Miranda Paxton sighed as she set the laundry basket down. Tuesday was her usually laundry day. Of course Wednesday was clean the house and Friday was grocery shopping. Could you get any more normal, she wistfully thought.

It wasn’t that life had been bad for Miranda. At forty-eight years old she had a good home, two beautiful children, and a good husband of over twenty years. OK, so he wasn’t Don Juan in the bedroom, but he could be worse.

It was just that life had become so damn normal she thought. She avoided the word boring, but knew deep inside it was really what she thought. Married at twenty-four, she had given up the work world when their daughter Michelle was born at twenty-six. Two years later, Ryan her son brightened her life.

Now at twenty-two Michelle had just graduated from college and was entering her fathers’ accounting firm. Miranda knew Michelle was a daddy’s girl; she always had and always would be.

At twenty-two Ryan was half way through his degree in mechanical engineering. Still living at home Ryan saved every cent he could while attending local university. Michelle was already out on her own, sharing an apartment with her boyfriend.

As Miranda sorted through the clothes, tossing the whites from her own basket into the washing machine, discarding the darker on the floor, she mused about Ryan. He was a good looking young man, and the girls seemed interested in him, but Ryan never seemed to have a steady girl. In fact, his mother couldn’t remember the last date her son had even gone out on.

Sorting through the basket from Ryan’s room, she wondered if she should have her husband Kyle bring the subject up with their son; just as she pulled the small white lace cloth free from the pile.

Miranda stood beside the washing machine and stared at a pair of lace white panties in her hand. She sighed softly. This wasn’t the first time finding a pair of her panties in Ryan’s laundry basket.

She held the cloth in her hand, feeling the dried crust against her fingers. She shuddered at the thought her son was using her as his fantasies while he masturbated.

When she had found her panties the first time, she had almost confronted Ryan about it. Miranda instead had gone onto the internet, and after reading, realized it was actually a common theme for a young man to fantasize about his mother, and many used their mothers under garments during their masturbation session.

So, Miranda had said nothing. Instead, watching her son; seeing how he managed to obtain his little prizes. The discovery was actually by accident when it happened. One morning, she had been preparing breakfast, and mounting the stairs to tell Ryan to come to the kitchen, she had stopped at the top landing. She watched as Ryan exited the master bedroom, his hand clutching a pair of panties.

Not ones from her dresser, these were the pale pink ones she had been wearing the day before, and had cast into her own laundry. Returning to the kitchen, Miranda had waited until her husband had left for the office, and her son for class. Then, heading to his room, she had found the panties inside his laundry basket. Pulling them free, her fingers encountered the still warm and sticky fluids clinging to the cloth.

Not only was Ryan using her panties, but her old ones. The scent of her was still on them. It wasn’t just the panties, she had realized that morning. He wanted her scent on them.

Without a second thought, Miranda dropped the lid on the washing machine, and hit the start knob. Just as the machine stirred to life, she leaned forward, pressing her pelvis against the cool corner.

This wasn’t the first time Miranda had reacted this way to her son’s activity. The first few times, she had felt such shame. Then, slowly her mind had accepted what her body knew. It had been a long time since a man had shown this kind of appreciation for the mature body she now had. A very long time since a man had looked at her with the kind of hunger she had seen in Ryan’s eyes.

Seeing the tent in his shorts when she wore her bikini, and knowing he peeked when she took her shower. Then, the copious amount he poured into her panties when he fantasized about her. It thrilled her to know she could excite a man this way still.

Leaning in, Miranda ground her pelvis into the metal corner. The hum of the washing machine sending sent a thrum that shot straight to her already wet pussy.

“Ohhhh God” she moaned.

Instinctively she brought the crusted cloth to her nose, where while her son had smelled her scent. Now, she inhaled the musky odor of his dried seed. The smell sent a shudder through her body.

A gush of fluids soaked into her own panties as she rotated her pelvis. Her body was rapidly climbing the mountain of pleasure towards its peak.

“Fuck me” the inflamed mother groaned. “Fuck your momma good.” She gasped.

As her tongue slid out to swipe across the cloth, the taste of her son’s cum coated her mouth, sending her body over the edge.

“Ryannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” Miranda bayan esmer escort bursa screamed out into the empty laundry room. Her body convulsing as her eyes rolled back.

