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Let me introduce myself. I’m Shekar, 5’9” and 75 kg with an average body. I never gave much importance to my body as every guy does. I was in my last year of college when we struck upon the idea of me and my mom going to our native place together. We boarded the train from Chennai and reached the village in the evening. Every thing was fine till we reached our place. We had our own house to stay whenever we go there. It was bought by dad a few years ago.

Ours was a very small house in a small village that it had more farms than shops in the locality. There were no relatives for us in that village that we had actually come to settle a dispute between our relatives regarding a farmhouse that was given to mom by her dad, that’s my grandfather.

The house we were staying was actually very small with two floors. The house was so small that it had only one room when dad bought it and had it renovated by adding a floor above. The entire top floor had just a bedroom with a parapet wall and a cloth screen to seclude a place for bath and some area for kitchen. Even the screen cloth had gone to rags due to years of neglect, leaving behind virtually nothing to cover for the bath except the hip-high parapet wall. The ground floor was mostly left unused as the food grains were stored in it. The first floor was also a single room as I said with some area left for cooking. The same area doubled as bathroom. The house didn’t have a full-fledged toilet also. The large backyard with trees, grass and bushes was used as open toilet as it is used in the Indian villages.

As we reached the house in the evening, we prepared our bed using an old foam bed that was almost eaten by rats. As the house was in the farm there was no house nearby. Only when we settled for sleep that night, mom noticed that her luggage was missing. She had lost it in the train as she had forgotten to take it in the rush to reach our place. All she had was the dirty sari she was wearing at that moment.

As we were to stay there for just four three or four days, mom decided to settle with my dress while inside and to wear her only sari whenever we were out. So I set aside a couple of my pants and shirts, and also a spare towel for her to wear and use the next day. I had brought just one of my lungi’s for my use, which I was wearing. So she had to spend our stay with my pants on.

I had a nice sleep that I didn’t know how long I slept. I was woken up by the sound of water splashing near me. I slowly opened my eyes for the new day, when I was shell-shocked by what I saw in that small kitchen-cum-bathroom.

Mom was there sitting there behind the wall washing her sari. What is there to get shocked, you may ask. For, she was sitting there, buck naked, showing her shining skin of her smooth back to me. She wasn’t wearing a single piece of dress and was there sitting on the floor on her buttocks showing off the small crack of her ass to me.

“DAMN!!” my face went white as I saw that scene… a mature woman, that too my own mom sitting stark naked before me!!!

Her hair was opened up and was covering most of her back. Her skin was wheatish in colour as mine. Her smooth back shined like polished leather in the morning diffused light. Even as she moved her hands swiftly to brush her dress with soap, I could see her loose soft breasts moving and dancing to either sides of her body. The sound she made with her bangles tingle my senses.

Within a second, my dick rose up vertically as if hoisting the flag of sensuality in me. I felt like cumming the next moment right on the bed. I could see her mangalsutra and the small golden chain she wore along her neck.

More, I could also see three birthmarks on her body, one near her right hip, the second on her fleshy left ball of her buttocks, and the third one right next to the crack of her buttocks. I jerked myself inside the blanket at the scene of her naked body. Her 46-yr old body was really doing magic on me. I waited and feasted on her nudity for nearly ten minutes when she finished her wash and stood up wringing the clothes so as the dry them.

Now she was providing the full view of her naked body from behind. By looking at her I could now say her size as 36-36-38. Her hip was large and supple with a small tyre of flesh stagnating around her hip. Her buttocks were full and round with the crack adding to her sensuality. Her thighs were large and fleshy narrowing to the legs as it would do like any other women in her forties.

All that was left for me to see was her front, that is, the full view of her breasts and her cunt. I had always dreamed about how fluffy and used, the cunts of mature old women looked like. And it was just my occasion to know clearly, what my mom had in store for me.

