Birthday Getaway

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“But I already promised Maya I’d help her with her sociology assignment, Jack.” Lori gave an adorable little pout. “Sorry, buddy.”

“Oh come on! It’s my birthday tomorrow and you’re going to be gone all weekend?”

“You’ll be fine. Go hang out with your guy friends.”

“You know you’re my favorite. We were going to watch cheesy horror movies! It’s not the same without my best pal.”

“Ok, look.” She pushed her big glasses up her nose and leaned in. “Why don’t you come with me? Spend the weekend at the lake. That’s a fun birthday.”

“Really? What about the big assignment?”

“It’ll be fine. You can help too.”

“Ehh, that doesn’t sound that fun…”

“Oh come on. What else are you going to do, hang out here and play video games? Wouldn’t you rather watch scary movies with me in the woods?”


“Then grab a toothbrush. I’m leaving in a few minutes.”

“I don’t even have time to pack?”

“Don’t be such a girl,” she said, punching his shoulder. “It’s the woods. There’s food at Maya’s cabin. What do you need?”

“Okay okay, let’s go.”


When they pulled up to a small wooden shack nestled in pine and juniper, Jack turned to Lori with a flat expression. It was covered in moss, and not much bigger than his garage back home.

“It’s great on the inside,” she said with a grin. “You’ll see.”

Jack grunted.

A screen door swung open with a creaking sound from the old spring attached to it, and Maya came out to greet them as they were getting out of the car. “Hey guys,” she called, waving. “Oh, you brought Jack? Great, more people for my sociology study!”

Maya was tall with delicate features and skin the color of espresso, and her hair was a cloud of black curls floating around her head like smoke. Jack’s eyes were drawn up her long legs until they disappeared beneath her flowy sundress. He didn’t know her all that well, but she visited Lori often enough at their college, so he’d spent time with her before and always had a little bit of a crush.

“Hi Maya,” he said, smiling. She surprised him by opening her arms for a hug as he walked up. She smelled like flowers, pressing up against him, hair tickling his face as her chin landed lightly on his shoulder.

“Thanks for coming out here on your birthday,” she said by his ear. “I really appreciate the help.”

“Lori talked me into it,” he said, enjoying the feel of her lithe body through the thin cotton. “Should be fun, right?”

“Yeah, I think we’ll have a good time! Are you nervous at all?”

“Uh, nervous? About what?”

He glanced at Lori, who suddenly had on her most innocent, “What, me?” face. Maya took one look and put her hands on her hips in exasperation. “You didn’t tell him what the study is about, did you?”

“Well, not exactly…”

“Lori! What if he doesn’t want to do it? Then you’ll have to drive him all the way back and-“

“Hey, hey, now,” Jack interrupted. “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Whatever it is, I can handle it if you and Lori can, okay?”

Maya smiled. “Okay.”

“So what’s this all about? I thought we were just helping with an assignment.”

“Well, yes… You see, I’m doing a study on the effects of clothing on social interaction. So my report includes sections on various uniforms and fashions, and…”


“And this weekend Lori agreed to help me collect experimental data on social interaction without clothes.”

Jack blinked. “Like, without any clothes? At all?”

“That’s it exactly. We’re going to spend the weekend completely naked, and I’ll take notes on how that affects our behavior. So you can see why I’m so happy to have another participant in the study! It’s an unusual favor to ask, you know?”

“Wow, okay.” He gave Lori a shove. “You didn’t think that was maybe information worth sharing?”

She shrugged, grinning. “Wasn’t it more fun as a surprise? I think it was more fun.”

Maya rolled her eyes and smirked. “Alright, guys, so are you ready to get started?”

Jack’s mouth was dry. He looked at the girls, as the reality of what they were about to do sank in. He nodded.

“Let’s put the clothes here in the car,” said Maya. “Out of the way so we just don’t think about them until the weekend is over.”

She grabbed the hem of her dress and casually lifted it up, revealing her slender, naked body. Jack watched as her shapely thighs came into view, and then her perfectly smooth vulva. He licked his lips. She pulled the dress over her head, revealing lovely light brown breasts topped with nipples like melted chocolate, and tossed it in the car.

“Dammit Maya,” said Lori, pulling off her t-shirt, “You’re so fucking hot. If I looked like you I’d be naked just to show off.”

“Shut up, look at that booty on you!”

“Yeah?” She was easing her jeans down over her hips, and tried to check out her backside over her shoulder, which had the effect of pushing her chest forward and making her impressive rack jut out even more.

