Becky and Her Son Pt. 01

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This is story is based on a true-life experience. The people are real and the mother is in fact pregnant. They are very much in love and are living together as husband and wife. She read several of my stories and realized that she wanted/needed to act on her desire to make love to her son. As usual, this story has an illustrated version. Also, this story is in two parts. I will have the second part ready soon, and will post it, if people want to read it. *

Chapter 1

To the outside world Becky Loudon was a typical middle class mother; divorced with one son and living in a small town in a friendly community. The neighbors were friendly enough and gossiped about each other like people in all neighborhoods. Becky liked the neighborhood, but didn’t know many people, which was okay with her. She was pretty much like them with one exception; she had an overwhelming desire to make love to her son.

It started two years earlier, after Becky’s son John graduated from high school. He was a handsome boy, tall for eighteen years and looked older. His blue eyes, brown hair and strong facial features made him very popular with the ladies. Although not a straight “A” student, he had always done well in school. He played soccer and spent his spare time reading and exercising. Becky was proud of him and they became close when his father left her for a young slut. Becky wasn’t sure exactly when her view of her son started to change. It might have been an incident that occurred after his eighteenth birthday. She had walked into his room and saw him lying on his workout bench lifting weights. He was busy and didn’t notice her standing just inside the doorway. From her view of his legs she could see the muscles in his calves and thighs straining and glistening with sweat. Her eyes, almost unconsciously, traveled up his body. When she reached his midsection she almost gasped. He had on a pair of very tight stretch workout shorts and the bulge in the center was clearly outlined. As much as she wanted to she could not draw her eyes away. It had been quite some time since she had had real sex, although she did pleasure herself often with a vibrator she kept hidden in her underwear drawer. Now staring at her son’s clearly outlined testicles and cock made her quiver with unwanted pleasure. From that time on, as much as she fought it, her dreams were of her son.

For several years Becky chastised herself for her wanton thoughts about her own son, but that didn’t change anything. She wondered if there was something wrong with her and if she needed to seek help. Then something happened that changed everything. She was surfing the Internet one day and decided to visit an erotic story site. It was not the first time she had done so, but this time she searched the category for mom/son incest stories. She found several from one particular author and began to read. Before she was very far into the first story she was rubbing her pussy. The story portrayed a mother similar to her who agonized over her feelings toward her son. Eventually the mother had given in and made love to her son. The story really struck home with Becky. By the third climax she was exhausted. Still she went to bed that night and masturbated again, this time with John in the place of the son in the story. The following day she was reading the stories again and incredibly at the end of the story, the mother became pregnant with her son’s child. That was not something Becky had allowed herself to consider. But it must have been buried somewhere deep in her mind because the thought of being impregnated by her own son excited her like nothing ever had, so much so that she climaxed several more times before she fell into an exhausted sleep.

For the next week, Becky read more of the author’s stories and then looked at the statistic’s and comments sections. She was surprised to find that the incest stories were the most downloaded of all stories. In fact, several of this author’s incest stories had been downloaded almost two million times each. It occurred to Becky that there were at least two million people who liked incest stories as she did. When she read the comments she was also surprised that many of them were from women. Some were thanking the author for making them feel like they were not alone and giving them the courage to act on their desires. Suddenly, Becky too realized that she was not alone. If all these people found incest exciting, could it be so wrong, she wondered. From there Becky did more research and found that incest was not as uncommon as many people thought. She found that it had occurred throughout history and in some countries it was rampant. Many of the royalty in Europe were born as a result of incest. Even in the ancient world incest was rampant. All of this was quite an eye opener for her.

After her research Becky found that she was more excited then before and her dreams and fantasies became very graphic and, of course, always involved John. She wrote to the author of the stories and told him of bursa eskort bayan her fantasies. He forwarded her several more stories, which encouraged her to act on her fantasy. Becky, embolden now, began to plan on how to seduce her son. She printed and then left several of the stories lying around to see what happened. Over the next several days she found that the stories had been moved and she was certain that her son had seen them, if not read them. She was so excited she could have climaxed at a single touch. The following day she grew even bolder and took off her pink panties and left them under the desk where the stories were lying. Later, after her son had come home and gone to his room, she checked and realized, with great excitement, that her panties were missing.