Just as I was Giresun Escort thinking about it, mom provided me a real show for me to see and clarify. She turned around naked and showing me her large breasts, she bent down to dry her sari on the wall. Her breasts were so supple and large that they seemed like large ripe mangoes hanging from the trees, ready to be plucked and tasted. Her mangalsutra and chain neatly falling between her deep cleavage, I felt as if in heaven. Her belly was large and protruding with a deep navel hole in the centre. As she moved to her side, I could see her large triangular hairy twat. Her twat was really bushy with all those curly black hairs on it, which I’m sure have been there grown for almost right from the day she reached her puberty. I doubted if she ever shaved or trimmed her pubic hair on her cunt.

I was there feasting on my mom, that I never knew she would see me watching her. The next moment, I heard her let out a soft scream “Heyyy shekar…” looking at me, and then scrambling to cover her naked body with the help of my pant and shirt she had beside her to wear after her bath. From her looks, I could say, she was as much petrified as me.

It was me, who first came out of the trance.

“God, mom… I’m sorry…” I said. She stayed calm still looking at me, without uttering a word.

“Mom… I’m really sorry… I shouldn’t have seen. I’m really sorry.” I said again and again. Only after a few seconds she composed herself saying, “It’s Ok shekar… turn around, now let me dress myself.” Then she smiled a consoling smile at me indicating that everything was ok.

Even as she put on my shirt and pants, she talked just as casually as she would every time, asking me when I woke up. When I said, I was awake for the past half hour she paused for a second, or it was that way I guessed from the sounds of her bangles as they stopped for a few seconds.

“What is your hip size, shekar?” she asked me suddenly.

“Why ma?” I returned the question to her again.

“Oh… well… this pant is too tight for me and I’m struggling to put on the hooks.” She said.

“Its 36 size mom. What’s your size?” I asked her.

“Oh… its 38.” She said as she came over and sat beside me towelling her hair as she finished buttoning the shirt.

“Damn!!… Even now, she pulled me off with the sight of her body. The shirt she was wearing was in such a way that I could clearly see the contours of her large hanging breasts and a large coin size brownish areola and the nipples pointing out of the fabric. The shirt was small to her body that it barely covered her hips. It ended covering the bottom of her stomach only.

I was startled to see the pants hugging tightly to her thighs as she was wearing a fashionable tight pant. Above all I went to the extent of shrieking when I saw the zip of the pants open, to reveal the darkness of her cunt hair.

“Mom…” I called her hesitantly, “Put on the zip in the pants!” I said to her. This made her startled to as she fumbled with her fingers to manage to put on the zip, as if she never new that a pant had zip in the front.

I could see her feel uneasy, unable to move her legs with the tight fitting pants.

“Mom… is very tight?” I asked her.

“Yes…I had never worn a shirt or pants like a guy. Also this shirt is very flimsy and transparent that it shows everything inside. I feel very shy to wear it in front of you.” she said in a soft voice, but with a smile.

“Don’t worry mom, it’s just me and you here. You can wear my baniyans and briefs if you want.” Saying so, I grabbed a pair of my vests and briefs and gave it to her. She kept it aside.

“But wearing a pant and a shirt makes you more beautiful mom, as if you had gone much younger.” I said to make her feel at ease.

“Is it?” she asked with a surprise.

“Yes mom, shall I say what I think? You actually look much sexy in this dress…” I said.

“Oh, Come on… Don’t tease me like this…” she said.

“No mom, you are really sexy now. If you go out in Chennai like this, I’m sure you’d turn many young heads.” I coaxed her.

“Hmm…really? Is it how you feel now… attracted to your mom? Be frank.” She smiled.

“Well… yes… you really turned me on when I saw you today, when… when you took bath. I’m really afraid now.” I stammered.

“Why? After all, I’m your own mom.” She asked.

“But mom… even then, seeing my mom fully naked for the first time in my life makes my pulse go high…”

“Hey come on shekar… I’m your mom. And, do you know that you had seen me naked many times when you were a child. You’d pester me always that I couldn’t even spare a moment away from you. I had to take bath and even go to toilet taking you with me…” she giggled as she Giresun Escort Bayan said.

“Oh mom, don’t say that I feel shy…” I said.

“Don’t feel shy… I’m after all your mom. There is nothing wrong on seeing your mom naked. You used to see me naked till you studied 4th grade you know. That is something around 10 yrs…” she smiled at me saying that.

