Beth is Taken Ch. 01: The Seduction of Bethany


Beth is Taken Ch 01: The Seduction of Bethany

I’d known the family for a while and so I suppose I was an available and seemingly safe option for them to turn to, especially with my large black Daimler. Because of complicated last-minutes logistics and commitments in the family, Beth’s father had asked me to chauffeur his 18-year-old daughter to her school leaving prom, adding that there was no need to collect her. Of course, I accepted, but only after trying to solve their problem another way first, just for show.

Beth’s brother was already going out to stay at a friend’s house for the weekend. Her parents had to go out to another do, the timing for which they had got wrong and needed to leave earlier than originally expected, and so couldn’t drop Beth off, hence their call to me.

I turned up, dressed quite smartly ready to play the chauffeur, and the door was answered by her father. It was obvious that he and his wife were getting ready to leave.

“Hey, Thanks for helping us out. Beth’ll be down shortly” he assured me. “She’s always, always running late.”

“I heard that!” came a call from upstairs.

“But we need to leave now” he continued, ignoring the interjection from upstairs. His wife appeared, they donned their coats, and both shouted “Have a good time!” up to Beth, to which she replied “I will!”, and they left. I was left kicking my heels for a short time in the hall, awaiting Beth.

Shortly she emerged from her room and turned at the top of the stairs. I stared up at her as she came slightly sheepishly down the stairs. She looked stunning in her black prom dress with its tight waist, flared knee-length skirt, low front giving a hint of lace and narrow shoulder straps. She wore a short black, Spanish style jacket over the top, which really only covered her shoulders and not much else.

Her lovely legs were covered in sheer black tights (or were they stockings?) Black high heels lifted her feet and made her stand straighter, showing off her legs more. Her dark hair was done up nicely at the back but left lots of tendrils and strands falling down around her shoulders. She looked amazing.

I was speechless and she noticed me staring at her. While she was still partway up the stairs, looking down at me, she coyly asked “What do you reckon on my dress?”

“Wow!” I breathed. “Knock ’em dead Beth!”

She smiled nervously. “D’you think people will like it? Really?”

“Really!” I assured her “Knock ME dead any day! You look stunning!”

“Really? You like it”

“You look fantastic!” I replied. She seemed to be coyly enjoying the compliments, smiling and swaying her hips slightly in a cute way. Then just as she was about to come down the rest of the way she stopped, seemed to remember something and turned.

“I’ve forgotten to put on my necklace. Stay there, I’ll just put it on”.

I watched her turn, and her wonderful pert bottom jiggled as she quickly climbed back up the stairs. I got a good view of her nice arse and up the backs of her sheer nyloned legs. She disappeared around the corner at the top, glancing down at me as she went back to her room. My trousers seemed to need adjusting a little and I wondered how I was going to keep my cool driving with this young beauty in the back seat.

After a couple of minutes of “adjustments” I heard a plea from upstairs.

“Can you come up and help me with this please?”

What could I do? I couldn’t resist a damsel in distress. I climbed the stairs carefully and quietly followed her soft voice.

“Hello?” I called gently.

“Come in” came the reply from one of the rooms, so I pushed the door carefully and walked in.

There she stood in the middle of her room, facing me, looking nervous, but gorgeous. She had removed her jacket, placing it on a chair revealing her narrow straps and quite a lot of exposed shoulders.

“Can you help me put this one please?” she asked demurely, holding out the gold pendant necklace. “The clasp is too small and I can’t seem to join it” she explained.

Of course, I agreed. Not taking my eyes from her, I approached her, took the pendant from her and dangled it playfully down her front, resting the pendant between the soft curves of her cleavage. She made a little squeak in surprise and looked down at where the pendant was resting.

“Is that where you want it hanging?” I asked softly.

“‘Ess please” she whispered back.

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. After what seemed like a long time, during which I jiggled the pendant against the inside curves of her breasts and I don’t think either of us breathed, I lifted it out. I moved around her, still looking down at her skin, her face demurely looking down, her lips parted slightly.

