Bianca’s Choice Ch. 03: The Epilogue


This chapter is just a test to see if I can write a gripping yet good story that is out of my comfort zone. Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think in the comment section below.


Once Bianca had wiped the cum from her face. She noticed that the electric shock she received when she touched Ted’s scrotum was making her feel extremely tired so she left Ted and Jamie to it so she could get some sleep. Bianca found that she knew which room was hers.

As Bianca walked into the room she didn’t notice much only where her bed was before she went and collapsed on the bed when the sensation got the better of her. While Bianca slept her memories changed to accommodate her choice to stay in the porn world. She forgot how badly the male version of Jamie had treated her but to take the place she found that the female version of Jamie was completely different as she was caring, kind, sexy, gentle, loving and above all respected her sister as family.

Many other memories changed and added as she now knew what movies she did, who her agent was, who her parents were (as she never knew about them in the other world.) and what her, Jamie and Ted did when they each did the movies that was one of there current projects. This of course was support each other by going to the sets.

Once all this happened she found that something was waking her up or should that be someone. When Bianca opened her eyes she found Ted licking her pussy trying to make her stir. “Morning sis ready for your shoot today with Jamie for Horny Gym babes 2?”

“Yes Ted I am ready but first lets fuck to properly wake up.” Bianca was shocked that it came out of her mouth as that wasn’t her well the old version of her the new version was obviously like that and she was shocked that her voice was sluty, husky and dripping with lust. As Ted positioned himself to stick his erect cock into Bianca, she positioned herself so that all of his cock would go into her so she could feel her pussy wrap around his cock.

Ted pushed his cock into Bianca’s wanting pussy which immediately covered his cock in her juices. “Mmmmmm sis you seem to want this like in my favourite movie that you did do you know what that is?” Ted asked as he thrusted his cock in and out of her pussy.

“What movie would that be Ted as I have done so many.”

“Zombie apocalypse: the cumming. As you willingly squirted all your juices over the floor when you were turning into a sex zombie that scene won you the woody 4 years bursa eve gelen eskort bayan in the row as best adult film star in the world. Plus your ability to make anyone orgasm quickly like I am doing now.”


As Ted pulled out he just about managed it as he squirted his cum over Bianca’s skin as she began to move off the bed once she knew that Ted had finished his orgasm. Bianca went into the draw of her nightstand pulling out a pack of baby wipes which she offered to Ted so he could clean his cock as she used a wipe to get rid of his cum.

“That was amazing sis why haven’t you succumbed to incest before?” Ted asked.

“I don’t know Ted before last night it just seemed like taboo.”

“That changed after your meeting. What was it for?”

That moment was one that Bianca was dreading as she didn’t want to sound mad to anyone which she knew she would. Bianca was torn did she want to tell this version of Ted that she was from a parrell world or not?

Bianca chose not to tell him but she knew that she would have to come up with a plausible lie. ” I had a meeting with someone as they wanted me to appear in a softcore movie that would be posted on the internet promoting there business.”

“What did you tell them sis?”

“I told them that I couldn’t as I have a busy schedule which the person didn’t take well as they just stormed out of the meeting place. So I came back here.”

After hearing that Ted thought that it was better not to tell anyone about that as it could’ve damaged all of there careers. So instead Ted got dressed in the clothes he brought with him which was smart casual. Smart bottom half with shoes and black trousers teamed with a plain black T-shirt and a berghouse navy blue jacket. Bianca thought she would also get dressed as she went to the wardrobe to see what she had to wear.

After 2 minutes of thought she put on some black laced panties, a pair of blue jeans, a V-necked pink T-shirt a denim jacket and a pair of converse trainers. Both Ted and Bianca went downstairs only to see Jamie in the kitchen having a cup of tea going over the script for the final scene of the movie.

“Hi Jamie have you had a good nights sleep?” Bianca asked. As Jamie turned around Bianca noticed that Jamie was wearing a tasteful black t-shirt with a picture of a rose on which went from the bottom of the t-shirt all the way to the left shoulder, bursa eskort bayanlar a pair of blue denim jeans probably Levi’s and some 4 inch heels.

