Auntie Em Ch. 11


Here’s to you Kate. This is for you and your friends. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


It was closing in on one in the afternoon when I woke up. Mrs. Medford was stirring beside me.

“Sorry, Dear,” she said while she stretched. “Didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“No, no,” I told her. “I’m glad you did. I don’t like to sleep a lot during the day. Makes me unable to sleep so well at night.”

Linda turned in bed, took my sleeping member in her hand and kissed the shaft. “Thanks,” she said as she backed out of bed. “I enjoyed every minute of it.” She bent over, picked up her clothes and sat back down.

I crawled up behind her, reached around that magnificent body of hers and cradled her breasts in my hands. I kissed the back of her neck. “I did, too,” I told her. “Want to stay and shower together?” I nibbled at her earlobe.

She turned her head and kissed me quickly on the lips. “Wish I could, love. But I’ve got a doctor’s appointment. Don’t want to be late.” She pulled her panties over her feet and up to her knees. Reluctantly, I released her big hooters when Mrs. Medford stood to pull her panties the rest of the way up.

I scooted over to the edge of the bed, leaned forward and captured one of her nipples in my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned. She backed away and stepped into her skirt. “You surely do tempt me, Aaron,” she said as she pulled up the zipper and buttoned the side. A few more seconds and those mountainous orbs of hers were tucked safely back inside her blouse.

Well, not too safely. Her nipples were still threatening to tear through her blouse. I stood and playfully pinched Linda’s left nipple.

Mrs. Medford stroked my magic wand a couple of times and then turned to go. I followed her to the front door and stepped out on to the porch with her. I put my hands on her waist to stop her.

She turned, wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her lips up to mine. We shared a quick kiss and then Linda stepped off the porch and was on her way back to her place.

I moved inside, went to the spare bedroom, grabbed a clean set of underwear from the chest of drawers and headed to the bathroom for a long, soothing shower.

After the shower I put my underwear on, went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. I was standing by the sink looking out the window at Auntie Em’s back yard. “Grass could use a good mowing,” I said to myself. I would have to get out the riding lawnmower first thing in the morning so I could finish up before it got too hot.

Just as I put the last piece of sandwich into my mouth, I heard a car driving into the front yard. I went to the front door and looked outside. It was Mom and Auntie Em.

Mom saw me peeking out the door and motioned for me to come outside.

“What do you need?” I asked her.

She gestured toward the back of the car. “Can you help with the groceries?” she asked just before she opened the trunk. I grabbed several bags, carried them into the kitchen, set them on the table and went back for more.

After helping Mom and Auntie Em put all those groceries away, Mom and I sat next to each other at the table talking while Auntie Em went to the refrigerator.

“You two want sandwiches or soup for lunch?” Auntie Em asked. Mom opted for sandwiches

“Maybe a glass of milk for me,” I told her. “I just finished eating.”

Auntie Em brought a half gallon milk carton and a medium sized glass to the table and set them in front of me. Then she busied herself with making sandwiches for her and Mom.

I filled the glass, took a swig and swallowed it down. “Did you get things set up for the funeral?” I asked Mom.

“Day after tomorrow,” she replied. “Ten.”

“It still don’t seem possible,” I said. “Does it, Mom?”

Mom had a far away look in her eyes. “No, it doesn’t, baby. No it doesn’t.”

I could see her fighting back the tears so I scooted a bit closer and hugged her. “That’s okay, Mom. I’ll take care of you. We’ll get through this together.”

Mom sniffled and laid her head on my shoulder. She put her hand on my crotch, looked up at me and smiled. “And just how do you plan on taking care of dear ole Mom?” she asked.

“Any way you want me to,” I replied as I planted my lips directly on hers. My tongue slid out and pressed against her lips, insistent upon gaining entrance to her mouth. Mom’s lips parted slightly. She wasted no time in sucking my oral digit as far past her teeth as she could.

“Oh, Mom,” I moaned. Instinctively my hand went to her breast. I caressed it through her dress, her bra and whatever else she was wearing under her dress.

“Aaron, baby. You do make me feel good.”

“I’m supposed to, Mom. With Dad no longer here, I……”

I paused in mid sentence. I knew I had goofed. I should have never said a word about Dad. I pulled my hand away. I sat in my chair and looked into her soulless eyes, Ankara escort silently pleading for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to stir you up again.”

