As The Tear Falls Upon Her Breast

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Big Tits

“Can I help you Ma’am?”

The sound of the sales assistant’s voice startled Melissa out of her daydream as she was looking down into the glass display cabinet at the range of intimate apparel on show. She didn’t need any, it had just caught her eye as she was walked through the department store.

It had reminded her of Paul, he liked lingerie, he’d always bought it for her, knowing exactly what suited her and made her feel good wearing. She didn’t even have to be with him when he bought it, he’d say,

“I saw it Melissa, and I knew it was you.”

Things she’d never dream of buying herself, never imagining they would suit her.

“Oh come on Paul, how could you know?”

“Put it on then, prove me wrong.”

That was what he’d said the last time he’d bought her some, just a few days ago.

“Try it on now? We’re going out in two hours.”

“I know, I want you to wear it, please.”

“Give it to me then, let me see what you have in there.”

Paul handed her the bag, his face beaming with pride and happiness, a sparkle of lust in his eyes. Melissa had retrieved the package from the bag, delicately wrapped in soft pink crepe paper. It felt quite bulky compared to some of the scant little pieces he’d bought her in the past. The package had been wrapped in layers, as had become customary when Paul had decided to buy her an ensemble of “treasures”, as he liked to call them.

Melissa carefully peeled away the first layer of wrap, revealing a single black and red lace garter. She had looked up at him with a wicked grin, one eyebrow raised and saying softly.

“Hmmm, this looks interesting already.”

Paul’s face was aglow with excitement, like a schoolboy with a new toy.

“Keep going, time’s a wasting.”

Melissa continued to peel away the layers of soft wrapping. Next were a pair of black fishnet stockings, followed by the tiniest g-string of black satin she’d ever seen.

“What on earth are they gonna cover?” she laughed.

“Not a lot,” he replied with a wink, “but there’s more yet.”

The next layer opened to reveal a black and red corset with suspenders. Paul let out a low whistle as she held the corset up against herself and cheekily modeled it. There was one package left and Melissa could hear Paul’s breathing quicken as she opened it, causing her to smile to herself and linger at her task. Melissa peeked inside the package, then smiled at Paul, noticing the large bulge forming in the front of his pants.

She was already wet herself, her moisture beginning to rise the moment she’d seen the garter. The anticipation and gentle teasing of Paul, now had her soaked, making her think it was just as well that she had new panties to wear.

“You’re a naughty boy young Paul.” she liked to call him that when she was about to take charge, like in just a moment from now. He was a few years younger than her, and his naughty gift had inspired her to go down that track today.

“You can leave the room now young Paul, I’ll call you when I want you to come back in. You can take those clothes off while you’re waiting, everything but your underpants.”

Paul immediately had become submissive, he was obviously happy and excited, but he played the role of humbled little boy well.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said as he bowed slightly and backed out of the room, “I’ll wait for your summons and do as you wish, underpants Ma’am.”

“Is there anything I can take out to show you Ma’am? It was the young sales assistant speaking again.

“No, no thank you, I’m just looking.” Melissa says, “No, wait! The choker down there, can I see it please?”

The young sales assistant grins slyly as she take out the choker, then holds it up to her own neck. “Would Ma’am like me to put it on her?” she asks.

“No thank you, would you put it on yourself for me please? I can see better how it looks then.” Melissa says quietly.

Melissa watches the cute young sales assistant carefully places the choker around her own slender neck. Melissa estimates her to be around the same age as Paul.

“You may come in now!” Melissa calls out sternly.

Paul reaches for the door handle, trembling with excitement as he does. It’s a warm day, but he shivers as a bead of sweat rolls down his lightly hair covered chest and continues down over his hard stomach, soaking into the waistband of his boxers. His jaw drops at the sight that greets him as he opens the door.

Melissa stands tall in front of him in her winged leather, stiletto heeled boots, reaching to just above the knee of her fishnet stockinged legs. The tops being held up at mid thigh by the suspenders hanging from the sexy corset that was pulled in fairly tight at her waist. The corset formed a V shape in her upper body, accentuating her already ample breasts by pushing her breasts in and up, exaggerating her cleavage and provide a teasing glimpse of her rouged areola and hard nipples.

