Banging Betsy

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Group Sex

Betsy Bowman is a large and very attractive woman in her late thirties, and there is nothing she loves more than being between two men, with one cock in her pussy and the other in her ass. Whenever she feels the need to participate in such a double penetration, she knows what to do about it. Betsy calls me, knowing I will go over to visit her and fill one pleasure hole and that I will bring a horny guy with me to simultaneously fill the other one.

That was what happened last Saturday. I got a call from her on Friday evening asking if I could please come over to see her the next morning and bring some hung stud with me, because she felt the need to be part of her favorite sexual arrangement. It was too late to do anything that evening, but I told her I would be over to see her on Saturday morning, and I and another man would take care of her needs.

“Thanks, George,” she responded. “I know I can count on you to take care of one hole and bring somebody to take care of the other.”

“Do you want me to eat your pussy first?” She knew I was joking, because that is always the first thing I do when we get together, eat her out while the other man or men lick and suck her big, luscious breasts.

“Quit teasing me, George. You know as well as I do what I like. I’m even going to shave tomorrow morning, and you know how that makes it better for both of us too.”

I did, of course, and told her so. After hanging up, I started calling men I know who would want to go with me. Finding a willing man should have been easy, because almost any guy would want to be involved in a sex party with Betsy, but not everybody would be available, especially on such short notice. On my second try, I talked to Sam, and he said he would be very happy to join me. He has been with me to call on this hotsy before, and he knows what a great time we would have.

“I better get to bed then, George,” he added. “I’m going to need plenty of rest before I go with you tomorrow, because I expect to be pretty tired by the time the day is over. I sure hope I am.”

“You and me both. Tired and happy.”

The next day, well-rested and clean-shaven, except for my mustache, I picked up Sam at his apartment and drove over to call on Betsy. When I pressed the button under her name by the front door, she asked who was calling.

“George and Sam,” I answered.

“Oooo, good. I really need you guys. You know where my apartment is, so come on up.”

We heard the buzzer telling us the door was unlocked; Sam pulled it open and we hurried to the elevator. Impatiently, we rode up until we reached her floor and started down the hall. I saw her smiling round face looking at us from her open doorway and, when we entered her apartment, she pulled us both inside and double-locked the door behind us. Once that was taken care of, Betsy hugged us both and we took turns kissing her, thrusting our tongues into her mouth and feeling her greet us there too. I really loved the feeling of Betsy in my arms, because she has such a great figure, with big breasts and a round, curvaceous ass. Her face is pretty too, with shoulder-length dark brown hair, green eyes and a clear complexion.

She was wearing a colorful bathrobe but, after breaking off the kissing, she pulled it off and we saw, as I had expected, she had been naked under it. We sat down in handy chairs and removed our shoes and socks and all of us hurried into her bedroom, where her queen-sized bed awaited us. She lives by herself, but has such an active sex life she needs the large bed to accommodate her groups of men friends.

Betsy likes to undress me, and I have no problem letting her do it. She started by unzipping my jacket, pulling it off and throwing it on the floor. My shirt was unbuttoned and treated the same way and, when I was naked above the waist, she got to her knees and pulled down my pants and underwear, letting them fall to the floor. After Betsy kissed my stiff cock, she got back to her feet, and I kicked my last garments in the general direction of the others. Sam was left to undress himself, which he did quickly. He is much younger than I am, a tall, muscular African American with short hair and a mustache. Sam was naked before I was, and he stood waiting for Betsy to lie down so we could start the party going full blast. She smiled at the sight of his erect cock, and gave him some words of encouragement.

“Don’t worry, Sammy. We’re all going to have fun before the day is over.” He already knew that, but he would be somewhat left out on the first fun thing we would be doing.

She lay on her back with a pillow under her head, and Sam knelt beside her, cupping a succulent breast in either hand. I climbed onto the bed too and, when Betsy felt the mattress shaking, she raised and spread her legs for me, and I ducked under them. She couldn’t see me with the other man between us, but she felt my shoulders and rested her legs on them. I wrapped my arms around her plump and lovely thighs and gazed, enraptured, at the beautiful pussy I was gaziantep bayan escort about to begin licking.