Mom nodded weakly, unable or unwilling to speak. She stood and shuffled quickly toward the bedroom. I started after her.

Auntie Em stopped me by lightly grabbing on to my arm. I turned to look at her.

“Maybe you should wait, Aaron, baby. Give her time to adjust to this situation.”

“But she needs someone to comfort her now,” I said, a little bit testily. “I know you comforted her last night. I figure it’s my turn now.” I pulled my arm from her grasp.

Auntie Em sighed. “Okay, hon. I reckon I deserved that one. Just take everything real slow right now. She’s vulnerable. Real vulnerable.”

“I will, Emma. I will.”

Auntie Em grabbed my arm once again and looked me in the eye. “I need to apologize to you, hon.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Why?” I think I already knew the answer to that one. I figured it had something to do with making me sleep alone last night. I was right, ’cause the first words out of here mouth were, “About last night.”

“I apologize,” she told me, “for making you sleep by yourself. That was awfully selfish of me.”

“That’s okay, Emma. I’ve already forgotten about it.” Actually, I hadn’t. I had stayed awake half the night stewing over the matter. But Auntie Em had apologized. That was a start, anyways.

“Just the same……”

I put a finger to her lips. “Don’t worry about it,” I told her. I turned and headed for Auntie Em’s bedroom.

I rapped my knuckles on the door three times in quick succession. I called out. “You okay, Mom?”

“Come on in, baby,” she said in a voice so low I almost didn’t hear her.

I opened the door, stepped cautiously inside and closed it behind me. Mom was sitting on the side of the bed staring blankly at the floor. She had changed out of her regular clothes and was now wearing a cotton print nightgown that came to just below her knees. The same one she’d been wearing for the last ten years that I knew of. She never liked to throw things like that away. Not as long as she could get some use out of them.

I couldn’t see her panties, but knowing Mom and the kind of panties I’ve seen in her underwear drawer, they were either black, white or blue. And they were of the full back, granny style variety. If I were to make a bet, I would put all my money on the white ones. She had way more white panties than the other two colors put together

I padded across the room, sat down beside her and put my arm around her waist. She moved a bit closer and laid her head on my shoulder.

We sat together for the longest time before either of us moved. Then Mom stood, stepped away from my embrace, crawled up the bed and lay on her side facing me. I didn’t wait for an invitation. I hurriedly shucked my clothes and joined her.

I pulled Mom close and caressed her back. “It’s okay,” I cooed. “I’m here.”

Mom wiggled even closer; so close that I swear I could feel her tits pressing through my chest, all the way into my back! A low, keening sound escaped her lips. Reminded me of the sound a cat makes when it’s being petted.

Mom pulled back a bit, took my face in her hands and put her lips to mine. It was a deliberately slow and unhurried round of tongue sushi that soon had the both of us panting with desire. Yet we remained unhurried and unencumbered by the need of immediate gratification.

Before I realized it, Mom was on her back and I was hovering above her, my lips still locked with hers. Mom’s hands roamed slowly up and down my back pausing every few seconds to massage my shoulders.

Down on my elbow beside her, I began unbuttoning her gown. Even one handed, it was a fairly easy task. The buttons were rather large and the eyeholes were tattered and some were even a bit torn. Got it unbuttoned and opened it wide. I was right about the panties.

And, good old predictable Mom; she had on a matching cotton bra. As I had found out a few years earlier, she had a dozen more just like this one in her underwear drawer. Unlike her panties, she never wore any other color bra. Always white and always cotton.

I ran my hand up her stomach and under her bra, capturing Mom’s left breast in my grip. I then turned her on her side and, using both hands, I unhooked the clasp in back and took her bra off of her.

I let Mom roll onto her back and recaptured her left breast and squeezed lightly, teasing her nipple with my thumb and forefinger. I moved my hand to her other breast and took her left nipple between my teeth. I bit with just enough pressure to keep it trapped while I fondled her other breast.

Mom stroked the back of my head. “Uhmmmmm,” she moaned. Deep breaths made her biguns rise like Pike’s Peak as she pressed them against my face and hand.

I looked up at Mom. Her eyes were closed. Her head was lolled back and her mouth was wide open, giving me the impression that she was in the Ankara escort bayan throes of death. Her ragged breathing, her flushed skin and her rapid heartbeat told me differently.