Later that evening she noticed her son gazing at her with what might have been desire, but she couldn’t be sure. When she went to take shower that night she opened the hamper to throw in her panties and saw the pink panties lying on top. With a trembling hand she reached down and picked them up. She gasped … the crotch was soaked with what had to be sperm. As she stared at what she thought was fresh cum she found her shaking hands bringing the panties closer to her mouth. Suddenly she stuck out her tongue and tasted the creamy liquid. Oh my God, she thought, it is cum. Her hands were trembling as she pulled the panties from her mouth and on impulse stepped into them pulling them up her thighs. A gasp escaped her lips when the sticky fluid reached her freshly shaven pussy mound. She reached down and pressed the sodden crotch to her pussy and then she rushed to her bedroom and threw herself onto the bed. Without closing the door fully she began to masturbate. She pressed the sodden cloth to her swollen pussy as she rubbed her clit. She could feel her son’s sperm smearing across her smooth flesh and some even drip down her lips. Then she pushed the crotch into her pulsing opening, forcing some of the sperm inside her. The realization that she was pushing live sperm into her unprotected pussy took her over the top. She gasped and moaned as waves of pleasure rushed over her. When one climax ended, another began until she almost passed out. When she finally recovered and opened her eyes she thought she saw movement outside her door. Could that be John, she wondered? Incredibly the thought of that made her slip her hand between her legs and she began all over again.

Chapter 2

Several days later Becky had fallen asleep on the sofa a few minutes before John came home. He awoke her with a kiss. Becky stretched and groaned, saying that her muscles were sore for some reason. John smiled and asked if she would like a massage. Of course she said yes, but a bolt of excitement went through her because she knew that the most recent story had a scene where the son had given his mother a massage. She wondered if he had read that part and if so what he was planning. The two of them went upstairs where Becky got on the bed on her stomach.

“Uh … I can’t give you much of a massage with all those clothes on,” John said.

Becky giggled and said, “I guess not.” With that she stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. She saw John’s eyes on her as she slowly opened her blouse to reveal her white bra. The bra was rather thin and she knew that her nipples could be seen through the gauzy material. Instead of being shy she thrust her chest out slightly and felt a chill of excitement. That made her nipples even harder. Now they were obvious and poking through the material. Becky felt her pussy begin to swell with excitement. Her hands slowly went to her skirt but then she hesitated. “Uh … should I pull my skirt up or …”

John didn’t let her finish and said, “Take it off.”

Becky was trembling as she tried to unbutton the fastener on her skirt. After several attempts she got it lose and then unzipped the zipper. She turned around to hide her flushed face as she dropped the skirt to her feet and stepped out of it. Feeling her son’s eyes on her ass made her pussy quiver and she worried that her panties were getting wet.

She knew her panties had slipped between her cheeks so she reached back and pulled them out, smoothing the thin material over her ass cheeks. Because the material of her panties was so thin she knew that when she turned around John would be able to see the outline of her pussy. In fact, like her ass, the panties had slipped between her lips, which she didn’t remove. She turned around to face her son. A chill of excitement rushed through her when she saw his eyes dart from her tits to her pussy. The room grew quiet as the sexual tension rose quickly. “Uh … you want me on my stomach first?” she asked, breaking the silence.

John’s mouth opened but he didn’t answer.

She let him stare for a moment more and then quietly climbed onto the bed and lay down on her stomach. She felt the weight of her son as he climbed onto the bed too and then straddled her, bursa otele gelen eskort bayan like in the story, almost sitting on her waist. Becky jumped at the first touch of John’s hands on her flesh. He began by slowly massaging her shoulders and then worked down her spine.

“This is getting in the way,” he said as he pulled on the back of her bra strap and let it snap back. Then without asking he began opening the clasp.