Sucking violently on the cloth, she felt her own cream flood her crotch, soaking into the tight jeans she wore. She knew the stain it would leave, and didn’t care.

As her body trembled its way slowly back down, there was no shame in the pleasure she now felt. No, this time there was a swirl of thoughts. That he appreciated her this much, she needed to reward him. Something he would appreciate even more, she thought.

As Ryan Paxton entered the house, he tossed his backpack into the corner by the door. Heading for the kitchen, he figured he could grab a snack then get his study time in. Maybe, if his mom was busy, get a little “extra” time in.

Ryan knew his attraction to his mother wasn’t what one would call normal or healthy, but he couldn’t stop. He had dated girls closer to his own age, only to find quickly he had very little in common with their prattle and giggles.

He had always had a love of mature women in porn, but it hadn’t focused on his mother until a few months ago. It was when he had helped her do the laundry, and found a skimpy pair of her lace panties. With one whiff of her scent, he knew he was hooked.

When he had slipped them into his jeans, and later used them during his usual evening jerk off session, he was shocked at the images that flowed through his mind. He was even more surprised at the intensity of his own orgasm.

Images of his mother on her knees sucking his cock or bent over the back of the couch taking his dick balls deep had inflamed his imagination. All the while the pungent odor of her panties filled his nostrils. His orgasm had been the hardest he had ever experienced; nearly causing him to black out it was so strong.

The guilt after had also been terrible. This was his mother he was fantasizing about. The woman who bore him, raised him, and cared for him. It was also a woman who had fantastic 36D tits and a hot curvy tight ass a guy would drool over staring at.

Over the next month or so, Ryan had taken to watching his mother more closely, especially when she did her video workouts. The tight spandex slacks she wore were like a second skin over her firm ass cheeks. The tight sports bra only barely contained her breasts, while her nipples tried to poke holes through the cloth.

Unknown to Miranda, he son had taken a few quick snap shots of her; working out and when she would lie out in her bikini trying to improve her tan. Photos the twenty year old would use to fuel his imagination with every session.

Ryan had always considered his mother the essential suburban housewife. The reality she was a woman came as a shock. Now, standing rooted in the kitchen, before his eyes was a true woman.

Miranda had decided to give her son a reward, she liked how he appreciated her body, it made her feel desired again. Today, she would let him see just a hint of what he only imagined. She was also curious how he would react.

Ryan could only stand and stare at his mother. Instead of her usual afternoon slacks and blouse, she was dressed in her tight spandex work pants; her ass curving slowly down to what Ryan was certain was a camel toe in the front. Instead of her blouse or even workout bra, she had a sports bra on he had never seen, and he swore it was at least one size to small. Her tits looked like they would burst free from the fabric with so much cleavage showing.

Miranda saw her son standing at the kitchen entry, staring, his mouth almost hanging open. She smiled softly to herself, so he did like her body.

“Hey sweetie” Miranda chirped to her son.

“Uhhhh, hi mom” was all Ryan could manage. “You been working out?” he asked

“No” Miranda chuckled. “I just like how they feel.” She slid a hand slowly down her hip and then over the curve of one ass cheek, watching her son’s eyes following her movement.

“You’re not objecting are you” his mother asked. She turned to face Ryan, watching his eyes lock onto her straining nipples encased in the tight halter.

“Fuck no” Ryan gasped out. “Uhhh, I mean no; sorry mom.” He quickly apologized for his outburst.

Miranda slowly walked the few steps towards her son, his eyes moving with each sway of her breasts. She was startled to see the intensity of lust that covered Ryan’s face. He really was hot for her body, she shuddered at the thought.

“Its OK sweetie” she told her son. “You are a man now, you can use that language” she said. She reached out and traced her finger over his shirt covering his chest.

“Besides” she said softly. “In the right circumstance, that word can be…fun.” She smiled

Ryan barely suppressed the groan as he heard his mothers’ words. He didn’t know what had gotten into her, but the rock hard cock growing in his jeans was definitely not opposed. He saw her glance down, and knew she had seen his growing erection.

Oh bursa ucuz eskort God, Ryan thought. She sees my hard cock; I have to get out of here.

“Uhhh yeah” he stumbled out. “I have to go…my room…” he tried to add.

