All In The Families

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Author’s Note: This is a follow on that some of you requested to “My BFF, Her Dad and Her Mom” which I released a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy!

“Peggy, can you come over this evening? I really need to talk to you!” It was Tuesday morning and I really needed to talk with my best friend about yesterday morning!

“Well, dahlin’ aw ya sho’ talkin’ is all ya have in mind?” She put on her sexiest, southern drawl. “Aw guess aw could make it ovah about ten. That is if you think maybe we might do more than talk, sweetie.”

I had to laugh. Peg and I had been very close for years. Close enough that when we finally got tired of the cheap guys in our area thinking they ought to get laid for buying us one draft beer, we turned to watching porn and masturbating. We were comfortable sitting side by side in front of the computer with vibrators humming.

But a week ago things had changed drastically. It started with Peg commenting that she wouldn’t mind fucking my dad. I didn’t think too much of it, but when I mentioned it to Dad, he said he might not turn down a good looking nineteen year old girl that wanted to fuck him!

At first I was shocked, but then I realized I might like to fuck Peg’s dad! It took only minutes for me to connect the last few dots of the puzzle. Mom and some of her friends, including Peg’s mom, took regular ‘girl’s week-ends’. I wondered if it was ever more than ‘friends’!

It took Peggy and I just a few days to put it together. Mom and Karen, Peggy’s mom, had never had sex, but they both admitted that they thought each other very attractive and would be open to a little sexual exploration. So we’d meet at our place for a glass of wine and Mom and Karen would take it to Mom’s room. Then Dad would take Peg to the guest room and I would take her dad, Brad, to my room. By the time we’d convinced our mom’s to try this, we were both so horny we wound up in my room after my parents turned in and for the first time we didn’t masturbate. We had full blown lesbian sex! We sucked on each other’s tits and ate each other’s pussies, and had one orgasm after another. That made it easy to convince our moms that the girl-girl thing would be great! We were able to speak from experience!

So we had a plan. Mom and Karen trying out some girl – girl stuff in one room, Dad and Peg fucking in another and Brad and I fucking in the third. We hadn’t given any thought to anything more. We hadn’t planned the gathering in the family room afterwards. No one had planned on the six of us winding up in one room — naked! And for sure no one expected that Peggy and I would have sex with each other’s mothers while our dads watched! But as we sat there, I realized that Karen really was hot! And I realized that Peggy felt the same way about my mom!

Wow, that was awesome! But then Mom and Karen realized that the men had been sitting there watching and they deserved some release! So Peggy and I watched as our dads fucked each other’s wives! It was intense! Everyone agreed that this kind of gathering should be a regular thing! The next party was set for two weeks later at Karen and Brad’s.

Peggy slipped into my room shortly after 10 that evening. We’d both had to work that afternoon. I was waiting with the computer on and the porn website already up. I needed to talk to Peg, but after that there was something else I needed.

“Okay, Cher, out with it! What the hell was so damned important that I had to come over after a full day of work! And make it quick, ’cause I’m ready for an hour or so of pussy licking, both getting and giving!”

That got a bit of a laugh. Peggy was always ready for sex! Until a week ago that would have meant masturbating to some hot porn. Tonight I had the porn ready, but masturbating was not on the menu!

“I have got to tell you about yesterday morning! Do you remember Saturday evening I suggested that our moms would enjoy the oral more if they shaved their pussies?” She nodded yes. “Well yesterday morning Mom said she wanted to do that, but was afraid of cutting herself, so —-“

“Wait, don’t tell me! You didn’t! You helped her!”

“No, not really. I didn’t help her, I did it! I shaved my mother’s pussy!”

“No shit!”

“And it was so fucking hot!”

“No shit!”

“And Mom was getting turned on, too”

“No shit!”

“And then my tongue was in her cunt!”

“No fucking way! You ate your mom’s pussy? No fucking way!”

“Way! And then she ate me! And it was so fucking hot! We both had one orgasm after another!”

“Holy shit! Your mom went down on you? Holy shit!”

“And we did 69 and we tribbed and fingered each other and ate each other again! And it was so fucking hot!” By now Peggy was squirming and wiggling in her chair.

“Damn, Cherrie, that is so fucking hot! And I am so fucking turned on! Come on, girl! Get those clothes off!”

I laughed again. Like I said, she’s always ready for sex!

“Not so fast, Peg! Remember last bursa eskort bayan time we said we were gonna watch some threesomes and some DP? Well, the website is up and I have about three or four of each picked out. Who knows, maybe we’ll get each other off while we watch!”

