Aunite Di


Dedicated to, and inspired by, my on-line friend, and flirt– she knows who she is. Inspired by something she claims is the truth!

Had the boy been spying on me? No, not exactly. Not quite. But why had I left the door to my bedroom ajar while I changed? He’d only walked past. Caught a glimpse of me as I finished pulling my dress down. He was a guest, my 18-year old nephew’s friend. It was the first time I had seen my nephew since my husband’s funeral six months earlier. Sean, my nephew. I’d always adored Sean.

“How’s this?” I asked Michael and Sean, returning to the living room. I was dressing up for the teenagers. Actually, I was dressing up to go on a date, and I wanted to look hot. Who better to ask for advice than two sex-starved teens?

I walked back and forth. Like a caged cougar, I thought. I hoped the boys were a little attracted to me. Early 40s, slender, always worked out, good legs, decent breasts, glossy hair, nice face. I was growing anxious for their verdict.

“You’re so beautiful,” said Sean, and made me smile.

“Your dress is tight and sexy,” Michael began. “But…”

Yes, it was certainly tight. So tight that the outline of my garter straps, the fasteners clutching my stocking tops were visible through the thin and stretchy fabric. I’m afraid I’d already described my underthings to the boys. My description of the stockings and mention of my black panties and bra had made their eyes light up, and had given them the courage to be opinionated on the topic of seduction wear.

“Tight and sexy? But what?” I prompted Michael to finish his sentence. Sitting down on the couch between the boys, my skirt rode up and exposed my stocking tops.

“You’re getting closer, auntie,” quiet Sean offered.

I recalled my marriage as I sat there with the boys. I refused to remember the accident– too painful– but dwelt on more pleasant memories– memories of the dress I now wore. My husband loved it, and I recalled the night in the pub, drinking too much: he and his pal, their hands wandering over me, fondling my breasts, stroking my legs. His friend asked us over for a nightcap; my husband whispered in my ear begging me to go, begging for me to fuck his dear friend while he watched, and then joined in. He’d always had these fantasies of me and other men– threesomes, gang bangs. I always turned him down. Now I regretted not being more of a slut for him. I’d begun to tell myself that one thing I could do in his memory was to become the sultry woman he’d always dreamed I could be. I shook my head, trying to drive out the very idea, and stood up again.

“This is a second date,” I told the boys again. “And it’s important that what I wear makes this guy’s heart stop.”

I decided to model another dress for them. I opened the door to my room, and invited them into my inner sanctum. Would they be permitted to see me change? I was just too conscious of the fact that the last man to fuck me was my husband, nearly six months earlier. I missed his cock. I missed cock.

“Come in here. I’ll show you my selection of slutty attire.”

Michael and Sean sat nervously on the edge of my bed as they watched me go through my closet.

“That one,” Michael said when I flashed a slinky, very short, low-cut green dress at them.

“I should have known you’d pick that one.” I lifted it out of the closet on its hanger and held it out for the teens to inspect. Sean ran his fingers along the hem, while Michael stroked the fabric around the scandalously low neckline, and I could imagine his fingers teasing my nipples. It was at that moment that I knew what was to be, what these young men would have to do to me before they could leave my boudoir.

“But it won’t do. It exposes too much,” I insisted, and I took hold of the hem of my dress, and with one practiced over-the-head maneuver, removed it. I was standing in front of the boys wearing only my “unmentionables.”

“You see my black bra?” At that moment, that’s all they were seeing! They cradled my lovely breasts– adding just a little more shape, and it was absolutely sheer– my large areolae beckoning my tit-centric teen pals. “Well, as you see, this bra isn’t made to go with such a low neckline. I usually wear a teeny push-up bra when I wear this.”

I Kars Escort took the dress back and turned toward the closet, showing off my panties and my round behind. I knew that the panties fit very snuggly and that they pulled up between my ass cheeks, giving me a nice “bubble butt” look. I turned to look at my boys. It was obvious their cocks were beginning to swell at the sight of me and were already jutting out under their loose slacks. They didn’t seem to want to hide that fact.

I swallowed nervously and ordered– “Now pull down your pants, the both of you!” They obeyed me. Within seconds, I was squatting on the floor between the two teenagers. I wrapped my hand around Michael’s hard cock, opened my mouth and began cock-sucking him. Just like that! My, I was getting turned on. My nephew was sitting rather innocently to my right, his knee touching my shoulder, watching with amazement at the live sex show that was unfolding, no doubt wondering if he, too, would get to play with his auntie. As I licked Michael’s sex, I took Sean’s half-hard, but ample cock in hand and began to stimulate him, too. With a little encouragement, my nephew soon had a hard-on that rivaled his friend’s.

“Now Sean, darling. What’s auntie to do with you? I’ve already decided what I’m going to do with Michael.” I smiled up at Michael, then looked at Sean. He was my sister’s son, after all. I wanted his permission before I performed the dirty deed on him as well.

“What you’re doing feels so good,” he gasped. “Oh, Aunt Diane. Could you do a little more?”

