Baby and the Band


The band’s manager turned to Erin and smiled. “The guys like you.”

Erin’s brown eyes lit up. “Do you think so?”

This would be her fantasy come true.

“I know so,” the tall, graying man stated and handed the young girl a cloth pass marked All Access in bold white lettering. “After the show,” he grinned, “knock on the bus.”

If she had won the lottery, Erin wouldn’t have been happier than she was at that moment.

“Thank you so much,” she squealed.

So far, although it was only her second concert, things were going amazingly well. Since the band had walked on-stage, their bassist and two guitarists had been exceptionally flirtatious and adoring. She was front row, astounded by the power of the band’s music and the beauty of its members.




“Check her out,” the bassist shouted toward his cohort.

“She’s hot,” the brunette musician offered while flashing an appreciative smile in Erin’s direction.

“How old do you think she is?,” Jerry questioned.

Ryan frowned. “Dude, I don’t know. Sixteen, maybe.”

Jerry smirked, glancing over the tiny blonde again. “That could be negotiable.”

Ryan laughed and the pair returned to their performance.




“I think they’re flirting with us,” a nearby brunette shrieked into Erin’s ear.

Erin smiled. “They are!”

“They’re so hot,” the brunette sighed. She sounded sort of like Minnie Mouse if the character were suffering from an intensely grainy throat.

“I’m Kim,” she smiled.

“I’m Erin.”

“Hi, Erin,” she giggled. “I saw them pointing to you before,” the older girl smiled. “And I knew you and I would be perfect together.”

Erin just smiled.

“I’ve been with a few of them,” Kim offered.

“Really?” Erin’s voice nearly squeaked.

Kim laughed. “See the bassist, Jerry?”

She pointed.

Erin glanced up to see the male’s svelte body standing above the pair, glancing down Kim’s low cut top with awe.

“I bagged him in December,” the chesty twenty-something continued.

Erin blushed. “Was he . . . .?” her voice trailed off.

“Good? Oh, honey!,” Kim giggled. “Better than your fantasies.”

Erin’s eighteen-year old mind began to wander.




He kissed gently and pulled lightly on her sweater.

“I want you,” he whispered.

“I want you, too,” Erin smiled.

His hands wandered her body, his lips often following the course being charted.

“Oh, god,” Erin sighed. “That feels amazing.”

Her eyes opened just enough for her to see him unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants down over his thighs.

“I have a condom,” he offered, pulling a Trojan from his pocket.




“Erin?” Kim was asking.


“You zoned out,” the girl giggled.

“Sorry,” Erin blushed.

“It’s alright,” Kim continued. “I was saying that Jerry and Ryan are amazing.”

“Jerry and Ryan?” Erin questioned, confused.

“Oh yeah,” Kim blushed. “I did them both…and together.”

Erin’s jaw dropped.

Kim giggled. “Oh honey, we’re gonna have a GREAT night,” she smiled.




Billy had worked his way over to stage right.

“Those two chicks are amazing,” he motioned toward Kim and Erin.

“I know,” Jerry smiled. “Especially the blonde.”

Billy chuckled. “So typical of you, man.”

Jerry smirked. “I already had the other one.”


“Sure did,” Jerry began to play more intensely. “She’s a hottie.”

“I had her, too,” Ryan interjected.

Billy gazed at his new bandmates in disbelief.

“Hell, we even had her together,” Jerry added before walking off and leaving his bandmate in sheer awe.




The set ended and Kim bought Erin a beer. The two girls primped their sweaty hairdos, re-applied their injured makeup, and headed for the tour bus.

Erin nervously furnished her pass, wondering what Kim might say. Though, she was set at ease when Kim produced her own piece of cloth.

“Follow me,” Kim smiled and opened the bus door.

“Shouldn’t we knock?” Erin questioned nervously.

“Nah,” Kim giggled. “You KNOW they’re expecting us.”