I stood behind her and lifted my hands to the back of her shoulders and brushed her loose hair out of the way, with sensual strokes across her shoulder blades and the back of her neck. She took an audible intake of air as I touched her. I asked her to hold her hair up altıparmak escort out of the way. She moved her arms up and back, lifting under the loose hair that I had gathered. This action lifted her bosom and I enjoyed the nice view over her shoulder and down her cleavage. I caught a glimpse of black lace lower down her front.

“You need to be a little bit closer” I whispered, “Like this.”

Holding her waist gently, I pulled her back against my front. Her bottom touched my front where my bulge was starting to grow. Her eyes opened wider for a second, not quite sure of what she could feel nudged against her bottom. I looked over her shoulder and down her front. The lace of her black bra was visible down the front of her dress, softly holding the swell of her young breasts.

Still holding her waist, I turned my head and gently kiss her on the side of the neck. She gasped, and her head dipped forward slightly, her mouth opening slightly wider, displaying her full, moist lips. I brushed the remaining hair aside from the back of her neck and stroked the sensitive skin there. I kissed around to the back of her neck, making her tremble and drop some of the strands of hair as she lost concentration.

Then I let go of her waist and brought the gold pendent around to her front. I dangled it in front of her, tantalisingly close to her naked skin, then laid it on her chest just above her cleavage. I brushed my hands up and over her shoulders as I drew the delicate chain around to the back of her neck, stroking her skin as I went, making goose bumps rise over the back of her neck.

I fiddled with the catch, using the excuse of a difficult and fiddly mechanism to delay the task and giving me a chance to wiggle my growing bulge against her bottom, and stroke the back of her neck. She was breathing deeper now, I believed, due to my proximity and my soft contact, her bosom rising and falling beautifully.

Then, looking around down her front, I “accidentally” let go of the pendant chain with an “Ooops!” and it dropped into her cleavage. She gasped as she saw where it had landed, and that I was looking for it there. I came around to her front and gently offered to retrieve it and try again. She still has her arms up, holding her hair off her neck, but didn’t move.

She was trembling as I brought my face very close to her bosom, and my fingers stroked the exposed curves of her breasts as I gently and slowly tried to fish out the pendant. Her breasts heaved up towards me. I wasn’t very good at retrieving it, taking my time to grasp hold of the chain and feeling the swell of her cleavage edged with lace in the meantime. She just stood there as I fumbled.

Finally, I managed to grip the thin chain. As I pulled the pendant up and out of the cavity, I dragged my face away from her cleavage and brought it slowly up the front of her chest and neck until my mouth was level with hers. I just held still there, feeling her tremble in front of me and her breathing getting deeper, making her lovely bosom swell more.

After a long, tense wait, she couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. Beth closed her eyes and bobbed her head forward, bringing her soft, moist lips in contact with mine. I didn’t move as she held her lips against mine briefly, then moved her head back and opened her eyes, and trembling slightly, looked for a negative reaction from me after her unexpected move.

I held my mouth close to hers, looking at her slightly panting soft lips, tantalisingly close to mine. Emboldened by me not moving away, she closed her eyes again and bringing her still raised arms forward, encircled my neck and leaning forward slightly and with a moan brought her soft lips more firmly in contact with mine.

I moved gently against her as she kissed me, then as my hands went to hold her waist, I started returning the kiss softly, but deeply. Her tongue tentatively licked across my lips, exploring carefully while she continued to kiss me. My arms wrapped tightly around her waist and upper back, holding her lovely body tightly to me as I deepened the passion of the kiss and my tongue slipped into her young mouth and started devouring her.

Beth moaned louder as I French kissed her, my mouth moving over hers to snog her firmly, returning her initial passion. I could feel her shapely young body heave against me in my arms as I held her captive for the deep kiss. Then, holding the back of her head, I broke the kiss and pulled her head back.

She gasped and panted in my arms, from the passion of the kiss and the fact that I had literally taken her breath away. She looked very sexy just looking up into my eyes as I held her firmly but gently in my arms. Her questioning look said “what just happened?” to me, and she looked so innocent and cute.

Then, to test the situation, I brought her mouth firmly back onto mine and we kissed deeply again. This time one hand went up behind her head, firmly pressing her mouth against mine, while my other hand went down to her bursa anal yapan escort lovely round bottom and, squeezing it gently, pulled her groin in against my bulge.