“I know baby” Miranda interrupted him, her palm lying against his chest, his nipple resting under her touch. “Go on, you better take care of it” she smiled.

Ryan almost screamed at his mothers’ words. Without a sound he stumbled out of the kitchen and raced to his room. Quickly removing his jeans and boxers, Ryan stretched out on his bed, his hand wrapping around his throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck yeahhhh” he groaned as his fist began to pump up and down. His mind filled with the image of his mother just moments ago in the kitchen.

“Suck it mom” he groaned as his fist gave a wet slapping up and down his cock. He couldn’t believe what she had just told him. She had all but said to go and jerk off over her.

He began to feel his balls tighten. The memories of his mother were driving him rapidly towards release. This was going to be big one he knew. Just as he started to near, he watched in horror as his bedroom door slowly swung open.

Standing in the doorway, still dressed like her workout, was his mother. Ryan’s whole body froze, his hand still gripping his raging hard cock.

“Mom…what…” he could only gasp out.

Miranda had felt bad in the kitchen. She knew she had teased Ryan terribly. She worried she had gone too far. She had come to his room to apologize and hopefully prevent any further problems. Now, standing in his doorway, her eyes locked to his raging cock, the clear drop of pre cum glistening on the tip. Something gave inside the mother. He was doing this because of her, because he appreciated her womanhood.

“Don’t stop” she whispered, stepping into her sons’ bedroom. “Finish it.” She told him

Ryan watched as his mother approached his bed step by step. Without even realizing it, his hand slowly resumed its motion, sliding up and down his throbbing cock. His eyes once again locked to his mothers’ swaying tits, her nipples poking straight at him.

“Is that from me?” Miranda asked softly. She eased herself down to the edge of Ryan’s bed.

“Yes” was all Ryan could gasp back.

“Does mommy make you hard?” Miranda asked softly. She needed to hear it, she craved the attention.

“God yes” Ryan moaned.

“Does mommy make you cum?” her voice growing hoarse.

“Yesssssssssssss” Ryan hissed back. He could feel his balls beginning to tighten again.

“You like mommy’s panties don’t you?” Miranda said. She saw Ryan’s eyes open wide. “It’s OK, mommy knows, and she doesn’t mind. Do you like my smell baby? She asked her son.

“Oh mom” Ryan moaned. “I love your smell. It makes me cum” he grunted out between strokes

Miranda silently rose from her son’s bed, and stepped into his small bathroom. When she returned, she leaned over her son, watching his hand pump up and down his thick cock.

“Then smell me baby” she whispered. “Smell mommy fresh this time.” She told him. She reached out and draped a pair of lacey pale blue panties over Ryan’s face.

Ryan took a deep breath, the pungent odor of his mother filling his entire mind, sending him into overload. The cloth was still warm against his cheeks, showing him she had stepped aside to remove them, and had just placed over his face, the very panties she had been wearing.

“OH fuck…oh mom” Ryan grunted. His eyes began to roll back as his orgasm peaked.

Miranda stepped to the door of his room, and then stopped. She couldn’t believe she was about to say the words, but she knew she meant every single one.

“When you cum baby” she called back to her shuddering son. “Think of shoving that hard cock into mommy’s tight cunt.”

As she stepped out of the room, the gurgling groan of Ryan exploding echoed behind her. She smiled as she walked down the hall. She might have gone too far this time for real, but right now, that didn’t matter to her. The fact a man would want her body that badly, sent tremors through her.

By the time he slipped into his chair at the dinner table, Ryan had managed to clean the mess he had made all over his belly. He was still mystified at his mothers’ reaction. He had never known her to act like this. Not that he was objecting, having her freshly worn panties laid across his face, had brought on the biggest orgasm he had ever experienced.

When his mother brought the food to the table, Ryan was again caught off guard. Back were the demure slacks and simple blouse he had always seen her in. Why had she changed he wondered. When his father slipped into the chair at the head of the table, the question was answered for the young man. The show had been for him and no one else.

Throughout the meal Ryan watched his parents, paying special attention to his father. His mothers’ words about being appreciated ringing in his ears. It didn’t take long for bursa anal yapan escort him to see why either. His father barely spoke during the meal, unless directly addressed. He wolfed down his food without any comments, while Ryan made a point of telling his mother how good everything was.

