Before His Date

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Trevor arrived at Helen’s place for their date at the same time as Helen came running up from the other direction. Trevor was hoping for good things to develop over the course of this date, and as far as he was concerned this was not an auspicious start.

“Trev, I’m so sorry,” said Helen. “I was delayed at work and then the bus was late and I had to go to the shop and I haven’t even started to get ready. I’m terribly sorry. Come in and sit down. I’ll have my housemate come out and talk to you while I get ready. I’ll only be half an hour, I swear.”

“Make that sixty minutes, minimum,” thought Trevor, far too wise to say so out loud. He resigned himself to small talk with her housemate.

“Bambi, are you there?” called Helen as soon as she had entered. Hearing a call from the front room, she stuck her head around the door and continued. “Trevor is here for our date and I’m not ready. Be a dear and chat to him while I get ready.”

Trevor heard a sudden frantic comment from the front room, mentioning not expecting visitors and not being dressed for them. Supposed to be given warning of strangers in the house.

“You don’t have to be dressed up. He’s my date, after all. Just talk to him while I get ready.”

Turning to Trevor, Helen all but pushed him into the front room. “Introduce yourself to Bambi. She’s a dear. I’ll be as quick as I can.” Helen turned and rushed deeper into the house.

“Bambi, and she’s a deer?” thought Trevor, amused, walking into the room. Looking around there was no sign of a Bambi, human or otherwise.

“Ah, Bambi?” called Trevor. “I’m Trevor.”

“Go away,” hissed a small voice. “I’m not dressed for visitors.”

The voice seemed to be coming from an armchair, strategically placed before the TV. As Trevor watched some blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes peeped above the back of the chair and glared at him. Somehow, with that hair and eyes that blue, the glare was not exactly intimidating.

“Go away,” came the repeated command.

Amused, Trevor strolled forward and around the chair, accompanied by a squeak of dismay from the chair’s occupant.

Trevor nodded slowly, surveying Bambi. She definitely wasn’t dressed for unexpected visitors. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t dressed at all.

Bambi huddled in the chair, eyes pleading for him to go away.

Trevor smiled, enjoying the view. “Helen said you’d entertain me, and she’s right,” he said. “Dare I ask why?” gesturing poker oyna to her lack of clothes.

“I’m home alone and it’s hot. Why shouldn’t I. You’ve had your sneak peek. Now go away.”

Trevor ignored the extra comment. “No reason at all, not to,” he observed. “I can assure you I’m not complaining. Is Bambi your real name?”

Bambi blushed and gave a mumbled “yes”.

“Yes, she says, but not very convincingly,” mused Trevor. “I somehow suspect that it wasn’t the name she was christened with.” He lifted an eyebrow, waiting.

“Ermytrude,” snapped Bambi. “Can you believe that? Do I look like an Ermytrude to you?”

Taking the question as an invitation to peruse her body more carefully, Trevor did so, enjoying her blush. Then he shook his head. “No. Ermytrude is just not you. I have to admit that Bambi is much better.”

He noticed that in her wriggling around, one hand had slipped, and a big pink nipple was pointing at him. He reached down and lightly flicked it.

“You’re slipping out,” he murmured, laughing as Bambi hastily tried to cover up again.

“This is silly,” Trevor told her. “Stand up.”

Reaching down he took Bambi’s wrist and gently pulled her upright. Still moving slowly he took both her wrists, and moved them behind her, casually holding her while he looked her over.

“There, you see,” he told Bambi with a happy smile. “You have a lovely body, and I’ve seen it and I haven’t immediately jumped you. Now you can relax a little.”

Bambi squirmed on the spot a little, and as soon as her hands were released she promptly folded them across her ample breasts.

“Will you please go away before I call Helen,” she asked.

“I don’t think you’ll call her,” said Trevor. “I think you’re pretty pissed at her for putting you in this situation. You’re also enjoying the situation,” he added, reaching out to where one nipple had again escaped confinement and was watching him.

“Don’t do that,” yelped Bambi, hastily covering the nipple again. “Why don’t you go away and let me get dressed?”

“Two reasons,” she was told. “One, Helen told you to entertain me, which you are doing admirably, and two, you don’t want to.”

“What makes you think I don’t want to?” squawked Bambi, insulted.

“Because you’re still here, showing me this,” lightly flicking the other nipple that had now escaped, “and this,” reaching down to tug on a little tuft of pubic hair before continuing on to cup her mound.