“Oh my god, your tits are güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri practically spilling out of this bra, girl,” said Maya, taking the snap in her fingers and flicking it open. “Go ahead and get that off. Honey, you’re gorgeous.”

Jack was staring. He’d never quite realized how sexy Lori was in the couple of years they’d been friends. Her tits swung freely as Maya helped slip her bra off, large nipples growing hard and pebbly in the cool air. She stuck out her curvy behind and pulled the denim down over her ass, thumbs tucked into her panties as well, bending over as she pushed it all down her legs. The clothing caught around her ankles, so now she was fully naked, bent in half, using both hands to try to pull her foot out of her bunched up jeans and panties. Her ass shook and jiggled as she struggled. Jake realized his mouth was hanging open, as he took in the view of her ass and pussy, her big pink labia just as smooth and bare as Maya’s.

“You guys are way too good looking to worry about clothes,” he volunteered, watching Maya kneel down to help Lori get her feet out of her pants. “I mean, at least as far as I’m concerned you should both be naked all the time.”

“I might like to take you up on that, Jack,” said Maya, glancing up at him with a grin. “So far it feels great!”

“Oh yeah, that’s real generous of you, buddy,” Lori snickered. “But I think right now it’s your turn.”

He swallowed. “No big deal,” he said, peeling off his t-shirt. Maya was standing beside Lori now, her hand resting on the other girl’s lower back. Their hips were touching, their pussies just a few inches apart. Jack felt his cock growing at the sight of them. He quickly undid his belt and pushed his pants and underwear down together, feeling a cool rush as his cock dangled unencumbered, and began to swell and rise in little jumps.

Maya’s hand went to her mouth. Her eyes were resting on his penis. The thought of her watching him that way made him grow harder, against his wishes. His cock felt thick and heavy now, pulsing up and down slightly every few seconds, standing nearly straight out. Lori giggled.

“I’m sorry-” he started.

“No, no,” said Maya, “don’t worry, Jack. It’s only natural, isn’t it?”

“Well, ah…”

“Of course it is. I think it would be a bit strange if you didn’t get an erection in these circumstances, don’t you, Lori?”

“I might be kind of pissed if he didn’t, actually.”

Jack grinned. It felt pretty nice to let his cock grow in front of them. He started to bend down to get his feet out of his bunched up pants, but Maya stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“Here, let me help,” she said. She knelt down in front of him, and leaned forward to reach for his ankles. He felt her hair brush against the underside of his cock as she moved. It felt amazing. He stifled a little moan as she pulled his sneaker and clothing from one foot. She was just helping him like she did Lori, after all; it wasn’t anything sexual. He was just glad to see she didn’t mind being so close to his erection.

“That thing looks like it could go off on its own,” said Lori, staring at his cock. It was pointing upward now, proud and swollen, and just a little bit moist at the tip with pre-cum. He wondered if he’d left a trace of that in Maya’s hair. The thought made a bit more seep up toward his opening.

Maya was working on his second foot. She looked up, and gave a little start at the sight of his cock directly above her face. “Oh, my,” she said. “It really does, doesn’t it?”

“I mean are we just going to ignore that all weekend or what?”

“Well nudists consider it impolite to point it out or-err-bring it up, so to speak,” Maya said, still gazing up at Jack’s cock. He liked the way it was superimposed over her face as he looked down at her. She was fumbling with the clothes around his ankle but her attention was directed upward now. “But you know, we’re not nudists. This is a study about regular people, and how we behave without the clothes we’re used to having. So I want to see our natural reactions.”

“Well then my natural reaction is to wonder how he ever expects to get that thing inside anybody. Look at the size of it!”

Jack glanced over to see that Lori was still staring, too. “Really? Do you think it’s that big?”

Maya got his foot free and stood up, putting a hand on his shoulder to steady herself. “It’s not that huge, Lori. I bet it slides in just fine when he puts his mind to it, doesn’t it, Jack?” She gave his shoulder a squeeze and winked at him. “And these go into the car,” she chirped, tossing his clothes in the open door.

Jack gave a nervous laugh. “Ok girls, it’s never going down if you keep talking about it like that.”

“I don’t know, it looks to me like you’re enjoying the attention, you perv,” snickered Lori.

“Well, it is kinda nice,” he admitted. He was starting to feel pretty confident, with his cock out, hard and throbbing, and two naked girls admiring it. So he stretched, putting an arm across Maya’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shoulders, and was delighted when she responded by scooting in close, letting the side of her body lean against him.

