An Alien Love Bk. 02 Ch. 27

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Hey all! So tomorrow my newest Ice Era Chronicle (Holiday Cup Of Joe) is coming out… so because I knew I would be busy with that, I did some work to finish this story. I hope you like the end. Sloan and Octnavin hold a special place in my heart. I will be putting up the Epilogue next and that leaves it open for another novella. I’m feeling like Rhylent is next.

Thanks again for reading.


~M. from C.M. Moore


*Chapter 27*

A slave and a ruler.

The inside of the palace was all pink tiles. Sloan wasn’t surprised by the color choice. As he followed Octnavin and his advisor, Sloan gazed around the room. Daris wrapped a tentacle around Sloan’s arm as they walked into a long vast hall with windows for a ceiling.

“This is the meeting gallery,” Daris explained.

Huge pieces of Octnavin’s Nebos decorated the walls in cascades of different shades of silk. Sloan gave the area a glance before he faced the baby he carried.

“Daris, what’s up with you?”

His alien child looked to the ceiling, and then a frown wrinkled his brow. “Up?”

“Why are you giving your dad a hard time?” Sloan dropped his voice while Octnavin talked briefly to a few other Dagerstanteens that joined them in the gallery. “Keltrix told me you’ve been a royal asshole.”

“I…” Daris looked to Octnavin and then back to Sloan. Roughly, the alien pulled him into a hug. “He will not listen to me. About you or anything.” Daris let go of him, and his voice softened. “Don’t leave. Don’t let Octnavin scare you away.”

“You stop being a dick, and I’ll stick around.” Sloan held in his smile. Octnavin didn’t scare him. He loved the stupid alien more than he loved Earth or his own life. “Deal?”

Daris nodded.

Octnavin finished his conversations with the group of Dagerstanteens and dismissed them with a wave of his tentacle. He then halted in the center of the long-tiled space and turned to Murry and Keltrix.

“I will now address your disobedience.” Octnavin’s frown was a grim line, but Sloan caught the sparkle in the alien’s eyes. “I gave you specific instructions to leave Sloan to his life on his home planet. You blatantly ignored my orders.”

“We did.” Keltrix bowed his head. “I am at your mercy, my leader.”

“You and your cat are hereby banished to your bedroom until I say you can leave. Keltrix, you are off mission and grounded. No flights. The two of you can go to your room and think about how your decisions affect us all.”

“We’re banished to our room?” Murry grinned. “Like… you’re saying I get to spend some alone time with Keltrix?”

“Stop smiling.” Keltrix shoved Murry’s shoulder. “It is a punishment.”

“Yes. Right. Punishment.” Murry wiped off his happy expression and tried to look sad. That was some bad acting. “I’m very sorry, my king. I will spend time with Keltrix being very, very, sorry.”

“We will be very sorry all over our bedroom.” Keltrix didn’t even crack a smile at that one. Sloan made a gagging gesture, and Octnavin struggled to hold in his smile.

“You guys need some serious help,” Sloan muttered.

“True.” Octnavin did his go away wave. “You are dismissed and take Daris with you. I wish to speak to Sloan alone.”

“You have a meeting,” the advisor reminded Octnavin.

The alien ignored the information and started to stride away.

“Are you going to be okay?” Daris güvenilir bahis gave Sloan another quick hug. “Octnavin seems angry that you are here.”

Angry… or frantic to have sex.

“I’ll be fine.” Sloan gave a gentle push for Daris to follow Keltrix. “Go.” After Daris walked away, he chased after Octnavin.

When Sloan reached Octnavin’s side, the alien pushed aside a panel of Nebos. He opened an exposed door. To everyone watching, Sloan probably looked like he was going to get beat. Sloan held in his smile. No one understood Octnavin as he did. Sloan followed the ruler inside what looked like a silk-covered office. In the middle of the room, a large desk took up the majority of the space. On the smooth top sat a handful of strange gadgets. A projection of a map lit part of the ceiling. The room was empty other than the Nebos covering all four walls.

When the door closed, Octnavin turned on him. Without warning, his alien shoved him up against the Nebos. The alien’s tongue pressed against his closed mouth.

“Please,” Octnavin begged. “Please, Sloan?”

“That begging is hot.” Sloan opened his lips.