I tenderly kissed his swollen knob, and looked at him lovingly– then I took him gently into my mouth, and allowed him to slide his throbbing member, up and down, over my extended tongue. Sean really seemed to get off on this. “Holy fuck, auntie. Your tongue feels so good!” After that, I bobbed back and forth– down on Michael’s cock, over to Sean’s. To Michael, back to sucking Sean. The boys were so disappointed when I got up off my knees, and who could blame them?

I turned to Michael, the macho one– I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns into a brute and a heart breaker some day– maybe that’s why I fancied him. I took his hands and put them on my breasts, and he began to milk and stroke them while jealous Sean observed.

“Take my bra off.”

He fumbled with the snap.

“Off now, tear it if you have to, you little fuck!” Michael grasped the filmy garment and tugged three times, violently, until he’d ripped if off of me, almost knocking me on the floor in the process. I regained my balance, my titties still quivering.

“So you can’t offer a lady your seat? What’s with you?” Michael stood up. I quickly stripped off my panties– sat down, scooted back, then sprawled out on the bed, spreading my thighs for my lovers. Michael looked me over for a few seconds while he pumped his cock, then flew at me. Just like that, he was mounting me, clumsily pushing his pulsing dick into my hungry pussy.

“Oh, that’s good, Michael, fucking good. Fuck me with that big cock! Sean, are you watching? This is how you fuck a woman, darling.”

Michael was big and anxious and awkward, but I wasn’t complaining. He played with my tits while he screwed me hard, coming after only three or four minutes.

“Oh fuck, Diane, you hot fucking bitch, fuck! I’m cumming! Take this, bitch! Take all of my load, fucking cougar!”

It was this sweet talk that sent me over the top, and I told my nephew so, between each of my throaty groans.”Oh, fuck Michael, you’re hot! Oh! Sweet Sean. This is how you talk to a cougar while you dick her! Oh! Talk dirty to me, you fuck!”

I felt his hot dick erupt inside of me, and as he ejaculated he pounded my cunt even harder. After Michael finished with me, I laid spread eagle across the bed, temporarily depleted. Until I heard my nephew’s small voice.

“Auntie?” Sean stammered, for some reason still in the asking-permission-mode.

“Yes, my darling Sean.”

“Can I fuck you, too? Would it be right… I mean, alright?”

“Yes, darling. Considering you have such a nice big cock to do me with. As long as you don’t mind having ‘sloppy seconds’.” I smiled at Michael, and looked back at my nephew. I was hoping he was a little bit Kars Escort Bayan jealous because of his friend.

Sean knelt between my legs and paid me more attention than Michael had. First he stroked my lovely stocking-encased legs. My black stockings really seemed to turn him on, and of course I just love wearing them. Then he stroked the bare skin between my stocking tops and my womanhood, making me very excited. By the time he touched the lips of my labia, I was almost ready to rape him– but he deprived me of that rough pleasure by grasping his cock and then slowly, gently invading my body. How lovely, I thought. What a prize he is, what a wonderful nephew. Sean then laid on top of me so I could hold him in my arms. I wrapped my legs around him, and while we slowly screwed, we kissed.

“I love you, Auntie Di.”

“I love you too, my boy. Now you’re going to start visiting me more than once a year, aren’t you!” This, of course, wasn’t a question or request. More like an order.

“Can I fuck you when I visit?”

“You’ll sleep with me every night. You’ll fuck me before we fall asleep. We’ll cuddle. Then in the morning I’ll slip out of your arms, and when you wake up, you’ll find me sucking your cock.”

“What about me?’ asked Michael.

“Oh, Michael. We mustn’t forget Michael!” I laughed. “This is only a queen-sized bed. Still, if Sean cuddles up on my right, and Michael, you snuggle up to me on my left, I think we’ll be more than comfortable.”

Sean had been holding back on me, and I gasped as he sank a couple more inches of his tool deep into my love nest, and I moaned when I felt his huge nut sack cradle in the crux of my spread thighs. “Sean, my darling. You’re not to cum in auntie’s pussy. Would you go me a great big favor and take your cock out of me, and hold it up to my mouth.

Sean pulled his cock straight out, and straddling my body, knees on either side, he made his way toward my face. What a sight! His big wet tool led the way, dripping and throbbing, a mind of its own, eager to come in contact with my tongue.

“Auntie wants your big dick in her mouth!” I said in my most sultry voice. “You boys ought to know. All us cougars love to cock-suck! That’s why it’s really better with an older woman.”

. With Sean kneeling over my mouth, I flicked my tongue out and probed the underside of his erection.

“Oh, Sean! I’m not going to be able to taste your ejaculate at all. You cock is positively coated with Michael’s jizzum– and my cuntal juices.”

Michael was sitting cross-legged inches from us, playing with his soft penis. “Hey, Sean. Tell your auntie that she’s just going to have to clean off your dick with her tongue.”

“What an idea!” I teased. Of course, that was exactly what I gong to do. I slid down further between his legs and raised my lips toward his sweaty nutsack.