“And besides,” said Maya, reaching over to rub a circle on his stomach, “maybe we like it this way.” He felt her nails scratch lightly into his pubic hair for a second and his cock leapt up at the sensation, brushing the backs of her fingers.

“Whoa, look at that,” said Lori. “Do it again.”

“I guess Lori likes it, too,” said Maya with a laugh.

Jack grinned. “You guys serious? You’re really enjoying this?”

“We’re straight and we’re girls,” Lori said. “Of course we like your cock. Don’t you like our tits and asses?”

“I love your tits and asses,” he assured them.

“So, on that note,” said Maya, “let’s go. You guys want to swim? It’s over here, in the back.” She led them around the cabin on a pine needle covered walkway. Jack had to stare at the way her ass cheeks jiggled in front of him, and the little dimples on either side of her tail bone. His cock bobbed along behind her, almost close enough to touch. There was a bead of shiny pre-cum growing now at his tip.

Lori came along behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Sorry to spring this on you, buddy,” she whispered by his ear. He could feel her breast pressing against his back.

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s already the best time I’ve ever had!” He paused and looked down his friend’s body, biting his lip as he drank in her curves and crevices. “I mean for real.”

She chuckled and glanced down. “Thanks… Me too, actually.”

Her hand moved down his arm and sank into his, their fingers winding together, so he leaned in and felt the warmth of her body against his ribs.

The lake was a short walk behind the cabin, surrounded by cypresses, with a wood dock floating a little way out in the sun, secured to poles with heavy rope. Another rope with plastic floaters wound its way back along the surface of the water to a thick post buried on the shore.

“Come on,” called Maya as she dived in and swam for the dock.

Jack and Lori splashed into the cool water after her and soon they all clambered up onto the platform, feeling it bob on the waves. Out here the sun was strong and bright, sparkling on the water.

“I’ve got a stash of sunscreen out here for us,” said Maya, turning to a cooler on the dock. She pulled out a tube. “Could you get my back, Lori?”

“Ug, let Jack do it. He’ll have wank material for a year.”

Maya laughed. “You like to do the honors?” she asked, holding it toward him.

“I’d love to.” He warmed some of the lotion in his hands as the girls spread out towels and settled onto them. Maya was on her stomach next to him. He put a knee across her leg and knelt over her. His cock stood over her like a flagpole, bobbing up and down. “Ready?”

“Go ahead Jack.”

He spread the lotion over her back, from her waist up to her neck, making circles over her shoulders. Lori rolled onto her side and watched as he spread the sunscreen down Maya’s ribs, down her waist, squeezing in around her hips, down the sides of her dark brown thighs. He brought both hands to bear on the thigh he was straddling, working the lotion into her supple, glistening flesh, pushing up toward the rising mound of her ass cheek, and the dark crevice between.

“Don’t stop there,” said Lori. “Last thing we want is to ruin the weekend with a sunburn on someone’s ass.”

“Or penis,” said Maya with a warning tone, rolling slightly to look at his cock hovering above her. “We’ll have to apply plenty of sunscreen on you, Jack.”

“Okay girls,” he said, grinning as he pushed his hands up Maya’s ass, thumbs sliding along the insides of her cheeks, pulling them apart. “I’d better get in here,” he said, spreading the lotion with his fingertips over her anal bud in a circular motion, and down along the length of her labia. “Don’t want to see these lips burned, do we?”

“Mmmm, nooo we don’t,” she breathed, raising her ass and spreading her legs a bit for him. He palmed her vulva as she rolled over, smearing sunscreen over her pubic mound and rubbing it down her inner thighs, before moving up her abdomen and over her breasts. Her breathing was deep and husky. Her dark nipples grew hard beneath his hands as he cupped and squeezed, working the lotion in.

“Alright, got some for me?” asked Lori.

“Of course.” Jack moved over and started with her big tits, just the left one at first, spreading sunscreen over the milky mound of flesh with both hands as she lay back on the towel. Might as well push his luck with this situation, he thought. He pressed her nipple between his thumb and finger, raising it to a hard nub, before circling it a few times with his lotion covered palm. It’s texture was pebbly and almost rough on his hand. He did her other tit with his left hand while working his way down her stomach with his right. Soon his fingers were brushing against his friend’s pussy cleft. He probed güvenilir bahis şirketleri down into the crease between her thigh and labia, spreading the sunscreen along one lip, and then letting his fingers slide across her slit to smear some over the other lip as well. His hand moved in circles around her whole pubic area, and she let her legs lay splayed open to give him access to the areas most in danger of sunburn.

