Beware Of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

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Ever been so excited you couldn’t stand it. That’s how Linda Blaine felt when she left her home in the Midwest to drive to Harvard to start her new life. She had a cell phone to check in with but absolutely refused to allow any of the family to go with her she had to do it on her own. It was now almost a week later and she had finally arrived. The campus was beautiful, the trees already turning colors but Linda was late. Today was the first day of classes and she wasn’t even in her room yet, didn’t have books, and had a car that only worked when it wanted to. Linda was finding leaving home to be not all it was cracked up to be at least for her and the life she had planned.

Linda Blaine was the last arriving freshman for the 2004 class of Harvard’s best and brightest. She was feeling very sorry for herself when she pulled up outside the shiny building that said Prescott Hall. The stupid car had caused her to arrive on this the actual first day of classes. It had stopped working right outside of Baltimore and it had taken the garage grease monkey, she refused to call him a mechanic two days to repair it.

So here she was all alone piling her things on a vacated sidewalk with tears running down her cheeks. Would her life never improve? How was she ever going to get all these things inside and to her room?

She startled, at a deep voice that asked her if she needed help, managing to bump her head on the truck lid in the process which caused her to swear loudly quite unlike her usual behavior.

Linda was a sweet girl from a large dairy farm in the Midwest. This was her first real trip away from home. She had been raised to be polite to her elders, to never swear it was unbecoming a lady, and to always dress appropriately for the occasion. The eastern seaboard was having a major heat wave and so she had bypassed her usual long slacks and knitted tops for a comfortable t-shirt and shorts. She was unaware of how hot she actually looked in the outfit but embarrassed she was so casually dressed on this prestigious campus.

Straightening up she rubbed her head as she looked around. Standing on the sidewalk was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. It wasn’t that he was tall. He wasn’t. It wasn’t that he was handsome either. He was pretty average looking. It was his large beautiful smile and his flashing dark green eyes and tousled red curly hair that captured her attention and made her heart race.

“Hi, I’m Jimmy the dorm student advisor, and you look like my very late and much hassled freshman student Linda. Am I right?”

She nodded her head as she blushed.

“Car trouble and there was no one to help me then or now. Would you please watch this stuff while I park?”

He smiled and took her keys. I have your class schedule and books here for your first two classes. Your first class is in that building over there. You are only ten minutes late so scoot and I will handle this.” She stuttered and stammered she couldn’t attend class dressed like she was and he laughed as he swatted her across her delectable ass. “Go on every girl in the room is dressed just like you, no air-conditioning you know.”

“They are? I can. You will handle everything. I mean thank you” she grabbed the stuff he held out and surprising herself she reached up and kissed him gently on his cheek before running off. He stood rubbing his cheek and considering the possibilities as he watched her delicious long legs and tight ass lope across the quad. Each year Jimmy picked out a freshman girl as his project of the year. So far none had interested him. He thought that finally that had changed. The lovely Linda had all the earmarks of being worthy of his time and talent.

Jimmy loved freshman virgins and he was willing to bet this corn-fed Midwest beauty had kept her virginity in tact all through high school. She had all the ear marks she was shy; she didn’t realize she had a killer body, and she was willing to take orders that was always a plus in his life.

He had been watching for her because of a several calls from her over protective brothers all former Harvard alumni asking him to help her as she was running late and leaving him several phone numbers should she ever require their help. He told the nice young men each time one called, no problem it was his job. The first time away from all those overprotective brothers she was ripe for the picking. Yes, the little darling needed him to take her under his wing before one of the other wolves on campus got to her.

He went inside and spotting two freshmen would be football players got them to carry all her things up to her room. She originally was supposed to share with two other girls but he had one single left and that’s where he put her stuff. Usually the girls liked to bunk together but he would tell her that was all that was left and she could change next semester. By then he hoped she would appreciate the solitude. Smiling he went back to park the car and check out her glove compartment and trunk to see what he could learn. Jimmy liked to know his victim well before he struck the better poker oyna to make sure he was successful.

