Anjali Ch. 05


Anjali swayed her body across the floor and it brought her to people’s attention. I was proud to have her in my arms. I was enjoying being the guy with ‘the’ girl. Every pair of eyes in that club was about Anjali. And she was putting up a show for them when she seductively rubbed her body to mine. It was awesome to watch Anjali move. She had a way about her that would leave anyone mesmerized when she let go. The term “care free” is one that I would have never used to describe her, at least not until tonight.

After a sex marathon @ Anjali’s place, we decided to move out that night. This bar was Anjali’s idea and I liked it when I saw it. Exotic place with enough dark corners to enjoy the private time. Anjali was wearing a little black dress which was just a colour on her perfect frame. Her dress was hugging her tight body like a second skin. Her beautiful perky boobs and her firm round ass were a sight to look for. Her red high heels enhanced the beauty of her muscular long legs. Her calves were shining like silver. When she gyrated her ass on my cock, and could feel the parting and my cock was about to burst.

Anjali danced with an abandonment of anything going on in her life, at that instant it was just her, the music and the emotion that was driving her body to move. She was having a feeling of liberation.

Nothing else existed in that moment, not even me. I was an object, a prop that she draped her body around but her eyes were closed and she was lost in herself. I was just along for the ride and I was ok with that because as I knew she would, she eventually came back to me. She opened her eyes and smiled, almost as if surprised to find me there holding her, watching her. She smiled and then took off in my arms, this time including me, laughing as we moved.

I love to watch Anjali smile and laugh as we slid around the floor. As the night passed we drank, shouted our conversation over the pulse of the music and we danced. She moved in and out of my arms losing herself to the night, wrapping herself up in the music.

We finished our drinks, and ordered another round. She whispered in my ear “I need you to pleasure me, Viren”.

I smiled, I said “Later tonight, love.”

She grabbed both her boobs and squeezed them together, “you sure you will be able to hold for ‘later’ mister?”

She continued to get closer to me. She was touching me everywhere, somewhat subtly, casually, but getting bolder every second. Her left breast was nearly out now, and she didn’t seem to notice. I noticed, and so did the bartender. He pretended not to look, but I liked seeing him look at her. It was a different feeling. Owning something that perfect pushed me up to the seventh heaven.

Again, she whispered in my ear, “Not later, now.”

Anjali grabbed my hand and stood up. I stood up awkwardly, trying to hide my growing excitement from the others at the bar. I glanced at the bartender, trying to indicate we would be back. She was pulling me towards the bathroom. Fortunately they were the private types of bathrooms, with a lock.

She pushed me into one. She kissed me hard, and pushed me up against the wall. She stepped back slightly and motioned for me to go to my knees. There was no way I was going to resist. She lifted her dress up, she put one leg over my shoulder. She pushed her panty aside and pressed her very wet pussy onto my lips.

I istanbul escort tried to start slow. But I was so turned on, and Anjali tasted so good. And she was so wet. I put my lips on her clit, and flicked at it with my tongue. Then I ran my tongue down, and slid it inside her. Her juices were already dripping off my chin. She grabbed my head and directed my mouth back to her clit. I again sucked on it lightly, then stopped and rolled my tongue around it. It didn’t take long. I could feel her orgasm quickly building. She seems to have no restraint tonight. She moaned quite loudly as she came. It was so loud that I was sure the whole bar heard.

I turned her toward the toilet, bent her over and cupping my hand gave her a rather stinging spank to her right ass cheek. She gasped. I removed her panties which were still at her knees and I lifted her right leg onto the toilet seat. I knelt, spreading her crack and exposing her sexy asshole and the inside of her pink pussy. Using my thumb to spread her pussy open, I extended my tongue and slid it as deep as I could into her cunt, my nose pressed hard against her pussy and asshole as I licked and tasted her. She smelled like heaven. I withdrew my tongue and noticed her clit protruding from the hood covering it. Being opportunistic, I pulled her ass closer to my face so that I could reach the top of her pussy and gently sucked her clit into my warm wet mouth. My mouth made love to her clit, teasing it, sucking it in and bathing it with my warm tongue. Her legs quivered and I held my hand under her ass, supporting her as she orgasmed again, my mouth and tongue still massaging her clit.