As she had told me she would, Betsy had shaved that morning, and her skin was clear and creamy, right up to the edges of her pink slit. Although she was horny and wanted to fuck, her level of arousal was not yet very high, but I could see her inner pussy lips starting to blossom through that sweet pink aperture, and I knew they would soon be swollen and bright red. Wanting to get them to that point, I started licking one of her soft outer lips. Seconds later, I felt her squirming under me from what Sam and I were doing for her breasts and pussy.

Betsy is really sweet besides being a beauty, and I love giving her sexual thrills, not to mention how much pleasure I derive from it. Her clean-shaven lip felt like a warm satin pillow under my tongue, but alive and vibrant, and I slowly licked all the way to her Mount of Venus, where I kissed her. I really love eating out women like Betsy; they know what men like and don’t try to look like fashion models or Ally McBeal or somebody like that. I also love how much she relishes it. By the time I was through licking off all the fresh nectar, her pussy was writhing under my face.

I started up the other lip, which felt like the first one, and Betsy’s responses were becoming more active. By the time I kissed her mons again, her pussy was starting to fuck up into my face, which is a truly wonderful feeling. I raised my face, very briefly, from what I was doing, but I couldn’t see much. Usually, I like to see how my lady friend is reacting to my eating her pussy, but Sam’s shoulders and head were in the way. Judging by the movements of her lower body and her moans of bliss, we were giving her a great time.

“Don’t stop, George. Keep eating my pussy,” she exclaimed while my face was briefly away from where she thought it should have been.

I didn’t need to be told twice or to waste mouth time answering her, because that was exactly what I wanted to do anyhow. I resumed by licking between an inner and outer lip, starting between their origins, where her skin is extremely soft and smooth and very sensitive. My tongue had just started caressing her there when she let me knew I was back to doing what she wanted.

“Yeah! Yeah! Right there. Lick my there! And you, keep sucking my titties,” she demanded of Sam, who was also happy to comply.

I may have been even happier, because I had reached the point where Betsy’s lips were close together, and I canted my head to thrust my tongue between them. The beauty and the aroma and the flavor of her pussy are delights to my senses, as are the sounds of pleasure she is unashamed of making, but my sense most pleased is that of touch. I had truly loved the feel against my mouth of her outer labia, but the most delightful sensation so far was the combination of her slick outer lip and her spongy inner one on my tongue.

It felt so good I took even longer than I usually considered reasonable to lick those heavenly places, covering the same area many times over. By the time I reached the end of her inner lip, Betsy’s hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders like a pair of pistons. Once again, I briefly raised my head and saw how her clit had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood and resembled a lovely lustrous pearl. I didn’t keep my face away too long, because eating Betsy’s pussy is so much more delightful that looking at her, but she did interrupt her loud, blissful sounds to tell me what she wanted.

“Lick my clit, George. Make me cum! I need to cum!”

When her excitement reached its apex, I would do more than that, but it had not quite reached that level yet. I quickly devoured the feast of nectar her pink hole had produced for me and started licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips. I treated these the same way, and it was even more fun because of the increased activity of Betsy’s lower body. Besides her pussy seeming to try to wrap itself around my face and the gushing juices and the swiveling hips, her thighs had turned slightly outward. This presented her pussy more fully to my mouth than it had been and, after my tongue has sluiced up all the juices she had just produced, I opened my mouth wide and started sucking her clit.

As soon as my mouth made contact with that engorged morsel, her movements became even wilder. She rammed her pussy into my face and her legs pistoned faster over my shoulders. I clung tightly to her thighs and kept my lips snugly clamped onto the base of her clit and, while I sucked, my tongue caressed the engorged sides and tops. She continued exhorting me to suck her clit which, considering that was what I was doing, was rather redundant.

After less than a minute, Betsy started cumming, and her movements were more frenetic than ever. Sam was holding her upper body in place, or she might have thrown me and herself all the way off the bed. Her legs gripped my head and swung back and forth, while she continued warbling of her delights in what I was doing. When she climaxed, all Betsy’s muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy against my face for an ultimate time before totally relaxing and sagging onto the bed.

