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Have you ever done something so out of the ordinary for you? Well I have. Most of the sex I have had was either in the back seat of cars or in the bedroom. This little adventure of mine, like I said was out of the ordinary for me. Let me tell you about it.

Dennis and I were driving down route 90, talking. Then I asked him if he was willing to fulfill a fantasy I had. Well what hot blooded man wouldn’t be interested when their woman says that? I told him to pull the car over. He knows by now just to listen and do what he is told. And he will have the time of his life.

I tell him to get out of the car. I do the same. I take his hand and we walk thru the ditch and up to the billboard sign. I start to climb it with him following. Once we are at the top, I don’t ask, I order him, to get his clothes off. He plays the role well and takes all but his boxers off.

“Bad boy. For that you shall have to be punished.” I say to him.

Going over to Dennis, I pull the waist band out a bit, running my fingers along the elastic. Slowly, teasing him, letting my fingers reach down. I find his cock. Semi hard, but not for long. I pump it soooooo slowly, it makes me wet thinking this cock is all mine. And the fact that everyone driving by us can see.

I bend down on my knees. Pulling his boxers right down. Moving back up to his cock. I grab it. With a tight beşevler escort bayan grip I pump it harder and harder. Then I move my mouth to his balls. Taking one in my mouth like a big jawbreaker. Sucking it. Moving it around in my mouth with my tongue. Closing my eyes. Enjoying the sweet aroma of his cock. A small amount of cum comes out of his cock.

I smear it around the head. Playing with it like a toy I always wanted. He places his hands on my head. Pulling my hair back a bit. Making me aware that he wants his cock sucked badly. But I make the rules. Its my way, or the highway. I stop sucking his balls, and playing with his cock.

I tell him to lay down on his back. “Take your cock in your hand baby. And I want you to jerk off for me.” I loved watching him do this. It always got me off.

As he is pumping his own cock, I undo the zipper on my jeans and take them off. I lick my lips as I watch. Getting wetter as he goes.

I move my hand under my panties. Slowly feeling myself. Savoring every minute of it. Til I can have his cock in me. I move my fingers into my pussy. I take a breath.

Feeling the very tip of it, I find my clit. Rubbing my finger over it, it hardens. Gently arousing it. Ohhhhhh. Letting my fingers move down further, i find my hole. Putting two fingers together I insert them. Continuing balgat escort bayan to watch Dennis.

I am enjoying pleasuring myself so much, I lay back and lose control. Not knowing that Dennis has stopped masturbating for me, he comes over to me.

“The boss is back in control Tami. And now you must do as I say.”

I open my eyes. Shoot. That has always been the agreement. If one of us loses control, the other takes over. And now I must do as Dennis says.

He pulls me up. I look down and he has suck a fucking hard cock right now. My eyes bulge. He literally rips my shirt off.

Grabbing me, pulling me closer. His hand goes to my ass. Grabbing it hard. Maybe me shudder. Reaching up he undoes my bra. Yanking it off of me. Then kneeling down, he pulls my panties right off. I step out of them.

His hands on my ankles, he spreads my legs. Moving up toward my pussy, his fingers moving in my wet hole. As his two fingers move in and out, he takes his tongue and licks over them. Sending me into instant orgasm. As my juices flow, he swallows it.

Removing his fingers, he suddenly rams his head into my pussy. My eyes open wide, and i moan out. He stops.

Standing up, he turns me around, and pushes me up against the bill board. My hands on the board for support, my legs spread open. He comes up behind batıkent escort bayan me and guides his 8 inches of cock into my pussy. It slides in soo easily. His hands reaching around and grabbing hold of my breasts.

He is so damn rough. It hurts but turns me on too. He pushes so hard I know I will be very sore after this. Its like a big spanking he is giving me. Again and again, ramming , pushing, making me scream. He continues til he is damn good and ready to let me go.

But he doesn’t cum inside of me. He pulls out. Turning me around. Pushing me down. I take hold of his cock again. Pumping it. He orders me to swallow the cum, and not to let one drop get waisted. I obey. Taking it in my mouth. Going down on him. Fucking me with my mouth. It doesn’t take long til I feel his cum enter my mouth. Knowing I would be in big trouble if I didn’t swallow it. I do my best. Sucking it up and letting it go down my throat. Faster and faster it is released into my mouth. I dare not waist it. Swallowing hard.

Finally, Dennis gives one last squirt. And I did it. I never let any out.

He pulls me back up. And tells me I am a good girl, and to wait til he is dressed to move. So I stand there watching him get dressed, just as I did when I watched him get undressed earlier. He takes my clothes and gives them to me. I dress.

We go down the ladder, and back to the car. While we were up there we didn’t realize not a single car went by. We were too busy fucking each other. When we look up there is like 5 cars parked and all were watching us. We smile and get in our car.

Knowing we had a great adventure, we didn’t care if the whole world seen us!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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