The tiny g-string barely bahis siteleri covered the pouty lips of her neatly trimmed mound, their gusset visibly damp from her own excitement and arousal. Melissa wears bright red slutty looking lipstick that matches her outfit and the little red mask covering her eyes. The choker with a short leather strap attached, that he had expected to be around her neck, hung over her shoulder. “Sit down!” Melissa says sternly, ” On the chair over there, now!”

“Yes Ma’am, will there be anything else Ma’am? I have an hours break now, perhaps we could step into my office and discuss this more privately?”

“Huh???” It was the cute young sales assistant speaking, Melissa was speaking out loud as she daydreamed.

“I’m the manager of this department Ma’am. Follow me to my office, then we can discuss your needs here in more detail.”

Melissa couldn’t believe she’d spoken out loud. She was still coming to grips with her own actions as the young “Manager” spoke to another girl, nodded at Melissa, then turned and headed toward her office before Melissa could speak. The young Manager stopped at the door to her office and looked back at Melissa, still wearing the choker, beckoning Melissa to join her. Melissa approaches her in a daze like state, not even knowing what she’s thinking about. She does feel that she could use some company right now though, even from this young stranger.

The young manager holds the door open and Melissa walks in, hearing the door close and lock behind her. Slowly Melissa turns around to see the young manager seated on a straight backed chair, her legs provocatively placed each side of the chair. She’s holds out a thin leather strap to Melissa, indicating to her that she wants it attached to the choker.

“What is your bidding Ma’am?” she hears Paul say.

Slowly, Melissa begins to strut her way toward him, conscious of the wetness between her legs with each step as she feels her engorged labia stroking together. Stopping with her legs astride his leg, she slowly lowers herself down onto his knee. Sliding herself back and forth along his bare thigh, knowing he can feel her wetness through the gusset of her tiny panties. She pushes her swollen mound down on him as she says, “First we have to attach this.”

Melissa leans forward, feeling Paul’s hot, almost panting breath against her heaving breasts as she clips the choker around his neck and holding on to the leather strap. Standing up and taking a step back, she pulls him toward her sternly saying, “You have been a bad and very presumptuous young man. You automatically assumed that I would wear the choker, that I was the submissive. Now you shall learn the truth!”

Pulling him closer so they come face to face, their lips almost touching, she whispers, “You are going to pleasure me, my every whim will be attended to. Now kneel down.” Silently Paul obeys, kneeling so that his face is just millimeters from her steaming pussy. He can see the moisture seeping through her gusset, smell the musky scent of her sex. It takes all of his willpower to keep his tongue in his mouth, he can almost taste her.

Reaching down, she pulls the tiny g-string upward, pulling it tight so that the thin material slips between the folds of her blood engorged labia. “Can you see how hot I am Paul? See how wet you’ve made my cunt by getting me this beautiful lingerie? Now you must attend to this before we can go out, then you must wait until we return before we can attend to you. For now, you must concentrate on me!”

“Yes Ma’am,” Paul says as he runs his hands up her thighs from the back of her knees.

“Now……. gasp,” Melissa can’t finish her sentence, feeling his strong hands glide across to the cheeks of her firm arse and pulling her hips forward so her crotch is forced into his face.

“Hmmmm, now there’s a good boy,” Melissa coos as she feels his warm tongue slide along the length of her very wet and sensitive pussy lips, scraping his teeth along the surface of her g-string covered and throbbing clit.

Melissa pulls tight on the leather strap attached to the choker as she feels her body begin to tense. She feels her legs becoming weak, but doesn’t want to lose control, not just yet. Reluctantly she pulls him away by the strap, jerking his head back as she does. “Easy now boy,” she pants, “I’ve got another forty minutes or so to make use of before we have to stop, I intend to make good use of it.”

Paul obediently stops and sits back on his haunches, “What is your bidding then Ma’am?”

“I need to inspect that conspicuous bulge that I see forming in your shorts there. So now stand up and drop those shorts for me.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Paul says as he stands up and pulls his shorts over his throbbing cock and down past his knees.