Bambi canlı poker oyna gasped, but didn’t move. “You stop that,” she whispered, somehow managing to be totally unconvincing.

Trevor just continued smiling at her, his appreciation of her body plain in his eyes. He also continued to gently rub her pubic mound, enjoying the softness and warmth there.

Bambi was breathing hard, staring almost fearfully at him, but desire and anticipation were also in her face. Putting his hands on her waist, Trevor slid them up, moving under her crossed arms to cup her breasts. Now moving his hands out and away he casually uncrossed Bambi’s arms, leaving her breasts free for him to admire.

And taste, as Trevor lowered his head and began lavishing butterfly kisses on her breasts, biting and nibbling the nipples in passing.

Trevor finally lifted his head away and looked at Bambi. She was almost panting with need, and she could almost swear she could still feel him touching her. Because she could, she belatedly realised, feeling fingers busying themselves with her pussy, dipping within her slit and out, gently spreading the sweet honey that lay within her.

Time to call a halt to this she decided, but not sure how to. She heard a sound and looking down she saw Trevor had unzipped his trousers. She turned startled eyes to him, ready to protest, but found her hand being gripped and pushed into the open zip.

“You’re supposed to be entertaining me, remember,” she heard Trevor whispering, and as though compelled by the force of the argument her hand closed around the hot smooth shaft she found and drew it out.

Trevor felt fingers running tantalisingly up and down his erection, pleasure beckoning to him. It was both too much and not enough. Things had to stop or there’d be no going back.

His hand trailed along Bambi’s labia, spreading the moisture easing out from between them. “Turn around,” he told Bambi. “Bend forward over the arm of the chair.”

Bambi looked at him nervously. If she did that he was going to fuck her, and she didn’t want him to. Did she? She tried to think.

“If I don’t, what happens?” she whispered.

“I take you standing there, and you can look down and see me slowly enter you,” came the quiet reply.

“Oh,” said Bambi. “I guess I’m fucked, whatever I do.”

“You were told to entertain me, after all,” pointed out Trevor, again, and as Bambi looked down he moved towards internet casino her, his cock slipping between her thighs and pressing against her slit.

Feeling the pressure against her, Bambi gasped, and backed away slightly. Like one hypnotised, she turned around and leaned over the armchair, legs moving apart. Looking over her shoulder she watched as Trevor moved nearer, gasping as she felt his rod again pressing firmly against her slit, but this time not pausing but pushing forcefully into her.

Trevor heard Bambi give a groan of satisfaction as he pushed into her, driving himself home. He knew that he’d matched it with a groan of his own as he felt the heat and dampness surround his cock and clamp down upon it.

Preliminaries were now over, and he could let Bambi do as she was told and entertain him. He pressed forward hard, watching Bambi’s pert little bottom rise up as she met his thrust. Soon he was watching that bottom rising and falling in a regular rhythm, its movement matching the singing in his blood.

Bambi found herself pushing against this intruder that was inhabiting her body, not trying to drive it away but, rather encouraging it to stay, wanting it to rampage through her.

Bambi could feel satisfaction creeping upon her, deceptive in its pace, knowing that it would take those final steps in a screaming rush, with her doing the screaming.

Trevor knew he was coming, but he didn’t think Bambi was ready. Watching her bobbing bottom he smiled to himself and then, feeling his own climax starting, he delivered a stinging slap to Bambi’s rump.

Bambi could feel Trevor accelerating into his final stages and prayed she be able to match him. Knowing she could come at any time, she reached for a cushion lying on the chair and jammed it over her face. At the same moment she felt a stinging slap on her bottom, jerked hard away from it and found herself screaming her pleasure into the cushion.

For a few moments they stayed there, spent, waiting and breathing hard, trying to regain their senses. Finally separating, they looked at each other.

Before they could speak they heard Helen call out. “One minute and I’m ready.”

They both turned to look at the door. Bambi dived back into the arm chair, curling up as she had been when Trevor first entered the room.

Trevor had straightened his clothing and was moving toward the door when Helen appeared. “Let’s go,” she said happily. “Thanks for watching over him, Bambi”

Bambi listened to them leave. “Have fun, Helen,” she thought, “But I suspect that he won’t do you much good tonight if you try to get him into bed. Entertain your boyfriend for you. Whoever heard of such a thing.”

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