“Its ok mom… it happened when I was a child. But now I’m a grown up. Now seeing women half-naked itself make me excited and feel like having sex with her. I never knew how to have sex. But when I see them, I really wanted to experience that feeling.” I confessed.

“Its ok, shekar. It’s normal for the boys of your age to have such feelings.” She said, and then after a pause said, “That means, I’m sure you felt very much like grabbing me for sex when you saw me naked in the morning.”

“Its not like that mom… how could I say you that” I hesitated.

“You are my son, shekar… if you are not going to talk freely with me… then to who will be there to help you? Come on…” she encouraged me.

I was silent for some time.

She herself continued after that. “Ok… let’s make a deal here. I’m your mom and it’s my part that my son doesn’t miss out anything. So… shall I teach about how to have sex?” Now… that was a real bolt into my heart. I was stunned hearing that.

“But you are my mom…” I still hesitated.

“I’m your mom… but I’m also a woman, isn’t it? So I think it is safer to know it from you mom than any other girl.” She said.

“How to learn from you…?” I asked her.

“We can start right now. We can make use of the time in this village. But never say anything about this to anyone…” she commanded.

“What you like in women that you think sexier?” she asked.

“Her body…” I said.

“What you like in her body? Do you like her breasts?” saying so, she slowly unbuttoned all the buttons in her shirt starting from the top.

As she opened up her shirt, I could see her breasts now, much closer than I had seen in the morning. Her breasts were now very much nearer to my eyes and I felt as if grabbing them. Her mangalsutra was falling in the cleavage of her breasts. In an impulse, my hand moved up, but I stopped soft of touching them.

“Go on… fell them with your hands. Don’t think me as your mom, but think as if I’m some whore. Then you’ll feel at ease. What you do here would never go out to anyone. Ok? So feel free.” She smiled at me.

Then she herself grabbed my hands and placed them over her throbbing mounds of fleshy breasts. She started kneading those large balls of her tits with my fingers.

“The more you knead a woman’s breast, the more she’ll get sexually excited.” She said. “Wait a minute… why don’t we remove our dress? It will be easier for us then.” Saying so, she ripped off the shirt from her shoulder and became buck naked above her hips.

“Remove your baniyan and lungi too…” she said and then continued to strip the pants out of her hips and set it aside, showing me her fluffy bulged cunt covered with hair. I could see the marks that were made at her hips by the tightness of my small pants on her large hips. I felt as if I would faint seeing her naked body very close to me. That I was seeing her naked legally with her permission made me feel more hot, and I felt very shy as I removed my dress to reveal the long dick of mine that had become hard by now.

Mom was sitting cross-legged before me showing off her mature nudity to me. She made me lie on her lap and asked me to lick her nipples and breasts with my tongue. When I couldn’t position my head easily to suck her breasts, she moved towards the walls of the room, leaning her back on it and stretching her legs in the front giving way for my head on her naked lap. I felt her lap fuming hot between the back of my neck.

With one of my hands I was stroking my penis and with the other I was kneading her breasts.

“Aaah… shekar…” my moaned aloud at one point.

“Don’t stop… continue to lick, use your tongue, use your mouth…suck my breasts and nipples hard… suck them as much as you can…” she guided me even as I could her eyes rolling upwards, enjoying the sensation.

Then she asked me to stop and laid herself on the bed facing upwards and then asked me to move and sit over her stomach.

Her stomach was large with a belly and as I sat over her putting my legs on either of her sides, she grabbed my penis with her hands and started jerking it up and down. I pushed her mangalsutra to her side and then started playing with her breasts.

In between I could see her hands move to her cunt and see her rubbing the edge of her clit with her fingers, letting out a moan every time. I played with her nipples and fleshy mounds Escort Giresun and kneaded them hard enough that they turned red and hard in my hands. The round flesh of her breasts stuck out of her body promptly showing off her sensuality.