Standing, I slid my cock into her pussy, driving it deep into her tight fuck hole. I was quick. Anjali moaned loud and gripped the wall behind the toilet as I grabbed her ass and fucked up into her pussy with a steady rhythm. Each time my dick pulled out, her tight pussy lips would wrap around my shaft, clinging to my cock leaving a wet trail of cum, then disappearing as I fucked back into your hole. A ring of white cum formed at the base of my shaft.

“Ohhh Anjali! your pussy is incredible. I can’t believe how fucking tight you are!” I took my right hand, lubed it with saliva and reached under her leg to rub her clit while I continued to pound her tight little pussy hole. She moaned and cried out with each thrust of my cock.

“Uhh, uhh, uhh. Viren.”

“Ohh Anjali, My cock feels so good sliding into your sexy fuck hole. It’s milking the cum from my balls!”

“Fill my pussy, Viren. If feels so nice to take your cum deep in my pussy.”

“Yes Anjali, I will fill your pussy love. I will impregnate you, give you my baby.”

“Ohhhh Viren, I wish!” she clenched her pussy around my cock and it was over for me.

I began to unload buckets of my warm potent semen in her hot wanting pussy. I came very hard. I banged her so hard in excitement that Anjali hot her head in the wall. She cried in excitement and pain. I banged her again, she cried again. My juice began to overflow from her hole. I collected it on my finger and pushed it in her mouth. Anjali savoured the taste, “Ummmm Viren, I love the taste of your cum baby.”

I got up, and cleaned up a little. She was already composed as if nothing had happened. I really wanted to be inside her again. May be her tight ass this time. Anjali stopped me. She ataköy escort whispered to me “Later, tonight. Now get out, I need the bathroom for myself.”

“What for, baby?”

“I need to change. You will love to remove a ‘new’ dress from my body. No?” she whispered in my ear. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in.

Anjali started to pout, and I gave in. She pushed me to the door and said, “Now get out and let me freshen up. I need to get some more comfortable clothes on.”

I kissed her and said, “Ok baby. I will be waiting for you right outside.”

After a few minutes, Anjali came out looking more like herself, and incredibly sexy. She was now wearing flip-flops on her, but she was wearing a pair of short cotton shorts that showed off her smooth muscular thighs and a shirt, unbuttoned low enough to show off her amazing cleavage.

“Wow! You look great Anjali,” I said breathlessly while taking her hand and she lead me out to the car, “Still not telling me why the change over?”

“Not a chance.”

The whole war was bidding us goodbye with their eyes as we walked out the main door. Every eye was on Anjali’s prefect ass as she swayed it walking. I was proud. We reached the car. She opened my door, let me sit down and closed my door. She walked around to get in the driver’s seat and started the car. We left the bar with enough show for everyone present that night specially the bartender who was lucky enough to see Anjali’s booby.

I started awake and realized I had fallen asleep. I had no idea how much time had passed but I could see a glow beginning to form on the horizon. The car was parked and Anjali was also sleeping on my shoulder. Not wanting her to miss the sunrise, or miss my chance to fulfill a lifelong fantasy to fuck Anjali while watching the sunrise, I started to rub my hands over her back and ass, slowly waking her. Every so often, I dipped a finger over her ass and between her legs to tease the lips of her vagina, which was still soaking wet and slippery from the night before. I spread her legs wide enough so I could crawl between them and slowly inserted my aroused member into her folds. When my head spread her lips, she moaned softly in her sleepy, not quite alert state. I pulled back out and thrust a bit deeper. Pulled back out again, leaving only the tip inside of her, the plunged in until my steel rod was buried completely in her tight peach and my pelvis pressed against her ass.

