18-year-old Josh’s mind was filled with erotic images as he slept, a strange woman knelt naked before him her mouth closed around his cock as her tongue explored the engorged and swollen purple head. He moaned in his dream and stirred in his sleep, it felt so real, he could feel the teeth brushing his cock shaft as the mouth slid up and down it. Mind fuddled with sleep he came awake, the sensations from his dream seeming to follow him. His body was caressed by cool air as he realized his bedding was pushed from his body. The warm embrace around his cock didn’t vanish with his dream; opening his eyes he looked down, his breath caught in shock at the sight that greeted him.

Light spread into his room from the landing, caught in the swathe of light stood his mom bent forward to lean on his bed. She was naked; her mouth closed over his erection, he felt one of her hands brush and gently squeeze his cum filled balls as her tongue bathed his swollen cock-head. Her body was rocking back and forth; her breasts brushing against his thigh while behind her stood his dad. He was also naked; his hands clasped his wife’s hips as he thrust his cock into her pussy.

Josh moaned in pleasure at the feel of his mom’s mouth and hands as he watched his parent’s fuck. He couldn’t believe what was happening as he looked down to watch his cock sliding between his mom’s parted lips. Laying his head back down he closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure, reaching down his pushed his hands into his mom’s long hair and lifted his hips to drive his cock deep into her wet and willing mouth. He could feel his orgasm fast approaching as his cock-head pushed against his mom’s throat.

“O fuck I’m cuming, o god yes cuming cummmmmiiiiinnnnnnnggg”

He pushed his mom’s head tight into his crotch as he felt his hot jism shoot into her throat. Blast after blast flooded into her mouth to be swallowed, he felt his mom’s hand squeeze his balls as though trying to force every drop of sperm from them. As his orgasm subsided he relaxed, the mouth and tongue sucking and licking his cock clean. Finally his softening cock was released and he felt sleep once more overcome him, as he drifted off he heard the cries of pleasure as his parents orgasmed.

Josh awoke the next morning to the smell of frying bacon wafting up from the kitchen, as he came fully awake he remembered what had happened in the night. He shook his head, it must have been a dream, it couldn’t have really happened. Climbing from his bed Josh looked around Mersin Eskort

for evidence that what he’d dreamed had really happened, but there was nothing to see.

“Josh, breakfast’s ready” his mom shouted up to him.

Grabbing his robe he carried it as he headed naked to the bathroom, dropping his robe he stood to piss before getting washed and cleaning his teeth. Pulling the robe on he headed downstairs to the kitchen.

His mom stood by the cooker piling bacon, sausage and eggs onto three plates, she was wearing a short flimsy nightdress and as she turned towards him he was shocked to see it was almost transparent. Through the filmy garment he could see the outline of her nipples and the shadow of her pubic hair.

“Good morning honey,” she said as she placed two of the plates onto the table before brushing her lips over his, “Did you sleep well?”

“Um yes pretty good thanks mom”

He tried not to stare as she turned away, he watched as she flicked her hips, the nightdress lifting to offer him a view of her naked buttocks. Quickly he sat down hiding his rapidly growing erection beneath the table.

“Where’s dad?”

“He’s about somewhere, David breakfast”

“Good morning baby,” said David as he walked into the kitchen, stepping up to his wife he kissed her from behind.

Josh blushed as he saw his dad’s hands move up to cup and fondle his mom’s breasts; the sight did little to cool his erection, which tented his robe beneath the table. As his parents sat down he moved his chair further under the table, as he did he felt the cool air caress his hard cock as the robe fell from it. Embarrassed he tried to concentrate on his breakfast as his parent’s talked and his cock throbbed with his arousal.

His cock refused to soften; even when he pushed his empty plate away it still throbbed with desire. The sight of his scantily clad mom did little to help his situation, her breast jiggled as she moved and when she reached for the coffee pot he caught a glimpse of her naked breasts through the side of the nightdress she wore.

He sat there as breakfast was finished; his dad stood up and smiled,

“Help your mom tidy up sport I’ve got to get dressed”

Alone with his mom he tried not to think of her lips wrapped around his cock, ‘had it been a dream or not’ he just wasn’t sure, ‘Were his parent’s acting differently or was it his imagination, sure his mom was wearing a nightdress, but it wasn’t the first time she’d worn one to Mersin Escort Bayan make breakfast. It was rather shorter and a lot more skimpy than normal’.