In a matter of seconds, Octnavin’s mouth pole was thrusting past his teeth. Sloan sucked. He was right. Octnavin wasn’t angry but turned on. The slight lingering taste of fresh raspberries burst on Sloan’s tongue as he continued to flick over Octnavin’s mouth rod. After a minute, Octnavin’s purr of pleasure was so loud he thought they might be able to hear the rumble in the hall. A tentacle slid up his shirt, and Sloan ripped his mouth away from where he drew on the raspberry-flavored flesh.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“What?” Octnavin’s eyes went wide, and the alien appeared a little wounded.

“If you rip my shirt, I’m going to kill you in your sleep. The band signed this.”

“Ah, yes, your shirt.” Octnavin laughed. “If I rip it, I will get you ten of them, all signed.”

“You can rip it a little then.” Sloan opened his mouth.

Once more, he let Octnavin’s tentacle slide up his shirt. He missed the way the smooth limb glided over his nipples and his stomach. Sloan licked at Octnavin’s tongue and then drew the flesh deeper into his mouth. When Sloan’s tongue dipped into that little hole, Octnavin shuddered. Without warning, Sloan’s mouth began to fill. He drank and drank. Octnavin had stored up plenty of raspberry juice. As Sloan gulped around the huge mouth shaft, he grinned in his head. Yeah, Murry was right. Octnavin missed him.

“I did miss you.” Octnavin leaned away from him and set his forehead on Sloan’s shoulder. “But do not think about Murry when we are like this. That is disturbing.”

Sloan chuckled. “You have a meeting.”

“I know.”

“You want me to make you late for it?”

“I wish you would.”

“Done.” Sloan pushed away from Octnavin and pulled off his shirt. He set the top aside, and then he stripped off his boots and socks.

The second Sloan’s hands went to his pants, Octnavin stood before him. The alien pushed Sloan’s fingers away and began to unbutton his jeans and send the zipper south.

“Do we have to be quiet? Will everyone hear us?” Sloan asked as his pants hit the floor. He stepped out of the jeans and kicked them aside. “I know I’m not a secret, but maybe you don’t want everyone to know that you just fucked me in your office.”

“You do not have to be quiet.” Octnavin traced his türkçe bahis tattoo. “Not in here and not in my wing of the palace. Those rooms are soundproof. My Nebos takes care of it.”

“Good.” Sloan dropped his boxer shorts. “I plan to make you beg and do that little scream thing and purr. Loud.” Sloan shoved the items on the desk to the side and sat in the middle of the wood. Nebos rose to offer cushion on the hard surface.

“When we are alone…” Octnavin stood between Sloan’s open knees. “I will be your slave in every way.” Octnavin wrapped his tentacles around Sloan’s waist and drew him closer. His drinking limb glided over his nipples and down Sloan’s abs. “I am yours.”

“What if we break up?” Sloan leaned back on the desk as Octnavin stroked him from chest to thighs.

“I did not tell my entire planet about you with a light heart and a flippant attitude. I thought about it and made my choice. I told all the Dagerstanteens that I was claiming you. I have no intention of ever letting you go.” Octnavin rose onto the desk and shoved Sloan’s legs further apart. The alien knelt between his spread thighs and kept massaging his skin. “If you are unhappy here, I will do everything to fix it. I care about you deeply, and you have my heart.” Octnavin dropped his head to Sloan’s chest as he spoke. “Yes. We have a heart, and you have devoured me, heart and soul.”

When Octnavin lifted his head, his drinking tentacle slid over Sloan’s erection. The petting of his skin was a turn on, but he had to admit Octnavin did have a way with words. There was something about the way he said “devoured” that made Sloan pant.

“What if I want to visit Earth and see my favorite band play?” Sloan moaned as Octnavin’s drinking tentacle slid over his cock. The alien sucked down to his curly hair and then massaged back up. At the same time, another tentacle glided over Sloan’s balls. Fuck, the sex was good.

“I will take you to see your band.” Octnavin paused, and Sloan lifted his head. “We have to go between my important appointments.” The Nebos handed Octnavin a bottle of flower extract. “But if you would like to meet the band, I can arrange that.”

“Did you know you were going to fuck me on your desk?” Sloan chuckled when Octnavin splattered his skin with lubricant. “You’re a crazy dick head.” Sloan flopped back on the table as the lust in Octnavin’s brain spiked. Hell yeah. The alien was still into the name-calling and dirty talk. Sloan groaned when drips of lube snaked toward his balls. Octnavin chased them to Sloan’s hole.