As I kneaded continued she punctuated my actions with her ummmphhhhs and aaaaahhhs. Suddenly she put her hands behind my back pulling me over her with my chest smashing her breasts. She held my head with her hands and asking me to make an ‘O’ in my mouth, she inserted her tongue and then licked and played with mine kissing my lips hard. By this time I could feel my hard penis squeezed hot between our stomachs.

I felt like melting inside my mother’s experienced hands as we held and kissed together. I took us minutes to come out after being entwined together. Then came the inevitable part, asking me to move aside she swayed her legs apart to show off her proud cunt. It was as if like a soft bun, but was covered by hairs.

“Mom… don’t you shave your hairs here?” I asked her out of her curiosity.

“Shave…” she asked me with a perplexed look. I understood that she had never done that on her cunt. I took a porn magazine and showed her a picture of a shave cunt saying, “Look at this… how smooth it is…”

“I never did that…” she said like an innocent girl.

“You should shave it and trim it mom, only then it will be hygienic…” I tutored her as if I’m an expert in that. I added saying, “I used to shave and trim once in a month.” Only then she looked at my pubic hair with awe to find that it was neatly trimmed.

“Shall I shave it for you mom?” I asked her. I knew she would say yes. She nodded her head.

So I took a razor and shaving cream, smearing it to bring later over her cunt. The coolness made her moan and squirm before me. She closed her eyed in shyness as I neatly shaved the whole bunch of her pubic hair on the cunt. I had shaved and trimmed mine but I never did that to a woman that I had to take extra care to shave her slowly.

I held her cunt with my left fingers and stretched her cunt to either of her side to shave nicely. Every time I held on to her cunt, I could feel her legs squirming. As I finished, her cunt was smooth and soft. I made her feel it with her fingers and she opened up her eyes to see it with delight. But years of experience in sex had made her cunt very large and bloated. It made me look with fixed eyes.

“What are you seeing without taking your eyes?” she asked me.

“Yours is very large…” I said pointing to her cunt.

“Yes.. it is because I’ve had a number of nice fucks in my life. Not even with your dad, but even before marriage.” She said with a wicked smile.

“But for that matter don’t think that I’m a whore. I had it within my family. It was really nice. You are the only person I’m saying this. So don’t say it to anyone else. Ok? I actually had my first fuck with my dad, that’s your grandfather. To be frank, I was actually raped by my father one day, when I said I wouldn’t go to school. It was during my XI std. first it was paining, but later, I enjoyed it, when my mom was not at house. So I never said this to anyone else.” She revealed a far more secret of our family.

“Now… let us not stop, speaking that. I’ll say everything in detail later. Now, fuck me hard like a whore. Let us see if this old mother can match this 20 year old son…” saying so, she grabbed me over her and then moving her legs aside she placed my dick into her cunt hole with her hands. Putting her legs over my thighs, she asked me push it in.

“Yes, shekar…push it in… “

“Do it faster… as much as you can.”

“Grab my tits and prick them… massage them… play with my nipples, pull them… beat them with your hands…” she was moaning and screaming aloud.

I fucked her pushing my dick rhythmically into her cunt. I could feel the steaming hotness inside the walls of her cunt through my penis. It was soft and slippery inside her. I balls hit the base of her thighs with full force. “Aaaaaaawwww… maaaaaaaaaa…. fuck me faster… Do it faster… don’t stop it… go on…” she was shouting at me.

“Mom… I’m going to come…” I said to her.

“Yes… me too… don’t stop… come… fill my cunt with your cum…” she was screaming aloud.

“Hmmm… yesssssssssss…aaaaaaaaaaahhhh” I moaned aloud as I burst my balls into her cunt. Loads and loads of my cum went into her cunt. At the very moment, my mom bucked her hips wildly gripping me tightly with her hands and moaned aloud. Slowly her body became calm and we could both feel our heart beating fast.

My forty-six year old mother smiled at me saying, “This is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life…” and then hugged me tightly.

We lay in each others hands for a long time that we forgot our breakfast. We slept naked together, with my dick brushing her stomach and her cunt caressing me thighs. It was evening when we woke up for snacks. I bought some snacks and after eating it together, we went for another three rounds of sex before going to sleep early morning around 4am.

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