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The midday sun was high and relentless in the still blue Mediterranean sky when I woke sometime around noon. From the vantage point of my bed I could see snatches of the day through the light billowing curtains that danced with the breeze through the ever open blinds. The air was heavy and though I slept without clothes on white linen sheets I felt incredibly warm and stifled. There was little the cool notes of sea breeze that sometimes pricked the stifling air could do to abate me. For a moment it would relive me, it’s invisible chill cooling my young naked body, but the choking heat remained. I sat up crossed legged on the bed and swept my damp blond fringe from my anxious face. It was going to be another frustrating day.

For the past seven days I was having increasingly erotic dreams. I knew not what they meant or why I was having them, but they haunted me in daytime as much as the night, and I knew not how to appease the frighteningly sensual burning that remained. I knew little of sex. The mechanics I could comprehend, but desire, passion and the pleasure that two bodies in rapture could attain were alien to me. My education had been learned watching animals mating on the farm. Making babies, that’s all sex meant to me, a means to an end. How, I wondered, could pleasure be derived from so base a function? Thirsty and fatigued I walked yawning into the small kitchen of my parents holiday apartment. From the window I could see children playing by the pool side, laughing and merry beneath the faultless summer sky. I drank a glass of water then pulled on some panties and a little white vest that were thrown carelessly over the back of a chair.

I strode out onto the modest balcony wiping perspiration from my brow and looked down at the people having fun. My parents were amongst them, spread out on sun loungers at the far side of the pool. I waved over to them but they did not respond, poker oyna asleep no doubt at this time of the afternoon. I drank some more water then went back inside to the bathroom to pee. Before I sat down I splashed my face with water to cool me down. My hair was stuck to the sides of my face, uncombed and matted, and my arms and legs glistened with perspiration. I desperately needed to cool down. Off came my panties and vest as I sat on the loo, my intention to shower before joining Mom and Dad below. As I waited I looked down at my body, the vessel that bore the weight of the sensual curse that came to me at night. I was lithe and supple, a slip of a thing both skinny and awkward yet as pretty and endearing as a young doe.

Again I thought of the dreams I was having and that unknown intensity of needing something returned. Shocking, perverse, sexy dreams, there was I naked doing things with men I had not yet known, touching, kissing caressing them in places I had not yet seen. Under men, above men, sometimes two men, their things inside me, in my mouth. I was ecstatic in them all, ravished, overcome, a lover and supremely rude . My body was used selfishly by men, but I used the men equally for a sequential demonstration of pleasure and lust. There I was, thrown into such shapes I was convinced my body could not endure, but remaining always pliable to my perversions. The men left me glowing, satisfied, trembling with pleasure, but only in my dreams. For when I awoke I was frustrated and confused and not a little ashamed of the perversions my thoughts had entertained.

A few feet opposite from the loo was the bidet. I had not known what it was for when we first arrived, and when I was told of it’s purpose I wrinkled up my nose and gagged. But still it remained a n object of curiosity for me. I reached down and brusquely hit the switch that turned it on. An arc of water gushed out of the nozzle canlı poker oyna with great force, splashing over the far rim of the ceramic bowl. I stared at it a while as if hypnotized, then curiosity got the better of me and I turned round so my bottom loomed above the water then sat down upon it.

I gasped as I was instantly taken at how pleasurable it felt to have the force of the water stimulate my ripe buttocks. It was wonderful. I squat down and let the strong liquid finger interfere between my peachy cheeks, pleasuring the mouth of my ass. God, it was amazing! I didn’t know why I liked what I felt but it felt good, and the water between my buttocks was doing strange but lovely things to me. It felt as if all the frustration and desire I carried with me would somehow be fulfilled if I remained on the bowl. I leaned forward, my head on my knees, and closed my eyes. Feeling behind me blindly I hit the switch again and turned the pressure of the bidet up to full power. I gasped (or did I moan?) as the increasing intensity of the water pleasuring my behind sent me giddy with feeling, with vibrant spasms of delight emanating from within my porcelain buttocks that wriggled as if to bear down on the water.

My head was then further between my legs to fully expose my self to the ceaseless caresses of the water, and when my ass slipped on the ceramic edging the water brushed against the tip of my sex. I moaned for sure this time in delight as this unknown pleasure consumed me. Purposely this time I raised my ass off the bowl to allow the water to further pleasure my sex. There was something going to happen to me that I could not control, nor did I want to, like an itch that needs to be scratched, but to satisfy the itch I knew I had to open my sex completely to the water.

I shifted round on the bidet so I faced the wall behind, water splashing my thighs and belly as I straddled internet casino the bowl as I would later sit upon a man. My thighs seemed to part of their own accord so at last my sex was completely exposed to the loving water. The spray of the water like a hose on my intimacy was almost intolerable such was the overwhelming sense of pleasure it gave. Without thought I moved my hips slowly in a gentle grind to heighten the intensity of feeling on my sex, then reached down to part the open lips of my flower to the passionate water. I thrust and delighted with the intensity and passion of a woman making love to a man, but I was making love to the water. With my sex open to full stretch and my breasts shaking I was in the heights of passion, moaning inconceivably and mouth wide open. Just then I cried out as in a heartbeat I attained my critical juncture, the water coaxing me to orgasm as it lapped relentlessly at my virgin sex. Anxious and bewildered by the changes of sensation in my body I nonetheless pursued my unknown denouement, the water now flesh and blood ravaging my helpless body. Then, as if a switch had been turned inside me in the midst of all this passion I felt a balloon of pleasure explode inside my womb and at last I came for the first time, the climax aggressive and prolonged as the water pleasured me in a way I had not been able to satisfy for myself.

Then it was over, as quickly almost as it had begun. I remained on the bowl for a short time, panting, elated, my hands gripping the bowl and the water still licking my thighs as I tried to comprehend what had happened to me. Then I recognized myself now from my dreams and knew my frustrations were over. I was almost a woman. Finally I stood up limply , and with a flick of the switch the water ceased to be my lover. With trembling steps I made my way to shower after my moment of unexpected passion. That was not the end of my affair with the water. I repeated this episode throughout the holiday, and indeed my life. But at that moment, after I had showered and put swimsuit on, it was a different girl who had joined her parents at the poolside under the Menorcan sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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