By the time Linda returned all her things were in the single room. He had hung her posters up on the walls, unrolled her rug, set out her stuffed animals, and set up her computer. He approved of her taste in music; in fact she surprised him with some of the more ethereal stuff and knew from arranging her books he would have to broaden her reading materials to include some of the female writers of the day who preached free love and safe sex for all. He even managed to read her diary before replacing it in her suitcase. While the darling hadn’t actually had any sexual encounters she had a very vivid imagination and a scenario for her seduction all written out. Jimmy now had his game plan. He had ruffled through her clothes to see what she wore. He would teach her the value of sexy underwear along the way and was happy to see she wore a 36D bra he liked his women big busted although even D cups could go without them on special occasions.

Linda was worn out when she got back to the Dorm, totally confused and hungry as a bear. Jimmy was right there to take her to her new home away from home and he brought pizza and beer with him. As Dorm room advisor he could get away with it and he wanted to see how she acted with a little light liquor in her system.

She was impressed with the room, happy she didn’t have to share with strangers, grateful to him, and the pizza smelled delicious. The beer was cold, hit the spot and she held her own on the pizza eating almost half before she finally admitted she was full. They curled on the rug their backs against her bed as they listened to some old soulful jazz and he massaged the tension from her very stiff neck.

When she fell asleep he kissed her until she opened her mouth to him and avidly returned his passion. He withdrew it was a start, and the semester would give him lots of time. He left her smiling softly in her sleep.

She woke up two hours later to a soft knock on her door and a very nice memory of a dream lover with a magic mouth. Opening the door revealed the two girls from next door who were stopping by to say hello.

Trisha and Mary Lou were exact opposites one loud, one quiet, both smart but Mary Lou preferred to hide her light under the proverbial basket and let you find it, Trisha had a 2000 watt flashlight out there screaming “I am woman hear me roar”

They shared their snacks with her and their wine and then sat and listened to her praise the Dorm assistant for all his help. Both looked at one another and said almost together.”

“Sit girl, you need some education.”

Linda sat. Trisha started, “That man is a wolf sneaking around in a lamb’s coat. He wants your body and is willing to play buddy until your guard is down. He has a reputation for it. My brothers told me to beware of the man.” Mary Lou was nodding at everything she said and added. “That’s alright if you figure you want him to as long as you know his game.”

Linda thought they were over reacting but promised to keep them up to date. They figured out they had two classes together one the next morning at 7a.m. They promised to come and get her and show her where the class was held.

She headed down to the bookstore with her list of required material and running into Jimmy and agreed to dinner out as long as she was back early. He pointed across the quad. “The local hangout is there the soup is good and the chili hot and the prices cheap. Make sure you wear a sweatshirt it gets cold when the sun goes down.”

She waved that she heard him as she bustled off to do her chores. He meanwhile went upstairs and checking that her next door neighbors were gone let himself into her room. He quickly added a video cam to the cold air return of her bathroom and one in her bedroom pointing at her up to now virginal bed. He checked their reception on his laptop and adjusted the bathroom one to show the bath, shower, and reflections from the bathroom mirror over the sink. He left whistling. Technology was such great stuff.

Not only could he enjoy her. He could record her and once she was gone from Harvard he could sell the movies and make a nice profit. It wouldn’t be the first, or last time he operated that way.

For almost six weeks while Linda and the girls next door became almost a constant three some when they weren’t out dating, Jimmy showered Linda with attention. Helping her with her homework, treating her to flowers for her room, dinner out when she looked stressed and dinner in when he could talk her into it.

Gradually he pushed her boundaries so that she was kissing him then allowing him to touch her over her clothes and then one glorious night he managed to get his hands on her breasts after removing her bra. He even managed to suck her nipples leaving them stiff and wet before she pushed him away and knocked his hands free.

He could smell the odor of her female arousal on the air; hear the results of his lovemaking in the ragged breathing and the rapid heartbeats he could canlı poker oyna feel against his hand. He backed off and pulled her close to cuddle her not allowing her to button her shirt or put her bra on when she moved to do so.