“Oh yes after our night of hot passionate fun I cannot wait for our debut scene together.” Jamie said in response to Bianca’s question. As Bianca walked over to the kettle to make a cup of tea so she could be ready for the day.

After she made the cup of tea she moved over to see the script for the final scene. “Can I see that script Jamie so I know my lines too?”

“Sure big sis.” This shocked Bianca as even in this world she was the middle sister leaving Jamie as the youngest out of the three siblings.

As both Jamie and Bianca read the script for the final scene while drinking there drinks this left Ted to phone the agent which they all shared to see if the set was repaired for the final scene.

15 minutes later

Ted came off the phone only to find that both sisters had finished looking at the script as it was time they headed to the location of the film. “Time to go.” Both sisters nodded in agreement before picking up their bags and leaving with Ted to his car out of the front of the mansion.

Ted got into the drivers side of the car while Bianca and Jamie got into they back of the car. The journey took 30 minutes to the location while in the car Bianca asked something’s that were not added to her memories after the electric shock. When Ted got to the location they all exited the car and headed inside the building.

Both Bianca and Jamie went into the dressing rooms to change into the costumes for the scene while Ted went to speak to the director and fuck one of the people hired for the movie. After Ted finished talking to the director making sure that the light was secure this time so that Bianca or Jamie didn’t get whacked on the head and hospitalised.

After being assured that the light was fitted firmly in place this time Ted went to speak with one of the up and coming stars called Teejay Duncan who was making her debut in the film. Teejay seemed to be a fan of Ted’s as she was star struck by him so having him ask if she wanted to see a special package that he had she jumped at the opportunity.

When Bianca and Jamie walked out of the dressing rooms that they were in they both heard a female person moan from the room at the end of the corridor.

“I’m guessing that Ted has found someone he just couldn’t help görükle escort bayanlar but bang.” Bianca said to Jamie.

Both Bianca and Jamie headed to the set to do the movie and took up positions where ready for the scene to begin. Once the director shouted “action” both sisters started the scene.

“I am looking for a personal trainer.” Was Jamie’s first line in the movie

“I am sure I can find a member of staff to give you a good workout, I am manager fastbender.” The male porn star said to Jamie who was also in the final scene briefly.

“Great” Jamie said to the manager.

“I have only one question that we ask new members to the gym.”

“What is that?” Jamie asked innocently almost schoolgirl like.

“What sexual preference are you?”

“I am a lesbian.”

“Ok I think I have the perfect trainer for you if you would go and wait in the changing room I will get the personal trainer to meet you in there.”

As Jamie walked into the changing room she placed her bags in the locker and stripped naked just as Bianca walked in. She started to massage Jamie’s big tits before saying “You must be the new member I am your personal trainer Bianca and I think we should start with some cardio work.”

“Whatever you think we need to start with first.” Jamie moaned as she turned round to see Bianca in a pair of black shorts and a sports bra. Jamie started stroking Bianca pussy through the shorts which brought a moan from Bianca. Bianca stripped off completely only to have Jamie plunge her tongue down her sisters throat.

As Bianca kissed back passionately both sisters started to feel each other’s pussies as they were wet as anything seeing each other naked. They both sank to the floor only to end up in the 69 position with Bianca in the top and Jamie on the bottom. They licked each other out for 9 minutes rocking each other through 5 orgasms each. The final position they ended in the missionary position both of them moaning as both of their naked pussies were grinding against each other.

As they both slowed after 20 minutes obviously reaching the final orgasms before the director yelled “cut” signalling the end of the scene. As Ted came out of the room with Teejay both satisfied at the end of the scene.

The director told them that they can have a copy of the disc for there own personal use but they had to wait in the viewing room. As all three of them headed into the viewing room the director loaded the disc into the DVD player showing the scene on the projector. Just as the three of them sat on the red settee in the room they watch the scene that Bianca and Jamie did for the movie.

After the scene had ended all three of them said good bye to the director and everyone as they went out into the world to be THE biggest porn families in the whole of porn world.

The end.

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