He got some more sunscreen and worked it up and down each of her thighs. He pushed her legs up until her knees were on either side of her tits and her feet were pointing skyward, so her ass cheeks pulled apart, and reached down to slather her there, gently smearing lotion along the inside of each cheek, and over the puckered ring of her asshole.

“Ohhh shhhit,” she said softly as his thumb brushed up along her labia.

“Here, let me get started on you,” said Maya, siding up to him. She got a handful of sunscreen and pressed it onto his chest, moving across his pecs and down his stomach. He watched as her hand reached his cock and paused, then slowly her fingers encircled him, and she pulled a layer of lotion gently up the length of his rigid cock. She closed her hand around it right below the head and held him there, looking up at him. “That feel about right, Jack?” she asked, squeezing slightly.

“Ahhh fuck,” he said softly.


Her other hand was moving now to cup his balls, and spread the sunscreen over them. He let out a long breath as she gently tugged and caressed. Lori sat up and started to rub lotion over Jack’s back, and down his legs.

“Watch out Maya,” she said, “that thing’s about to drip right on you.”

“Oh Lori,” said Maya with a laugh. “I don’t mind a little pre-cum.”

She smiled at Jack, and touched her fingertip to the pearl of liquid growing at the tip of his cock. She spread it around the head of his cock, and lifted her finger a bit, making a string of the stuff. After a second she brought her finger up to her breast and rubbed it into her skin there.

“Ew,” said Lori, rubbing Jack’s ass, slippery fingers sliding between his cheeks and right over his asshole, making his balls jump. She continued down between his thighs.

“Okay, I think we’re pretty well covered.” Maya leaned back on the towel and patted the spot next to her. “Want to chill in the sun for a while?”

“Sounds great,” said Lori, taking the space on his other side.

Jack leaned back and the girls’ hands on his chest soon had him flat on his back. They laid their heads on his shoulders and their hands on his chest and stomach, slowly migrating around. One of them brushed the side of his cock.

“Oops,” said Maya.

“It’s really all right.”

“Mm hm.” Her hand was flat against his abdomen, below the navel, and his cock was laying across the backs of her fingers. He relaxed and enjoyed the feel of his erection throbbing atop her cool hand, slowly dribbling clear fluid.

Lori closed her eyes and put a leg across Jack’s thigh. Before long her hand drifted to his hip, and then his thigh. She curled her fingers over his scrotum, feeling around softly. She moved one testicle a bit. She stroked the root of his cock, the ridge of his urethra prominent with his erection, and squeezed it a little. He dared not move much, lest he break the spell of the moment, or disturb the girls with their heads resting on his arms.

He watched the light sparkle on the lake water and let his body relax. After a while his cock gradually calmed down, shrinking slightly, a puddle of pre-cum pooling between Maya’s fingers where it seeped slowly from the tip. She moved her hand up his stomach, smearing it in a streak as she went, and idly made circles with her fingers on his slickened skin.

The girls rolled over and pushed their asses up against him, heads still resting on his arms. On Maya’s side she snuggled in close enough that after a bit he was able to casually allow his elbow to bend, and his hand to fall to rest upon her breast. He let himself squeeze her there just slightly, and felt her nipple against his palm, growing firm.

The three of them lay there for about an hour like that, talking occasionally, drifting off on little cat naps. When the shade began to creep across the deck Maya sat up and stretched, long back twisting like a snake. “You guys want to go check the place out?”

They made their way back across the lake and then the path, now cool and buried in shadows. Lori shivered and leaned into his side as they walked, skin pebbly from cold water. Maya held the screen door and Jack got the main one open.

The place was a single room, with a row of cabinets and small kitchen along the left wall, and a toilet and shower built into the far corner on the right. There was a rail and a curtain that could close off the corner, and a drain in the tiled floor. The rest of the room was wood floored with rugs piled around, two or three deep in some spots, one a lush bearskin with the head proudly snarling before the fireplace.

Maya stretched across a couch covered in warm quilts, one arm draped lazily over the armrest above her head. Her breasts lolled atop her chest like quivering mounds of pudding. She had one leg cocked out to the side. Her pussy lips were smooth and soft, pulled just slightly apart, a pink whisper of clitoral hood peaking through.

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