Seeing the glowing smile on her face was more than enough reward, while the small grunt of approval his father gave, only increased Ryan’s awareness. After dinner, he made a point of helping clear the table, while his father headed for his recliner in the living room.

As Ryan was taking the last dishes into the kitchen, his mother stepped up to him. Her eyes locked to his as she spoke.

“Thank you sweetie” Miranda said softly. “I appreciate the help.” She told him

“Not a problem mom” Ryan said with a smile. “I appreciate you.”

Ryan walked from the kitchen as his mother stared after him. He had made his point and that was all that mattered to the young man.

Entering the living room, he sat on the couch and watched the basketball game his father had on the television. While he usually got into the games, tonight, his mind was elsewhere. He looked up with surprise as his mother slid onto the couch beside him, a blanket in her hand.

As Miranda settled onto the couch, she unfolded the blanket and draped it over the lap of the pair. Being cold was not on her mind, but rather hiding what she planned from her husband across the room. Under the blanket she deftly undid the snap and lowered the zipper of her slacks, opening the top. Then sliding her hand across Ryan’s leg, she found his hand.

Ryan was startled when his mother began sliding his hand across her thigh, then his fingers felt warm flesh as they slipped across her smooth belly. His eyes wide he turned and looked at his mother.

“Do you really appreciate your mother?” she asked softly.

“Yes, I do” Ryan swallowed hard as his mother slid his hand into the opening of her slacks.

“Prove it” his mothers’ soft voice filled his ear, just as he felt his fingers slide across moist swollen lips.

Without even a second thought, Ryan rammed one thick finger between his mothers’ hot lips and deep into her. He felt her velvet hot walls grip his finger as she stretched to meet him.

“Ungh” Miranda grunted at the sudden invasion.

“What?” Her husband asked, not even taking his eyes off the television.

“Just…a cramp” Miranda could barely gasp out. She shuddered as she felt Ryan pull back then drive his finger in again.

Miranda’s mind screamed, what was she even thinking? Sitting on the couch mere feet from her husband, letting her son finger her dripping pussy. She had to be out of her mind.

Thinking she needed to end this, her hand started to grip Ryan’s wrist. Then, suddenly, her son curled his finger and the tips scraped along her upper wall. Miranda had heard the fables about a G spot, but in forty-eight years no one had ever touched hers. She had actually come to believe it was some wives tale cooked up by some people. Until now, as what felt like a bomb went off deep inside her belly.

Ryan pumped his finger slowly, as the tip scrapped that spot a second time, and then a third. Miranda wanted to scream out her pleasure as her entire body erupted. Leaning sideways, she gripped Ryan’s arm tightly, as her teeth sank into his shoulder.

Ryan could only stare, as his mother’s eyes silently rolled back, her body almost vibrating next to him. A soft whimper escaped her lips as a sudden gush of hot fluids covered his hand.

For Miranda, her orgasm was nothing short of a miracle. It dwarfed anything she had ever known as she felt her pussy literally jet her hot cream out, soaking both her son’s hand and the crotch of her slacks.

Blankly, she realized she was actually squirting for the first time in her life. Even as a second jet of hot pussy juice erupted from her, soaking Ryan’s hand, and threatening to drench her slacks so badly it would stain the couch.

As Ryan watched, his mother quivered and shook next to him. Slowly she sank back down to normal, as her breathing slowed. He felt her shift her hips and his hand slipped free, her juices still clinging to his fingers.

“If you can do that with your fingers” Miranda whispered in Ryan’s ear. “I REALLY want to know what you can do with that cock baby.”

His mother rose from the couch, holding the blanket in front of her to hide the stain in the crotch of her slacks. She could feel her still wet pussy lips cling together in the tight fabric.

Telling her husband she was heading for bed only received a grunt in reply. While Ryan stared at his mother saying good night. Again she felt that thrill run down her spine. Here was someone who noticed her.

As his mother left the living room, Ryan turned his attention back to the television. His body nearly vibrated from the recent activity on the couch. He didn’t know what had gotten into his mother all of a sudden. But he was damned sure not going to argue. Finally, unable to stand the silence he said his good night and headed to his room.

Undressing, he briefly thought of masturbating off the constant ache in his balls. Something nagged at the back of his mind that he didn’t want to right now. Instead, he slipped under the covers and let sleep drift over him as images of his mother floated through his mind.

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