Being a Good Hostess

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The most enjoyable two weeks of my life started on a quite fall day. Edward and I were out walking and having a nice conversation when he pointed out some women to me in the nearby park.

“I can’t believe they let women dress like that in public. They are such sluts!”

I will admit that the women in question were dressed pretty slutty but that’s no excuse for his comment. Edward knew something was up when I stopped, turned around and headed towards home and the whole way back he kept asking me what I was going to do. Once we got home I went into our room and got a package out of my closet.

I had ordered a male chastity belt a few months before (you know, the kind you see on the internet) but I wasn’t sure how to bring it into play and up until right then I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to. I immediately ordered him to strip naked and once he calmed down and his erection went away I attached the restraint, with some complaints from him. I told him once I wasn’t mad at him anymore I’d remove the device.

That wasn’t enough of course. Edward was totally into being humiliated and taken advantage of and it was pretty rare that I could think of a humiliating punishment that he hadn’t already thought of but I was sure this time I was going to come up with something fresh.

I spent most of that night trying to think of what to do and when it finally Mardin Escort sunk in I immediately started making calls.

My plan was scheduled for two weeks from that Saturday and between those two days Edward tried diligently to convince me to remove the device. Every morning I woke up to breakfast in bed with some oral pleasing, massages every night, and he cooked every meal for me. But it had taken me a lot of planning to set up the party and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

Finally that Saturday came and after lunch I began my plan. I bought him a French maid’s uniform the previous weekend and had told him that if everything went ok on Saturday he could get the restraint off.

So after lunch I had to help Edward with his uniform since I had actually gotten quite a complete model. Of course with the stockings I had to help Edward shave his legs and he had no idea how to apply makeup and the corset took some work but once the wig was straightened, the falsies were properly aligned and he had gotten a quick lesson in high heels… well, from a distance he might have passed as a woman.

I had started preparing early since I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take and I didn’t want any guests to arrive before we were done but since we still had plenty of time I had Edward start serving up some appetizers. (I think at this Mardin Escort Bayan point he became a little suspicious).

By about 4 o’clock the guests started to arrive. When the first couple came in Edward was terrified. He hadn’t fully grasped what was going on yet so he thought some random friends had just shown up and he had seen him dressed like woman. By the time the number of guests present got to about 5 or 6 I think he caught on that I had planned this and he wasn’t so nervous any more but I could tell by the looks he kept giving me that he still wasn’t sure what I was doing.

We all socialized until the full complement of guest were present (I had managed to think of over 20 people what with the guests I invited and the friends they had brought). I then passed around a hat containing playing cards with either each person or couple picking one.

My friend Al, a bisexual man, got the lowest card so I announced to everyone that Al got to go first.

By this point Edward was nervous again. As Al found a nice comfortable chair to sit in Edward walked over to me and whispered in my ear something to the effect of “Ok Kate, what’s going on?”

“You wanted your restraints off, right? Well, you’re playing hostess today and I’m guessing from the way he’s sitting down and unzipping his pants that Al wants a blowjob from the Escort Mardin pretty young maid.”

Edward stared at me in total shock for a moment before heading over to Al very slowly. By the time Edward got over to him, Al had stroked himself so that his cock had reached its full length, around seven inches from where I was standing.

“Come on little lady, get down on your knees and lets see how that pretty little mouth of yours feels.” Al joked, more to the whole group then to Edward in particular.

Reluctantly Edward kneeled down and placed the head of Al’s shaft into his mouth and within seconds Al was thrusting it in and out of Edward’s mouth.

I knew I had forgotten to mention a lot of things to Edward that day, most of them intentionally but I realized that there was one thing I had forgotten that I wanted him to know so before Al came I walked over and bent down close to Edward’s ear.

“Don’t worry honey, I check and they are all clean. So you may as well swallow because if you spit you’ll be licking it off the carpet with your tongue.”

Al must have really liked the dirty talk because as soon as I finished Edwards eyes grew wide and I could tell from the pulsing of Al’s cock that he was shooting a load of cum into Edward’s mouth.

I chuckled to myself as Edward gulped down the globs of cum.

“Well Edward, only 20 more to go.”

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Al’s cock began to go limp and then started to come back to life.

“Kate, I’ve got a great idea!” Al blurted out, “Why don’t we go through the rotation twice. I’d love to get a shot at that ass!”

“We’ll see.”

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