We did get undressed, then we sat down in front of the computer. We watched a guy fucking twin sisters, and then a petite teen redhead with two very well hung studs. About half way through that one the girl wound up with one large hard cock in her cunt and another one in her asshole. By the time that one ended Peggy was sitting on my lap with two of my fingers working in and out of her pussy.

We went back to a threesome next, with three attractive blonde lesbians doing each other. Peggy came when the smallest of the three sat on one of the other’s face. We switched places before we started the fourth video and I came almost as soon as she pushed her fingers into my pussy! We watched one more video before we shut the computer off and dove for each other’s pussies, doing a really intense 69.

“Wow, Cher! That really was hot! I don’t know who eats me better, you, your dad, or your mom! I think it sucks that our moms want to wait two weeks before we do another party!”

“Speaking of our Moms, Peg, has your mom shaved yet?”

“I don’t know, Cher. Why? Do you want to shave her, too?”

“Damn right! You, me, your mom, some shaving lotion and a sharp razor!”

“Oh, shit! Yes! Yes! I’ll check in the morning! I’ll bet she’s still got the jungle! Can you come to my place in the morning, if I’m right?”

Karen was in the shower when I got there the next morning. Peg had everything ready on her mom’s bed, a bowl of hot water, and washcloth, a can of her dad’s shaving lotion, a new razor and a pair of really good scissors.

“Shit, Cher! I don’t believe we’re doing this! Are we really going to shave my mother’s pussy?”

“No, Peg, not ‘we’ –’I’ — am going to shave your mom’s pussy! You are going to watch, and then you are going to reap the benefits! By the time I finish your mom is going to be so turned on she will beg you to satisfy her! She will plead for you to eat her! And, after you do, then I’m going to eat her, too!”

A few minutes later Karen came in from her shower. She tossed her robe on a chair and sat on the side of her bed. “Okay, Cher, I guess we should do this. Are you going to stay, Peg or are you going to wait downstairs?”

“Oh, I’m staying, Mom! I wouldn’t miss this for anything!”

“Just lie back, close your eyes, relax and spread those beautiful legs, Karen!” I knelt between her thighs and, using the scissors I turned her jungle into a very short stubble. Karen was already taking jagged breaths by the time I was ready to use the hot water and the washcloth. I lathered her up with the shaving cream and began slowly and carefully shaving her. Karen was moaning quietly as I finished the first side and as I took the last stroke on the other side with the razor she was very close to her first orgasm of the morning. I wiped the excess shaving lotion from her now smooth pussy and then gently teased her with my finger tip for just a few minutes.

“Are you ready, Karen? Do you want a tongue in that beautiful cunt?”

“Oh god, yes! Please! Yes! Eat me now!”

She was still lying on her back, her eyes closed and her legs spread. I quietly got up and Peg dropped to her knees and began teasing her mother’s pussy with her tongue! It was only a few minutes before Karen was screaming as she went into multiple orgasms!

“It’s better smooth, isn’t it, Karen?” By then, I’d pulled off my tee shirt and my shorts.

It took her a few moments to realize that I couldn’t be talking to her with my tongue teasing her clit. She opened her eyes and looked down to see her daughter eating her pussy! “Oh my god, Peggy!”

“Did I do good, Mom?”

“Oh god, yes! Don’t stop! Please, baby, don’t stop!”

I gave Peggy a bit of a nudge. “Let me take over for a few minutes, Peggy, while you get your clothes off!” I dropped to my knees and replaced Peggy between Karen’s thighs. She went back into multiple orgasms within just a few minutes. Peg had pulled off her shirt and shorts and was sucking on one of her mother’s nipples.

“Karen, did your daughter do a good job eating your pussy?”

“Yes! Oh, god, yes”

“I know from personal experience, Karen, that Peggy really likes having her pussy eaten! And I know from personal experience that you are very talented at eating pussy. Do you think you should show her how good you are?”

“Yes! Oh, god, yes! Come here, baby! Bring mommy your pussy!”

Peggy knelt over her mother’s mouth and I dropped back between her legs and within just a few minutes they were both coming!

I left for home just a few minutes after noon. I would have spent the whole day eating and being eaten, but I had to work and so did Peg.

