Bargain with Stepmom Pt. 02

Big Tits

Chapter 1

It was the middle of summer, and I was floating in the pool, feeling lazy. I had graduated from high school and had three months off before I went to college. I was intent on doing nothing, if possible, because I knew my days of freedom would end soon. In just a few short years I’d start my career, working for those two weeks of paid vacation that paled in comparison to this one, last summer.

I was in a foul mood. It was just the fleeting summer days. My mother’s best friend, Laura, with whom I had lost my virginity and had fucked several times afterward, had a boyfriend. He was new in town, a computer programmer or something along those lines, and she has stopped seeing me as a result. She had me over for dinner, had broken the news, and had given me a parting handjob as a consolation prize. I had come all over her tits and neck, and then went home to sulk.

Worse than losing Laura was losing Jen, my step mom. She had set me up with Laura, without telling me, and when I had found out, I had lashed out at her. Yes, I had gotten laid, so I might sound like a whiner, but I believe that she should have asked me first. If the genders were reversed, and a stepfather lent out his stepdaughter to a friend, it would be worse, I had said. And That’s when I discovered something amazing about Jen. She likes to give blowjobs. Either to settle a bet, or on a dare, or when she felt guilty for setting her stepson up for some attachment-free sex for a friend. She had sucked my dick three times. Twice on the first night she took me into her mouth, and a week later, when she was feeling particularly guilty about Laura propositioning me. That sweet, final time, I had exploded in her mouth, but she sucked every drop of cum and swallowed it all. Since then I had been hoping she would do it again, with no luck. Now, with Laura moving on to new things, I had no chance.

Or so I thought.

The thing about life is that one door closes, and another opens. Cliché, I know, but it’s true. At least for me, it seemed. My friends were already starting to go their separate ways toward college, and I found myself with more free time than I had bargained, and that’s when things got interesting again.

I was drifting in the deep end, and into a nap, when I heard the sliding door open. Jen, my stepmom, exited the house and walked along the pool edge. I tilted my head up for a better view. Jen preferred one-piece swimsuits, because she felt that she had “too much tits for a bikini,” which was the most absurd thought I’d ever heard. She did have fantastic tits, and a firm body. Her short, sandy hair flopped in front of her eyes as she walked.

“Hey there, lazy,” she said teasing me. She slipped into the warm water and I slid off the float and swam closer to her. Since the blowjobs I found myself wanting to be as close to her as possible, and I tried hard to fight that instinct, so I wouldn’t crowd her or freak her out. “Have you been out here all day?”

“No,” I replied, sliding past her in the water to get a good look at her ass when her back was turned. “I got up at noon.”

She laughed and swam around for a bit while I sat on the pool steps in an attempt to hide the erection in my bathing suit. It was automatic these days when I even thought about Jen. Laura had been amazing, a hot woman desperate for attention. Jen was something more. It was erotic, and wrong, and that made it even better. Still, all attempts to bring the up the subject failed. It was as if she was oblivious to any hints. I kept at it, though, in hopes I’d succeed.

“Are you ready for our trip?” she asked after a while. We were heading to Georgia for a wedding on her side of the family. With my dad gone, it was just the two of us, and I was often Jen’s “date” for weddings and other events. I had always enjoyed going with her, because Jen was fun. But now, the idea of a trip with her carried new possibilities, for fulfillment and disappointment.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m going to pack last minute, as always. But I’m ready.”

“Good. Are you sure you don’t mind sharing a hotel room with me?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I said, trying desperately to sound detached from the idea. “Unless you plan on parading about naked when we’re alone, because that would be the worst,” I said sarcastically.

“I bet,” she said with a laugh. Just then I heard my phone ring from the deck chair. She looked at me with raised eyebrows and I shrugged.

“No idea who it could be,” I said. “I’ll get it later.”

“I just got in for a few minutes to cool off,” she said. “I’m going out with some of the girls, so I’ll see you later.” She got out of the water and my eyes trailed after her. I waited until she was inside and then exited the pool, the tent in my bathing suit clearly visible. I had abstained from relieving my sexual tension by myself. No matter how I tried, it paled in comparison to the real thing. But, given my lack of prospects on that front, I was contemplating breaking escort bayan my hands-free dry spell.

