Amy’s First Time

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It was Saturday night; Amy had just gotten off work and was headed back to the apartment she shared with her two friends Jill and Kelly. Amy had only really known the two girls for about 2 months; she had just moved to the city and had met them in a bar. They had an open room in the apartment and offered it to her. Amy was 23, 5’7″, 110lbs., 36B, blonde hair.

She walked into the apartment and found Jill sitting at the table reading. Jill was about 24, 6’1″, 120lbs, 34C, and brunette. All the guys wanted to fuck her, especially since she was a former track standout in college. Kelly was in the bathroom getting out of the shower. She was 24 also, 5’11”, 113lbs, 36C, and dirty blonde. She walked out of the shower past the other two in only a towel. She walked into her bedroom and closed the door.

Jill and Amy were talking about their days when they herd Kelly calling from the room, “Guys, could you come in here?” The two of them went to see what was up. Kelly sat in the middle of the room with a deck of cards in her hand. “Let’s play some poker!”

Jill’s eyes lit up and said, “Okay, how much is the buy in, $5?”

Kelly got a devilish grin on her face, “No. How about we play some strip poker?”

Jill sat down and said, “Sure.”

Amy stood there for a second and then asked, “Why are we going to play strip poker alone?”

The two girls just kind of giggled at her and then Kelly said, “Well, Amy, me and Jill are bi-sexual and play ever once in a while when we get horny, you don’t have to play is you don’t want to.”

Amy was a little stunned; she had never thought these two girls were bi. She had always seen them with guys and had once walked in on Jill giving a guy head. Amy had never had a bi experience and was kind of curious. “Well, ok, I’d like to play, but what are the rules?”

Jill spoke up first and said, “Ok, the rules are this: each of us wears four items of clothing on: a shirt; bra; pants; panties. There is no folding; the player with the worst hand has to take off a piece of clothing, as directed by the winner. After a player has lost all there clothing they can continue to play, but if they come in last again, they have to stay naked the whole night and do anything the winner of that hand asks for the rest of the night. Is that ok with you?”

Amy was never really good as poker but she was starting to get a little wet and the idea interested her. She sat down and got ready to play. Kelly dealt first while Jill got a bottle of wine and three glasses. Kelly won the first hand and Jill lost it. Kelly told Jill to take off her top. The next hand Amy won and Jill lost. Amy told Jill to take off her pants. Jill stood up and slowly wiggled out of her jeans. She was now left in a matching set of black lace bra and panties. Jill won the next hand and Amy lost. Amy had to take off her shirt, exposing her light blue bra. Kelly lost the next hand and had to take off her top, leaving bahis firmaları her to show her red bra. Amy lost the next hand and took off her pants, revealing a small wet spot in her light blue cotton thong.

“Ooo, looks like someone is enjoying herself” Jill said.

Amy sat down a little embarrassed and played the next hand which she won over Jill. Jill then stood up, walked to Amy, knelt down and unstrapped her bra letting her tits fall almost into Amy’s face. She then handed her bra to Amy and moved away giggling. Kelly then beat Amy making her take off her bra. Her tits were tan (she bathed topless) with small nipples like Jill. Jill then beat Kelly making her take off her pants to show her red mini thong. Kelly lost the next hand to Amy leaving all three girls topless. Kelly beat Jill on the next hand.

“Mmm,” Kelly said. “Get your sexy ass over here and let me take off those panties.” Jill went over and Kelly put her face right up to her crotch and pulled down her panties to show her completely shaved pussy. Her lips were moist and Kelly wanted to lick them, but not yet. Amy lost the next hand and Jill let her just slip off her thong, trying to stay a little modest. Amy too was completely shaved, but her lips were much wetter.

“Amy, you can quit now if you would like, but if you continue, and lose, you have to do whatever the winner asks, ok?” Jill informed her.

“I want to continue.”

“Wonderful, we are going to have an amazing evening then.” Kelly said with a smile.

Kelly lost the next hand to Amy who asked to have the thong when she took it off. Kelly threw it to her and Amy sniffed it and put it down. “Smells wonderful. I can’t wait to win.”

Jill lost the next hand to Kelly. “Well, what do we have here? Looks like you are mine for the night.” Kelly said.

“I can’t wait to see what kinky things you will have me do tonight.”

“That will come soon enough; first, this is the last hand, so until it is through, please play with yourself for us as we play.”

Jill began to rub her tits with her left hand as she started massaging her pussy lips. Amy watched her as she did this and became increasingly wet. Finally the last cards were dealt. Amy had two pair, 6’s and Kings and a two. She handed in her two and got a three back. Not much help, but she still had a good hand. She laid it down and said, “Beat that!”

Kelly looked a little up set and laid down her two cards, a measly pair of 4’s.

“Wow, I won,” Amy said.

“Not quite, I also have another 4!” Kelly said as she revealed her other four. “I win!”

Amy was shocked, but figured it was better this way, she had no clue what to do with Kelly for the night. “Ok, nice hand. So this means that I’m your toy tonight?”

“Yes, it does,” Kelly said as she stood up. “Now if you would be so kind as to move to my bed and lie down.”

Amy stood up and did so. She laid down on the bed a little unsure. “Now Jill, what I want you to do is show Amy a good time while I go get something.”

Jill, who was starting to breath heavily, took her two fingers out of her pussy, dripping kaçak iddaa with her juices. She walked up to Kelly and let she suck the juices off her fingers. Kelly then left and Jill slapped her on the ass as she was going. “Amy, are you nervous?”

“A little.”

“Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, but I guess I’ve always wanted to.”

“Well, I will be gentle, and if you like or don’t like something, speak up and I will respond how you want.”


Jill proceeded to climb into bed and lie down next to Amy. She gently kissed her cheek. She looked deep into her eyes and wet her lips. She then went and kissed Amy on the lips. She gently parted Amy’s lips and let her tongue explore. Her hands moved down Amy’s body touching her breast and cupping her firm ass. Jill then broke the kiss and moved her way down Amy’s body. She licked circles around Amy’s nipples before moving her mouth over one. She began to softly suck on the nipple, gently biting it. As she did this she let her hand wander to Amy’s shaved pussy, finding her hard clit. Amy had her hands all over Jill’s lower back and ass, needing her fingers into the flesh. Jill began to lick a line down Amy’s g\body, about to dive into her pussy when Kelly walked into the room.

“Ok, Jill, that’s enough for now. Will you two come with me?” Kelly asked.

Jill reluctantly stopped herself from tasting Amy’s sweet juices. They both got up out of the bed and kissed as they followed Kelly, letting their hands wander on each others bodies. Kelly led them to the bathroom, where she had some things set up.

There were towels on the floor and glasses of water. Kelly looked at Jill who knew exactly what was going on. Kelly said to Jill and Amy, “Drink up girls, and quickly.” They did so, but Amy was still confused. Kelly then said to Jill, “I’ve already had two glasses of wine and two glasses of water, my bladder is about to burst. I want you to get on your knees and lick my pussy while I pee.”

Jill immediately got down on her knees and began to lap at Kelly’s pussy. After about ten seconds, Kelly let out a loud moan as her flood gates opened and she began to pee. The hot yellow liquid had a sweet taste because of the wine and water. Jill let it fill her mouth and overflow before swallowing it. The stream, which seemed to last forever, filled Jill’s mouth four times, and soaked Jill’s tits, hair and entire face. When she had finished peeing, Kelly stopped Jill and said to Amy, “I want to you kiss her and lick my pee off her face and tits.”

Amy didn’t know what to do, she had once seen a weird porno with her boyfriend that had a little watersports in it, but she had never considered it. Finally she decided that she would try it once and then decide from there. She licked Jill’s chin first, tasting the sweet, salty, hot piss. She liked it, a little. She then kissed Jill, letting the excess pee flow into her mouth through the kiss. Amy then broke it off and started sucking and licking Jill’s tits. Kelly was pinching her nipples as Amy did this. Finally, Kelly told Amy to stop.

“Now, Jill, do you have kaçak bahis to pee?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, I do. Badly.”

“Good. Amy, you are going to sit on my face. As I eat you out, you are going to drink her piss.”

Amy was very excited, she had liked Kelly’s pee, she couldn’t wait to taste it from the source. Also she was going to experience her first girl on girl orgasm, both giving and receiving. Kelly laid down on the towels as Amy positioned her above her so that he pussy lips were right over her mouth while her ass was over Kelly’s chest. Jill then stood so that her cunt was right in front of Amy’s mouth. Amy began to like Jill’s lips, feeling and tasting the wetness. She had tasted her own juices before, but Jill’s were much sweeter. Jill started her stream. It came fast and Amy wasn’t ready. It splashed on her chin and tits, running down to the nose and mouth of Kelly. Amy kneeled there having her pussy licked by Kelly while trying to catch Jill’s hot stream of piss in her mouth. She managed to get a couple of mouthfuls before Jill was through. She greedily swallowed them, enjoying every drop. As Jill cam down to kiss and lick her piss off of Amy, Amy was getting ready to cum in Kelly’ mouth. Amy broke off the kiss and screamed, “I’m cumming!!!!”

Exhausted, Amy slid from Kelly’s mouth and collapsed onto the floor, breathing heavily. Kelly gave her no rest. Her face glistening with Amy’s cum, Kelly again dove between Amy’s legs to lap at her sweet cunt. Amy was catching her second wind when she felt her bladder start to build with pressure.

“I have to pee!!” Amy said franticly.

Kelly stopped licking her and said, “It’s about time. I wand you to kneel above my mouth again, I want to taste every drop.”

Amy followed her instructions and knelt over her mouth. She had to gently press on her bladder in order to get the flow going, but once she did, it seemed like it would never stop. The yellow liquid came out so fast that Kelly started to gag. Amy stopped the stream for her so that she could adjust. Kelly laid there, drinking mouthful after mouthful of her sweet piss. The excess had gotten into Kelly’s hair and all over the towels. As Amy was peeing, Jill laid down and started sucking on Kelly’s tits, softly biting the nipples. When Amy was done she stood up and helped Kelly to her feet.

“Alright girls,” Kelly said, “time to shower off.”

The three girls got into the shower and turned the water on. All three were tired from the pee session and so the shower was a cool off time with only some heavy petting. when they got out of the shower they didn’t bother to dry off. They went straight to Kelly’s bed.

“I want to taste another girl’s cum.” Amy said eagerly.

“Ok, here’s how it will work: Amy you will eat me out, I will dine on Jill’s sweet cunt, and Jill will eat you.”

The three laid down in a circle of sorts and got situated. Amy dove right into Kelly’s hot snatch. She knew what she liked and decided to try that. She sucked on her clit, until it was good and hard. then she started lapping at her lips and digging her tongue into her folds deeper. Because they were only using their tongues, it took awhile for the three of them to climax, but they all did at about the same time. They all collapsed and stayed in their positions as they drifted off to sleep.

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