I kissed my way down her stomach, past her bushy mound and kissed her vulva through her panties. I lapped at the entrance to her tunnel of love. Stroke after stroke, my tongue made its journey up her labia from bottom to top. I paused long enough to rip that tattered piece of material off her and started licking her lips once again; this time it was skin on skin.

Mom was huffing and puffing like a steam engine going up a hill with less than half a load of coal in its belly. Her pelvis hunched up at my face each time I reached the top of her slit and breathed on her now protruding clit.

Finally, I stopped my licking and zeroed in on her button, captured it between my lips and tortured it with the tip of my tongue. I slid my hands under Mom’s thighs and up her stomach until I had two handfuls of her oversized melons.

I twisted and twirled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers while I continued to attend to her clit. Mom was breathing heavier now. She was whimpering, her cries soft and brief as her stomach began to heave. Her body was twisting and turning every which way, causing the sheets to bunch up beneath her.

My nose was buried in her hairy mound while my mouth, my lips and my tongue were busy pushing Mom along to her orgasm. Finally, it happened.

Mom stiffened, pushed her juicing wet box up into my face and screamed like she had suddenly been engulfed in the flames of hell. I continued licking and sucking on Mom’s sex while she went through more mini orgasms than I could count.

Her body, now full of slack, slowly wilted back down onto the bed. I was still lapping at her hot little button when Mom grabbed my ears and pulled my face even further into her cunt. Her body convulsed as she let go with another ear piercing scream and then, abruptly, she was still and quiet.

Damn, that was intense! I had made my mother cum! Damn near busted a nut myself. As much as I wanted to climb between Mom’s legs and fuck her into submission, I didn’t. After all, a promise was a promise.

I made a few more swipes at her clit before she stopped me. “Not right now, baby. I’m too sensitive.”

I crawled up to lie next to Mom and held her in my embrace. She graced my lips with a brief kiss and then snuggled closer.

“Baby,” she said as she caressed my face. “You’re about the best son a mother could have.

We fell asleep together. Somewhere during the night Auntie Em had joined us. I woke up the next morning still holding on to Mom while her sister, my auntie, was hugging me from behind.

The three of us spent the rest of the day in a funk. We weren’t grouchy with each other. Nothing like that at all. I guess our minds were focusing on tomorrow and how we would hold up during the funeral. I hadn’t seen Dad since he and Mom had left for Texas. I didn’t know what to expect.

We all slept together in Auntie Em’s big king sized bed, huddled together mostly for support. Thoughts of tomorrow weighed heavily on our minds. Too much so for us to engage in anything more than a few simple kisses as we discussed our feelings about the funeral and the idea of living without Dad in our lives.

The next morning came around a whole lot sooner than we would have liked. There was no dallying as we each took separate showers. Before we knew it, the limo from the funeral home was there to pick us up.

The funeral was a simple one; just a graveside service. A lady from the church sang a couple of Dad’s favorite hymns. Several people stood up to say a few words about how Dad had affected their lives. Then the preacher talked a bit about heaven and how to get there. Said he was positive Dad was there already.

Me? I sat there in front of the coffin; Mom on my left, clutching my arm like I was about to fly away. Auntie Em sat on the other side of Mom, holding on to her for dear life.

When the funeral was over, the three of us filed into the limo and went to the church for a right proper feed. I don’t remember much about who all was there or what we had to eat. I do remember being lucky enough to be able to sit in a spot where I had a perfect view up the preacher’s wife’s dress. All the way to her yellow panty covered coochie! She kept spreading her chunky legs and closing them almost as if she knew I was looking and she wanted to put on a show just for me.

Lo and behold, the preacher’s wife offered to drive us home. I sat in the front while Mom and Auntie Em shared the back seat. I couldn’t help staring at Mrs. Willis’ gorgeous nylon covered legs. I mean, the hem of her dress was riding up past the tops of her thigh highs.

There was a mighty temptation there and I fought it for as long as I could. Then I gave in to my sinful urges. I moved across the seat (we were in an older model car that had a bench seat in front so Mom and my auntie would have Escort Ankara had a very difficult time seeing what I was doing) to within an arm’s length of the preacher’s wife, put my hand on her thigh and squeezed lightly.

