Affair with Client


This is about an affair I have been having a man. I do feel guilty about it, but I’m not quite ready to give it up. I was married to my husband Dan and our marriage had been fine for the most part. For the longest time I was simply a subdued housewife, but eventually I got too bored of it and took steps to be something more, and so I became a realtor, and a successful one at that.

Eventually I started making more money than Dan, and began to look down on his lack of ambition. I drive a Mercedes, wear stylish clothes, have lots of friends, and I know all of these are just materialistic things, but it makes me feel like the dominant one in the relationship. Dan knows this, and it’s translated into our sex life consisting of him eating me all out usually or me giving him a pity handjob.

Not that I regret anything, but I do feel jealous sometimes of my married colleagues that married big shots that earn a lot of respect. And once in a while I go to clubs with my single friends, and flirt with men. My parents were a bit racist when I was young, and I think for some reason related to that, I tend to be especially flirty with black men at the clubs, but it’s never gone beyond anything but grinding on the dance floor and letting them feel my body a just a little. I do have to admit though, later that night I always end up having the best orgasm while masturbating.

I’m only 34 years old, have pale white skin, black hair, green eyes, small perky breasts, and a round bubble butt on a small, thin frame.

This started when a co-worker asked if I could fill for her at a closing for a client. I gladly accepted, and she gave me the details.

I showed up and met the client. His name was Chris. He was tall, with a moderately athletic body, and he was black, which was rare in our clientele. He had an innocent, constant smile on his face that I liked and I learned he was going to be the manager running a new department store in the area. He had very nice cologne that made me sit close to him. Chris was the exact kind of guy I’d probably fantasize about after going to a club. The closing went as expected, and I promised to bring him a welcoming gift after he’s settled in.

A few days went by, and I drove by in front of the house and saw a car there so I pulled into the driveway and ringed the doorbell.

Chris answered the door, with only gym shorts on, and said, “what’s up, come in.”

I said, “hi,” and stepped inside, and couldn’t help but look at his body. I added, “I hope it’s not a bad time.”

He caught me off, saying, “no it’s cool. Getting stuff unpacked little by little. Did you come by just to see me?” he asked all cocky.

I laughed a little, “Brought a little housewarming gift,” I said, handing him the gift – a flower vase with flowers in it.

“Thank you,” he responded, setting it in the center of his coffee table.

“So, how do you like the place? Are you familiar with the area?” I asked.

He said, “I love it here. I don’t know where anything is at though. Could you tell me where the clubs are. Where would a lady like yourself go Saturday night?” he asked.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, but just laughed, and said, “Creek street in downtown is what you want. Once in a while I have a girl’s night out there and it’s a blast.”

“With an ass like yours I bet you get hit on all the time by black men,” he responded, and laughed a little.

I nervously laughed, and said, “not as much as my friends. I figured my ass is too small for black men.”

I blushed as he locked eyes with me, and he responded, “is that what you think? Let me see.”

I hesitated, and he took one step to the side of me, so I turned away from him, a little nervous. He put his hands on my hips and slid them up and down a couple times, and then lightly slapped my ass, which put an electric shock through my body. I felt myself get wet immediately.

I turned around, and said, “well my husband.. gets my ass,” I awkwardly said, and I felt like it was time to leave now, but hesitated.

Chris grabbed my hand, and pulled me down so that we were both sitting side by side on the couch. He leaned back, and spread his arms out.

“Does he go to clubs with you?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“No, he’s not into that,” I told him, looking down.

“That sucks, I’d be showing you off everywhere,” he said.

That made me smile. Then he added, “how long have you been married?”

“Fifteen – almost sixteen years.”

“Wow you got married young,” he reminded me.

I chuckled, and said, “I know,” looking down.

“It sounds like your husband doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you,” he said, and then he took my hand, and kissed it. This made me melt in his hands, and I think he realized he had me at this point.

I just said, “thanks,” blushing a little.

He turned towards me, and tilted my head back and started kissing my clavicles.

I whispered, “I don’t think I can.”

He started rubbing my thigh, and added, “let me show you how much I’d appreciate your body.”

Then I felt his hand going over my shirt to squeeze my breasts, while he kissed my neck more.

When his lips released, I turned around and put my hands on his head, and we pushed our lips together. I opened my eyes to see the contrast against his skin, and then felt his stomach with my hands.

He started kissing my chin, down to the front of my neck, and he grabbed my hair and tugged it down to tilt my head back. I let out a little moan, as I loved this feeling of dominance and control he had over me.

We both stood up together. I started to pull up my shirt, and he grabbed it from me and threw it somewhere He kissed my breasts vigorously above my bra. I released my hands from him to undo my bra, and let it fall to the floor. He started flicking his tongue around my hard nipples, while I held his head close to them.