“Come on stop daydreaming”

Josh stood quickly and suddenly blushed as he realised his erect cock was sticking from his robe; quickly he covered it before looking at his mom. She was kneeling by the open dishwasher,

“Pass me the pots and I’ll put them in”

Pilling up the dirty plates he carried them over to his mom, as she piled them in the dishwasher he tidied the table before carrying the dirty cups to her. She placed them in the washer and closed the door; still kneeling she turned to look at Josh and smiled.

“Now let’s see if we can’t do something about this”

As she spoke she reached up and pushed his robe open to expose his erect cock; Josh stood there watching in wonder as his mom licked his exposed cock-head before allowing it to slip between her parted lips.

“Mom what ….. O god that feels so good”

Kathy smiled up at her son, her lips distorted by his cock; as she licked and sucked it she slid a hand between her parted thighs to brush over her pussy that was becoming wet with her arousal.

Josh allowed his robe to fall to the floor so that he stood naked in the kitchen, he now knew it hadn’t been a dream, reaching down he pushed his hands through his mom’s hair. Suddenly she released his cock, allowing it to slap against his stomach as she stood and in one quick movement removed her nightdress.

Josh gazed in wonder at his mom’s naked body, her large breasts hanging free, topped with hard erect nipples, his eyes travelled down her body taking in the firm trim stomach before reaching her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

She grabbed his hand and led him over to the table, as he watched she perched on the end of the table with her legs spread. Gently she pushed him to his knees and for the first time he found himself gazing at him mom’s aroused cunt. He nostrils filled with the musky odour of her arousal and tentatively he lent forward and brushed his tongue over her swollen labia.

“O god that’s it honey show mommy how good a cunt licker you are”

His ears filled with her moans of pleasure as he eased her pussy lips apart with his fingers before pushing his tongue into her cuntal opening. He savoured the taste of her pussy that was soon dripping with the juices of her pleasure. Hands guided his mouth to the erect clitoris that pushed from its fleshy folds.

Josh Mersin Escort lapped his mom’s clitoris with his tongue before drawing it in between his lips as he pushed a finger into her fuck tunnel. His ears were filled with her moans and cries of pleasure as he licked and fingered her pussy and clit. Hands held his face tight against his mom’s pussy as her hips jerked and she groaned and cried. He felt her body shake and withdrawing his fingers he closed his mouth over her cuntal opening and pushed his tongue into her like a small cock. Moments later she orgasmed flooding his mouth with her juices.

He continued to lap at the juices that flowed from her pussy until her orgasm had passed; standing up he looked down at the naked, flushed body of his mom. Crouching slightly he rubbed his swollen cock-head over her dripping pussy until it glistened with her juices and then he slowly pushed the head into her cuntal opening.

Kathy sat up as she felt her son’s cock push into her pussy; wrapping her arms and legs around his muscular body she drew his cock deep into her womb.

Josh groaned in pleasure as his cock sank deep into his mom’s cunt, his moans were cut off by her mouth, which closed over his, her tongue exploring his mouth and brushing over his. They kissed deeply, bodies pressed tight together as their hips moved driving hard cock into willing hot pussy. The table rocked as their movements became faster and more frenzied as they drove each other towards orgasm.

“O fuck mom, o shit that feels so good mom. O god I’m gonna cum mom, I’m cuming o fuck yes yes yeeeeesssssssssssssssss”

Josh grabbed his mom’s hips and plunged his cock deep into her womb as he felt his hot sperm flood into her in spurt after spurt.

The feel of her son’s pulsing cock pumping his sperm into her pushed Kathy over into her second orgasm and she screamed allowed her pleasure. Mother and son held each other as their orgasms rocked through them in earth shaking wave after wave of pleasure.

Finally they relaxed; kissing gently as they recovered from their passion, as they pulled apart they were greeted by the sound of applause from the doorway. Josh wasn’t sure at first what to do when he realised that his dad had watched him make love to his mom. However the sight of his dad standing naked in the doorway with his cock standing hard and erect from his hairy crotch wiped any fears from his mind before they could form.

“The bed’s a lot more comfy than that table,” said David

“Mmm that sounds like a good idea, hope neither of you had plans for today,” Kathy said with a smile.

Standing she took her son and husband’s hands and led them from the kitchen and up to the master bedroom.

The End

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