The heavy metal door opened and the two girls were swallowed into the bus’ compact, well-lit walls.

“Hey guys,” Kim giggled when she breached the first few steps.

“Hello Miss Kimberly,” Jerry nodded. “And who’s your friend?”

Erin smiled nervously.

“This is Erin,” Kim stated and moved to sit on the couch alongside Billy. Erin was alone now, the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Sit down,” Ryan patted the empty couch next to him. “You want a beer?”

Erin sat and took the offered beverage. Before long, she was buzzing and feeling far less anxious than she had been earlier.

She listened as the band members discussed the show, stared wide-eyed as Jerry downed four Miller Lights, and watched intently as Billy and Kim began to fondle one another in full-view of the band.

Jerry placed himself alongside Erin on the sofa. “Want to go back to the hotel?” he smiled.

“Excuse me?” Erin questioned dumbly.

“I beylikdüzü escort want to shower back at the hotel and grab my bags,” the bassist smiled warmly. “Do you drive?”

Erin couldn’t help but giggle. “Yes, I drive,” she smiled. “How old do you think I am?”

“Don’t make me answer that!” Jerry smirked and rose off the sofa.

“Hey,” Ryan yelled. “Can I bum a ride, too?”

“We’ll go, too,” Kim smiled, squeezing Billy’s large hand.

Erin had more than she could have ever bargained for.




She fished for her keys in her purse while the other four stood waiting to get into the purple Dodge Neon.

Erin was still awed by the passion that Kim and Billy were exhibiting for one another.

“I call shotgun,” Jerry stated as he opened the unlocked passenger door and climbed in the vehicle.

“It’s the Holiday Inn,” Ryan stated from the back. “On your right, up the block about two miles.”

“Thanks,” Erin smiled.

In her rearview mirror, she watched as Billy’s hands traversed Kim’s body. Unabashedly his large grip had locked on Kim’s right breast as the two remained joined at the lips. Billy, Erin noticed, was now wearing most of Kim’s bright red lipstick.

“So,” Jerry smiled. “Are you and Kim good friends?”

“Actually,” Erin giggled, “We met in the crowd.”

“Fast friends,” Ryan smiled, trying to ignore the couple that was nearly fornicating alongside him in the backseat.

“Yeah,” Erin smiled. “She approached me, we started talking…Well,” she grinned as if knowing an inside joke, “Talking as best you can at a concert.”

Jerry nodded knowingly.




“I’m just gonna take a quick shower,” Jerry yelled from the bathroom.

Erin sat on the bed closest to the door, twiddling her thumbs and contemplating the night’s events, thus far. She couldn’t believe she was in the same hotel, let alone the same hotel room, with some of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen and it took no effort whatsoever.

“Erin?” Kim’s voice boomed over the din of Erin’s imagination.

“Yeah?” Erin shook the evil thoughts away.

“I’m going to Billy’s room, it’s next door,” Kim stated gently from somewhere on the other side of the room. “If you need anything . . .” her voice trailed off.

“Thanks,” Erin smiled.

Within minutes, Jerry was fresh from the shower, wrapped in a starched white towel, drying his hair frantically with another towel.

“Sorry about that,” he smiled.

“Don’t be.”

“Well, alrighty then,” he laughed.

Erin relaxed.

“You want a drink?” the male offered, opening a small cooler that sat between the two beds.

“No thanks,” Erin dismissed.

“So, I was thinking,” a voice loomed in the doorway. “Those two gir….”

Ryan stopped, glaring at Erin.

“Hey,” he smiled, ending his great proclamation.

“Hey,” Erin smiled.

“Am I interrupting?” he grinned.

Erin shifted nervously.

Jerry’s eyes met his bandmates, they glinted.

“I’ll come back later,” Ryan smiled and winked at Erin.




“Billy,” she sighed.

“Do I have to?” he frowned.

“Yes,”she cooed breathily.

