Back to You Ch. 03

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Hey Guys! Here’s another chapter of my new series. Thanks for all the great feedback, I’m so happy you guys like the story. There’s a little more action in this chapter, but still so much more to come. Let me know what you think- any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Chapter 2: Let’s make ’em count

Oliver hid away in Mrs. Valdez’s Geometry room, covering himself with the door as he looked out to the stream of classmates that roamed the halls. He felt a rush as he peeked through the slightly cracked door, knowing that Matty would walk by anytime soon on his way to his locker. It wasn’t until this morning that he remembered he had a dental appointment, so he had to tell Matt he didn’t need to be picked up. He knew that this was the perfect opportunity to catch him by surprise, and hopefully, continue what they started last night.

A few moments later, Oliver saw him weave himself through the crowd. He was impressed at how easily he blended in, almost becoming another face in a sea of teens. Oliver wondered if that’s why he hadn’t bumped into Matt sooner, as if the boy had become a chameleon blending in with his surroundings as to not be noticed. And he did a damn good job. But as he walked closer, Matt’s sun-kissed skin and well-pronounced dimples stood out among the crowd. Oliver stepped past the door, reaching out and grabbing Matt by the strap of his Herschel back pack, pulling him into the room.

Matt fought back a bit, unable to see the person pulling at him from behind. Oliver turned the boy around, impressed at how difficult it was to pin the boy down. He definitely wasn’t the scrawny kid that could never hold his own when they would wrestle in the living room. It wasn’t until Matt saw Oliver’s stupid grin, that he finally relaxed. He complained, “Ollie, you can’t just sneak up on people! Christ.”

Oliver flashed his famous smile, “That was kinda the point, genius.”

Matt rolled his eyes as he fixed his backpack, “Why are we even in here?”

Oliver raised his hands slightly, rubbing his fingers against the black straps of Matt’s bag, “So I can do this.” Before Matt could ask what “this” was, Oliver pushed Matt up against the cold concrete wall behind him. He reached back, breaking the impact of Matt’s head with his open hand. There was strength in Oliver’s movements, but also a subtle grace as he cradled Matt in his hand. Oliver leaned in, planting a firm kiss on Matt’s wordless mouth. He moaned, unable to comprehend how Matt’s lips could be so soft. As he pulled away, his eyes lingered on the boy’s thick brown hair that curled slightly at the edges. Below that, his full eyebrows perfectly traced the crystal blue eyes he found himself treading water in. If he wasn’t careful, he’d surely drown.

Oliver caught his breath, “That was for the kiss you gave me last night.” He held onto Matt’s wrists, “I’ve been wanting to do that since you left.”

Matt breathed out, “I’m glad you did.” He continued, looking down at his growing bulge, “But I’m not sure how I’m gonna be able to concentrate the rest of the day.”

Oliver licked his lips, savoring the remnants of Matt’s taste. “Meet you at your car afterschool?”

Matt corrected, “Only if there are more kisses like this in store.”

Oliver raised a brow, pulling away from the wall, “You’ll have to wait and see, Stevens. And if memory serves, you have a Calculus test next period, so you’d better get to work.”

Matt yelled out, “Fuck! I forgot”, as he reached into his bag, trying to find his notes.

Oliver shook his head, taunting him, “Oh Matty, what am I going to do with you?”


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful to Matt. After meeting up with Ollie, he had to somehow conceal his growing cock that pushed hard up against his khaki pants. He was almost annoyed at Oliver for that; leaving him blushed red and covering his crotch with his backpack as he weaved through the halls. When he finally made it to the bathroom, he quickly locked the stall and tugged away at his zipper. Pulling it down, his hard cock poked through the waistband of his boxers. Fully hard, Matt’s cock stretched to just about nine inches. He’d always been proud of his size, but today, he wished it wasn’t so noticeable. He looked down, seeing the engorged head dripping a strand a clear precum that hung in mid-air. He waited a few minutes for it to go down, shrinking to its normal six-inch state while soft. Grabbing it at the shaft, he stuffed his cock into the tight-fitting boxers and zipped up his pants in a leap. All it took was a kiss from Oliver to send him almost to the edge. And as he made his way to Mr. Keller’s Physics class, feeling the wet precum that collected in his boxers against his skin, he didn’t know how he’d be able to last like this.