Becky tried to control her breathing as she felt the elastic spring free and flip to the side. But John didn’t stop there. He tugged at her shoulder straps until she rose up and allowed him to remove the bra and toss it to the floor. Now Becky was topless with her son straddling her back. She could feel her heart beating hard as her nipples rubbed against the blanket under her. She moaned as John began to massage her back again, slowly working down her spine. When he could go no lower he moved until he was straddling her thighs. Suddenly she felt his hands on her panties and he began to tug. Oh my God, she thought, he’s pulling my panties down. Almost without thinking she lifted her hips and allowed her son to take her panties off. Now she was totally naked and trembling.

“I love your ass,” John whispered so softly that Becky could barely hear him. But she had heard him and her pussy throbbed.

“Oh God, John,” she gasped as his hands came down to her ass cheeks and he began to massage them. He squeezed and kneaded her soft ass flesh for a long time. Then Becky felt him pulling her cheeks apart and suddenly she knew he could see everything. Her son was staring at her asshole and her half hidden pussy. She could feel juice seeping from between her now swollen pussy lips. She held her breath when she felt her son’s fingers slipping down her cheeks until the tips of his fingers were almost touching her rear hole. Then he moved a little lower, brushing his fingers against her outer lips. Again Becky gasped. For a second she thought he was going to slip a finger into her. If he had she knew she would have climaxed. But instead he moved lower on her thighs, pushing them further apart. Becky felt incredibly exposed at that moment, but also incredibly excited. Then she felt something. It was gentle and light. Oh my God, he’s kissing my legs, Becky’s mind screamed. Even if she wanted she couldn’t stop him now. Her legs moved apart involuntarily as her son began to kiss the back of her leg, moving slowly upward. He paused at the sensitive area behind her knees before moving higher. Soon he was near her ass cheeks again. Another gasp escaped her lips when his mouth and then tongue touched her trembling ass cheeks. He kissed and licked the hot flesh until Becky could take no more. She twisted and then flipped over until she was on her back. She started up at her son who had a smile on his face. For a moment no one spoke. She allowed her son to stare at her nakedness. Then she reached up and grabbed his arms.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. To Becky the words sounded like they were coming from someone else. She knew she couldn’t be telling her son to kiss her. But she was, and he did kiss her.

A moment later their lips were locked together. She wasn’t sure whose tongue entered whose mouth first, but within a moment it didn’t matter. Their lips and tongues were dueling as they gasped for breath. Becky felt John’s hand cover one tit. She wanted him to suck it but she didn’t want to break the kiss. It was the sweetest and best kiss she had ever experienced. It made her head spin and her pussy quiver. John squeezed her nipples until they were rock hard. Then he pulled away breathlessly.

“You want me to suck your tits, Mom?”

“Oh God, yes, please,” she gasped. Suddenly there was no going back. She knew she could not stop him from making love to her now. All thoughts were washed away and another gasp escaped her lips as her son’s mouth found her hard nipple. She pulled his head tight and pressed her flesh into his devouring mouth. He sucked one nipple until it was throbbing and then moved to the other. Becky’s chest heaved upward as her son kneaded and sucked her tit. He moved his face between the two large orbs and began to lick there. Then he was sucking the other tit again. From one to the other he traveled until both tits were soaked with his saliva.

Becky was boiling hot and she had to have him. She no longer cared if it was right or wrong. She pushed him away. With her face a mask of wanton lust she said, “I want you. Take your clothes off. I want you to fuck me. Will you fuck your mother, John?”

“Oh God, Mom, you don’t know how long I have fantasized about you saying those words.” With that John jumped up and stripped in record time.

Becky gasped when she saw his virile and rock hard cock spring from his shorts. It was bigger than she imagined. The head was swollen and red and his balls were churning. She watched as he walked closer to the bed, his cock bouncing bursa eve gelen escort up and down hypnotically. God, this is my son, Becky thought, and I am going to fuck him. Becky opened her arms to him. He crawled onto the bed and quickly positioned himself between her legs. Then he leaned down and kissed her again, pressing his body to her tits. When he pulled away he lifted his hips up and looked down at her.

“Take my cock and put it in your pussy,” he said.

