Backyard BBQ


You step from the shower feeling refreshed and excited. A peek at the bedroom clock tells you that you still have an hour and a half before company starts to arrive. It’s a long weekend and you are eager to use the new BBQ grill we just bought. You hum a little song to yourself as you towel dry in the bathroom. I arrive at the doorway and smile proudly as I see you standing there wrapped in the big soft towel.

“Why are you hiding?” I tease.

“I’m shy, my King,” you respond coyly.

“There is no place for shyness with me, Menuda.” I reach for the towel and slowly reveal your nakedness, turning your back to me and facing you towards the mirror. I kiss the nape of your neck and along your shoulders as the towel falls to the floor. “It is a pity that such beauty is hidden from the world, but do not hide it from ME. My good little girl knows how much I love her beautiful, sexy body, and how much joy I get from seeing it.” My hands begin a slow, longing caress from your shoulders, “I want to gaze upon the wonderful gift you continue to give to me. I want you to know how special you are to me.”

Your head leans forward as the goose bumps rise on your flesh. You can feel my desire pressed against the small of your back. Your hands brace against the vanity as mine reach the place between your legs. You spread your feet as my fingers tease your lips and clit. I playfully tug at the hair that you have left behind. “Will you be shaving me today,” you ask with a purr.

“I’m not sure. What do you think, Menuda?”

“Only if it pleases you to shave me, my King.”

“Then it shall be,” I answer, reaching for the towel and razor. Letting you go is almost a letdown, but we both consider it a small step backwards on the way to a more enjoyable trip forwards.

You take the towel to the bedroom and position yourself on the edge of the bed. I am close behind with shave cream, washcloth and razor in hand. It is a familiar process, arousing and satisfying for us both. I work delicately and meticulously, checking and rechecking for hairs that may have been missed. Strokes of the razor are followed by caresses of the washcloth. I take great satisfaction in knowing you trust me so. Even back to our first time, no other has ever taken a razor to you in this most intimate of ways.

I rise to my knees, giving you a final wipe clean. I make sure all the shorn hairs have not fallen on the floor and take the towel from under your hips. “My King…?” you say with a hint of disappointment. I turn to you from the bathroom door. “Aren’t you going to give me your final inspection?” There is a wicked twinkle in your eye that I am practically helpless to resist. You spread your legs wider and pull your knees higher as I approach.

“Thank you Menuda, you are a good girl for remembering.” From my knees, I move close enough for you to feel the warmth of my breath on your freshly shaved skin. “It’s too bad that I left my glasses downstairs, because I cannot really see too well. Perhaps I can just feel for left over hairs… hmmm?” My tongue parts your lips and presses your clit. I can hear the deep breath as it fills your lungs deeply. A long slow stroke along your wet lips draws your knees higher and arches your back. The insertion of a finger brings your moan down to a guttural tone. You are wet and eager and I am hard and throbbing. I stroke myself as I kneel before you with my face between your warm thighs. I feel them grip tightly around my head as your peak nears and your outside world slips away. The rush of sensation begins, but I leave you with only your momentum to finish the job. I stand and masturbate myself as I press the head of my cock to your clit. Your hips rock to rub against my hardness and your eyes beg for my penetration. I take hold of your ankles and press your hips into the bed, slowly guiding the pink head between your throbbing lips. With one long push inside you, I deposit my lust as our bodies shudder together.

More. We both know that you need more. Your orgasm was just a tease, and not quite the full release. I smile at you as your hips continue to churn, trying to milk more from my subsiding erection. I still cannot believe that such a beautiful woman craves to be with me. I am so thankful that I have found my petite lioness. My gaze prompts you to self consciousness and you try to deflect it with the simple question,

“What…?” I stroke your hair, but say nothing. I lean forward to kiss your face, and then withdraw myself. I glance at the clock and see we need to get dressed. “I have put your dress bingöl seks hikayeleri over the chair. I want everyone to realize that you are the most sexy and beautiful woman at the party today, Menuda. You are so sexy in that dress and I know the guys will agree with me.”

“And another thing,” I say before leaving. “We are going to play a game today” A distrustful look purses your lips, but you listen before speaking. “During the party today, I want you to find a way to stroke my cock in public at least 10 times before the party is over. Am I clear..?”

“And what if I fail..?” you ask, already knowing the answer.

“You cannot fail. I know you better than that, but if you choose to not complete your task…” I give two quick, light slaps on your outer thighs. “You will spend the night over my knee.” I give you a playful stern look, and you respond with a baby girl nod of agreement.

“Yes, my King.”

I dismiss myself with another brief kiss, and then I am gone to finish preparations. You lay on the bed a moment longer savoring the remnants of our play. You want more, but you stand knowing that there are things to prepare. You raise the white sundress from the chair and smile in agreement as you hold it up in front of the mirror. “No one is going to be as hot as me today. I am going to make my King proud.”


You can smell the grill from the backyard as you descend the stairs. You see me coming in through the back door as I continue my trips from the kitchen. A smile of appreciation crosses my face as I witness your beauty. You turn to give me the whole view, and your loose skirt billows, showing me just a peek of your cheeks. “Are you pleased, my King?”