I picked up my phone and looked at it, puzzled. The voicemail was from Christine, my mother’s friend. Christine was younger than Jen and Laura, the “baby” of their friend group at twenty-five. Jen was young, having married my dad when she was in her mid-twenties, about Christine’s age. I didn’t keep track of my stepmom’s friends that closely, but Christine was a regular. I thought she had called me by mistake, but then how did she even get my number? I played the voicemail as I dried off.

“Hey, Steven,” she said, “It’s Christine. I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me at the church this afternoon. I know it’s late notice, but I’ve got a bunch of music to file away and Jen said you’d be able to help out some time. Anyway, call me back whether you can make it or not. Thanks!”

Christine had a singing voice, which was of little surprise to me. She was our church’s music director, and was always singing or playing piano. She was a typical music nerd, always in a rush and always forgetting something. I smiled, glad for a diversion from my stepmom, and called her back.

“Christine, it’s Steven. Do you still need a hand? Okay, great. Give me thirty minutes and I’ll meet you there.”

I got dressed and headed to the church. It was empty, being a weekday, with a solitary car in the parking lot. The office door was locked, so I entered through the side door and headed to the sanctuary. There, in front of the massive pipe organ was Christine, a pile of sheet music in her arms.

“Hey,” she said brightly, “thanks for coming.”

“It’s no big deal,” I said. “Jen’s always volunteering me for free labor.”

Christine blushed, “I’m sorry, if you don’t want to help…”

“No, it’s fine,” I said. “I was just kidding around.” She seemed jittery, more nervous than usual, but Christine was a nervous person anyway. “At least there’s food at the end.”

She laughed, putting her free hand on my arm and then quickly retracting it. She handed me a large stack of sheet music and led me behind the organ. There was a door into the mechanical workings of the organ, the real part that was hidden by gleaming pipes. There was a second room behind it, a storage room full of shelves, each labeled carefully by composer.

“Wow,” I said. “They used to just shove everything in here.”

“That’s why we keep losing music,” she said smartly. “I’ve been working for two months on this. Each piece has a number, that corresponds to a shelf. We need to sort these last few boxes, and then throw out all these worn out binders. After eighty years, you’d be surprised how much junk can accumulate.”

We worked swiftly, making small talk about her favorite musical pieces, occasionally pausing for a drink of water. Christine seemed most at ease when she talked about music. She played piano, and flute, which I could have guessed. She was slender, with small breasts but curvy hips. Her blond hair was in a bun that leaked tendrils of hair down her neck. She was very pretty, in a completely opposite way from Jen. Christine’s black-framed glasses gave her a nerdy charm, whereas Jen was all bombshell. After a while she discarded the light sweater she was wearing. The church offices were always cold, but the storage room and organ were warmer. I could see she didn’t wear a bra, which was unnecessary with her smaller breasts. Her nipples were hard despite the warmth. I tried not to stare, but failed.

After about an hour Christine stood up, stretching. Her t-shirt was small and tight, and rose up quite a bit on her midriff. Even this small display captivated me. She leaned against the shelf, looking at me as I knelt on the ground, sorting scores.

“I really appreciate the help,” she said. “Since I took this job, I’ve been doing this myself.”

“You’ve done a lot,” I said, surveying the room. She crouched down, putting spiral-bound music on a shelf. I looked over, and saw her pants were riding low, and I could see part of her ass. I had a thing for seeing a little of a woman’s butt like that, I and I found myself responding in kind. All of this unwilling abstention had made my hyper-aroused at all times. I carefully adjusted my dick while her back was to me. As she kept working her pants slipped a little lower. She turned around and caught me looking. I blushed, and she turned around, kneeling opposite me. She hiked her pants up.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s my fault,” she said. “These pants never stay on right.”

“I shouldn’t have looked,” I said, feeling my face burn red. I had had sex with Laura several times, and gotten three blowjobs from my own stepmom, but getting caught checking out Christine made me feel like a middle school kid again.

“I don’t usually get guys looking at me,” she said and bit her lip. “I’m a bit of a wall flower.” I realized that Christine was closer to my age than Jen’s. She was shy by altıparmak escort bayan nature, a bit of a book worm.