He rose from the tangle of their bodies, searched for his discarded jeans, and plucked the condom from its denim enclosure.




Her jeans slid off her body so easily. She’d never done this before, and it was all too simple to be naughty she was finding. Her young body was covered in goose bumps, and she found that though her physiology suggested she was nervous, her mind didn’t seem to be experiencing any pitfalls.

She heard herself call Jerry’s name several times, and felt as he entered her slender body slowly, languidly. The union was passionate but frenzied.

“Fuck,” Jerry panted and rolled off of the girl.

She kissed his sleeping frame and snuggled herself close. She had begun to doze when she heard a noise and a voice calling from somewhere inside the hotel room.

“Jerr?” she heard a familiar voice call into the room.

Jerry was asleep and didn’t answer.


Erin wrapped an errant sheet around herself and walked toward the little hallway that separated the bathroom and front door from the bedroom. Jerry’s bandmate Ryan stood in her direct path.

“He’s asleep,” she smiled.

“Really?” Ryan grinned. She understood that he understood perfectly well what she was saying, and it made her blush red.

“Can I come in?” he asked, though his 6′ frame had already nudged past her and was headed for the room’s second bed.

Erin followed the male into the bedroom, and reclaimed her space alongside the slumbering bassist.

“Was it good?” Ryan asked, unflinchingly.

“Excuse me?” Erin questioned, truly unsure of what the guitarist was asking.

“Fucking Jerry…Was it good?”

Erin blushed.

Ryan grinned. “Was that your first time?”

Erin blushed redder, whispered her response. “Not the first, no.”

The male smiled warmly.

Erin glanced upward. “Why did you think that?”

“You look very young.”

“What’s very young?” the female asked, beylikduzu escort concerned.


“I’m eighteen,” she corrected.

“Do you know how old I am?” he questioned, authoritatively.

“No,” Erin frowned.

“Can you guess?”

“30,” she smiled.

“Nope,” he grinned. “I’m just about twice your age.”

Erin looked perplexed.

“Does that bother you?”

“No. Should it?”

“I don’t know, it bothers some girls.”

“Ah,” was all Erin retorted. She reclined her head on a pillow nearby, listening as Ryan flipped channels erratically, watching as Jerry’s chest rose in a rhythmic pattern of oxygen release and inhalation.

“Come over here,” Ryan called.

Erin didn’t move.

“Erin? You awake?”

Erin sat up.

“Come over here,” Ryan called, patting the bed alongside himself. He was reclined against the headboard, a pillow cushioning the contact of the hard wood on his shoulder blades.

There wasn’t a moment in which she debated, she never could understand why; she just went.

“You’re a beautiful girl,” Ryan smiled as he ran his hands through her long blonde hair.

“Thank you,” Erin giggled.

The guitarist leaned forward, planted his lips firmly on the girl’s and kissed her gently at first, then with an increasing sexual aggression.

Erin never backed away, but she never relented herself to the action.

“Come on now,” Ryan pulled away and frowned.

“What?” Erin asked, sounding more Alicia Silverstone Clueless than she’d ever managed before in her teenage years.

“I’m kissing you,” he grinned. “Kiss me back.”

Erin frowned delicately, shifting uneasily on the bed.

He reached in close to her again, this time, Erin’s lips parted slightly.

The kiss lasted a passionate minute, and Erin broke free from the embrace.

“There,” Ryan smiled. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I think you have the wrong impression,” Erin grimaced. I didn’t come here to….”

“Fuck the band?” Ryan sat up, looked the girl directly in the eyes.

“I didn’t!” Erin stated.

Ryan motioned toward his sleeping bandmate. “And that was?”

“Totally unexpected,” the female frowned. “I’m not a slut.”

“Did I suggest you were?” Ryan backtracked, orchestrating a concern that assured Erin.

“No, but you….made me uncomfortable just now.”

Ryan backed away, threw his hands up in protest. “I’m sorry! It wasn’t my intention.”