“Yes. I still like the way you talk to me. You can call me all the names you want when we are alone, but you must be obedient and subservient when other Dagerstanteens are around.”

“Even your family?” Sloan thrust up his hips when Octnavin sucked him harder.

“No.” Octnavin pressed his sense tentacle against Sloan’s back entrance. “They already know you are a wild thing I cannot seem to control. I cannot stop wanting you…”

“Fuck yeah, don’t stop.” Sloan grabbed a handful of Octnavin’s hair tubes and brought the alien’s mouth to his. “Open.”

Octnavin trembled and then opened his lips. Sloan sucked on the alien’s tongue hard and without finesse. At the same moment, Octnavin pushed his sense tentacle into Sloan’s ass. He opened for his alien as if he were starving for sex. Sloan’s body was ready for this. He’d been thinking about sex with Octnavin güvenilir bahis siteleri all the way here. He’d even lubed up and got prepared for this on the ship.

Octnavin glided to his prostate and began to rub back and forth.

Methodically, Octnavin worked him. Sloan sucked and rimmed Octnavin’s tiny hole. In his head, he pictured about ten different dirty things he was going to do to Octnavin. He would make the alien late for a few meetings.

Octnavin followed every image that played in Sloan’s mind until they were both enslaved by desire. The alien shivered and trembled. His purr became louder and louder. In Sloan’s brain, Octnavin swore and sputtered out half sentences.

~Sloan? Please?~

~I can’t wait to drink from you. Come on, baby. Give it to me.~

Octnavin purred as he drove his sense tentacle into Sloan’s ass faster and faster. He hit Sloan’s prostate just the right way as his mouth began to fill.

Drinking, Sloan’s cock shot. Quickly, Octnavin sucked him down and kept massaging Sloan’s back passage. His eyes rolled back in his head. Murry was wrong. The sex was better than good. Every moment with Octnavin was fucking excellent.

~Everything I do with you is excellent.~

Sloan collapsed backward on the desk and stared up at the pink ceiling. He panted as Octnavin slipped out of his ass and off his cock. The alien stayed leaning over Sloan. His emerald eyes studied Sloan melted on the wooden top. There was a question written on Octnavin’s features, but Sloan didn’t know what it was.

“Are you waiting for me to tell you how great that was?” Sloan teased. “Because you can just look in my brain.”

“I am waiting for you to say you love me. I want to hear the words out loud. I do not want Daris to tell me it was your final goodbye. I do not want you to think about it or say it in your mind. I do not want it played as a memory of you dying and covered in blood.” Octavian’s eyes dropped to Sloan’s chest. “And I do not want a declaration for a ruler from a slave. Not love like that. I want you, Sloan, to say you love me.”

Sloan lifted himself onto his elbows. With his other hand, he slipped his fingers to the back of Octnavin’s neck. He rubbed back and forth with his thumb. Octnavin still stared at his chest and wouldn’t meet his eyes. Embarrassment washed through the ruler, but Octnavin desperately wanted to hear the simple ‘I love you’ from Sloan.

“Look at me.”

Octnavin lifted his eyes.

“I love you.” Sloan licked his lips, still tasting Octnavin on his tongue. “I saved your offspring because I love you. I died because I love you. I gave up Earth and came here because I love you. I wouldn’t be here otherwise. I want to stay here with you. Whatever I gotta do, I’ll do it. I want to be with you even if I’m a slave and you’re a ruler.”

“There will be days when you will be my ruler, and I will be your slave.”



“Yeah.” Sloan kissed Octnavin’s cheek. “If that’s the agreement to be here, then cool. I’ll take it.”

“I love you as well.” Octnavin’s dropped his eyes as if shy. “In fact, what I feel for you might be more than love.”

“I know.” Sloan kissed the alien’s cheek before he caught Octnavin’s eyes. “What’s wrong now?”

“There is one other thing…”

“What’s that?”

“Tell my offspring that I am not a dick.”

“But you are.” Sloan laughed. “Except you’re my dickhead, warrior, ruler, mountain, whatever. I love you,” Sloan whispered the words again, and Octnavin shivered in his arms.

“Sloan, please tell Daris?”

“Fine, you big baby. I’ll tell Daris that you are excellent.”

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