The next week and bursa merkez escort a half dragged on so slowly! Peg and I did manage to get together one more time for an evening of porn and incredible sex, and Mom and I did spend one more morning early the second week treating each other to multiple orgasms. The rest of the time I was either working or spending quality time with my favorite vibrator. It was never too far from my mind that Dad was the only person in our little group that I hadn’t fucked.

Saturday finally got here! Mom, Dad and I got to Peggy’s right at seven. Brad answered the door dressed in a knit shirt, shorts and bare feet.

“Come on in! I hope no one minds, I dressed down. It didn’t make much sense to put a lot on, only to take it back off! Come on in, the women are in the family room. Can I get you drinks?”

Dad had a bourbon, straight up, Mom and I had wine. Karen and Peggy were waiting on the couch . They indicated that Dad could sit between them, leaving the other couch for Mom, Brad and I. The main topic of conversation quickly became how much everyone had looked forward to the evening and from there to how horny everyone was!

We agreed with no hesitation that threesomes would be hot and that there was no reason to leave the family room, although Peggy and Brad both offered their rooms. Fifteen minutes after we got there, everyone was naked! Mom and I had Brad’s cock in our mouths within minutes, passing him back and forth between us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dad getting similar treatment from Peggy and Karen.

We spent nearly an hour exploring different combinations, Mom eating me while Brad fucked her, me eating her while Brad was fucking me, each of us taking turns riding his hard-on while the other rode his face! One orgasm followed another until we were all spent. Dad, Karen and Peggy collapsed just minutes later.

Karen was the first to talk. “Oh my god that was so hot! I would never have believed it! Cher, I can’t thank you enough for convincing me to shave my pussy! And for showing me how incredibly hot it was to have sex with my daughter! And adding Ted’s cock and tongue into the mix – wow! Incredible!”

Watching Dad’s cock move back and forth as she talked I knew I had to do it! Somehow, I had to fuck him!

We had another glass of wine, the men, another bourbon, and rested. After a few minutes Peggy suggested using a deck of cards to see who paired up with who. Everyone agreed, so we shuffled, cut and drew. The agreement was the two highest, the two lowest and the middle two. I’m not sure that Peggy didn’t stack the deck somehow!

Mom and Dad turned their cards over first, Mom had a jack and Dad had a three. Then Karen turned over her card, a seven. Next, Brad turned over his, an ace. It was beginning to look like the parents were going to swap again and leave Peg and I to what was beginning to be normal sex.

When Peg turned up her card, a king, there was an audible gasp and numerous ‘oh, shit’s! And then I turned over my card, a deuce! Another chorus of ‘oh shit!’ I was ecstatic! Peg was going to get a chance to fuck her dad and I was going to fuck mine! Peggy suggested that she and Brad might go to his room and Dad and I could go to her room, leaving the family room to Karen and Mom.

When we got to Peg’s room, Dad was at first a little apprehensive, but I had his cock in my mouth within just a few seconds and he quickly seemed to be ready to go with the arrangement.

“Cher, are you sure you’re okay with this? Having sex with me? I mean ….”

“Really, Dad? You need to ask that? Who has your cock in her mouth? Who do you think has been trying to find a way to fuck you for two weeks? Am I okay with this? I’ve been thinking about it ever since I had Mom for the first time!” I pulled his cock back into my mouth and sucked and teased until I was sure he was on the verge of coming in my mouth. And then I stood up.

“Oh, shit, baby girl! Don’t stop now! Damn, girl I’m ready to come!”

“I know, but right now I need my daddy’s tongue in my pussy! You’ll get plenty of chances to come, in my mouth and in my pussy, but now I need my Dad to eat me out!”

I dropped to the side of the bed and he dropped to his knees and buried his face in my cunt. I learned that my Dad is a really great pussy eater! He teased me, just brushing the insides of my lips, and then sucking on my clit. When he pushed a finger into my asshole at the same time as his tongue into my pussy, I came harder than I ever remember coming!

And then he pushed that big, hard, beautiful cock into my pussy!

“Oh my god, Dad! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Yes, Daddy!”

He did! He started slow, pushing his hard-on all the way in before slowly pulling it all the way back out! He teased my pussy with the head of his cock for a second before slowly pushing it all the way back in. Slowly he built the pace. I started coming again bursa sınırsız escort bayan almost as soon as he started moving in me! And then he stopped!

“Damn, Daddy, don’t stop! It’s so fucking good! Don’t stop!”

“Just for a second, Baby! I have to stop or I’ll come!”

“I want you to, Daddy! Come in me!”