Erin giggled. “It’s alright!”

She sat alongside the guitarist on the hotel bed, watching as he scanned the pathetic options the hotel cable service offered. He found a Spectravision menu at one point, perused the purchasable options, and flipped to a black screen labeled “Channel 78”. He selected options off a menu, and the screen came to life with color.

A buxom blonde woman, twenty-something, was made up in a nurse’s costume. She was sitting on the lap of an older man, mid-forties maybe, playing with his gray hairs and gently kissing his middle-aged neck.

“Ever watch a porno before?” Ryan questioned.

Erin was speechless yet intrigued.

“I watched my first porn when I was…Oh god,” he sighed. “Much younger than you!”

That brought laughter from the other bed. Jerry’s head rose from the pillow, and he glared at the couple seated across from him.

“I must have been 12 or so,” Jerry laughed. “I was a late bloomer.”

Erin’s eyes lit up.

“They’re good,” Jerry assured her. “You’ll like it, just watch!”

Ryan directed her attention back to the screen, where the blonde was now licking happily at a large penis. A girlfriend of hers reclined in the background, watching intently.

“Two women,” Jerry sighed.

“Fuck yeah!” Ryan urged.

Erin was wide-eyed. The blonde was taking the organ entirely down her throat, her friend now an active part of the fellatio, licking and sucking at whatever flesh she could get her tongue around.

“Can you do that?” Ryan asked, inquisitively.

“And if you can,” Jerry’s eyes beamed, “Where have you been all my life?”

The two males guffawed.

Erin sat timidly.

“Do you give head?” Ryan asked again.


“You’ve never done it?” Jerry asked.

“No,” Erin hung her head bashfully.

“Well HELLO Oral Education,” Ryan clapped. “Where’s Kim?”

“She’s next door with Billy,” Jerry smirked and pounded on the wall separating the two hotel rooms.

“Go get her in here,” Ryan grinned. “We need her!”

Jerry rose from the bed, naked, unashamed, and searched for his discarded boxers. He found the blue plaid cloth, and pulled it over his ample thighs. He exited the room, and within a matter of minutes, returned with Kim and Billy in tow.

“Oh hon,” Kim giggled.

“What?” Erin asked, half-knowing, half as clueless as Silverstone had been in that film.

“Jerry says you’ve never given head.”

Erin turned beat red. “I haven’t.”

“Oh girl!” Kim chastised. “It’s time to learn.”

Kim pushed Billy back onto the bed Erin had shared with Jerry, less than an hour earlier. “First,” she yelled from between Billy’s clothed legs. “You need escort beylikdüzü to get this shit out of the way,” she giggled and began to unzip Billy’s black jeans.

As Kim pulled Billy’s right leg free of the material, she turned to Erin. “And I’m sure you can figure that the boxers are going to need to go, too.”

Erin just blushed.

Kim removed Billy’s boxers slowly, revealing an already erect cock jutting out from an ample blonde patch of hair.

“Next,” Kim giggled while holding the penis, “You have to wet your lips and his cock.”

The brunette licked her lips, then ran her razor tongue up and down the underside of Billy’s thickening member.

“Come here,” Billy called to Erin.

She kneeled near Kim, staring at the dick that Kim was sucking heartily.

“Lick it,” Billy groaned and craned his head to watch as Kim offered the cock to her blonde cohort.

Erin paused nervously, then trailed her tiny pink tongue across the top of Billy’s cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Billy moaned.

“He likes that,” Kim smiled. “That’s good.”

“Fuck,” Billy groaned again, shifting as Kim moved her hand up and down the thick piece of flesh.

Jerry leaned in toward the females, whispering to the pair, “Touch each other!”

Kim giggled and swatted him away. “She’s just an amateur now, come on. You’ll scare her off!”

Ryan laughed and high-fived his raucous bandmate.