Matt pushed open the double doors, feeling the afternoon breeze blow through his amber hair. He looked over, seeing Ollie leaning up against the passenger door of his car. It was like the scene out of an güvenilir bahis Abercrombie campaign as the boy dug his deep shoulder blades into the clear glass window. He bit down on his lip as he walked over, unable to believe that he, under a few encounters, had spent many closed spaces with this boy. Matt watched as Oliver’s face lit up as their eyes met; a mix of excitement with a single shot of lust on the rocks.

Oliver pulled him into a quick hug, leaving Matt just mere seconds to take in his clean scent. He pouted slightly as he pulled away, “You don’t know how bad I want to kiss you right now.”

Matt winked, “I don’t wanna share you, Ollie.” He looked over to the school behind them, “Especially not with these people.” Oliver laughed, not sensing the bitter tone within Matt’s last statement. He decided it wasn’t worth elaborating.

Oliver was checked out for most of the ride, listening intently to the song playing off Matty’s playlist. He closed his eyes for a bit, letting the music sink in. He had never heard it before, but somehow it was familiar. He stayed like this well into the second track, that was, until he felt Matt’s right hand dangerously close to his. He peeked over, looking at Matt whose gaze was fixed on the road before them. But it was like his hand had a mind of its own. Matt took his change, reaching below Oliver’s open palm and filling it with his own. Oliver took notice of the act, interlocking his fingers between Matt’s. He couldn’t believe how well they fit together- like every void of his hand was meant to be filled by Matt’s. The boys didn’t speak. Instead, Matt looked over to find a grinning Oliver who only squeezed harder as they drove off.


Matt pulled into Oliver’s empty driveway, only letting go of his hand to put the car in park. Oliver reached over, pulling the key in the ignition and turning off the car. He turned to Matt with a straight face, “Come upstairs with me.”

Matt bit down on his lip, hearing the gravel in Oliver’s voice like he was giving an order rather than a suggestion. He got out of the car, feeling that familiar blood rush down to his cock as they made their way to the front door.

Just as Matt heard Oliver lock the deadbolt behind him, he was pushed up against the drywall in the foyer, knocking a picture frame out of alignment in the process. For the second time, he was pinned down with Oliver’s strong hands holding him back, pressing into his body. He loved the pressure, seeing a matched intensity in the boy’s eyes. They looked demanding, as if telling Matt not to lose his gaze.

As Oliver leaned in on his prey, Matt wrapped his arms around his hips, feeling the crease of his muscles through the cotton shirt. Oliver leaned in for a strong and deliberate kiss. Matt opened his mouth, letting Oliver slip his tongue inside as he ran his hands up Oliver’s sides. He pushed past the cotton shirt, feeling his fingers against the exposed skin. Oliver loved the touch, moaning slightly with exchanged breathing and heat.

Oliver pulled away with loose strands of his hair falling in the space between his eyes. He managed, “I swear you get me so damn crazy.”

Matt breathed out, slipping his hand down Ollie’s pants, feeling the warm skin. He asked, “How long are we alone for?” There was almost a desperation in Matt’s tone like he needed this moment more than he needed oxygen.

Oliver reached around, settling his hand against the small of Matty’s back. He pushed him in closer, leaving just enough distance to feel his warm breath against Matt’s. He answered slowly, emphasizing the words, “A couple hours.”

Matt raised an eyebrow, hooking his finger on the belt loop of Oliver’s jeans, “Then let’s make ’em count.”

Oliver nodded, as he followed Matty’s lead up the stairs. The boys never broke their touch as they walked down the hall. Matt would look back occasionally to find Oliver watching his every motion, stepping only in the places his own feet had been. They stopped only once in the hallway to taste each other’s lips, as if the walk from the front door to Oliver’s bedroom was unbearably long.

Oliver cradled Matt’s face once more, saying, “Come here, you”, as he pulled the boy into his bedroom.

Matt moved first, pulling off his open sweater with some difficulty. Oliver chuckled, seeing the boy’s arm caught in the sleeve as he leaned in to set it free. He placed a soft kiss on Matty’s shoulder before pushing him back onto the bed. Matt laughed as his back landed on the soft comforter. “This is gonna be fun”, he exclaimed, matching Oliver’s mischievous grin.

Oliver hopped on top of Matt, straddling the boy on his hips. Matt relaxed, enjoying Ollie’s weight on him as he felt the boy’s ass grinding against his body. He propped himself up as Oliver leaned down and the two shared a deep kiss complete with roaming hands and a lot of tongue. Oliver made his move, reaching down and pulling off his shirt, exposing his milky skin. A quivering moan escaped Matt’s mouth. türkçe bahis The boy had been dreaming of this day for years. And with Ollie on top of him with a gaze that meant the lust was mutual, Matt knew he was about to get everything he wanted.