Melissa could feel her heart racing as she looked upon the hard bodied young man, standing there proud and impressively erect. Reaching out, she runs her fingers along canlı bahis his length, gently scraping her long nails against him as she goes. Paul tries to maintain his composure, but uncontrollably flinching and pulling away slightly as her teasing fingers dance along his aching cock.

“Be still!” Melissa barks at him. “Remember this is for my pleasure young Paul, you will move when I say!”

She digs her nails into him as she says it. Not too hard, but hard enough to smart, she’s testing his resolve now. His teeth clenched, Paul manages to remain still again.

“Yes Ma’am,” he says grimacing, “When you say Ma’am.”

“Oh dear…,” Melissa chuckles, “I’ve left marks on you. Sit down and let me inspect the damage.”

Paul sat back on the chair, his angry throbbing purple headed monster sticking up from his lap. Melissa sits on the floor between his legs, sitting back against his knee with her legs apart either side of his other leg so he can see her glistening lips protruding from the sides of her tiny g-string. Slowly she wraps her fingers around Paul’s pulsating cock, squeezing firmly as she gives it a few short pumps. Immediately a thick bead of precum oozes from the angry eye, dribbling down. “Mmmmm,” says Melissa as she spreads his juices over the head with her fingers. “A little appetizer for me I see.”

Paul squeezes his eyes shut, he knows what’s coming next. Melissa loved giving head, she loved the taste of his cum on her tongue, she could cum herself by giving head. He had to concentrate now, he knew he wouldn’t be allowed to cum before they went out, and he knew his Mistress Melissa planned to have some fun before they did. Se hadn’t done anything yet, so he opened one eye to see what she was up to.

One of Melissa’s hands was undoing the top of her corset as her other hand slid inside it to caress her breast. She looked up at him as she cupped her breast and lifted it to her mouth while her other hand left her corset and grip his hard cock, slowly pumping it up and down. Her bright red lips parted and kissed the breast cupped in her hand, then lifting it so she could lick her sensitive nipple. Closing her lips around her aching nipple, she teased it with her tongue and teeth until it was hard as a pebble. Then she repeated the performance with her other breast as she let go of his cock to gently squeeze his heavy balls.

Paul clings to the seat to stop himself from arching his back, which Melissa makes harder by sucking one of his balls into her mouth and softly moaning, “Mmmmm.” Melissa shifts her position as Paul watches her hand move from her breast and start sliding up the length of her open thighs until her fingers pry under the material of her panties to pull her soaked gusset to one side and allowing her to easily slide two of her fingers into her throbbing cunt.

Slowly her fingers move in and out, her juices glistening on them as they slide out. Paul watches her face to see the pleasure she enjoys from her self stimulation. Melissa looks up at him, her eyes smiling as she holds his hard cock and trace a wet line of her saliva from his balls to the tip of his cock. There she swirls her tongue around the head, lapping up his salty precum that oozes from it.

Paul isn’t sure how long he can stand this, watching his girlfriend bring herself off with her own fingers as she wraps her lips around the fat head of his cock and assaults it with her tongue and teeth, while surrounding it with the wonderful wet warmth of her mouth.

“Melissa…” Paul whispers as she feels his legs begin to tense. Immediately she releases him and removes her slick fingers. Standing in front of him she says with a sly grin,

” Settle down now young Paul, I’m not finished, not just yet.”

Gripping him by the hair now, she pulls his face to her sex and Paul gets the message. His strong hands grip her arse as he buries his face between her legs, his tongue probing between her lips and circling her swollen clit.

“Nnnnngghhh!!” Melissa groans as she grips Paul by the hair tightly and grinds her throbbing cunt against his hungry mouth. It isn’t long before she feels begin to tense, the electric jolts that emanate from between her legs, beginning to spread outwards through her body, her nipples aching for attention. Once again, just before reaching the point of no return, she pulls his head away. Panting she says, “Now I want to feel that hard cock.” Still holding him by the hair, she pulls his head back, his face slick with her juices, shining in the light. With the other hand she unclips the leather strap from the choker. Then she threads the end of the strap through the hole in the clip and pulls it through to form a loop.

Letting go of his hair, she steps back and says, “Stand up my little plaything.” Reaching down she slips the loop around his cock and under his balls, then she pulls it tight.