I held her captive there, hearing her moans and gasps as my tongue battled with hers and explored her mouth, while I held her lovely body firmly in my grasp. After a minute of this heavy kissing, I broke the kiss again and released her fully, allowing her to stagger back a step as she gasped for air, her mouth half open and panting, her breasts heaving up and down with deep breaths of passion.

I moved quickly to stand behind her and one arm snaked around her narrow waist while the other slid across the front of her shoulders, past her throat and to the other side, and a kind of reverse cuddle. Her hands went to my forearms as I brought her back firmly against my front. Her bottom was now firmly wedged against my bulge and I’m sure she could feel it pressing into her cleft through both our clothes.

Applying a gentle pressure across the front of her shoulders, I leant her back slightly against my chest, holding her firmly to me with my arms around her. I could feel her body trembling in my gentle arms, unsure of what was going to happen next. The pendant was forgotten and had fallen to the floor where I had last stood.

She tilted her head back slightly and I kissed the side of her neck with soft, wet kisses. She gasped slightly as my soft kisses explored the side of her delicate neck between her ear and shoulder blade. I also rubbed my loins against her pert bottom, moving back and forth and making her dress skirt shift from side to side.

My lips kissed forward and down and around, and she closed her eyes and moved her head towards me slightly, tilting it back further to give me access to kiss her throat delicately. As I kissed the front of her neck and throat, she was all vulnerable to me and I took advantage of her. My hands both went to her waist, encircling her with my large palms and holding her firmly against my front. Her hands were resting gently on my forearms. Her body trembled under my kisses.

Then, still kissing her neck and throat I moved my large hands very slowly, but surely up her body. My palms slid up the front and sides of her dress until they nestled under her breasts. I could feel the underwiring of her bra (or was it something else?) and the sides of my fore fingers brushed under the softness of her lace encased breasts through the thin dress material.

She gasped as she felt me touch the underside of her breasts, my fingers moving to softly stroke under them a little. From her reaction I could tell that she hadn’t been touched here often before. I subtly increased the contact under her breasts, moving more fingers to stroke sideways along the line of the underwiring, making wider contact with her flesh. I gradually lifted her breasts and my hands until I was cupping underneath her lovely full breasts.

She shuddered and trembled in my hands as I gently squeezed under her young but full breasts with my large palms. Then I lifted them as I squeezed them in my hands, gently cupping the globes fully through her dress and closing my large hands around the shapes. I began to squeeze and mould them in my soft hands, making her whimper. They were so soft and pliable in their lace cups.

I squeezed them more firmly, moulding them into peaks through the material and she gasped sharply as my hands brushed across her erect nipples. I kissed the front of her neck and gently fondled and squeezed her breasts through the dress material and the lace underneath. My fingers finally closed in on her nipples and she mewled and whimpered as I teased them between finger and thumb, rolling them more erect and throbbing.

My left arm tucked its elbow under her left breast while the hand closed firmly over her right breast, holding her back against me. Meanwhile, my right hand pressed down her front, smoothing down over her tummy and over her abdomen. The pressure kept my growing bulge pressed nicely in the crook of her bottom while my hand slowly pressed lower. Beth just lay back in my arms as I held her intimately, still kissing the front and side of her neck. She lolled her head around gently, moaning a little as I explored her body.

I lowered my right hand further, pressing down gently in between her legs. She shuddered as I pushed in and my hand rested over her pudenda through the dress and underwear. I could feel her trembling in my hold, my hardness growing against her bottom and her nipple stiffening further under my hand. I pressed more firmly between her legs, capturing her in my strong arms and insinuating myself into her back as I continued to tweak her nipple, making her whimper.

Then I straightened her up a bit, allowing her to lift her head forward and I captured her mouth passionately in another kiss, still holding her intimately. She gasped aloud as I broke the kiss, and moving fully behind her and humping myself gently against bursa bayan escort her nice bottom, I turned us so that my back was against the bed. I released her body, just holding her hips so that she stood in front of me as I sat down on the side of her bed.