I could now feel his penis through his shorts pressing against my body and felt nervous it may be too big but at this point I was all his either way. I reached with one hand to feel his penis through his shorts, but he grabbed my hand and brought me to his bedroom.

He pulled down my jeans to the floor and bent over to kiss my legs, and kissing my thighs, as he slowly stood back up.

I felt as though it were my turn, and I started pulling down his gym shorts slowly. I could see the base of his penis, and got on my knees in front of him to continue. I looked up, seeing him watch me with a cool, relaxed look, and pulled them the rest of the way down. His enormous penis sprang forward, now free.

“It’s so big,” I whispered, holding it with one hand, and then the other, pointing it up so I could see his balls too. I started to go for it, and lick his balls first. Just getting them wet with my tongue, and then putting my mouth all over them. I I used one hand to rub my clitoris now and then, while he started running his fingers through my hair.

After a minute or so I felt the head with my tongue, and kept one hand around the base, slowly stroking it. I’ve never felt a penis big enough to have so much to explore. I moved my tongue up and down it, and then started to suck it, bobbing my head up and down with what little I could fit in my mouth at a time. I wasn’t very well versed on this, as the only person I had ever given a blowjob to was Dan, and Dan was maybe half this size, and that was a long time ago.

After a little while he started to bend over, and felt my breasts, and said, “get on the bed.”

I stood up, and kissed his stomach, and then his lips. He assertively pushed me on the bed, and got on top of me. He sucked one of my breasts, and I reached down with one hand to feel his penis. I was anxious for it in a way I had never been before – I was so wet.

He hunched over a little more, and I guided it into me. All my wetness made it easier, but he still had to be gentle and slow with me as it was so large. I spread my legs and tried wrapping them around him, and put my hands on his butt. He kissed my shoulders, and went slowly deeper and deeper. I was impatient myself, but tried to just tolerate the pain. I let out a little cry, but quickly also moaned after, “yeaaaaah,” reflecting the pleasure and pain.

I started to feel the muscles on his chest and stomach. “Beat that pussy,” I said, repeating something I heard from a porn video I watched. It hurt some, but I was eager to be taken hard. Maybe I wanted to experience just a little pain. It didn’t even hurt this much losing my virginity. He went faster and harder, so I encouraged him one more time, remembering my parents would disown me if they knew this happened, and said, “beat my white, married pussy.”

I felt electricity flowing through my body. I was moaning louder, and started to feel my toes curling, and knew an orgasm was coming. He started pounding me harder. “Ahh – ahhh – ahhh,” I silently shouted, with each thrust. I clenched my teeth, and let out, “ooooooh.” I felt an explosion of ectasy, and took a moment to catch my breath. I saw the glistening of sweat on the both of us.

Chris put a hand around me, and lifted me up so that I was now riding him, with his penis still in me. He was still pounding me hard though, thrusting his body upwards into me repeatedly. I could feel my watery eyes now dripping onto my cheeks.

I tried to say something but the thrust of his penis deep into me and caught me off guard, making me let out another moan of pleasure. I leaned forward to kiss his cheeks, kiss his mouth, all over and sloppy. I felt the intense urge to show him affection. He put his hands on my breasts, and so I tried lifting them a little to reach him as he hunched his head over just a little so his mouth could reach them better.

Then he motioned for me to get up and turn around in front of him. I got on my knees on his bed, and felt his hands on my ass. I turned around just my head, to kiss him, and felt one of his hands on my breasts, and the other gently rubbing my clitoris. Then he pushed me gently onto the bed, so that my ass was in the air against him, and my head was in his pillows. I felt his penis enter me again, this time much more easily of course. I let out a big moan right away.

He put one finger in my mouth like a hook, and I licked it and sucked it some, eagerly. Then he put that finger in the tip of my asshole. I reached back to rub my clitoris with one hand, and felt his balls bouncing against me. I squeezed bits of the blankets on the bed with my other hand, and started moaning – “aahhh, ahhh” with his rhythm. I heard him grunt and moan a little, and then the surge of warmth erupt deep in me. The thought of his baby juice in my stomach made me instantly orgasm one more time. I felt so tingly and giggly at this point.

I felt his penis leave my body, and he lay down, and I rolled over. I could feel his warm sperm slowly running down my inner thigh area. I never felt so proud, if that’s the word, to feel that.

He kissed me on the cheek. I said, “glad I could help christen the house with you,” and we both laughed. I did feel guilty, but felt like I had been missing out on this all along. There’s no way this could be a one time thing.

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