Afraid of Heights: Hotel Encounter

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Niagara Falls has a hotel that’s over forty storeys high. Some rooms look over the falls, and across the Niagara River from Canada into New York State. Some have a view of Clifton Hill to the East. There are many conferences held in the city, and I had been attending one of them. I’d grown accustomed to having a drink in hotel bars until late on trips like these, and never with fellow conference-goers. That felt too much like work to me, and I valued my time alone and away from the day’s fray. On this night, the weather was freezing rain, and the bartender, a woman in her thirties, mentioned that she wasn’t looking forward to her forty-five minute drive home tonight – that she couldn’t face driving in freezing rain. And I sympathized. She and I had done a couple of shots together by about midnight, and had begun to chat as the bar emptied. Her name was Karen.

Karen mentioned my ring. I acknowledged. I told her that I’d be up late, and if she’d like a night cap, and to use my shower after her long shift, she was most welcome. And that the rooms were nice here. She rolled her eyes. Obviously I had made genuine attempts at flirting using playful discourse over the last couple of hours. They landed with the efficacy and adhesion of bad puns, at best. We did exchange numbers, however, and I left the bar.

Karen was blonde, and a worker. She was muscular from what was probably years of hoisting kegs and stacks of glasses, and she moved quickly and purposefully at her work. Her attractiveness was in her wry wit; intelligence shone through her banter. Her breasts were average and hips were narrow for a woman her height, I had thought, and her tummy pretty tight – another sign of her physical work activity. She had wide blue eyes and bleached white teeth. I reflected on her appearance up the elevator, poured myself a drink and masturbated to her the moment I stepped into my room. I came into a hand towel. I didn’t bother to turn off the lights. Who would be looking up to the forty-first floor? Besides, I liked seeing the reflection of the straight back and forward thrust hips, cock-pulling profile that was keeping me company, in my floor to ceiling windows.

My wife would never text at 2:10 a.m.

Karen had locked up for the night, walked to her car which was parked above ground, and had texted to ask me if I had an ice scraper in my car, as hers was entirely coated in a thick sheet of ice, compliments of minus three degrees weather, a stiff wind, and the frigid spray from the Falls. I texted her my room number, 4101, and explained that she was welcome to retrieve Kocaeli Escort my car key to help herself to one of mine, so long as she returned my key.

There was a pause before she replied.

‘No fucking way.’

What? …the three dots indicating that a text was being written…

‘I’m deathly afraid of heights.’

And then Karen went on to text that she would take the elevator to my floor, and come to my door but with the caveat that I was to close every curtain, and turn on the lights so that she would not catch even a glimpse of the view from up there. I did so, and poured some regional wine into two glasses.

When she arrived at my door, Karen looked ashen. Saying nothing, she took the drink from my hand and downed it, and handed the glass back to me, motioning with it for me to pour another. I did. I invited her in. Windows lined two walls of this corner room but all of the heavy drapery was tightly closed. I had moved the arm chair far to the interior of the room and close to the bed, and rolled my desk chair up tight to the desk. Her eyes darted as she breathed through every step forward, inching at first, and then a few quick, small strides to the arm chair. She sat down.

‘What were you watching? “…Vintage?”‘

I had left two tabs open on my computer. One was an email tab, which lay beneath the other: a video player screen that had reached the end from a ‘Youporn’ page, with the title that read, “Vintage”. I felt like – because I had been that night – a complete pervert. How embarrassing! But revealing my recent browsing history helped to ‘break the ice’. Karen used porn, had a few ‘gifs’ on her phone she liked to scroll to once in a while, and even at work behind the bar on occasion, she said. Then a third glass of wine. She said that she appreciated a hairy pussy too, slurring a little. There would be no driving home tonight. She let her keys fall to the floor, while she sipped the remaining wine from her glass.

‘Guess I’m staying.’

With that, she unhooked her bra under her shirt, and pulled it out from her sleeve. It landed on the floor next to her keys. She sighed, and leaned back in the chair – the buzz in full effect.

‘Let me show you this. Please.’