She stood in front of me, arms to her sides, her bottom level with my chest. I could feel her catching her breath. I stroked my hands around to her pert bottom and patted it gently. Her lovely globes showed their shapes through the thin black dress. I squeezed and patted her firm bottom for a bit, admiring the shape, then my hands slid lower.

I stroked my hands down the back of her thighs over the dress skirt. The material got looser as I went lower. Soon my hands had reached the lace trimmed hem of her skirt and continued lower, now resting on the lovely smooth, sheer fabric of her nylon covered legs. I stroked down below her knees, as far as I could reach, then started sliding back up her legs.

This time, as I reached the hem of her skirt, my hands stayed on the backs/sides of her legs, sliding up her tender thighs. She bit her lip as my hands reached up under her dress and discovered the deep lace tops of her stockings. That was a nice discovery. This girl was hot! I whispered my appreciation of her legs and stockings to her but she didn’t reply, trying to stifle a whimper as my hands stroked around the lace stocking tops, feeling the smooth warmth of her thighs and sensing her trembling anticipation of where my hands might go next.

I kept her in suspense for a little while longer, before sliding my soft hands further up the outsides of her thighs until I could feel the smooth naked skin of her warm thighs just above the stockings. I stroked my hands around the back and outsides of her thighs, loving the feel of her legs, negotiating around the garter straps.

Keeping my hands under her skirt, I placed them on her hips and turned her to face me. Her face was down, her eyes closed and she stood there meekly with my hands under her skirt. I nudged her legs apart a little with my knees, which her high heeled feet responded to, and then one hand slid around to the ultra soft and smooth skin of her naked inner thigh. She sighed as I stroked her there, slowly and gently, careful not to touch her panties. Her young skin was tender and warm and super soft and sensitive.

After a while, both my hands went to her hips and I stroked along the garter straps, over the smooth skin on the outside of her thighs above the stocking tops, up to the lacy garter belt (or that’s what I thought it was). Her panties were so high cut, I could hardly feel the sides, so I had free roam up the sides of her body and over her hips.

I parted my legs as I moved my hands around to her bottom. Her panties were quite narrow over her lovely smooth pert bottom, so I slid my hands over largely naked flesh until my fingertips encountered the edge of the lace. I squeezed her largely naked buttocks in my palms, pulling her towards me and in between my legs, capturing her where she stood.

I looked up at her beautiful face with her lips parted and panting in anticipation. Holding her front to me, I squeezed and stroked her bottom in my hands, moulding the flesh in my warm, strong hands and patting and stroking her firm rear. Her breasts heaved right in my face and I wedged my nose in her cleavage, breathing in her scent.

After a while of fondling her bottom, I turned her sideways by her hips, facing to my right. My left hand went back to her bottom, patting and stroking over the thin lacy material of her panties, and delving slightly into the cleft of her rear between her legs. My right hand stroked around her soft thighs, slipping over her naked thighs between her legs, and ever so slowly stroking higher and higher up her leg.

Her skin got softer and warmer further up. I could feel her tremble as I advanced closer to the thin strip of material covering her most private part. My hand slipped in between her leg, stroking over her thigh and she gasped as the side of my hand brushed across the warmth of her panty clad pussy.

I stroked my hand back again, slightly increasing the pressure. I could feel her warmth emitting from her soft pudenda as I stroked across the edge. I edged my hand up as I stroked back and forth, now feeling her womanhood through the satin and lace. She shuddered each time I touched the material.

Soon, I was sawing my hand sideways between her legs, pushing up against her and rubbing into her groove slightly. It was the first time anyone had touched her there and she didn’t know how to respond. I turned my hand so that the fingers pointed up and placed my palm against the front of her pussy, cupping it. I applied gentle pressure, pressing into her, sandwiching her pudenda between both my hands buried deep under her skirt. She shuddered under the contact. I pulsed my hands against her, feeling her body tremble under my hands.

Then I turned my right hand the other way up, so that the fingers were pointing down. My left hand tapped the inside of her naked thighs from the back, indicating that she should move her feet further apart, which she did. Pressing down, I slid my right hand down over the satin material, feeling very little pubic hair underneath as I slid my hand down over her sensitive pussy, to cup her gently between her legs.

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