When she grew more insistent, he tipped her head up and forced her to look into his eyes.

“Linda, I love your breasts, they are beautiful so full, and firm and your nipples are spectacular. Why do you want to deny me the pleasure of touching them, seeing them, sucking them? Am I not making you feel good?”

He contrived to look sorrowful and it appeared to work. She placed his hands on her breasts where she had knocked them off and softly said,

‘No. it feels wonderful it makes me feel dizzy and warm but I think this is one of those places my mother always said I should avoid ,I just can’t figure out why at the moment.”

She turned her head and kissed him almost desperately. He opened his mouth to her thrusting tongue and allowed her to explore his mouth and teeth.

He was amazed when he felt her hand on his bulging cock. She had never touched him in all their weeks together. He heard the sound of his zipper in wonderment and then felt her hand pulling him free into the air.

He watched as she opened her eyes and taking her two hands delicately traced his length growing by the moment. She watched as he too saw the crème gathering at the head start dripping down the side of his cock. She reached and licked up one drop, then the next, and the one after that.

“Do I do that to you Jimmy?” He nodded yes and growled, “If you keep that up you will see a lot more crème then that” She smiled up at him and bent down and suddenly her mouth was around the head of his cock and her hands were gently around the shaft. She looked up, “I know men like this I watched my brother get one from his girlfriend one night. Show me how Jimmy.”

He did. He warned her when he was ready to orgasm and she backed off but kept her mouth there for the first taste of a man’s crème she had ever had. Pulling back after she had tasted him, he wrapped himself in a handkerchief and caught the rest. Pulling her close to him and telling her what a remarkable girl she was. When he had recovered, he asked her if he might show her the equal to that for a girl. “Will it make me pregnant Jimmy?” she asked looking at him with those trusting gray eyes of hers.

He shook his head no and picking her up he pulled the comforter off her bed and laid her gently down on the sheets. He then reverently and slowly removed her panties. She had a well trimmed clack curly bush which showed the deep pink of her engorged clit and the lighter pink of her female lips she smelled and looked luscious. He could smell the sweet odor of her excitement and reaching out touched the silver streak of moisture on her thigh. He watched her eyes as he sucked his finger clean and went back for more. He felt her move closer to him and saw the film of delight that covered her eyes as he dipped his head and lightly tongued her erect clit. The soft moan made him happy and he went back for more.

Linda was in heaven or close to it. She had of course as all women do pleasured herself on occasion but nothing ever felt this good, and she could feel in the pit of her stomach the growing warmth and tightening of her muscles that spelled an orgasm was on the way. Jimmy curled his tongue after lapping up and down her petals and pulling her apart softly stuck it deep inside her wet pussy. He pushed until her felt the virgin barrier he knew would be there and then returned to her warm and throbbing clit nipping it lightly this time with his teeth. He was pleasantly surprised when her hands came down to curl in his hair and she whispered, “Oh Jimmy that feels so good”. He continued what he was doing and taking a hand reached up and started to pull and twist her nipples one and then the other. He smiled into her pussy when she groaned out loud and wiggled closer to give him better admittance to her treasures.

Soon she was bathing his mouth in her secretions and he was swallowing and licking as fast as he could he took her from one small tight climax to another and then she screamed out loud and fell apart He had to quickly cover her mouth to avoid anyone knocking on the door. Who knew she would be a screamer. It would bear him to remember that. He pulled loose and using his fingers helped her slowly return to normal. Problem was now he had one hell of a hard on.

When she opened her eyes he smiled and said, “How was that for a thank you and kissing her so she got the first taste of herself. He then stood up and told her it was time to go before he did something she would regret in the morning. He left her there to dream about what else might await her in the future.

It was almost ten days before she sought him out. He had masturbated to the video tape of her first male induced orgasm countless times and sought out old friends to fuck merely to keep himself under control. He knew the next move had to be hers and finally she surrendered.

She internet casino came into his office and sat on the corner of his desk. “Jimmy, did I make you angry or something?”