Sam raised his face from the big breast he had been sucking and grinned at me, because he knew the fucking would start in a few minutes, after Betsy had caught her breath and rested for a few minutes from her great orgasm. I smiled back, but not for very long, because I knew there was a wealth of her delicious juices waiting for me. Avidly, I licked them from the insides of her thighs where they had spattered and from her crotch and lips. Although sorely tempted, I did not suck anything from the pink hole that had secreted them, because I knew they would be need for their natural function of lubrication when one of us started easing his cock into her pussy.

While the lady lay flat on her back, her face a mask of ecstasy, with her mouth partly open and her eyes closed, Sam went to the dresser to prepare his cock by rolling on a condom. Usually we provide our own, but Betsy has some with special pleasure bumps she likes us to use.

I prepared myself too, rolling on one of her condoms and coating my cock from the squeeze bottle of Aqualube that was sitting next to them. There was a damp towel there too; I knew what it was for so I brought it over to the bed so it would be available when needed. After that, we waited until our hostess was ready to continue with our carnal excapade. Our wait wasn’t long, and we all knew it would be well worth it, especially Betsy. She opened her eyes and her smile of bliss became one of lust when she saw two hard cocks ready to give her pleasure.

“That was fabulous, you guys, but I see you’re ready for something more,” she said. “Good, because so am I. Sam, you lie here on your back so I can get on top of you. George, you know what to do after I get his big, black cock all the way in my pussy.” She got off the bed and Sam lay down where she had been, including having the pillow under his head.

Betsy knelt straddling his legs, purring happily as she held his cock gently in her hand. She moved up closer and raised her body so her pussy was directly above him, with her juices flowing so plentifully they were actually dripping onto Sam’s pubic area. He took over holding his cock upright for her, and she spread her lips with her fingers while lowering her pussy until contact was made with the head. She stayed in that position and waited while he moved the end around in her wetness to spread the natural lubrication. With both of them ready, Betsy lowered her body farther and sighed with joy when she felt the tip of his cock wedge into her pussy.

She was so wet with the juices I had left there and the fresher ones, that Sam’s entire cock glided into her with a only few more strokes. Betsy lay atop him and stretched her legs out alongside his, while reaching back to spread her ass cheeks and grinning at me.

“I’m really Betsy-Wetsy today,” she said. Her real name is Elizabeth, but she prefers the more informal “Betsy” and, when she is as sexually aroused and wet as she was that day, she likes to be called “Betsy-Wetsy.”

“Your turn now, George. Grease me up good and shove your big ole cock all the way up my ass.”

I was already moving to do so when she spoke. Reaching between her beautiful cheeks with my left hand, I carefully pried open the edges of her cute rosebud. My right hand held the bottle of Aqualube, and I inserted the tip into the small hole we were creating. When I squeezed in a big dollop of the lubricant, Betsy quivered in anticipation and, when I inserted the middle finger of my left hand, her ass started squirming in delight.

“I really love it when you do that, George,” she told me.

“I’ve got something you’ll love a lot more.”

“Mmmmm, I know. I can hardly wait.”

We didn’t make her wait very long, because I wanted to get with the fucking as much as Betsy did. After carefully spreading the lube, I knelt between Sam’s legs, which were inside hers. While my fingers and thumb kept holding her rosebud open, I held my cock in my right hand to guide it and leaned forward until I felt the end touch the tight hole it was seeking. After the first contact was made, I rubbed the tip up and down to spread the Aqualube better and to start the penetration. With everything ready, I thrust forward and felt the head of my cock wedge into the tight but oily hole.

“Oooo, yeah,” Betsy murmured. “That always feels so good, when you stick your cock into me like that.”

“In a couple of minutes it’ll feel a lot better.”

“Yeah, I know. I know.”

It started feeling better to me and to Betsy a lot sooner than that, because I thrust forward again and felt an inch of my cock squeeze into her ass, eliciting another happy response from her. I didn’t say anything, but I felt ripples of pleasure coursing through my body from where her muscular sphincter was squeezing my cock. It was a wonderful sensation, tight but yielding, and I could already feel her internal muscles starting to work on the small fraction of my shaft that had been driven into her. I thrust forward again, and almost another inch of my stiff cock burrowed its way into the place that wanted it and where it wanted to be.