“Yes, Menuda. You always please me.” My smile consumes my entire face as I still can’t believe what I have in you. I am inclined to have you again, but the doorbell signals the first guests, and you head for the front door.

Your hand reaches the doorknob, but you are frozen by my call. “Wait,” I say as I walk up behind you. “I need to correct something.” I place both of your hands against the door, and begin to raise your dress. My fingers slip into the waistband of your thong, and you feel it slipping over your hips. “Where did these come from?” I ask in your ear. “They were not on the chair.”

“I got them from the drawer. I thought you forgot them, so I…”

“Menuda,” I cut you off. “I rarely forget. If I wanted you in underwear, I would have put them out for you.” I slip a hand between your legs and begin circles with your clit as I speak. Your eyes begin to close and your head falls back in surrender. The doorbell rings a second time and I can see through the curtains that our friends are gathering outside on the stoop. “This is why I shaved you, my sweet. I didn’t want the dark patch of hair to betray your nakedness underneath the white dress.” Faster circles and your hips push back into my groin. The hardness of my cock is evident, and your sighs start to become moans. More friends, and the bell rings a third time as my fingers invade you. Your knees shake… and I stop the play. You slap the door at my teasing, and moan frustration. I step back and lick your taste from my hand, making sure you see me do it. The bell rings a fourth time. “Now,” I say taking a step away from you. “Let them in.”

You hesitate a moment to gather yourself, and open the door with a grin. Hello’s are exchanged, with hugs and kisses aplenty, but you still have a distraction on your mind. You watch my hand extend as I approach my old college buddy, and can only think of where it just was. Our hands meet and I make it quite obvious, sending a devious current through your body. “Dude!” he says, wiping the wetness from his hand.

“Oh shit, sorry,” I answer, grabbing the towel from my belt. I wipe his hand and then mine, dismissing the wetness as a result of my grill work, but you and I exchange a glace showing we both know better.


The party goes well and everyone is having fun. The day is quite warm and sunny and we are happy to catch up with the friends we have not seen in a while. We have a badminton net set up for those who want to play, and we’ve noticed the boys are getting quite competitive as the games go on. I’m flipping more burgers on the grill when you arrive with the plate of fish and set it on the table close by, then you wrap your arms around me for a happy embrace. “Do you want me to cook that fish now?” I ask.

“What I want is this,” you answer as you put your hand on my groin. You step around to the side of me to shield your fun from the guys playing on the driveway, and run your hands along my hardening shaft. “One, two, three…” you count with each caress along its length. It is at full stretch, but you decide to stop there. “Seven more you whisper as you slink away grinning.”

You stroll towards the badminton game, knowing I will enjoy the delightful wiggle as you do. I watch as the guys’ heads follow you; the beer is making it difficult for them to mask their voyeurism. Your spaghetti straps advertise the fact that you are wearing no bra, and they all wonder what it would be like to see more of you. I smile to myself. You are the sexiest woman here. It isn’t just today, not for me, but I know you never believe me.


The grand feast is ready to eat, and we have all taken our seats at the table. There is laughter and teasing, as old friends are apt to do. We can see that your friends and mine have all hit it off well, and the groups are no longer separate.

You lean your head on my shoulder and let out a contented sigh, pleased with how things have gone so far. “We did good, babe. I’m glad we invited them all here.”

“We did good,” I echo. “I’m happy we did this too.” I kiss you on top of your head and pull you closer to my hip. “My good girl, I love you so much.” “But now we need to clean up before dessert,” I say changing the subject.

We clean the table and get the leftover food indoors as the guests keep chatting on the lawn. I realize it won’t be long before the mosquitoes take over, so I usher you inside to ready the assorted sweets. I meet you in the kitchen with an armful of plates, and put the stack in the sink. You take the box of cookies from the fridge and set them on the counter. I kiss your shoulder, raising goose bumps on your back. Then I instruct you to take the desserts outside and to meet me back here, before I head upstairs.

I hear you yelling for our guests to help themselves, and you excuse yourself to get more from the kitchen. I am waiting there when you return, and immediately reach for your skirt. Your excitement has not waned since I touched you last, and your pants of – yes, yes, yes… – are music to my ears. I help you onto the counter and push my fingers deep inside. I slide the straps off your shoulders and expose your nipples, then suck hard to make them stand. Then I pull out the dangles and secure them in place, finally covering my treasure.

Your head swivels to make sure no one wanders inside, perhaps looking for the bathroom. They will not see your hips, but they will wonder why you are up to high. My fingers take you faster and the static clouds your brain. You are no longer watching for safety, but rather sinking into the abyss. “What do you ask?” I instruct.

“Unngh,” is all you can muster. I can see I need to lead again.

“Are you ready? Is my good girl ready?” My fingers are pushing deeper and faster as your body braces for the pending climax.

“Ye… Ye….” Is all you can muster. “plea.. plea..”

“Close, Menuda, so very close..”

“PLE… PLEASE,” you finally manage to force out.