He looked up from his paperwork. “No Linda, why would you think that?”

“I haven’t seen you in ten days.” She answered.

“He put his pen down. “ I was afraid I scared you and I would never want to hurt you.”

She laughed and reaching into a bag. She tossed two packages onto the table. One was a package of the top of the line condoms and the other was a birth control pack with he opened it seven missing.

He looked at her and she held out her hand. “Come to my room please? I need to feel you inside me, I need to know what real sex feels like and I want you to teach me.”

He moved quickly to pick her up off the desk and kiss her almost breathless. Placing her down finally he said. “Are you sure?” She nodded. He leaned over and kissed her again. “That’s quite an honor and I thank you for it. I can’t come now but I will bring dinner when I am off and see you at six. Is that alright?”

She shivered under his arm as he lightly grazed her nipples feeling them harden under his touch. She smiled although it trembled just a little and said, “That’s fine it will give me a chance to shower and stuff.”

He lightly kissed her eyes and her nose, swatted her ass softly, and shooed her out of his office.

After doing a short victory dance around the desk, he smiled. This was a new record. His shortest time to now to deflower a virgin was four months; Linda was ahead of schedule.

He went into his room to change into the black silk shirt and jeans he had purchased, no underwear. He then left and bought the one perfect rose she had spoke of in her diary and the French champagne and two flutes along with large strawberries and other cut up fruit and a container of chocolate sauce they could heat in her microwave and a container of ready whip spray whip cream. He would be broke for a month but she would be his for the rest of the year.

He knocked at her door exactly at six. He could hear the slow sweet old jazz on her sound system and when she opened the door the only light was from candles. Vanilla scented they went to his head at once. He handed her the goodies he had brought explaining about the microwave for the chocolate and then with deftness brought about by lots of practice he opened the champagne with a soft pop of the cork and poured their first glasses.

She returned with the chocolate and he alternated feeding her and him the exotic passion fruits of seduction and sips of the fresh sweet bubbly. They danced and he told her how beautiful she was to him in her sexy white silk nightgown and its matching robe. Allowing him to have to picture the delights to follow when at last he unwrapped his present.

Finally two hours into the evening they were wrapped in each others arms as he feasted on her nipples finding that once she was aroused they grew bigger and fatter and hard as pencil erasers. He loved nipples that did that and told her so; From there he poured champagne into her navel and sucked it out, down her body and sipped it off and finally being very careful not to exceed more then a shot glass full he poured it into her pussy and then sipped it out until she had the first orgasm of the night.

She reciprocated by once again taking his very ready cock into the confines of her hot wet mouth and this time he showed her what and how to make love to a man’s cock to drive him insane. When he warned her he was coming she clamped her mouth on him tightly and swallowed all the crème he spent. Finished she licked off a couple of drops that had escaped and told him he tasted heavenly. He began to think he had found himself a handful and they hadn’t even made love yet. He however looked down and he was hard again already. He laid her out on her bed after taking her beautiful clothes off carefully.

Now Linda, I am going to give you several orgasms orally like to relax you and then when I think you are ready I will insert this cock you like so well into your beautiful pussy and I will show you how wonderful sexual love between two people can be. Understand my darling, it will hurt, but only for a moment, and then it will be wonderful. She nodded and he moved her legs apart and nibbled on her clit.

Soon he was glad he had turned up the music because not only did she scream abate softly she talked and it was clear she had heard the words from all the brothers even if they were unaware of it and read enough she knew what felt good and didn’t mind complementing you when you were on target.

When she was wet enough from several small orgasms he pushed one then another finger into her pussy and twisting them opened her wider for his cock. Jimmy was average in length and girth but she was a very tight woman. Each time he pushed her wider he also pushed up against her hymen and he felt it moving under his assault. Some women even needed a doctor to remove it Linda would not be a problem. When he found her “G” spot and she covered his face and hands with her juices as she moaned and wiggled he placed his cock against her pussy and pushed deep and hard and fast. She screamed once into his hand and then wrapping her hands around him told him to fuck her. He did.

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