Bisexual Baby

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This tale of erotica is dedicated to all the cute little lipstick lesbian virgins out there who fantasize about the pleasures of another woman’s loving. Who secretly seek out girl/girl pictorials on the web, and who read girl/girl sex stories like this and get wet and masturbate over thoughts of another woman’s luscious pussy and mouth and breasts in their bed. I hope your fantasies come true soon. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and wet your fingers, honey. I hope you come hard while you are reading about me and my girlfriend, and don’t be afraid to write to tell me how good it feels. Wish I could be there with you!

Hot love & kisses,


Okay, we were heading back to my house. Finally. Karen was so cute. My co-worker. We were working together now. In production at the film studio. Bob, our boss, an older guy, was very relaxed and a great person to work for. I did the accounting. Karen did a lot of paperwork, phones, and we got to watch a lot of production as well. Girls, or, as Bob referred to them, “babes”, mostly, but no porn, just cheesecake, fodder for the straight-to-video market. It was a blast and I thanked god every day for my luck in finding the position. I had heard the horror stories from other girls about having to work for abusive morons. Not me though, I was blessed.

To think I, a 30 year old unemployed college drop-out with a checkered history of job findings and leavings, found this gem of a job in a classified ad of all things. Picked up the morning paper, got right on the phone and Bob answered. He invited me in right then (the last girl had to leave because she was moving with her husband’s job), we hit it off, and I was hired on the spot! Karen came along on my referral. She was working as a waitress in a diner down the block from the studio. With her college degree, yet. But the job market was tough. She and I got along right away, too. And then we got to talking, and she told me about the hours and the grind and the low pay, and guess what, Bob was going to need another fill-in very quickly because Susan, his other helper, was leaving to get married and have babies. So Karen came in, on my strong recommendation, she was hired immediately, and now we were heading back to my place to celebrate her success.

I stopped to pick up some champagne on the way. This was going to be a Friday night to remember, I had the feeling. I came back to the car and dumped the bag in her lap. She laughed, opening the bag and looking inside at the huge champagne bottle.

“What did you get? My god! Are you having the immediate world over tonight?”

“No, just some close friends, er, that is, one close friend.”

“Ah, that’s nice, Jennifer. Thanks. Did I thank you for getting me this job?”

“Only about a dozen times, honey, but that’s okay, I appreciate the gratitude. We are going to have fun working there! You’ll love it!”

“I believe you. Bob seems like such an easy-going guy. It is such a relief to get out of those waitress sneakers, believe me. I don’t think I could have lasted there another day, job or no job.”

“Well, you don’t illegal bahis have to worry about that any more. The studio is doing great, we are doing great, and we are going to party tonight!”

Karen looked at me again and giggled. She was 22, about 5’5″, maybe 110 pounds if that. Gorgeous little blonde, with firm, natural breasts, short-cut curly hair style, light brown eyes, full, pink lips. Looking at her for any length of time would make me very very wet. And tonight, I’d have that chance, with no work to get in the way. I was soooo excited.

We ran from the car into my house where we deposited the champagne into my fridge, which I cranked down to a lower temperature to chill the wine a little faster. I had plans for that wine and for my little girlfriend’s luscious body, and I couldn’t wait very long for either.

We devoured a delicious pasta and salad dinner I prepared, spared some room for modest scoops of vanilla ice cream, and by that time, the wine was properly chilled.

We relaxed in my den and I filled our champagne glasses.

Karen’s eyes were shining. “To us! To life!” she toasted.

I clinked my glass against hers and slowly sipped the smooth titillating bubbly down. Oh, god, it was just perfect. A Friday night, with another sexy woman as my guest, this wine, a full stomach, the light jazz on in the background. Does it get any better than this? I don’t think so!

So we were talking, facing each other on my couch, nothing heavy or serious, just girl talk, random thoughts, cooling down from the work week. I poured myself a second glass.

“You’re almost done with that. Let me refill yours, too,” I said.

We toasted again, this time silently. I had been studying Karen’s face all along, and I thought now was the perfect time to make my feelings known. The phone rang and I ignored it. Fuck the rest of the world, this time was between us girls.

I reached out and gently touched the side of her face with my free hand.

“Has anyone ever told you you are very sexy?”

Karen was a little surprised at the remark, but also very pleased.

“Hmmm… thanks. Yeah, I guess so, but you never know whether to believe it, especially when it’s coming from a guy who’s looking for something.”

“Yah, I know what you mean. Have any other girls ever told you that?”

“Actually, yeah, there was one other girl I knew at college. She was openly gay, and she was constantly after me. I was flattered, and I enjoyed the attention, I mean, who wouldn’t, but… I guess you’d have to say she wasn’t attractive to me at all, otherwise…”


“I don’t know, I might have tried being with another woman then, I have to admit I was curious, but when I imagined being next to her in bed, it wasn’t a turn-on, you know?”

“Yes, I do. Butch?”


“Ah, hah. Can I ask, ever imagine being with a lipstick lesbian?”

“All the time.”

That was shocking. So much, so fast. And so much what I wanted to hear. God. Was this really happening? Or was it just the wine affecting my fragrant tender little girlfriend?

I illegal bahis siteleri didn’t say another word. I spread my touch out to my entire hand and caressed the whole side of her face, slowly, pushing her curls back past her ear. Her hair was so silky.