“Good girl!” I respond as I push you to the brink. “That’s my good girl.”

Too close on the heels of your climax, footsteps are heard from the hall. A wandering guest missed the bathroom and is headed for the kitchen. I quickly slip you off the counter and ensure you can stand before sticking my head thru the doorway. “What’s up buddy, run out of cookies already?”

“Nope, looking for the little boys’ room.”

“Behind you on the left, man. You just passed it.”

“Ah, there we go. Cool.”

You hear the door lock slide closed and exhale the breathe you had been holding. “My King is quite daring these days,” you pant. I only smirk in reply.

I take two plates in my hands and head back to the party with you close behind. As I reach the doorway, I turn to push the door open with my backside. As I do, you stroke my pants again, “Four, five, six. Four to go.”

“Hmm, I don’t know if I should count those because technically we were not outside in public.”


The tiki torches have been lit, and we managed to stave off an onslaught of bugs as the sun went down. It has gotten cooler and you have put on a small sweater against the chilly night air. You walk over to my seat and observe the bulge in my shorts. Again you place yourself between me and the guests, and lean forward to kiss me. Your hands are on my thighs for balance, but one manages to slip up the leg of my shorts, to feel the actual flesh. “Seven,” you whisper again, as I feel your fingernails gently stroke the head and tip. “Now will you warm me, my King?”

I spread my arms, inviting you to sit on my lap, and then curling you close to my chest. We sit in the cool night air and momentarily forget there are others her with us. We could sit here for hours, but the clock shows it is getting late.

Our guests begin to stir, and the parade for the last bathroom run commences. You stay on my lap as our conversations wrap, but now reposition yourself against my hardness. You realize that you are running out of time to complete your chore, but you are emboldened by the shadows of night. You reach down to align your cheeks with the hardness below, and begin a slow, inconspicuous slide towards my knee and back. Even though I am finishing a conversation, I can hear your count the rest softly. “Eight, nine, and ten.” Then you stand and leave me, offering to help your girlfriend find her purse inside the house. I applaud your creativity. I didn’t specify hands, and you did complete the task. Again, my girl has well pleased me.

You escort the last of our guests around the side of the house to their cars, leaving me to clear up the remaining plates and glasses. You return to find me sitting on a lawn chair in the shadows, holding a drink in my hand. I beckon you towards me and invite you back onto my lap. We kiss passionately without a word said between us, a shared congratulations on a party well executed.

“That really was fun tonight,” I begin.

“I hope that’s not all the fun for tonight, my King. I completed my task, isn’t there some reward for me?”

I nudge you from my lap and loosen my belt and pants, before standing to slip them off. Your eyes fixate on the prize you have been waiting for as I sit, tapping my thighs in an invitation for you to sit. You turn and raise your skirt, easing yourself onto my hardness. There is a collective sigh between us, as the world is once again in order. You lean backwards against my chest as my arms wrap around you. “I adore you Menuda, my good little girl. You make me so happy, and this feels so good.”

Your hips churn slowly. There is no race to the end now. We are simply connecting, savoring the closeness. It is as much mental as physical. It is deep and strong. You purr softly in the darkness, as my hands glide gently over your body. You pull down the top of your dress, and guide me to your nipples which are hard against the cool air. Your chest rises at my touch and a shiver raises goose bumps on your naked breasts.

We build slowly at first, but increase our tempo as time passes. Our sounds of passion start to rise and the thought of our neighbors comes to mind. Circles on you clit bring you beyond the point of bashfulness, and you beg me to continue. The neighbors’ house is dark, so I expect they are not home yet, but when they might return, I cannot predict.

“Yessss,” you coo softly into the night, as I feel your climax approaching. “My King,” you say from the zone of pending orgasm. “My… my… mm.. uuunngghh” I struggle to hold you close against the writhing. The spasms come from deep within. Your hands grip the chair tightly and your legs flail. I pull your head backwards and press my hand over your mouth, as I see the headlights turn into the driveway next door. Did they notice us when the headlights shone into our yard? Did you notice the lights as well? I don’t want them to hear us, nor do I want you to have this moment ruined.

You relax as it passes and I lighten my hold. You turn to kiss me, still aware of the hardness inside you. “Be a good girl and serve me now,” I whisper as I gaze deeply into your eyes.

“Yes my King,” you say as you slip off my lap to kneel in the grass. You take me into your mouth to taste yourself on me. Your fingers stroke my balls and run up and down my cock. My head falls back at the amazing sensations you create, as I feel myself slide deeply into your mouth. Within moments, you have me on the brink and I grab for your hair, holding you fast to swallow my offering. Your tongue is skilled to bring me the rest of the way, and I am oddly aware of the cool air surrounding my balls as the skin tightens in orgasmic release.

I am woken some hours later by the sound of the wind in the trees. You are curled in my lap on the same lawn chair, and there is an old scratchy blanket across our bodies. I turn you slightly to free my arm, and pull the blanket to cover us better. I just hope that the neighbor doesn’t have plans to mow his lawn too early tomorrow. I kiss your head and pull you closer, before drifting back to sleep.

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