The tip of my cock made contact with Anjali’s cervix, causing a jolt to her entire body. Her eyes flew open and her body tensed up, not entirely sure where she was or what she was feeling. I knew something wonderful had finally registered on her sleep-addled mind, because a new burst of moisture flowed to her already wet vagina and dripped onto the seat below.

Anjali looked over her shoulder at me, sighed, and said, “I love you.”

Now fully awake, Anjali started to roll her hips in time to my thrusts, which were also in time to the waves crashing on the beach.

I moaned, “I love you too Anjali. You feel heavenly.”

I saw the sun breaking on the horizon and gasped aloud. Anjali stopped pushing back against me, thinking something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just look at the sunrise. Isn’t it gorgeous? I always wanted to make love to you watching the sun come up.” avcılar escort

Smiling, Anjali pulled herself off my rigid shaft, reached back to take my hand, said, “Always, huh?”

She led me toward the shoreline. She knelt on all fours in the sand and surf, right where the waves stopped washing ashore, shot me a sultry look over your shoulder, and said, “Then do it, Viren. Make love to me while we watch the sun and don’t stop till you fill me up.”

I knelt behind Anjali, took my hard cock in my hand and guided myself back inside of her, feeling the heat of her walls enveloping me immediately. I grabbed Anjali’s hips as hard as I could and pumped into her, while she pushed her ass against me, driving me even deeper inside of her.

We watched the sunrise over the water and continued to make love in the surf for what felt like a heavenly eternity, time seeming to stand still during our coupling. As the sun completely cleared the surface of the ocean and we felt the warmth on our naked bodies, the hint of an unbelievably strong orgasm started to rumble in my balls. I groaned in pleasure, feeling Anjali gripping and releasing me. Her pussy’s grip on my shaft continuing to get tighter as her orgasm approached.

“I’m not gonna last much longer my love. You feel too amazing wrapped around my shaft.”

“I’m almost there. Just a little longer, then cum with me…”

It took all of my willpower to not cum at that moment, but I was able to hold off imminent disaster. Anjali’s moans and cries got louder and increased in pitch.

“Viren. Oh Viren. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. I’m gon…oh god, cum with me! Cumming, I’m cumming! Fill me, fill me, cum with me!”

With the roar of a dragon, my orgasm hit. It felt like a bomb went off in my testicles and the cum shot out of my cock like it was driven by rocket boosters.

“Oh my god Anjali, I love you…this is all for you. I’m close, I’m gonna fill your pussy, I’m cumming too!”

I kept mumbling and groaning as the hard shots of my seed poured into her fertile womb, causing Anjali to scream in pleasure.

“Oh my god, I can feel you filling me. I’m ovulating,” Anjali moaned, fully aware of my impregnation fetish. “It feels so good. Fill me. Give me more. Give me your life, your seed. Oh Viren, I missed you, I needed you. I love yoooooouuuuuu,” she shouted as her orgasm ramped up in intensity when my cum wouldn’t stop shooting into her spasming pussy. My cock stayed hard and I kept plunging into her, each thrust sending another blast of my seed rocketing into her already full vagina.

Neither of us could take anymore and we collapsed into the waves, nothing but a twisted pile of limbs. The cool water washed over us and added to the relief pulsing through our bodies that we were together.

“Let’s dry off,” I grabbed her hand and walked towards the car. I cleaned Anjali’s body then dried myself. I found a stick, smoothed out a section of the beach and started to write something in the sand. Anjali walked over to ask what I was writing.

I told her, “Not yet, I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

With a sigh of disappointment, Anjali went back over to the car and sat on the bumper. After a few minutes, I called her over. She looked at the message I’d scrawled in the sand and gasped.

“I love you and you know that.” Was the message.

“It’s perfect. And you fuck me like you mean every word of it, Viren. Thank you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, beautiful.”


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