“Are you kidding?” I said a little too quickly.

“Thanks,” she said, brushing her hair back. “You’re sweet.”

She turned her back and started working again. After a few moments, she said over her shoulder, “how much did you see?”

“Not a lot,” I admitted.

She said nothing but turned to face me. She had a new look in her eye I hadn’t seen before. She took a deep breath and stood up. She reached forward and took my hand, pulling me up. I towered over her, and as we stood a foot apart I was struck by how pretty she was. And then in an instant she put her arms around my neck and pulled me close, kissing me. I was surprised, only less so than she.

We kept kissing, and she pulled me closer. My hands instinctively traveled down her back, and she melted into me as I cupped her ass gently. I picked her up, and we fell gently against the book shelves, her legs wrapped around me. She pushed me back a little and I set her down. I thought she had a change of heart, but then she took me by the hand and led me out of the stifling storage room and into the organ itself. There was a large space near the storage room and she pulled me close, kissing me once more. Then, without warning, she lifted off her shirt and pressed herself against me. My hands found her breasts, appreciating their size in my hand. She sighed as I gently pinched her nipples, kissing her while touching her. Then she unzipped her pants and let them fall to the ground. She wore nothing underneath, and I could see a strand of clear wetness spanning the space between her thighs.

Christine took two moving blankets and dropped them onto the floor. She laid down and spread her legs as I knelt between her thighs. She was so wet that she was already dripping onto the table. I buried myself in the short triangle of blonde hair between her legs. My tongue darted around her clit, tasting her. I wondered how long she had been thinking about this moment, given how wet she was.

I concentrated my efforts on her clit, and she started panting hard. My finger gently probed her pussy, eventually working its way into her. With difficulty I slid a second finger in, and she gasped as I gently fingered her while I licked her clit vigorously. She was tight, tighter than I had expected, and when she came her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers. She cried out gently as she came, her whole body shaking. She pushed me up gently, spreading her legs wider.

I slid off my jeans. Like Christine, I wore nothing under them. My swollen member sprang out, eager for release. She looked at it, her eyes wide, but she spread her legs even more and then arched her back. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her wet labia, and then gently pushed into her. It took effort, and her breathing was ragged and I slowly entered her. She was tight, and gripped me as I worked into her inch by inch. When I was fully inside her she pulled me close and kissed me as I slowly thrust into her. It was slow going by necessity, she was so tight. I ground against her and she came quickly, her fingers digging into my back.

As her orgasm overtook her she gripped my dick so hard I had to wait for her to stop before I could continue. Just as I was about to start thrusting again we both heard the main church doors open and the voice of the staff event coordinator floating into the sanctuary.

“As you can see, we can accommodate a large wedding,” she said to the trailing footsteps. The event coordinator was an older woman who had planned weddings for decades. We could hear the would-be bridal party talking amongst themselves, admiring the view. We were frozen, my dick buried deep in Christine’s tight pussy.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. “Just do it quietly.”

It was nerve-wracking, to say the least, to thrust into her quietly. I was conscious of every sound we made, and as the wedding group on the other side of the organ discussed logistics I found myself far from coming. I kept thrusting into her and she came over and over again, her body glistening as I ground against her. Finally she whispered “stop” and I froze. I was still inside her, and I could feel her heart beat as her pussy gripped my dick. The group was right by the organ, and the event coordinator was talking about recent renovations and restorations to the instrument. I knew from experience that she loved showing off the internal workings to guests.

Someone—perhaps the bride—asked about the reception hall, and the group slowly receded from the organ. I looked down at Christine, who bit her lip and nodded. I resumed thrusting into her, now with increase vigor. The very hidden—but public—act we were sharing, and the near-miss at getting caught, had been exhilarating. Her tightness only made my building orgasm stronger. I had not come in over two weeks, and when I did I exploded nilüfer eskort inside her. She gasped as I filled her, my dick pulsing against her pussy. She came with me, her body convulsing under mine. Finally, both spent, I pulled out of her and collapsed next to her.