“I will, Cher, I will! But not yet! This is gonna last a while! Roll over and get that beautiful ass in the air! I want you doggy!”

It was awesome! He pushed his cock into me so far! And fucked me so slow! Incredible! I lost track of how many times I came before Dad said he wanted me to try cowgirl. He stretched out on the bed, his cock still as big and hard as any I’d ever seen, and I slid my pussy down over it! Finally, I was in control! I worked him slowly for just a few minutes before I squeezed his cock as tight as my pussy could grip and I picked up the pace enough to make him come! I don’t think any man ever shot that much come into my pussy before!

I let him rest for a few minutes with his cock still in my pussy before I moved up to let him drink his come out of my cunt. And then I came again, all over my dad’s face! Incredible!

“Wow, Dad! That was mind blowing! Every time I think I’ve had the best sex I could possibly have, someone proves me wrong! First Brad and then Karen and then Mom and now you! I loved it when you pushed your finger up my asshole! That was unreal!”

“So, I’m guessing you’ve never done anal?”

“No. I’ve watched some anal porn, but never done it. I never thought I’d want a cock in my asshole. But now, after what your finger felt like, I might want to try it.”

“Really, are you sure?”

“Well, I think so. And I guess I can’t think of anyone I can trust as much as my Dad. I mean, I think that if I ask you to stop, I can trust you to, you know if it hurts or something.”

“Yes, you’re right. All you need to do is say so, and I’ll stop. Do you want to try it now, or is this something for another time?”

“Now, Dad! I want to try it now! The more I think about it, the more I know I really want your cock in my ass! Now!”

“Ok, Baby. But I think we’re gonna want to take our time here. I mean I know my cock isn’t what some would call huge, but it isn’t small and your ass isn’t used to anything this big. We need to take our time and get you relaxed and your ass kinda opened up a little. Why don’t you just let me spend a few minutes with my tongue in your pussy and a finger or two in your ass?”

He turned to slide under my pussy and started teasing my cunt with the tip of his tongue. He reached around my ass with one arm and gently pushed a fingertip into my asshole. For the next several minutes he teased my pussy just enough to keep me excited without making me come. Bit by bit he worked his finger deeper and deeper into my asshole, finger fucking my ass while he teased my pussy. It felt so good I almost didn’t notice when he started pushing the second finger into me. But I did! There was a bit of discomfort, alright, it did hurt at first, but the sensation of his tongue working gently on my clit was enough to keep me from stopping him. And then I realized that he had two fingers all the way in my asshole and I was almost ready to come! And I knew I wanted his cock! I wanted my dad to fuck my ass! I wanted my dad to come in my ass!

“Now, Daddy, now! I need you to fuck me now, Daddy! Fuck my ass!”

“It’s probably still going to hurt some, Cher. My cock is a little bigger than my fingers.”

“I don’t care, Daddy! I don’t care, I just need your cock in my ass, now! Please, Daddy!”

He slid out from under me and, moved behind me. He slid his cock slowly into my pussy to use my own pussy juice as lube and then started pushing the head of his hard-on into my asshole.

“You have to relax, Baby. Try to push back against me. That’ll help open it up.”

I did. I pushed back! And it hurt, it hurt like hell! And I felt the head of his cock push through into my ass. Daddy stopped and held me still for a minute to let me get used to him being in me. The pain kinda eased up a little and then Daddy pushed some more.

“Are you okay, Cher? Do you need me to stop? We’re almost there, Baby. Just a little more and I’ll be all the way in. Are you okay?”

“It hurts, Daddy! It really does, but I don’t want you to stop! Keep going. Fuck me, Daddy!”

“I’m gonna pull it out and use your pussy to lube it some more, Baby. Then we’ll do it.”

It felt really nice as he pulled his hard-on out of my ass and slid it into my cunt again. And then he pushed it all the way into my asshole in one smooth slow stroke! It hurt like hell for a minute and then he started fucking me! He took long, slow strokes in and out of my ass and reached around to rub my clit with his fingers. And the pain went away and the sensation was mind-blowing! My Dad’s cock moving slowly in and out of my asshole! And I started to come! And then so did Daddy! I could feel his stuff shooting deep into my ass and I came and I came and I came!

“O, my god, Dad! That is so fucking good! Don’t stop! Keep coming in my ass, Daddy! It’s so good!”

“Yes, it is, Baby, but I’m spent! You have pulled more out of me this evening than I ever thought I could do! But now, Baby, I really need to rest!”

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