Matt reached forward, running his fingertips against Ollie’s cut body; pale and rigid like a piece of sculpted marble. He growled, “Fuck”, as he continued to explore the boy’s body, leaving Oliver a moaning mess as he felt the cool sensation of Matt’s hands all over him.

But Oliver wasn’t satisfied just yet. He stuck out a finger and motioned it back, letting Matt know it was his turn to undress. Matt didn’t reply, only reaching down at his own shirt and pulling it over his head- a bold move considering all the years of insecurity and self-doubt. But out of all the sensations that Matt was feeling this afternoon, embarrassment wasn’t one of them. After spending a few seconds uselessly trying to fix the stray strands of hair on his forehead, he moved his arm down and rested it at his side. For the first time, he lay there, presenting himself to Oliver.

Oliver took his time, assaulting the boy’s exposed body with his eyes. He looked over at Matt’s honeycomb skin that was bathed in California sun. He started at that Adam’s apple and traveled down his defined chest, dotted with two pink and very hard nipples. Next came his abs, leaving Oliver frustrated at how he could never get his as defined. He bit down on his lip, “Damn Stevens, what else are you hiding under all these clothes.”

He shot back, “That’s for you to find out, Morrison.” Oliver replied with his lips, leaning down so that his chest was pressed against Matty’s. He loved the feeling of exposed skin against his as Oliver attacked his neck, kissing hard as if trying to leave a mark. The boys kept up their speed, playfully kissing each other while exchanging quick glances and a few winks. They were two amateurs, taking their time to explore each other’s body and discovering every crease and every taste they could.

Matty moaned out, breathing hot air into Oliver’s gaping mouth, “I need you, Ollie.”

Oliver growled back, “Yeah Matty?”

Matt then placed his hands on Oliver’s shoulder blades and, in one fail swoop, managed to turn the boy over to the other side of the queen sized mattress. Oliver gasped, impressed at the boy’s strength as he lie there in disbelief. Matt then straddled him, taking the position Oliver once held. He looked down at his friend, squirming beneath him as he traced his fingers against the imprint of Ollie’s cock in his jeans. He reached out, unbuttoning the top and sliding the zipper down only enough to show the waistband of Ollie’s boxers.

Ollie moaned out, feeling the cool air brush against the happy trail leading down to his crotch. “You got me so hard for you, dude”, he said as he continued to feel Matt’s soft touch against the thin fabric separating his cock and the outside world. Wanting more, Matty reached at Oliver’s waist. Hooking his fingers around the boxers and jeans, he pulled them off in one motion. Ollie’s cock stood straight up, and Matt’s eyes were immediately drawn to the thick uncircumcised meat that stood just shy of eight inches between his legs- the first he’d ever seen. Matt felt his mouth water as a single strand of precum oozed out of the pink head, almost entirely covered by foreskin. It was beautiful, Matt thought, as he counted the ways he’d have fun with it. He took his attention off Oliver’s cock for a few moments as he made his way down towards his feet. Tugging at the ends, he pulled the jeans off completely before tearing off Ollie’s socks. He stood there at the end of the bed, admiring the handsome, naked boy before him.

Oliver took notice, grabbing his cock by the base and stroking it slightly as Matt watched in amazement. He wanted to put on a little show for his boy, and based on the devilish grin that ate up Matt’s chiseled face, he knew it was working. Matt made the next move, making his way towards Ollie and kissing every inch of exposed skin in the process. When he finally reached the boy’s crotch, he inhaled, taking in Ollie’s musk that oozed off him. He reached up and grabbed Oliver’s cock, trying to find the perfect grip. Ollie watched in amazement as Matt stuck out his tongue and licked the slit of his cock. He swore that he could cum right then and there.

Matt moaned out, “Fuck, you taste so good, man.”

Oliver was about to respond, when his mouth was cut off by Matt’s who wrapped his lips around the head of Ollie’s cock. Sucking hard, Oliver writhed beneath him. “Matty, your mouth is so damn good”, he yelled out in a shaky breath.

Matt fixed his gaze on Oliver who watched his best friend go down on him. He gathered the slack of bedsheets in his fist and pulled tight as his hips buckled under Matt’s mouth. The boy had never been sucked off before, and after years of masturbating, he still couldn’t believe how amazing all of this felt.

