back of her neck. The pressure from me sucking so hard was getting her excited. She grabbed my ass and started grinding harder against me. We continued for a bit until I felt my hickey was complete. I reached over to her nightstand and grabbed her vibrator. I moved off to the side of her and put it right by her pussy opening. I started by just putting the tip of it in and out at a slow pace. While I was doing that, I started to circle my tongue around her breasts. Since I already warmed her up, I noticed the vibrator was easily slipping into her pussy deeper. I could tell she was yearning for me to really pound her with it. I looked down and loved the sight of the vibrator fucking her while she was wearing that hot, triple-string, crotchless thong. I turned on the vibrator and she let out a moan of pleasure. I started tongue flicking her nipple.

She started to say “faster, faster, faster.”

Then, she started rubbing her clit nonstop while she screamed with pleasure. I started slamming that vibrator in her over and over. By now, she was screaming “don’t stop, don’t stop!!” She got to the point when she couldn’t hold back any longer and her entire body began to shake with her huge orgasm. She wrapped her arms around me tightly; as her orgasm was waving through her body. When her climax started fade and her body began to relax, her eyes locked with mine. I could tell she was so happy and satisfied. She brought me close and started to kiss me passionately over and over. Our tongues locked together as we enjoyed each other’s closeness. I couldn’t help but put my hand to her waist and interweave my fingers in her triple string straps to play around a little while longer as we continued to make out.

Eventually, we got around to sorting through all of her panties and threw away all of the old boring ones, while we added all of the new ones. I, of course, decided to stay in just my thong while we admired each new pair. I bent over to pickup a pair from the floor, Rose slapped me on my ass and remarked “We’ll have to go shopping more often.” I replied with a smile “I could get used to this.”

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