“Now don’t cum, honey. You’re going to feel a lot of powerful sensations as I lick you” I started with his balls, sucking each big nut into my mouth, which made Sean wince a little. Then I worked my way up his shaft, licking and kissing it. One long, thick ribbon of pre-cum was hanging from his cock-hole by the time I had reached the top. I tried to lap it up, but instead it landed wetly across the bridge of my nose. By this time Michael, who was a bit more experienced than Sean, had reached between my legs and had started to play with my clit. His fingers felt so wonderful, I almost started to pee. I opened my mouth wide and aimed Sean’s muscle toward my mouth.

“I’m gonna suck you, honey, until you explode.”

Umm. So good. I love working a cock, using my lips, tongue to please, to tease, just a little nipping with my teeth. My nephew was trembling, and for a moment I thought he might topple over. Our orgasms, believe it or not, were simultaneous, and then I realized I was the one who had been shaking, my sweet orgasm sent waves of pleasure through my body.

When we began having our cum together, Sean pulled his spasming tool out of my mouth and two thick ribbons of sperm went flying– but who could blame him for wanting to see his some of his splooge run down his auntie’ s face? Well, I plugged his pulsing muscle right back into my mouth where it properly belonged Escort Kars and began savoring his copious load of fuckmilk. Four, five, maybe six strong spurts–more trickled out of the corners of my mouth. As soon as his spasming muscle began to relax, I began to suck really hard, coaxing yet another mouthful out of his balls.

Both boys were smiling at me when Sean finally pulled out and and sat down on me, with his half-hard dick resting between my boobs. Well, I was smiling, too! I was such a mess, his juice dripping down my cheeks and chin. I used my finger tips to collect a few thick globs of his jizzum, and then I licked them clean.

“So strong!” I told the boys. “Sean, your sperm tastes very strong– and delicious! I bet you’re really fertile. You’d better be careful when you’re fucking young girls, unless you want to breed them.” Sean beamed with pride at this compliment about his masculinity. I certainly wanted him to know that I thought of him as a real man!

“Now boys, off you go. My date will be here any minute now.”

“Wow! Thanks Auntie Di for the great fuck.” Sean had good manners– he always remembered to say thank you. “Michael. We’d better go and let my auntie clean up.”

“Clean up? What could you mean?” I stood there watching Sean dress, spreading his cum over my skin like some sinful skin cream. “I don’t have to clean up. I can get ready fast enough to answer the door a matter of seconds.” I held my panties in my hand and draped my discarded dress over my arm.

“I have to confess. I may have caught myself a married man, which is fine by me–yeah, I’d be lucky to have him after nearly ruining our first date. I was too much a lady.”

“Where’s taking you, Diane?” Michael asked.

“Just to bed– if I’m lucky.”

“You mean you’re going to fuck him, too?” asked Sean.

“I really hope so! I want him to be mounting and fucking me right here while the mattress is still warm.”

Michael was getting quite turned on by me describing my date plans.

“Come on, Mike. We’d better go…”

“Honey. Michael hasn’t even dressed yet. And he is so ready for me. Be a darling. You can watch us fuck if you want. Just stand by the bedroom door. You should be able to see through the front window.” I pushed the boy over on his back, climbed on top of him, and slowly impaled myself on his gorgeous sex. I rode him like a real cowgirl, hoping to milk his tender manhood with my cunt muscles in a matter of minutes– while my jealous nephew looked on. It turned out that our timing was perfect.

“Ah. Auntie? He’s here. A car just pulled up.”

I’d just rolled off of my fuck buddy, the last spasm of love liquor was still boiling out of his cock-hole. Michael got to his feet and grabbed his slacks, and I slid to the floor to have one last lick of his gooey muscle. And the boys disappeared out the back door.

A minute later, I was greeting my new lover. I took his hand and led him straight away into the bedroom, so there would be no question in his mind that he would be allowed to use me. My panties clung wetly to me, and my tight dress showed off the lines of everything I had on underneath. Once in the bedroom, my lover took the liberty of tracing the outline of my garters with his fingertips.

“Wow. I like a woman who dresses like a slut.”

I stepped away from him. He could see the fresh cum stains on my stockings. This is the moment of truth, I thought. He grabbed me, and his lips met mine.

“Who have you been kissing, Diane?”

I confessed. “I’ve been sucking cock. Two teenaged boys were here. I wanted their opinion, to make sure I was properly dressed for sex. Of course, I had to reward them. You like?”

“Like I said, I like slut clothes. Later, when we go out, you’ll wear exactly what you have on now. I want folks to know that my mistress gets properly fucked. Now take it off and get on the bed!”

I stripped, careful to leave on my stockings.

“I’ve never been a slut before. So you won’t mind if your new mistress is a slut?” I asked as a rubbed my boobs. “I told the boys I’d fuck them again.”

His answer? He threw me down on the bed and exposed his rather substantial cock. I grabbed my knees and opened myself wide for my lover. My cunt lips were frothy with Michael’s cum, and a thick, warm ribbon of his spend oozed downward over my accessible asshole.

“For you, my darling,” I said.

My new lover penetrated me with his cock, for what I hoped would be a delirious fuck– my fourth fucking of the day.

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