“Tell me when it starts to hurt,” she says with a wicked smile as she pulls the strap tighter. güvenilir bahis Paul doesn’t say a word, but she stops when she sees his cockhead start to turn a deep shade of purple, and the veins become swollen, his cock pulsating as it gets harder.

“Hold the strap young Paul and don’t release any tension, I’m gonna enjoy this.” He leans back in the chair, pulling on the strap and making his cock stand straight up like a flagpole.

Melissa stands with her legs astride his, her throbbing wet cunt hovering just centimeters above his pulsating hard cock, her juices literally dripping from her. Holding his shoulder to steady herself with one hand, she pulls him to her so he can work on her breasts with his mouth. She reaches down and grips his cock with her other hand and guides it to her steaming hole as she slowly squats and lowers herself until the tip just touches it. Gripping his shoulder tightly, nails digging in, she pushes herself against him and slides his cockhead around her slippery opening and pushing harder with each pass of her aching clit.

She’s teasing herself as much as she’s teasing him and she lets go of is cock so that it lies flat against his stomach. Lowering herself onto his stomach, she slides her swollen pussy back and forth along his length, again pushing harder each time it rubs against her clit. Closing her eyes, she throws her head back as she feels the wonderful onset of an orgasm building in her pussy once more. Slowly ripples of bliss like intense electric shocks start to course through her body as she approaches her climax. She swears she could feel his cock throbbing, pulsating, even vibrating, as she slides her slippery slit up and down his shaft, then she hears it.


Melissa looks down again, only to see herself sat astride the lap of the cute young sales manager. She sits beneath her naked except for a strap-on vibrating dildo. The girl is skillfully tantalizing Melissa’s breasts with her mouth as she grinds herself down against the girls vibrating strap-on. Melissa reaches down and grabs the vibrating phallus, beyond control now. Then resting the tip against her slick opening, she slowly descends as little by little, she feels the glorious sensation of the vibrator filling her up. Then finally pushing herself all the way down so that it fills her up to the hilt.

Her first orgasm had already started as the first two inches had entered her, sending euphoric waves of pleasure through her as they stimulated the masses of nerve endings at the entrance to her throbbing cunt. Now as was filled completely and it had begun to subside, the next one started to ripple through her as she slid up and down the slick vibrating shaft.

She looks back down at her lover, and Paul gives her a loving smile, she begins to laugh out loud as she thrusts up and down on his beautiful cock, wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure ripping through her. She had lost control now, her body continually spasming as the multiple orgasms ripped through her body one after the other. Her voice trembles as she begs him. “Please, release the strap, I want to feel you cum with me. I want you to fill me with your love.”

Paul realizes that he has now acquired the power, she was no longer in control. The slave, the submissive, was about to become the Master. “Oh no my love, this time is yours, just as agreed, my pleasure will come when we return.” He grins broadly, pleased with the shift of power and control. “Now we must get ready to leave my love. Now you must wear what I bought you when we go out. You can think about how you will please me while we’re out.”

“Yes Sir,” she says, “I shall plan, you won’t be disappointed when we return.”

She knows the torture of not feeling him cum inside her will be almost unbearable, but she also knows that she made her own bed here. “Good girl.” Paul says as he stands up. She was happy that her Master was giving her the chance to please him later when they returned. She would plan well, please him better than he’d ever expected. But she never did, she never got the chance.

Melissa looks at her new young lover, recovering from their encounter. She’s around the same age as Paul was, even similar features, she could almost pass for his sister. Was that what had sparked today’s memories? The tears begin to well in her eyes as she remembers how Paul had offered to be the one to drive down the road to buy more drink, him being the only sober one there. A large tear begins to roll down her cheek as she remembers the police arriving at the party, the residence of the car registration he was driving. She remembers screaming as they told her of the drunk who had run a light and hit him right in the drivers side. She also remembers how there and then she swore that she’d never love another man.

Her new lover looks up at her and smiles, just as he used to. She believes in her heart that he had sent her to this beautiful young woman, to make her happy once more. She looks at her new lover and knows that she will be now. Then, as the tear falls upon her breast, she knows that her new lover will always make her remember Paul, and she is at peace with his memory.

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