Becky, trembling at his words, reached between them and found his pulsing cock. She moved it up and down between her wet and swollen pussy lips and gasped out a moan of pleasure. Then she put the head at the entrance of her pussy. She looked up at her son and almost screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh God, John fuck your mother!!!”

John pushed down, forcing his cock into her waiting pussy.

“Johnnnnnnnnn” she screamed as his long cock went all the way into her in one movement … all the way to the bottom. It took her breath away. Becky grabbed his ass and held him tight as her hips bucked upward, forcing his cock even harder to the bottom of her canal. She held him deep for a moment until she could catch her breath. Then she let go. He knew what to do. She felt his sweet cock slipping out of her, only to plunge back in quickly. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me.”

“Oh God, Mom, I’m fucking you. It’s not a dream. I’m really fucking you,” John moaned as he began to pump into his mother.

“Yes, yes, you are fucking your mother and she loves it. I have dreamed of this for so long. Fuck me hard, baby.”

Becky joined John’s plunging hips and moved her hips upward to take each downward stroke. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs but was afraid the neighbors would hear, so she whimpered and cried out in pleasure.

The room quickly filled with the grunts and groans of the two lovers. Their hips slapped together and there was a sucking noise as Becky’s wet pussy produced more and more juice. Becky was overcome with love and passion. Her head spun and her body trembled. I’m really fucking my son, she thought. That thought was more than she could take and her body began to convulse. Her head felt like it was going to explode as a kaleidoscope of colors flashed behind her tightly closed eyes. She pushed upward one last time, taking her son’s cock as deeply as possible. Suddenly she was climaxing. It started in her toes and rushed up her body to explode in her head as wave after wave of pleasure racked her very soul. It could have been more than one climax, or it could have been one very long one. It went on and on. Somewhere in the distance she heard John saying something but she couldn’t make it out. She heard it again and she knew what he was saying.

“Mom, can I cum in you? I’m getting close.”

The words exploded in Becky’s mind. Her son wanted to cum in her pussy. That incredible thought prolonged Becky’s climax. Those were the words she had heard a thousand times in her fantasizes, and now her son was actually uttering them. In her mind she thought she had answered him, but it must have been only in her mind because he asked again.

“Oh God, Mom, can I cum in you?”

“Yessssss,” she screamed. “Cum in me, fill me with your sweet cum, baby.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, I’m cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg,” John screamed.

When Becky felt her son’s balls explode and begin to spew his hot seed into her she started to climax again. She could feel his hot and virile sperm pumping into her unprotected pussy. It was all she had dreamed for so many months. Her son was pumping his hot cum into her pussy for real … it was no dream. She knew his potent sperm was blasting deeply into her, so deep that there would be no stopping it if there were an egg waiting there to be fertilized. “Oh John, oh John,” she gasped.

Finally, John pulled back with exhaustion and his cock slipped out. He looked down and gasped when he saw his thick sperm trickling from his mother’s open pussy.

“Look at what you did to me,” she said with a smile. “My pussy is filled with your cum. I love it.”

“I love you, Mom,” John Whispered.

“I love you, John,” she returned and pulled him to her for a long, slow kiss. As they kissed is cock slipped easily into her very soggy pussy.

Chapter 3

The two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms. Becky awoke several hours later and wondered if it had all been a wonderful dream. Then she felt her son lying beside her and realized that it wasn’t a dream. He had fucked her and as if too prove it she slipped her hand between her legs. When her fingers returned covered in sticky cum she no longer doubted that her son had fucked her. She turned on her side and saw him sleeping peacefully. While she didn’t want to wake him she could not control herself. With a gentle hand she reached down and grasped his soft cock. She moved closer and gazed at it in the dim light from the moon coming through the window. His cock was beautiful. As she began to stroke it slowly, it began to grow. It was amazing to see it turn from a rather small appendage to a pulsing rod. She continued to stroke it until a clear drop of juice appeared at the head. When the urge was too strong she leaned over and licked the drop from the head. She heard John moan and knew that he was awake. She turned and looked up at him.

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