Enough of its length was inside Betsy’s delightful ass that I no longer needed to guide it, so I inserted my finger between her stretched muscles and my cock and moved it all around, checking for loose skin or other possible problems. I found none, so I wiped my hands on the damp towel and placed them on the nicely plump hips in front of me. The next time I thrust forward, I pulled back with my hands at the same time, and felt most of my cock plow into Betsy’s ass. She felt it too, and responded with the loudest moan of bliss yet, and told me what she wanted to me to do.

“That’s great, George. But don’t stop now. I want your whole cock in my ass. I want to feel your hair against my cheeks.”

That was what I wanted too and, after a few more strokes, both our desires had been met. My cock was imbedded to the hilt, so far I could feel my pubic hair against the soft insides of her gorgeous cheeks, just as Betsy wanted. I left it there for almost a minute. Any tiny movements any of us made would cause my entire hard shaft to move inside her ass and Sam’s inside her pussy, and send jolts of pleasure through my body. I knew, from the sounds of joy she was making, she felt them too. The man on the bottom didn’t say anything, but I knew he was enjoying that kind of action as much as either Betsy or I was.

We were ready to begin the actual fucking. I leaned forward and placed my hands on Betsy’s shoulders so I would be able to apply leverage with them when I drove my shaft into her. Sam put his hands on her hips for the same reason. I slowly withdrew until just the head of my cock was still inside, stayed like that while I added more of the Aqualube, and thrust back into her. Sam felt my cock surging into Betsy and pulled his back from her pussy the same way, except he needed to add no lubricant. Seconds later, I felt his long, slow stroke begin into the filling in our sandwich and drew my cock most of the way out again. Betsy sighed from the exquisite pleasure of having her ass and pussy fucked at the same time, and her body started writhing between us.

“My god, you guys,” she enthused. “This is incredible. It gets better every time we get together.”

It definitely got better for me, and very quickly. Betsy’s ass is tight, especially with another shaft filling her pussy, but the Aqualube was working perfectly, and there was no friction, just the sensations of tightness and of her muscles massaging my cock as I drove it in and out of her. The double penetration kept getting better for her too and, after a few minutes of the long, slow strokes into her pussy and ass, her body was thrashing between us. If there had been a fly walking around on the ceiling and looking down, she would have resembled a big, creamy white frog, with her legs kicking out behind me and her arms flapping at her sides.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Betsy announced, to nobody’s surprise.

Her movements became even wilder, with her arms flailing the mattress and her toes kicking it as her legs pistoned back and forth. She was moaning and whimpering from the exquisite pleasure we were giving her, and rocking from side to side within the limited space between the bread of the sandwich. When she climaxed, it was with an even louder cry of bliss; all her muscles clenched and she thrust her body back for a final time. After that orgasm, she totally relaxed between us.

Sam and I didn’t stop what we were doing, but we did slow our strokes in and out of the two very hospitable holes we had found. We both knew Betsy would want to keep fucking until she climaxed again, and we wanted to bring her to that glorious moment when she was ready for it. For a few minutes, we kept plunging out cocks into her as we had been, until she started to respond by fucking back to meet us.

“That was terrific, you guys, just what I wanted you to do for me. But I need to cum again, so don’t stop.”

After a few seconds, she had another request: “Both at the same time now, and hard and deep.”

We had no intention of stopping, because what we were doing was fantastic for Sam and me, and we didn’t care if Betsy wanted our cocks in her at the same time or taking turns, as we had been doing. His entire shaft was buried in her pussy and the head of mine was just inside the muscles at the entrance to her rear pleasure hole. Knowing she would be even tighter with her pussy crammed so full, I added more Aqualube before driving my cock all the way inside her ass. We stayed in that position for a few seconds, until Sam and I started slowly withdrawing again until we paused, and both of us rammed our shafts back into where they were wanted. Once again, I was tightly clutching Betsy’s shoulders for leverage, and I knew he was gripping her plush hips for the same purpose.

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