We lay there for some time, until a thought dawned on me. Christine was shy, nerdy, and in love with music more than anything. There was something about the way she moved under me, the way she bit her lip as I entered her each time, that made me ask, “was that…your first?”

She nodded, grinning and kissing me. “I hope you aren’t upset. Was it really bad?”

“No, it was wonderful,” I said.

“How could you tell?” she asked.

I pulled her close. “You were really nervous.”

She laughed quietly and sat up. An enormous amount of cum was leaking out of her. The moving blanket was a mess. She got up slowly, her legs shaking, and I followed. We picked up our clothes and stepped back into the music storage room. I looked at her slender frame, her b-cup breasts and firm butt, and felt some life stir back into my dick. She looked at it, too, and pushed me down to the ground gently. She took it in her hands, stroking it, occasionally bending down to lick the shaft, and then climbed onto me. With difficulty she sank down on me, impaling herself.

She inhaled sharply, and then started grinding against me. I gripped her hips and let her ride at her own pace. I was miles away from another orgasm, but Christine was soon coming. She rode me to one orgasm, and then another. I reached up and felt her small breasts, and she leaned forward and rode me deeper and harder. We kissed and I could feel the intense heat radiating from her body.

We stayed like for some time, until she collapsed against me and I thrust upward as she pressed her body to mine. She was so tight it seemed like an endless orgasm for her, until I got close and came a second time, pulsing inside her. Now completely spent, she got up off of me and helped me up. We got dressed, both giddy, and exited the organ room. As we left we ran into the event coordinator.

“Hello, Helen,” Christine said. “We were just filing more music.”

“I wish I had known,” Helen beamed. “I would have brought that lovely bride-to-be back there to meet you. She has some ideas for music I wanted to share with you.”

Christine waved a “sorry!” goodbye as she headed toward her office with her coworker. I waved back and headed to my car, light-headed. It wasn’t until I started the engine that a thought hit me hard. How much of coincidence was it that another woman threw herself at me for some casual sex? My face burned as I headed home and the full realization of what had just happened hit me. As wonderful as it had been, I was mad.

Jen was upstairs in her bedroom when I got home. She was sitting on her bed, looking at a magazine. She could tell by the look on my face something was wrong.

“What’s up?” she said, concerned.

“Next time you try and lend me out to one of your friends…” I said, starting a speech I had practiced in the car.

“What are you talking about?” she interrupted. “I told you, that happened one time.”

“Today,” I said, still hoping to use my speech, “just now. I went to the church to help Christine file music. And ended up getting it on behind the organ. And afterward I found out it was her first time!” I emphasized that last five words for effect.

Jen said nothing for a moment, and then said very carefully, “I did not tell her anything. Either she just went after you on your own or…”

“Laura,” I finished for her.

“I’m sorry,” Jen said. “I had no idea. They must have talked. I made Laura promise to keep her mouth shut, which was my mistake. I’m really sorry, Steven.”

I sat on the bed, and she scooted next to me. “Was it at least good?” She tried to make light of it, to get me into good spirits. Despite behind mad, and looking for the right person to place that anger, I laughed. “Yeah, it was. But I thought she was really into me, and then on the way home I figured it out.”

“It was really her first time?” Jen asked, looking concerned. “I had no idea, I just thought she was shy and nerdy.”

“She’s those things, too, but until an hour ago she was also a virgin.”

“Behind the organ?” she said.

“Almost got caught, too,” I said.

“Well, you certainly have done it in a weirder place than I ever have,” she said, pausing. “Listen, I feel awful about what Laura did. I need to talk to her.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Even though it was nice, I still feel used.”

“I know,” she said sadly. Then, brightening, she said, “last time, I know what cheered you up. How about it?”

“How about what?” I said, not giving in.

“I have to say it, don’t I,” she said. “Fine. How about a blowjob to make it up to you?”

“I don’t know,” I said, getting up and pacing, enjoying the little game we were playing. I looked her over. She wore a spaghetti-strap tank top that showed a lot of cleavage; inspiration struck. “Your friends are trading my phone number, which isn’t cool. If you’re going to make it up to me, I want a topless blowjob.”

She was surprised, and took a moment to respond. “Topless? Like while I’m doing it?”

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