I leaned in slowly and tenderly pressed my lips on hers. She accepted my touch, exploring my lips with hers, as if trying to decide if she liked it. Then she pressed her lips harder on mine and wrapped her arms around my neck, putting her glass on the end table. I put mine down as well.

We continued to kiss as it progressed into deep Frenching. Her mouth was delicious, her taste so sweet. Her skin was so soft, her fragrance so intoxicating. On top of the champagne, I was reeling and getting so wet below. I could feel the blood rushing to my pussy, making it tingle.

I kissed her back slowly, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths and faces. I loved the feeling of her hot breath on my face. I moved my mouth down the side of her face and to her throat, sucking in the soft flesh as I went. She was breathing hard now. We both wanted this, very much, and we were ready for it.

‘Um… baby, let’s go to bed, what do you say, mmmm….”

“Yeah! Okay!” she replied right away.

We ran to the bedroom. I kissed her all over as I unbuttoned her blouse, kissing the outside of her bra and then licking and sucking on her erect strawberry nipples as I loosened her bra and it fell away.

That made her weak and she sat down hard on my bed. I rushed off my own blouse and bra and fell on top of her, our breasts mashing together in an incredibly arousing feeling.

We kissed again, deeply. We both struggled to remove our skirts and hose. I wanted the pleasure of revealing her sweet little pussy myself. I licked at her crotch through the cotton. She moaned when I did.

“That’s nothing compared to the real thing, kiddo. Just wait, here it comes!”

She laughed nervously.

I slowly pulled down her panties, freeing her bulging young pussy lips to the world and my eyes. I thought I was excited before, now I was out of control. We were both trembling from excitement and arousal.

I gently touched the tender moistness of the downy hair lining her puss with my fingertips. Then I leaned in for my first taste of her, running my tongue slowly and maddeningly from the bottom to the top of her slit. I could feel the hardness of her erect clit just beneath the cover of flesh at the top of her mound. I wasted no time, running the flat of my tongue across it. She moaned again and wiggled in pleasure, spreading her legs open wider for me.

I ran my thumb back and forth across her clit’s fleshy cover, back and forth, in a 9 to 3 o’clock pattern sure to please. She stretched her head back in pleasure, her breathing deeper now, her leg muscles taut, awaiting her pleasure.

Once again, I began to lick and suck upon her little clit and it rewarded me, showing its smooth white pearl as it poked through the fleshy tent. I took her in my mouth and pleasured her as I know I like to be pleasured. I wet a couple canlı bahis siteleri of fingers and slowly pushed them into her. She was only minutes from coming, I could sense it.

For those minutes, I gave her the best I could in loving attention, and then she exploded right in my hands, her whole body quivering beneath me. I continued to lick and suck her little pussy, knowing how good that must feel after a hard come. Her hands were all over my head and in my hair, urging me on, while she moaned and writhed, telling me of her pleasure.

When finally she was done, I kissed back up her body, gently kissing and licking her stomach, her soft warm breasts and their rock hard nipples, her throat, and then in for a long, slow, passionate French kiss, my favorite part next to French kissing her pussy. Once again our breasts where pressing against each other, creating lovely exciting sensations.

We kissed for a long time, then I lay on my back and she instinctively began to explore my body. Sister, was I hot for her. She took a long time with my own breasts, kissing and kneading them with her mouth and fingers, causing me nearly to come. I asked her if she had actually been with another woman before and she told me I was her first, though she had often masturbated over the fantasy of lesbian sex. My pussy was aching now. I could feel my clit throbbing for the touch of her mouth. “Hurry, love, I need you right now, please!”

She was a compliant lover, and she was soon exploring my pussy as I had done hers. The moment her soft little mouth and tongue touched me down there, I began to come. I couldn’t control it, not that I would ever want to! When I come, I come like a thunderstorm, and this was a major hurricane! Karen had trouble keeping up with me as I bucked and screamed! But she did. She was so sweet.

After, she lay down next to me and we kissed and I couldn’t keep my hands off those luscious breasts. I kept touching and kissing them while I fingered her cunt with the middle finger of my other hand. Occasionally I’d bring my hand up to my mouth to wet my finger and lick off her juices. She loved when I did that and it just made her hotter.

Then I was ready for my second taste of pussy. This time I climbed on top of her and we 69’d it. My room was completely quiet now except for the almost inaudible music on the stereo, the arousing sound of flesh rubbing on flesh, our moaning, the sucking, kissing, licking sounds, and our contented sighs.

Finally, hours later, we were both spent and we faced each other on the pillows again, kissing, holding each other. We fell asleep with my face buried in her bosom, she holding me.

The next morning we were still attracted to each other. It wasn’t the wine which triggered the sex, it was our passions. The wine only took the edge off. But we have made love with each other dozens of times since and we don’t need anything to wear away our inhibitions anymore. We’ll drink wine because it tastes good, but our taste for each other is what drives us into each other’s arms.

Karen told me she was so grateful to me for finally showing her what Sapphic pleasure is all about. Now she likes women more than men, and I’m her main target when she is feeling like a little sex. That’s great. By my calculations, my age, 30, plus her age, 22, equals 2 girls in Sapphic ecstasy. Yeah, baby!

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