Again With the Boots Ch. 02

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She stirs in her boots and moves her hands up to feel my body next to hers. “No—hands at your sides,” I scold.

She obeys. I pull her hair away from the side of her neck and begin tracing my lips along her exposed neck, beginning to kiss lightly, alternating kisses with intentional inhalations, pulling on her ear lobe with my lips, gradually working my way around to the back of her neck where I let my teeth close gently into soft flesh of her nape.

By now her breathing has increased, as has mine. The erection in my trousers brushes against her waist and she leans into me. I weave my fingers through her hair right against the scalp and close them in a tight fist. Her knees buckle. She gasps.

I support her with a tight grip on her upper arm. Pulling her head back I lean in and brush my lips along her cheek toward her mouth. Her lips part as mine meet them. Slowly at first our lips join, then tongues, very slowly…inhaling…tongues probing further, more intently….lips firmly together, grip tightening on her Konya Escort arm, fist in hair hair…her hand reaches up to me again…. I pull away, letting my fingers trail down her neck. This jacket must come off.

I squeeze my aching cock through my trousers….arghhh…relief will come some, my friend.

As soon her jacket begins to slide off her arms and expose the flesh, I am sampling—kissing, nibbling, exploring this new find. Fresh, warm, inviting…my teeth cannot resist the occasional closing on muscle…I lick and suck my way upward, teasing, pulling, inhaling….teeth now grabbing at the silk blouse and pulling. I run my fingers slowly along the neckline, dipping down slightly where her blouse exposes plunging cleavage, finger tip catching the upper edge of a dark black lace bra….

Her chest is heaving with anticipation and I MUST get my face in there! Retracing with my mouth now the route my fingers had traveled, I am inhaling wildly as I kiss along the opening to her blouse. Very carefully, Konya Escort Bayan very slowly, I begin to unbutton her blouse. By now every exhale she makes is voiced—some louder than others. My cock is so hard in my trousers that it has adjusted itself upwards and is nearly exiting the waistline.

The first button reveals completely the fullness of her breasts spilling over the top confines of the bra. I have abandoned some of my patience and control and have buried my face between her breasts, licking, kissing, and tearing at her bra with my teeth.

The next button reveals the size and hardness of her nipples pushing to escape the lace. It is all I can do to keep from grabbing her bra firmly with two fists and tearing it from her body. But I resist. Still slowly, I move to the next button and the next…her belly and naval….ohhhhhhh…such a beautiful, gently rounded sight of erotic perfection. I finish undoing the last button as I kneel before her and begin to kiss her belly and close Escort Konya in on her naval, licking and sucking at it’s rim…..taking her waist in my hands….gripping tighly…letting her feel the intensity of my arousal.

I stand again and tell her to turn around. I have a clear view and the bra is unclasped without incident. I lean in and kiss her back slowly as I keep the bra in place on her shoulders. Turning her now with my hands, I let the bra slide from her and reveal the most beautiful full breasts I have ever seen. Perfect pink areolas with rigid nipples reaching for my mouth. I make myself wait and again take her head in my hands and kiss her. Now my hand strays down her neck and finds the curve of her breast…my finger trails over to her nipple and traces a slow circle before closing in for a gentle tug.

She closes her teeth on my lower lip as I pull on her nipple. Tongues furious again now I pull harder on her nipple then taking her breast in my large hand I lean down and take her nipple in my mouth. Softly and slowly at first, circling with my tongue, then sucking, pulling with my lips, moving to the other breast, massaging as I go, devouring the sight and the feel and the smell of her flesh. I am in ecstasy and she has come along with me.

(To be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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