He watched güvenilir bahis siteleri as Matt worked down the length of his cock. Slowly, he could feel Matt’s lips wrap around the shaft, pushing down with determined movements. Matt, on the other hand, had only one thing on his mind- getting deeper. He pulled off a few times, swirling his tongue around Ollie’s head, slipping it underneath his foreskin. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed this, and from the sweet taste of Ollie’s cock on his tongue to the rough moans that escaped the boy’s mouth, he wished he could continue this on for hours. After a few more intense swirls along the sensitive head, Matt worked down the length, sucking up as much of Ollie’s cock as he could. Oliver reached over, caressing the back of Matt’s head, running his fingers through the boy’s thick hair. He pulled slightly, encouraging his friend as he went down on him.

Matt soon found his rhythm, getting in more inches of Ollie with every motion. But Ollie knew he wouldn’t last much longer like this. His grip on Matt’s hair grew tighter as Matt’s lips sat centimeters from the base of his cock. He could feel his balls clench together, and as he buckled his hips in anticipation, he dug his feet deeper into the bed. Seconds from satisfaction, he moaned out, “Matty, I’m so close! I’m gonna cum!”

He thought that would serve as a warning to pull off, but Matt threw his inhibitions out the window and instead, sucked harder. Just as Ollie was about to release, Matt made one last stitch effort to take the boy’s cock all the way down. He pushed down, feeling the head at the back of his throat. He steadied himself as Ollie jerked throughout the bed, feeling his orgasm rise to an intensity he’d never achieved. After holding it off for as long as he could, Ollie shouted out as he felt jets of his cum escape the tip of his cock, “Fuck Matty, I’m cumming!”

Matt held is position, eagerly sucking up the warm cum as it sprayed out and coated his throat. He felt it collect within his mouth and he tried to swallow as much as he could, but that proved to be no easy feat. Oliver had emptied all of himself into Matt and he watched in amazement as his best friend popped his cock out of his mouth, leaving a trail of fresh cum dripping down the sides. Matt looked up at him, still in a frenzy of sexual overdrive with cum seeping out the sides of his lips. Ollie reached over, pulling him by the forearm towards him. Matt raised a hand, wanting to wipe away the juice before he got too close. But Oliver stopped him with a, “No”, as he found his place millimeters away from his mouth.

Oliver looked into the boy’s crystal blues before leaning in and lapping up the remaining cum off Oliver’s lips and chin. He swallowed it down, savoring the taste of his own cum mixed with Matt’s spit. It turned him on even more, pulling Matt into a deep kiss, unable to believe what he had just done.

He pulled away, licking the boy’s cum stained lips, “I can’t believe I never realized how sexy you are, man.”

Matt blushed hard with a bashful smile. He was being admired by Oliver, who watched as his face glistened. “I swear Ollie, I could play with that cock all day”, he said as he continued to stroke the boy’s ever-hard cock.

Oliver quipped back, “Yeah?” Matt nodded, tightening his grip slightly. Oliver continued, “As much as I would love that, I believe it’s my turn”, pulling the boy’s hands off him.

Matt looked back with concern, “Are-are you sure? Look dude, you really don’t have to-” But Oliver cut him off, raising his fingers up to Matty’s moving lips, bringing them to a stop. Matt leaned forward, taking one of Ollie’s fingers in his mouth, sucking with as much intensity as he did with the boy’s cock. After a few more deep sucks, Oliver withdrew his fingers from his mouth, leaving Matt feeling empty.

He flashed him that famous smile, teasing, “You talk too much, Matty.” Oliver motioned towards the edge of the bed, “Now stand up, I wanna get a good look at you.” Matt happily complied, moving his way off the bed and onto his feet. Oliver followed after, scooting his way to the edge of the bed. As Oliver’s hands latched onto Matt’s belt, the boy stepped forward so that his legs were between his.

Oliver wrapped his arms around Matt’s torso, pulling the boy into a warm embrace as he nuzzled his face into Matt’s chest. He savored Matt’s warmth, enjoying the feeling of the boy’s skin against his cheeks. Matt loved the affection as well, feeling safe as Oliver held onto him, planting soft kisses down his pecs towards his cut abs.

Oliver’s hands moved in steady, deliberate motions as he cradled Matt’s belt buckle and swung it open with the flick of his wrist. He swallowed down slightly, pulling the zipper down on the boy’s pants as his cock bulged out, filling the void the zipper left behind. He planted another soft kiss against Matt’s lower abdomen dusted with short brown hair that led down his crotch. He wrapped his hands around, pulling at the waistband with some difficulty, trying to get them over Matt’s perfectly plump ass. With only a thin sheet of cotton separating him and Matt’s swollen cock, he decided to fight the hesitation and instead, allow his body to move for him.

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