There was no doubt that Karen was curious. The view was among the most beautiful and unique in this part of southern Ontario, and she knew she would be missing out by not looking. But she was nodding her head, ‘no’. Then, finally, with a deep breath, she rolled forward onto her hands and knees, and began to crawl-shuffle Kocaeli Escort Bayan her way to where I was now standing, which was next to one of the windows. I got down on my knees too, and opened the gap in the drapes a little bit. Eventually, and after much hesitation, she was next to me, on all fours (for stability as if she may tumble over the edge of the sill if she stood), and took in the breathtaking vista of the Falls at night – the Ferris wheel lit up on Clifton Hill, the hotels dotted across the landscape, three large casinos, brightly lit, and the American and Canadian Falls, also lit, misting high in the night air.

I reached around her back and hooked my fingers under her blonde hair opposite my side, and pulled it back and away from her eyes. Her hair was soft. I tucked it behind her ear. Then I began to rub her shoulder, and back, finding the inside of her shoulder blade and searching for tightness and knots. She asked me to let the curtain fall closed, and took her top off while she sat back on her heels. I rounded behind her and continued my work on her back, and neck, and shoulders – moisturizer from the bathroom – then back to work. I kissed her neck, and moved to her breasts which were bare. Her nipples were becoming erect from touch. Her breath was becoming deeper and more audible. Her knots were loosening too. She reached around to feel my thighs and I opened the button on my pants, and pulled them off. I hadn’t bothered to put underwear back on after I came a couple of hours prior. I let my cock lay between her shoulder blades while I reached over her shoulders and tugged at her nipples more decisively.

‘Can I see again?’

I stopped and stood up, pulling the drape aside a full pane-width, and returned to kneel next to her. My erect cock in full view of the glass and anyone from neighbouring towers, as were her breasts – the two of us, silent and still. She rolled back and pulled down her tights and panties in one motion and kicked them off and I removed my shirt. Her pussy had been shaved but not for some time; blonde pubic hair growth starting. She reached and started to stroke my cock and I fingered her increasingly wet slit, probing slightly deeper each time I pressed my middle finger in. I let myself moan quietly while we masturbated each other.

She leaned forward, back onto her hands and then to her elbows, arching her back and lowering her head to rest her forehead on the carpeted floor. Karen’s ass was high and her pussy full from the back. I pushed my cock up between her pink lips and Escort Kocaeli drove down and in, kneading her ass and hips firmly out and then squeezing them in when I pulled back. Pushed again, gliding into her. Karen was moaning this time, moving her head from the floor and rearing it back, then resting it again while I fucked her smoothly, pushing my length to the edge of her cervix each time I thrust. I had cum once already: I was in no hurry to cum again, so I paced our fuck, fast, then slow, always long and smooth thrusts and I reached under her to finger her clit while I did it. The muscles in her neck tightened and her voice let out a high pitched gasp the first time she let herself cum. In the window, with the lights on. I focused for a moment on the nearest hotel tower, and spotted silhouettes in a few upper windows. We definitely had an audience.

I pulled out and sat with my back to the window, and Karen took my sexed cock in her mouth hungrily. She was licking her own sex off of my shaft which seemed to make her more insatiable for it. Deeper and then stroking up, and again. She was shifting to expose more of herself to the window, catching her own reflection in it, and undoubtedly had figured out, as I had, that we were featured as hard core porn entertainment for a few (or more) insomniac guests in the city. So be it. she pulled off to cup her tits and rub her pussy, breathlessly, before returning to my glisteningly soaked and swollen cock. Down. Further. A little choke. Down again.

We moved to my bed where she lay first, on her front, arms up over her head and legs spread open. I knelt between her open thighs and pushed my cock once again into her gap. I fucked her gently this time, kissing her back and shifting into her, rolling my hips to accentuate the feeling of the insertions. After another rolling and intense, thigh shaking orgasm from Karen, I pulled out to cum, laying my cock between her ass cheeks and letting ropes glide up her back, almost to her neck. A pump, and another. A third, Three long strings of white cum spreading themselves down the line of her spine, and pooling at the small of her back.

‘Leave it.’

I jumped up to get another hand towel, concerned she may be uncomfortable, but Karen urged me to stay, and to lay beside her. Which I did. We kissed, and soon both fell asleep – me on my back, and she on her front; dried cum coagulated on her soft skin.

The light from the open curtain woke us. I got dressed for the conference (I was late!), and urged her to use the room for as long as she liked, as I would be keeping it for two more days. I gave her one of my door keys, and left, knowing I would see her once again at the bar later in the evening.

When I returned after the day’s programming, I found a bottle of wine on the desk, and a note asking if we were expecting more freezing rain tonight.

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