Kim leaned into Erin, and smiled at the younger girl. “It’s alright, don’t listen to them.”

Kim’s smile was comforting, assuring.

“But you can lose this,” Kim gestured toward the t-shirt Erin had put on to cover herself when Ryan had entered the room nearly two hours before. One swift tug and Erin was a target for the hungry eyes everyone in the room.

She started to reach for Kim’s t-shirt, then stopped.

“You want this, baby?” Kim asked, pulling at Billy’s black t-shirt that she wore as a demi-nightgown of sorts.

Erin smiled. She reached out again, her hands met Kim’s, and the two girls removed the garment.

“Holy fuck,” Billy moaned.

Kim giggled. “Oh, I forgot about you.”

She grabbed Billy’s pulsing cock, and plunged her mouth over the glistening knob.

Erin leaned forward, licking the spaces of flesh that Kim’s mouth couldn’t reach…Just as she’d seen on the porno, only moments before.

“Oh god,” she heard Kim squeal and she turned to see Ryan enter Kim from behind.

“Fuck yeah,” the female panted between strokes on Billy’s cock. “Fuck me, yeah.”

Erin continued to lick and suck whenever she got the opportunity. Kim was now sharing the cock more often, holding firmly to the shaft and pointing the head in Erin’s direction when it was her turn. The girls began to develop a rhythm, aided by Billy’s moans and groans and Ryan’s guttural grunts.

Erin flinched when she felt a hand groping between her legs, turning to her left to realize it was Kim.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” Kim cooed, her teeth gritted, her face filled with pure animal lust.

Erin found her own hand searching for Kim’s body.

“Oh fuck, look at that,” Jerry sighed from somewhere behind them.

Ryan glanced between the two females and caught a quick glimpse of Erin’s pale pink nipple as Kim’s hungry mouth surrounded it.

“Oh god,” Erin breathed. “Oh god.”

“Yeah baby,” Kim coaxed between licks, “Go with it, baby.”

Billy sat up. “Hey,” he laughed. “What about me?”

Kim’s face was buried in Erin’s chest, her cunt filled with Ryan’s pounding flesh. Likewise, Erin’s face was awash of pleasure and concern, her hands trailing over Kim’s tanned flesh, her mouth a large O of orgasmic release.

Billy grinned and slid away from the trio.

“Erin?” he cooed. “Erin, I’m gonna fuck you, baby.”

He was behind Erin in no time, and inside her before she could even realize what was happening. Billy and Ryan had shifted the girls so that they were face-to-face, better able to kiss one another and pleasure each other’s bodies.

Kim reached for Erin. “Erin, you alright?” she cooed, breathless, but concerned.

“Oh god,” Erin breathed slowly. “Oh god, yes.”

The girls tongues met in a gentle touch, then arched away from each other. Each time Ryan’s and Billy’s timed thrusts drove the pair together, their tongues would feast hungrily on one another.

“Oh fuck,” Jerry moaned and Erin saw his frame come into view, reclining on the bed. He’d removed himself from his slacks and was laying on the bed, stroking himself furiously.

Kim seperated herself from Ryan, and climbed onto the bed. She brought her tiny frame to hover above Jerry’s waiting cock, and slowly lowered herself as he stroked hungrily.

Erin was awestruck. This wasn’t Kim’s first time, that was for sure.

“Come over here,” Kim yelled and Ryan climbed onto the bed alongside the copulating couple. He placed himself behind Kim, and placed a finger firmly into her ass.

Erin’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t possibly.

She watched with amazement as he entered two fingers into Kim’s ass, eliciting a loud howl from the female.

“Fuck,” she shrieked. “Do my ass, do my ass!”

“Watch this,” Billy nearly sang into her ear.

Erin watched with complete awe as Kim took Ryan’s cock into her ass. Kim never let up her pace as she rode Jerry’s hard rod, and never once let out the terrifying scream that Erin would have expected a female to emit in the given situation.

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