I half expected her to show her displeasure in one form or another, but that never happened. Instead, she spread her legs wider, revealing more of her fleshy thighs. I looked behind me to see if my auntie or Mom had noticed anything out of the ordinary. Hell, they weren’t even looking my way.

Auntie Em was cradling Mom’s head against her breast and caressing her shoulders and back. Mom had her hand up between Auntie Em’s thighs and, judging by the way the front of Auntie Em’s dress was moving, Mom had a handful of pussy and was diddling her sister’s clit.

Auntie Em had her mouth open and was breathing heavily. The way she was humping Mom’s hand, I figured she would be cumming any minute now.

I moved my hand up the preacher’s wife’s leg and under the leg band of her panties. From my angle I couldn’t tell what kind of panties she was wearing. All I could tell for certain was that they were yellow and were made of cotton. Mrs. Willis sure as hell wasn’t wearing a thong, neither! That much I knew. For the rest of the way home I either had a finger in her chubby little pussy or I was strumming Mrs. Willis’ clit like it was a guitar string.

First, I heard Auntie Em gasp out a quiet orgasm. Then I heard Mom take in a sudden deep breath. I took a quick look over my shoulder and saw that Mom and my auntie were frenching each other. Auntie Em had gotten around to returning Mom’s favor and now, they were both diddling each other.

Then it was Mrs. Willis’ turn. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on my fingers. She gasped loudly and the car swerved, briefly crossing the dividing line before she managed to regain control. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad that there were no other cars in sight. We might have had a wreck.

I withdrew my fingers and offered them to Mrs. Willis. She promptly licked them clean. By that time we were pulling into Auntie Em’s driveway.

We (me, Mom and Auntie Em) exited the vehicle. Auntie Em invited Mrs. Willis in for a cup of coffee. She declined saying that she had to get home and freshen up.

“It’s been a long day already,” she said. “And it’s getting hot as hell out here.” She looked at me and winked. “I seemed to have worked up quite a sweat,” she said as she fanned her face with her hand.

We went inside, changed clothes and met at the kitchen table. Just as we sat down, the phone rang. Auntie Em picked up the receiver, said a few words and finished with, “I’ll be right over.” She hung up the phone.

“That was Linda,” she said. “Wants me to come over for a while. Says she has something she wants to talk over with me.”

That left me alone with Mom. I was getting horny just looking at the way her tits were causing the front of her dress to move in and out when she breathed.

Mom got up and went to the refrigerator. “Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” I replied.

Mom opened the refrigerator door, bent over and opened the crisper drawer. Her skirt clung to her ass like it was glued on her. Didn’t help me a whole lot in the horny department. Kept me stiff as a board.

She reached inside, grabbed an orange and straightened up. She closed the crisper drawer, shut the refrigerator door and moved over to the sink. She broke the outer peel with her fingernail and started peeling the orange.

I could take it no longer. I walked up behind Mom and pressed my cock against her backside, reached around and grabbed her big knockers in my hands. I kneaded them tits of hers and rubbed my pecker against her ass.

Mom dropped the orange and, with a groan of desire, placed her hands over mine. She leaned her head back a bit and moaned. I about popped off on the spot when she wiggled that fine, sexy ass of hers against my cock. “Aaron,” she breathed huskily. “Baby. Whatever am I going to do with you?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I took my hands off her tits, grabbed the hem of her skirt and, in one quick move, shoved it up past her ass. I pulled them white cotton granny style panties down below her knees and let them fall to the floor. Mom stepped out of them, bent over the sink and spread her legs.

I unzipped my pants, hauled out my Johnson and slid it inside her velvety love channel all the way to the root in one quick move.

Up until this time, she had not spoken a word. My balls slapped up against her clit, causing her to grunt loudly. “I’ve been waiting for you to take me this way, baby,” she said, breathlessly. “Since the first day I got back and saw you fucking your Aunt Emma. Now fuck me like the man I know you are!”

I pulled about halfway out of Mom’s velvety sheath and drove back into her as hard as I could. We both grunted at the same time. I kept on pounding into that fiery furnace with a vengeance. In and out, in and out; both of us grunting every time my belly slammed up against her ass.

Mom’s love muscles danced up and down around my cock, sending shivers throughout my body. I was aching for some relief, but I didn’t want Mom to think I was greedy so I slowed the pace.

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