Back Door Mysteries

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My name is Donald Smith and I am an accountant living in Milton, a small community in New England. I lead a normal life and I do normal, everyday things. I look like a regular guy, too. I stand around five feet ten inches, and I weigh two hundred pounds. My skin is jet-black, like so many of my African-American brothers and sisters. My girlfriend Paula Indigo and I are swingers. It’s our secret lifestyle and I’d like to share some details of it with you.

My Paula is a teacher at one of the local state colleges. She’s a beautiful, somewhat hefty gal, with caramel-colored skin, and short black hair framing a round face. When we met, she was around five-foot-seven, slender but curvy. Now, she’s a full-figured woman but I don’t love her any less. We met when we were both eighteen and we’ve been together for sixteen years. We have lived together for most of that time. Things are okay between us. We’ve decided to spice up our sex life.

To that end, we met Beatrice Adams. Beatrice Adams is this woman we met over the Internet. She’s tall, around six feet, with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Her skin is milky white. She’s hot and looks like a model. She’s actually a lawyer in the city. She has a thing for black men and doesn’t mind doing couples. We decided to hook up in a hotel room which we had rented specifically for that. I watched Paula and Beatrice in the hot tub. The sight of two women always gets me hot.

Paula and Beatrice started making out and touching each other’s sexy bodies. Beatrice kissed Paula and started caressing her and sucking on her breasts and at the same time, playing with her pussy. Paula moaned under Beatrice’s touch. I stroked my cock while watching Beatrice eat Paula’s pussy. Paula has had a thing for women ever since college. She likes to sleep with them every now and then. I don’t mind. I like to watch. If you saw the two of them together, you’d feel the same way.

Beatrice was a good pussy pleaser. She was fingering Paula and licking her at the same time. Before long, Paula was screaming in pleasure. Beatrice sat down and leaned back in the warm poker oyna water as Paula returned the favor. Paula fingered Beatrice’s neatly shaved pussy and ate her out. Beatrice grabbed Paula’s hair and cried out in pleasure. Paula was good at oral sex. It didn’t matter if she was sucking dick or eating pussy. The girl knew what she was doing. This went on for another ten minutes before Beatrice came. Paula smiled and kissed her. That’s when they gestured for me to join them. And join them I did.

I stood there and the two of them worked on me. Paula was kissing me while Beatrice was sucking my cock. The sight of this sexy blonde woman sucking my dick made me even harder. I wanted a piece of her. When she got done giving me head, I asked for a piece of that ivory booty. Beatrice smiled and got down. I positioned myself behind her. I spread those cheeks of hers wide open and asked Paula for the bottle of lube. She handed it to me. I lubed up my hand then greased up Beatrice’s asshole. I slid a finger inside her. She purred. This woman was no stranger to having stuff up her ass, that’s for sure.

I put on a condom and pressed my cock against Beatrice’s back door. I thrust into her, sliding my cock into her asshole. Beatrice pushed back against me, seeming to want even more of my cock up her butt. I was glad to give her more. I held her by the hips and thrust into her. Man, I love fucking a tight ass. I’ve never done it with Paula. I asked her once and she flat out said no way. Beatrice was a different story. Her ass wasn’t virgin but it was tight enough. I fucked it, shoving my cock deep inside her. Beatrice took it like a champ. Not a peep from her. I continued to fuck that deliciously tight asshole of hers for a while before I finally came and pulled out.

Beatrice asked me to fuck her pussy. I put on another condom and obliged. Paula watched us, fingering her pussy while staring at our bodies in motion. Beatrice’s pussy was tight, though not as tight as her asshole. I loved the feel of it. It’s good to fuck someone different every now and again, you know? We went at it for canlı poker oyna another ten minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore. It felt so damn good. I came and then, I pulled out of her. Beatrice smiled at me. Damn, that chick was freaky!

Paula wanted some of my dick. I bent her over and stuffed my cock into her pussy. She moaned as I fucked her. Paula’s pussy felt good around my dick but I actually liked a tighter fit around my stuff. We fucked while Beatrice watched. Half an hour later, we had showered and gone our separate ways. We promised to stay in touch, exchanging cell phone numbers. Paula and I went home.

The next day, I got a call from Beatrice. She asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her. Of course! Dinner wasn’t dinner, of course. We went to a motel together and things started to get freaky. We got naked real quick. Beatrice came to me and said she wanted to surprise me. She was holding something behind her. When she showed it to me, I gasped. Beatrice was holding a strap on dildo. I looked at her. I’ve always been curious about strap on sex. I’ve seen women using strap on dildos on other women and sometimes on men in porn videos. It’s very hot. I’m very curious about that stuff. I’ve got a stash of strap on videos, right next to my stash of hardcore videos in a box buried deep in my basement. Beatrice smiled at me. She said she knew I’d like it. I decided to give it a try.

Beatrice got me ready for the kinky stuff. She had plenty of lube and all that. I looked at her. A sexy woman with a dildo strapped to her waist. She looked hot! My cock got harder. Beatrice asked me to lie down naked on the bed and then she came between my legs. She sucked my cock and licked my balls. Then, she slid a finger up my ass. I gasped. I’ve fingered my own ass before but I’ve never had a woman do that to me. Beatrice slid another lubricated finger up my ass while stroking my dick. She fucked me with her fingers, letting me get used to the girth. Finally, after half an hour, we were ready.

Beatrice held the plastic cock in her hand and slid it against my ass. internet casino She asked me if I was ready. I nodded. She slowly slid the dildo into my asshole. I gasped when the plastic cock went up my ass. I’ve never had anything this big up my ass before. Beatrice reached for my cock and stroked me while she thrust her plastic member into my hole. I looked at her. Damn, she looked sexy. She grinned, saving that since she I got to fuck her ass, it was only fair she fucked mine. I wholeheartedly agreed. Beatrice thrust the dildo up my ass. At first she was gentle but she picked up the pace and fucked me harder and faster.

I felt her dildo slamming into my ass. It hurt like hell at first but then, it began to feel good. It actually felt good to have a plastic cock up my black male ass. Beatrice thrust into me, harder and faster. I jerked myself off as she fucked me. The dildo plunged into my hole and I was actually welcoming the thrusts. I urged her to fuck me harder. She did. Slammed the dildo deep up my ass. Finally, I came. When I did, Beatrice bent down and sucked my cock. The woman drank me dry. I sighed in relief. That stuff felt good. Why didn’t I try this before?

Later, we lay in bed and talked. Beatrice was actually fun to talk to. A stunningly beautiful bisexual woman and a good-looking black man in bed together, naked and talking about everything from business and politics to sex. Beatrice told me that she was versatile in bed. Sometimes, she wanted to be the boss and other times, she wanted to be fucked silly. She wanted the kind of man who could just roll with it. I told her that I was down with whatever. She smiled and asked me to hang out with her. We could have a lot of fun together.

We began hooking up at different times and in different places. One time, we hooked up inside her office. Yes, inside her office. I bent her over, spread her butt cheeks and shoved my dick up her ass. Beatrice squealed in delight and told me to fuck her hard. I slammed my cock into her ass. Oh, man. It felt so good to fuck her in the ass. She was so welcoming and so inviting. I came inside her and later, we kissed like a couple of college kids. This woman was amazing, and sexually creative! We discreetly had our little thing on the side. I like this arrangement that we have. Variety is the spice of life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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